Cat Toilet Training Made Easy! Your Chance to Win a CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit Plus a $100 Shopping Spree!

Tue, Nov 10, 2009

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Toilet training your cat. They say it can be done, and CitiKitty has put together a complete Cat Toilet Training Kit to help make it incredibly easy. Now, I haven’t tried this yet myself, but after reading all about the CitiKitty I think I’m going to give it a shot.


The kit includes a training seat that is placed underneath the toilet seat to transition your cat from the litter box to the toilet. There’s also a training guide and a tip sheet, plus a packet of CitiNip catnip for use during the training process. The training guide has explicit instructions on how to first move your cat from using the litter box to using the toilet with litter, and then to using just the toilet with no litter. It’s a multi-step process that can be used with any cat that is healthy, at least three months old, and already successfully litter-box trained. It is also possible to train multiple cats at once.


According to CitiKitty, the benefits of toilet training your cat include:

  • NO MORE LITTER MESS Toilet trained cats do not use kitty litter, eliminating the mess and smell of a litter box from your home.
  • BETTER FOR YOUR CAT Because your cat is toilet trained they will no longer be exposed to chemicals and silica dust found in many litter brands, which has been proven to cause respiratory and other health-related problems in cats.
  • SAVE $$$ Toilet trained cat owners have the luxury of not having to purchase kitty litter, saving them thousands of dollars.
  • BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Each year more than 4 billion pounds of kitty litter is sent to landfills in the United States. Most of that litter is made from strip mined clay which is a non-renewable resource. By toilet training your cat you help preserve precious resources.
  • MORE TIME FOR YOUR CAT Why spend endless hours cleaning up a litter box when you can be spending it playing with your cat!

Now, this may not be for every cat, but there are an awful lot of comments from satisfied customers on the CitiKitty website, and there seem to be quite a few success stories, so it just might work for your cat.

A few words about flushing cat feces

This is a controversial topic, as we found out last year during Litter Week. I uncovered some important information, first read this post about the problems that can be caused by flushing cat feces, then make sure to read the follow-up post about how it can be quite safe to flush in most situations.

CitiKitty Giveaway

Enter to Win a CityKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit PLUS one of Two $100 Shopping Sprees at!

CitiKitty not only makes the toilet training kit, but they also offer a wide variety of other cat-related products on their newly re-designed website and this is your chance to win a $100 shopping spree! Two winners will be selected in a random drawing and each will receive a CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit plus a $100 credit to spend on any products at To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts about toilet training your cat. Have you ever tried it before? Are you thinking about making the transition? The drawing will take place on November 18 and the winners will be notified via email. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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615 Responses to “Cat Toilet Training Made Easy! Your Chance to Win a CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit Plus a $100 Shopping Spree!”

  1. 551

    I have three cats and anything to help, the cleanup process would be great, I have never tried and I think I may be able to get two of the three to try it.

  2. 552

    My cats love the toilet already, and one of them is pretty iffy about regularly pooping in the litter box–this might be a great solution to the quirks in my apartment!

  3. 553
    Enid D

    My favorite thing about this post is the photos. They all look so serene as they go about their business. I hope I win, my tiny apartment and my big ol’ fluffy cat need this!

  4. 554

    I would LOVE it if I could train my cats to use the toilet…no more litter boxes! I wonder if they’re too old and stubborn to be trained, though. :\

  5. 555

    Considering the limited space i have in my city apartment, I think being able to get rid of the little box by toilet training my kitties is a great idea! Looks so simple with this product, too!

  6. 556

    after reading some testimonials, it doesn’t sound as difficult as it first seemed. i would like to try it on my city kitties!

  7. 557

    omigod! i need that!

  8. 558

    I would LOOOVE to win one of these and have it work. The litter box is my most despised chore. With only one cat it probably wouldn’t be that hard to train. Also wouldn’t have to fight very much to share the potty with the cat! :)
    I can see it now…. “THUMP THUMP THUMP, I need in there!”….. “Meow… Just a minute!” says the cat.

  9. 559

    oh my gosh thats exactly what i spent 2 years trying to do withh my cat to think i need it that hah

  10. 560

    I’ve never tried to train my cats but would love to.. no matter how fancy of a litter box we buy… it’s still a litter box and still well….. gross :) This would be fantastic.. as a bonus maybe they will figure out the toilet is not just another area to drink from!

  11. 561
    ellen miller

    I hope I win this…I have had my fill of cat litter….As I get older, the floor gets farther away!

  12. 562

    I’ve got an old boned fella that’s kind of set in his ways, but I’m sure my younger cat would get the hang of this quick!

  13. 563
    Janie M.

    I really want to see if this works, I hope I win!!!

  14. 564

    An interesting concept! I can’t imagine how much money I could save by not paying for litter.

  15. 565
    Jodi Gersh

    oh my goodness- if this actually works I will be so happy and my 2 cats will get to use the bathroom like their mommy :)

  16. 566

    Cats are smart animals, and I think mine could probably be trained to (eventually) use the toilet. That would help bunches in this house….though it would be just one more person to hog the bathroom!

  17. 567

    My cats poop all the time, if I could train them to use the toilet that would be pretty great!

  18. 568

    Wow!! This product is like reinventing the wheel. I’ve seen videos where you would use stools and bowels and colanders. With the whole process lasting for several months.

    It would be really nice to see my Dustie use the toilet. After all, she watches me when I’m on it ;0)

  19. 569
    kathy johnson

    Sure would love to win. My Symorekitty would love it even more. He is the first cat I ever had and at times, with my health, it gets a little difficult cleaning the box. But if I don’t win, I will still love my kitty just as much. He was a stray that won my heart. He is so beautiful and loving. Don’t know how I ever lived with out him. He want’s to play with my two small dogs but they only ignore him. Any suggestions on how to get them play with him?

  20. 570
    Ivale Mitchell

    I totally need this!
    My cat is already the best, this would win him a medal!

  21. 571
    Al McElmon

    I’ve thought about trying this for years, but I’m glad there’s a product that will make it easy. I am anxious to see how well it works and recommend it to my friends if it does!

  22. 572

    I’ve thought about this before, but never really attempted it. One of my cats, an eleven-year-old Maine coon, already has litterbox (avoidance) problems, plus I have two cats, which makes things hard to keep track of. The kit looks interesting, though – I’d love to try it out.

  23. 573

    I had a cat that was almost trained. My son was small then and he push the cat into the toilet. It’s not very hard to do. I used a child’s toilet seat and a pie pan because they were not selling these in my area yet. I would love to teach my 5 cats to use one now that my kids are grown.

  24. 574

    I’ve been reading about toilet training my cats. Not only would it make it easier, but I also wonder if it would help with my one guy who ahs litterbox issues.

  25. 575

    I’ve always thought that my one cat is definitely smart enough to toilet train. I just never bought a kit because he’s 12 years old and I figured he’s set in his ways by now. But my new cat would probably pick this up too.

  26. 576
    Amy Roberts

    My cat can definitely do this! It’s amazing!

  27. 577

    I have tried and failed at this before – but now that I have two bathrooms, I’d love to give it another shot. This looks like a great kit.

  28. 578
    Penny Ward

    I would love, love, love to be free from cat litter–buying, cleaning, sweeping…

  29. 579

    This is a great idea! I would love to train my cats to use the toilet. Would definitly save from buying a lot of litter. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. 580

    Oh what a wonderful life it could be…if I had one of these!!!

  31. 581
    Tina slave to four

    Hummm verrrdddy inturrresting! This would be nice.

  32. 582

    I would love to try again. My last kitty had litter box issues and couldn’t use the toilet. Hopefully my new little guy will do better.

  33. 583

    Wow not having to clean a litterbox would be PURRFECT!!!

  34. 584

    I have heard about this, but haven’t tried it yet. I feel conflicted if flushing cat feces does harm the sea otters.

  35. 585
    Nina Durniat

    Saving money on litter would be great!

  36. 586

    I need one of these things to keep my kitty out of the Plant pots!

  37. 587

    Wondering how hard it would be to train four cats at once…sure would be nice not to have to deal with all the litter boxes, though!

  38. 588
    Giga J.

    I try toilet training with my own home invention and after some successes I get tired and …we were back at start – this looks much more cat friendly that my toilet training kit. I hope I win and try again.

  39. 589

    We started to work our two guys toward toilet training- we had raised the litterboxes to toilet seat level and everything… at the time my husband was working at home so things could be monitored a bit more closely… However, his job situation changed, and soon the kitty toilet training went by the wayside (even though we had many friends entertained at the thought of the cats actually using the toilet- they said that if the cats learned to flush, then they’d be impressed). My husband and I still talk about attempting to try again, and of course with the right equipment, it would me much more feasible…

  40. 590

    I have always wanted to try to toilet train my cat, but the articles I’ve read about it sounds like the process is too long and arduous! This invention really would make the whole thing go a lot smoother. Plus, then I could finally get rid of the litter tracking problem we seem to have at my house!

  41. 591
    Kimberly Felipe

    VERY COOL! I just know Hazel-the-tortie could (and would) do that. Thanks! –Kimberly

  42. 592
    Chelsea S

    I am very hesitant about toilet training my cats because 1. My cats aren’t very bright and would probably fall in and 2. I dont want them getting feces on the toilet seat. I would be willing to try but I am scared. hehe.

  43. 593

    I have never tried toilet training before. I always thought it sounded like a lot of work. This device seems pretty cool! I would like to give it a try!

  44. 594

    This is…interesting. My cats do tend to go potty in the sinks and/or showers on occasion, especially if I’ve had a rough day and didn’t get to the box in a timely manner for them! I’ve thought about trying to toilet train them before but couldn’t decide on the best way to go about it, this seems like a pretty neat option.

    I do still worry about them possibly falling in or having balance options though. The toilet seat can be a bit slick and some of my cats are…less than graceful? XD

  45. 595

    Oh, am I too late to enter? I’ve been thinking about toilet training the cats for a long time, so this would be a great way to kick off the training. Luckily, we have an extra bathroom, too.

  46. 596

    Oh! I have always wanted to try this with Kitty!!!!

  47. 597

    long ago, one of my cats taught himself. I would love my recent furry purries to learn this trick!

  48. 598

    the perfect solution to stinky litter!

  49. 599
    Donna Lee Horn

    WOW! what a great way to make Cinnamon & Mommy happy.No more potty’s. It dosen’t get any better than that. Cinnamon is a Main Coon and has 3 potty’s, need I say more.

  50. 600

    This is great– I have wanted to give toilet training a try with my 3 kitties for a long time– yay!


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