Messy Moderncats Need the Neater Feeder! Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY

Mon, Oct 19, 2009

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Neater Feeder

Another big find from the Super Zoo Pet Expo is the brand new Neater Feeder pet feeding system. This is perfect if you have a cat, like my Sophie, who makes a big mess while she eats and drinks. The folks at Neater Feeder sent me one to test and there are a lot of things I really like about this product.

The idea behind the Neater Feeder is that it contains food and water spills, keeping your floors and walls clean while creating a more sanitary eating environment. The top portion of the feeder has nice high walls to contain the mess, and it holds two removable stainless steel bowls. Spilled food stays inside the top section and spilled water drains into the bottom reservoir. The whole feeder is constructed of sturdy plastic and has awesome non-skid feet to hold it in place. In addition to containing the mess, the Neater Feeder provides a raised feeding surface to help improve kitty’s digestion. All parts of the feeder can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Neater Feeder

But wait, there’s more!

Now here is the feature that really caught my attention. For those of you who feed outdoor cats, the Neater Feeder has a special bug-proof design! The top portion of the feeder has an overhanging edge that keeps ants and other bugs from climbing over the edge and into the food. When I heard about this secondary feature I knew the Moderncat readers would be interested. I’ve seen other bug-deterring bowls, like the Fool-A-Bug Bowl, but none with all the other features of the Neater Feeder.

Based on my experience — and the particular way my Sophie makes a mess — I wouldn’t use the Neater Feeder with both water and food at the same time because a lot of Sophie’s food would just end up in the water dish. So, if you have the same situation, my suggestion is to use the feeder with either two bowls of water or two bowls of food, or perhaps in the next design, the folks at the Neater Feeder could add another divider between the two bowls. Just my thoughts, but I plan to keep using my Neater Feeder because I haven’t had to clean the food off the floor at all, when normally I’m picking up spilled food all day long.

The cat-sized Neater Feeder is $34.99 US and comes in two beautiful color choices, cranberry or bronze. You can purchase the feeder directly from the Neater Feeder website, and also at Amazon.


Here’s your chance to try the Neater Feeder for yourself! Please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts about the Neater Feeder and how it could make your life a little neater and you’ll be entered to win a small Neater Feeder. One winner will be chosen in a random drawing on October 26 and contacted via email. One entry per person, please. This contest in open only to addresses in the US and Canada.

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743 Responses to “Messy Moderncats Need the Neater Feeder! Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 451

    This perfect for my Rosie- she feels the need to push around her water bowl… this will put an end to that messy habit!

  2. 452

    This would make meal time much cleaner…love that you can throw it in the dishwasher too.

  3. 453

    I really need one of these so bad for my senior kitty!! It’s awesome!!

  4. 454

    WOW, what a wonderful thing to have for a feline who is rather messy. And since I also travel with her, it would be great to have while traveling from Florida to Colorado by car

  5. 455

    What a great idea! One of my cats like to paw at the water in his dish, which makes puddles near the dish…..that I don’t like stepping in. The other three seem to just be interested in eating what is at the very bottom of the bowl and push the rest over the sides and onto the floor for me to step on. Added to that…my geriatric kitties would appreciate the raised bowl.

  6. 456

    This would be great for my outdoor kitty and ferals.

  7. 457

    Very nice. I can think of several good uses for this feeder, especially for my messy cat, Niko! However, I would like it even better if it held just one bowl. It won’t work to put water right next to the food as the food will get in it.

  8. 458

    What a great solution for our messy kitties. They’re always spilling their food.

  9. 459

    This is a great feeder. Samsa (soon to be 17!) has gotten a little messy in his golden years. This would be perfect for him. Plus, it is a little raised which would also be good for him because he seems to have an easier time eating with a raised dish nowadays. And for some strange reason, he prefers to eat and drink out of stainless steel bowls.

  10. 460

    I would probably fill both bowls with water, because I have a water obsessed kitten right now. Really! She just loves sloshing water everywhere.

  11. 461

    Great idea for messy cats. This would prevent having to clean the floor around the food bowl twice a day.

  12. 462

    great idea.
    my cat is the messiest eater. food everywhere, water all over the floor.

  13. 463

    I too have some messy fur babies, and this would make it so much easier on their Mama (Me)..what a clever idea !

  14. 464
    Jenny Ham

    How neat I could sure use one of these I have catfood all the way around my 3 cats bowls right now. Everytime I walk by I get some fnm oodjgthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy (wait is there an item to keep the cat off the laptop? Drooly (my cat) wrote what he thought of the neater feeder there on that last line.) As I was saying everytime I walk by I get cat food stuck to my feet thankfully dry food. LOL One of these would save me all kinds of time. I guess Drooly would like to win too but he was try’n to say the other two cats make the mess. HA

  15. 465

    Wow this is just what my 3 boys need they make such a mess when eating that I have to sweep around their bowls at least once a day, I have put a mat under to bowls but that doesn’t help all that much so this would be super!

  16. 466

    I would love to have a cleaner feeding area! Our cats waste a lot of food by spilling it, having these two problems solved so easily would be great :)

  17. 467

    Looks like a good idea to stop food from getting on the floor. (except for the times when my cat purposely picks up food and carries it to the floor)

  18. 468
    Amy Wolfe

    I love innovative products like this. My cats are always getting food everywhere – this would be a wonderful addition to feeding time.

  19. 469

    This would be so perfect for my outside cats, keep the ants out. I also can use it for my indoor babies, one of which eats like yours and drops the food in the water(maybe a raccoon in a previous life..)……..this would make life a little easier.

  20. 470

    My long hair friend is a water skimmer and gets water everywhere. We’ve tried long stemware among many other things; so it looks like this might just be what we are looking for. Great idea.

  21. 471

    with four cats you can imagine the amount of kibble crumbs I clean up on a daily basis….

  22. 472

    This is such a neat idea!

  23. 473

    This would be so helpful i’m so tired of stepping in puddles of water!

  24. 474
    Shelbie Johnston

    This would be wonderful for the ferals I feed outside!

  25. 475

    what a cool design! i like the way the water can drain away. it would certainly save my floors.

  26. 476
    Deborah Efron

    My cats are already using elevated bowls (they were no doubt designed for small dogs) to aid in their digestion/water consumption….this design would help eliminate some of the water ending up on my cherry floors (my siamese thinks she is part maine coon as she frequently uses her paws to “drink” water, thereby spilling water all over the floor). I would prefer additional colors or faux wood for the feeder as well as the option of using my special ceramic bowls instead of the metal bowls.

  27. 477

    This is a great idea – the dish would be perfect for my cat since he tends to flick the dry cat food bits around. Also love that it is dishwasher safe! Thanks!!

  28. 478

    Buddy would love this! He’s a messy eater, and I love how the design would slow him down. Sometimes he scarfs his food far too quickly.

  29. 479

    Pixel is always playing with her crunchies. ANd one of us is always stepping on crunhies in the morning. This is a great idea and yet still stylish

  30. 480
    Mat S.

    This is a great idea – love it. I will save time not having to clean up the cats food and water spillage.

  31. 481

    Oh – I need one of these for my messy eaters! Plus my little kitty has a hard time eating with her oddly shaped mouth and underbite – having a bowl that she can’t push away accidentally would help her too.

  32. 482

    My kitties love to push their food out of their bowls, for whatever reason. This would totally solve that problem!

  33. 483
    Darrell Becker

    With our crew of 8 the neater feeder can only help with the mess of spilled food.

  34. 484

    This is SO cool. Our cats make a huge mess, sloppy wet food and all. Pick me!

  35. 485

    This would be a great help> Keep the food out of the cracks!

  36. 486

    I have 6 cats, and two are very messy. This is exactly what I need for them.

  37. 487

    This would be great for our outdoor work cats. I work in a renovated antibellium sp home on 80+ acres. Due to the problems with mice, the boss finally let us have some outdoor cats. They have a heated/airconditioned storage builing with a cat door that provides them with shelter. But inside we are constantly fighting the ants. (Even managed to set off the fire alarm with a “de-bugging spray”

  38. 488

    that looks like a great idea for my little messy kitten.

  39. 489

    It’s going on my kitty’s Christmas Wish List.

  40. 490

    After writing out my thoughts on the product unfortunately the server did not accept it when I tried to submit it. So I am back, looks like it’s working now. And leaving a much briefer note to say: “Would love to give it a try.”

  41. 491

    Putting this on kitty’s Christmas Wish List for sure.

  42. 492

    I’d no longer have to waste electricity vacuuming daily! Sure I could sweep, but my dog ate my broom.

  43. 493

    fat horace needs this for sure.

  44. 494

    Great idea! I like your idea of a divider or using two, one for food and one for water.

  45. 495

    How cool is that?!!

  46. 496

    I have been looking for a raised feeder and this is brilliant!

  47. 497

    This is fantastic. I have and indoor cat and I feed a stray (he’s my boy now) outdoor cat too….perfect for both.

  48. 498

    This would be great for some of the cats in my rescue who live in an outdoor kennel. Bugs are always an issue for us, now we have to resort to potting food bowls in bowls of water to keep them at bay.

  49. 499

    My messy kitty could use a neater feeder! It would definitely save my hardwood floors from the water!

  50. 500

    I need this.

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