Messy Moderncats Need the Neater Feeder! Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY

Mon, Oct 19, 2009

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Neater Feeder

Another big find from the Super Zoo Pet Expo is the brand new Neater Feeder pet feeding system. This is perfect if you have a cat, like my Sophie, who makes a big mess while she eats and drinks. The folks at Neater Feeder sent me one to test and there are a lot of things I really like about this product.

The idea behind the Neater Feeder is that it contains food and water spills, keeping your floors and walls clean while creating a more sanitary eating environment. The top portion of the feeder has nice high walls to contain the mess, and it holds two removable stainless steel bowls. Spilled food stays inside the top section and spilled water drains into the bottom reservoir. The whole feeder is constructed of sturdy plastic and has awesome non-skid feet to hold it in place. In addition to containing the mess, the Neater Feeder provides a raised feeding surface to help improve kitty’s digestion. All parts of the feeder can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Neater Feeder

But wait, there’s more!

Now here is the feature that really caught my attention. For those of you who feed outdoor cats, the Neater Feeder has a special bug-proof design! The top portion of the feeder has an overhanging edge that keeps ants and other bugs from climbing over the edge and into the food. When I heard about this secondary feature I knew the Moderncat readers would be interested. I’ve seen other bug-deterring bowls, like the Fool-A-Bug Bowl, but none with all the other features of the Neater Feeder.

Based on my experience — and the particular way my Sophie makes a mess — I wouldn’t use the Neater Feeder with both water and food at the same time because a lot of Sophie’s food would just end up in the water dish. So, if you have the same situation, my suggestion is to use the feeder with either two bowls of water or two bowls of food, or perhaps in the next design, the folks at the Neater Feeder could add another divider between the two bowls. Just my thoughts, but I plan to keep using my Neater Feeder because I haven’t had to clean the food off the floor at all, when normally I’m picking up spilled food all day long.

The cat-sized Neater Feeder is $34.99 US and comes in two beautiful color choices, cranberry or bronze. You can purchase the feeder directly from the Neater Feeder website, and also at Amazon.


Here’s your chance to try the Neater Feeder for yourself! Please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts about the Neater Feeder and how it could make your life a little neater and you’ll be entered to win a small Neater Feeder. One winner will be chosen in a random drawing on October 26 and contacted via email. One entry per person, please. This contest in open only to addresses in the US and Canada.

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743 Responses to “Messy Moderncats Need the Neater Feeder! Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 701

    I never even thought about getting Ikarus a feeder like this. It could work pretty darn well!

  2. 702

    What a wonderful idea! My six kitties end up with food everywhere when they eat!

  3. 703
    Jennifer M

    Our cats are constantly spilling water everywhere! This would help out a lot.

  4. 704

    What a great idea for feeding bowls. My cat Tippy is very messy and spills his food everywhere.

  5. 705

    Waht a great idea. It definitely would save me from constantly cleaning the kitchen floor.

  6. 706
    Daniela Caride

    Kate, thanks for the tip. My cats make a mess with food and water all the time. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the looks of this product, but it seems very effective! Maybe when they develop another design I’ll try it.

  7. 707
    Sonia L

    my cats make a huge mess when they eat and would love something this useful, beautiful and modern!!!

  8. 708
    Belle Chen

    I thought this is a good idea and would love to give it a try.

  9. 709
    Karen T

    my cats are such slobs – this is brilliant!

  10. 710
    Robin Patten

    Boy, I would have loved to have this for Brisbee when I had him. He was a pretty messy eater, too.

  11. 711

    Mittens likes to throw his food around, maybe this will teach him a lesson!

  12. 712

    No more spilled water on the rug, sounds great to me!

  13. 713

    One of my two cats is a complete slob. This might come in handy!

  14. 714

    This would be great for my cat. He’s always spilling water all over the place. He’s a little neater with food but it still can get messy.

  15. 715

    What a wonderful morning it would be not to step into the kitchen in the am and step on cat food! Please Please Please I would love to win!!!

  16. 716

    My two precious boys are from rescue groups and were both trapped when they were several months old (different litters). Although domesticated now, they still scoop up their food in their paws and fling it all over the place. Rather amusing to watch, and I don’t mind picking up after them (I am really under their paw!) but this Neater Feeder would certainly be an excellent product to have in our home. I am sure Caesar and Cicero would love it too!

  17. 717

    My daughter’s cat Bob is a real sloppy eater – this would be great for him.

  18. 718

    Looks like an easy care win to me. I have a ‘food flicker’ — she licks up her gushy food and flicks it all over the place. This looks like it would help contain things. :)

  19. 719
    Kristen R.

    A smart idea that I really haven’t seen before. My cat is a messy little sweetheart. His bowls currently sit on a placemat but the food and water travel beyond it.

  20. 720

    What an interesting idea! I’ve been looking at various catalogs and websites to find something for my messy little guy. He spills his water almost daily and deposits his toys in his food dishes. I agree that it probably would work best with just water or just food. Oh, and I like that the bowls are stainless steel rather than plastic — no feline acne!

  21. 721
    Gaby Alicandu

    Purrrfect for my little Thomas and his daily food mess…

  22. 722
    Ann n Alden

    It would be delightful not to have to sweep up kitty crumbs! Great idea.

  23. 723

    This is great! My husband gets so upset when our cat spills her food on the floor. She actually puts the food in her mouth and spits it onto the placemat and saves it for later. I also like that it’s raised and will help with digestion.

  24. 724

    I totally need this! My cats are messy beasts.

  25. 725
    nicole pando

    I need this for my 8 rescue cats. My floors around the feeding areas are always messy.

  26. 726
    Anita Davd

    Miss Dazey can be so messy! Especially since she is missing some of her front teeth and so can be a bit of a sloppy kitty!

  27. 727

    My cat spills her food EVERYWHERE. This is fantastic.

  28. 728

    I think my new cat Trixie would love this!

  29. 729
    Sarah Martineau

    This is FANTASTIC!!!! Like it was made for my little Pixie!

  30. 730

    perfect for my messy eaters

  31. 731
    Regis Pelletier

    My cat is a total slob. That’s exactly what he needs. Cool

  32. 732

    Miniwhiskers enjoys tipping her water over, and Shoobytown is a food slob. This is a perfect solution!

  33. 733

    I absolutely love this! My Siamese kitty is such a messy eater. This would be purrrrfect for her heehee :P

  34. 734

    Our cats’ food station requires tidying up multiple times a day. I believe this feeder would improve the situation dramatically!

  35. 735

    Wow, this is amazing! My Renata loves to bury her food inside her bowl, so I’m constantly having to clean the floor and scrub the wall. I’d love to have one of these.

  36. 736
    Patricia Snell

    Two Dogs + Two Dogs = Four Dogs……Two Ohio Dogs – visiting with my Two Maryland Dogs = “Slobberville?”……No, because their Master introduced this Family to “Neater Feeder.” Why didn’t I know about this product sooner?………….Oh well, I’m on my way to purchase a “Neater Feeder!”

  37. 737

    My 16 year old cat has developed the habit of taking her wet food out of the bowl and eating it on the floor – messy and annoying. I think this Neater Feeder system may actually discourage her from the food transfer system she’s developed, not to mention containing the dry food she seems to toss around as she eats ;-)

  38. 738

    Great idea..will be the perfect solutions to my 4 messy cats who dribble food about as they eat!!

  39. 739

    Oh joy! Perfect for my ‘shovel’ feeder. He’s got neat drinking techniques, but not for the food. Thanks for this opportunity.

  40. 740

    wow,this is great my cats get their food all over the floor. Im sure this would make a big difference.

  41. 741
    Lisa Moiles

    My springer spaniel is such a spazz when it comes to feeding and drinking. She jumps all over the place and always knocks the water bowl over almost every time she gets by it. I have a few towls I keep close for the clean ups. This sure would make my life easier and my kitchen cleaner. Tiles floors are awfully slippery when wet. half the time the spill isnt seen till I hit the wet spot and and my feet go out from under me. To many butt busting falls. I feel like crawling around most the time.

  42. 742
    ~ Sil in Corea

    Wow! I do feed stray cats outside, and this would be very good. I’m always having to throw away food because there are bugs and ants in it.

  43. 743
    Veronica Harrell

    That would be perfect for my furry family of four. They all seem to splatter on the floor or walls and it gets messy during mealtimes. I’d love this for easier clean up.

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