Messy Moderncats Need the Neater Feeder! Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY

Mon, Oct 19, 2009

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Neater Feeder

Another big find from the Super Zoo Pet Expo is the brand new Neater Feeder pet feeding system. This is perfect if you have a cat, like my Sophie, who makes a big mess while she eats and drinks. The folks at Neater Feeder sent me one to test and there are a lot of things I really like about this product.

The idea behind the Neater Feeder is that it contains food and water spills, keeping your floors and walls clean while creating a more sanitary eating environment. The top portion of the feeder has nice high walls to contain the mess, and it holds two removable stainless steel bowls. Spilled food stays inside the top section and spilled water drains into the bottom reservoir. The whole feeder is constructed of sturdy plastic and has awesome non-skid feet to hold it in place. In addition to containing the mess, the Neater Feeder provides a raised feeding surface to help improve kitty’s digestion. All parts of the feeder can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Neater Feeder

But wait, there’s more!

Now here is the feature that really caught my attention. For those of you who feed outdoor cats, the Neater Feeder has a special bug-proof design! The top portion of the feeder has an overhanging edge that keeps ants and other bugs from climbing over the edge and into the food. When I heard about this secondary feature I knew the Moderncat readers would be interested. I’ve seen other bug-deterring bowls, like the Fool-A-Bug Bowl, but none with all the other features of the Neater Feeder.

Based on my experience — and the particular way my Sophie makes a mess — I wouldn’t use the Neater Feeder with both water and food at the same time because a lot of Sophie’s food would just end up in the water dish. So, if you have the same situation, my suggestion is to use the feeder with either two bowls of water or two bowls of food, or perhaps in the next design, the folks at the Neater Feeder could add another divider between the two bowls. Just my thoughts, but I plan to keep using my Neater Feeder because I haven’t had to clean the food off the floor at all, when normally I’m picking up spilled food all day long.

The cat-sized Neater Feeder is $34.99 US and comes in two beautiful color choices, cranberry or bronze. You can purchase the feeder directly from the Neater Feeder website, and also at Amazon.


Here’s your chance to try the Neater Feeder for yourself! Please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts about the Neater Feeder and how it could make your life a little neater and you’ll be entered to win a small Neater Feeder. One winner will be chosen in a random drawing on October 26 and contacted via email. One entry per person, please. This contest in open only to addresses in the US and Canada.

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743 Responses to “Messy Moderncats Need the Neater Feeder! Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 401
    Lynn Bertrand

    How clever! My Tommy likes to drag the water bowl around the kitchen spilling water as he goes. The bronze color would go with our kitchen. Also like the raised level that promotes better digestion.

  2. 402

    This would be perfect for my babies! They always make a mess when they eat!

  3. 403

    Our house’s kitchen is carpeted for some odd reason, and we have to put a towel under the water bowl and we always have ground cat food in the carpet. This would stop all that!

  4. 404
    John Madigan

    wow this is awesome. My cats love to play with their food too. This could solve many problems.

  5. 405

    The Neater Feeder would be perfect for my 3 little amigos. No mess for me and no running from the vacuum cleaner for them!

  6. 406
    Linda Kish

    My outdoor cat would love it. My garage floor is always a mess and I hate it when the ants come.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  7. 407

    I wonder if it would work with my kitties…At least one of them takes food out and places it on the floor deliberately. The others, it might work with though.

  8. 408
    Katherine D.

    This looks neat and easy to clean (in our dishwasher!). My main concern is that our cats would pick up the wet food in their mouth and set it down on the ground to eat it – like they do now – but I want to give it a try.

  9. 409

    Dishwasher safe makes it a great way to clean after my messy boy….

  10. 410
    Sherry Powell

    What a great idea. I feed several outside cats as well as my inside cats. This would work great with all of them!

  11. 411

    What a great idea. One of my cats loves to splash the water out of her bowl, this feeder certainly looks like it will cut down on the amount of water that ends up on my floor every day.

  12. 412
    Camie's Kitties

    That looks really neat. I would like to be entered.

  13. 413

    Looks like it would work good, especially in a corner to keep the food off the wall. My two cats make a mess every day with their food on the floor and this would help with that problem.

  14. 414

    What about multiple cats? They can’t have their little “fights” over the dry food. Mine are messy, too, so this could be a really good solution.

  15. 415

    Very handy and will lessen the need for me to clean up after Mr. Pickles as he likes to drag food from the bowl and eat it on the floor hehe

  16. 416

    Great idea! The Neater Feeder would certainly help with my messy gang. One sip of water leaves a spray of droplets around the bowl. Now if they could make the Neater Feeder 10 ft. long, I could feed all ten of my cats at once!

  17. 417
    Karin C

    This would really make my life easier, and neater for
    my kitties. Great idea.

  18. 418
    Michelle Lewis

    This is awesome. I love the idea of using for feral feeding stations.

  19. 419

    To Lynn at comment 307: I had to laugh at your cat Tommy. My kittie Tessa used to LOVE to bat the water bowl all over the kitchen (to see the movement of the water?) We were always afraid she’s bat the bowl down the back stairs so we got a Petmate fresh flow fountain. No way could she bat that around, though the Neater Feeder would certainly do the trick as well.

    The Neater Feeder is a great idea especially keeping the bugs out.

  20. 420

    My cat makes a big mess when eating. This would be great!

  21. 421

    My 3 messy cats would love this…as would I!

  22. 422

    Wow! This would make my life alot easier and neatier with my nine messy kitties.

  23. 423

    Hmmm… I don’t know how well this one would work for one of my cats – she likes to remove the food from the dish and crunch it up all over the ground. Fun, huh? But, hey, I’d be willing to try it!

  24. 424

    This would be great for my mom’s kitties! They spill their food everywhere.

  25. 425
    Tina Marie

    We are installing hardwood floors in our kitchen and were concerned about the water overflow that seems to happen on a regular basis. This will be a great solution to our problem without dealing with mats and such that can trap water underneath. YEAH!!!

  26. 426

    Cats are neat even if they are a tad messy. This looks like a great concept

  27. 427

    I love this idea. Its surprising how messy my cats can be and this would solve the problem!

  28. 428

    This would be perfect for my kitten, who gets more food on the floor then into his stomach :-)

  29. 429

    OMG! My kitty, Button, is such a messy eater! This would be such a great thing to keep her food & water spillage contained instead of everywhere within a 10 mile radius of her bowls! :)

  30. 430

    Now THAT is seriously brilliant! Our (gigantic) tabby, Buckley, LOVES grabbing the kibble with his paw, flinging it to the floor, THEN eating it. I’m sweeping up after him daily (we have a miracle collie who has learned to leave all kitty food alone). Smart thinking on someone’s part!

  31. 431

    i’ve been waiting for a bowl like this! you should see how my little charlie eats…he needs a fence around his food! i love that this is dishwasher friendly. seriously, if we could post comments and pictures to go along with the comments, i think it would be all the more amusing.

  32. 432

    Wow, that is so simple and yet ingenious!! Our Zoe loves to drop kibbles in her water, so I’d probably use this with either food or water as well, and it would be perfect for her food…she loves to make rows of kibbles around her bowl… :)

  33. 433

    Wow, this is brilliant! I’m moving to a new place where Trin won’t have that much room to make a mess, so this is perfect!
    Hopefully, my birthday luck today will let me win one of these!

  34. 434
    Janneal Gifford

    Tahira, my sweetheart of a sphynx kitty, is the messiest cat ever! She flicks so much water everywhere that you can tell if she’s just had a drink by the water all over her hairless forehead (not to mention the water on the floor and wall!). We’ve tried switching her bowl to one with a higher edge becuase of all the food that she gets all over the counter, but she manages to still make a bit of mess. She needs the Neater Feeder!!!

  35. 435

    Self contained clean. Yes My cats would be happy to eat and drink from this food/water station.

  36. 436

    This would be a great addition to my home since my 2 kitties like to play w/ their dry food and usually I’m the one that spills the water, lol

  37. 437
    Liz Cranage

    With 5 cats I have to clean the floor up constantly, so this would be fantastic. And I’ld use mine with food on both sides. It would mean less filling up of their food bowls

  38. 438

    This is such a great idea. I wish I’d thought of it.

  39. 439

    This is great! My cat, Pepper loves to “clean” the area around her food and water bowls. We also have been having ant problems lately and so the neater feeder would be a perfect item to have so additional animals won’t eat Pepper’s food.

  40. 440

    Genius! I getting ready to sweep my kitchen floor now.

  41. 441

    I love that its bug proof. My boys summer house always seems to get ants – we had devised a stand with its legs in tins of water to deter them but this is even better.


  42. 442
  43. 443

    This is genius! I spend so much time strategically placing mats, paper towels, etc, etc, etc, around the my cats’ bowls. Maine Coon cats just LOVE their water, and certainly make a mess with it. Then of course there’s play time with their food. This item is a great idea!

  44. 444

    The cats are so messy–we have three different place mat type things but they are always moving their food dishes across the floor. What a great idea!

  45. 445

    Water, water everywhere, every time they drink … I’d love to give this a try!

  46. 446

    Just the thing my adult cat needs to help contain the food that escapes while she’s feeding!

  47. 447
    Cindy G

    Cool idea! I just love innovative people.

  48. 448
    Missy K

    I could use about half a dozen of these…

  49. 449

    I’d love if my kitten had one of these feeders. It would be fab cos gnats would constantly get into her water bowl. Blah! :p

  50. 450

    This would be perfect for my two kitties! They both make a big mess at dinner time. I would love to find a way to cut down on all the crumbs and bits kicking around my kitchen floor. This looks like a possible solution!

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