Help Keep Kitty Warm this Winter! Enter to Win a KatKabin! BONUS GIVEAWAY

Wed, Nov 18, 2009



Back in September, I told you about the KatKabin, a protective outdoor cat house that provides warmth and security. Well here’s your chance to win your very own KatKabin in a brand new color — hot pink! Just in time for the cold winter weather!

To enter, please leave a comment on this post. One winner will be chosen in a random drawing on November 25. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

The KatKabin is distributed in the US by Brinsea.

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955 Responses to “Help Keep Kitty Warm this Winter! Enter to Win a KatKabin! BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 901

    How cool is this? Living in Alaska with a cat who likes to escape sometimes, this sure would add the peace of mind to know the little rascal is at least warm! thanks for the opportunity to win such a cool thing!

  2. 902

    We have a feral cat whose given us the surprise gift of her kittens. My sister adopted one, and two have stayed with me. She would love this – she seems to come around less in the cold, but thankfully I got her indoors last winter to have her spayed only to find she was pregnant! She has a friend who likes to sleep with her – they would love one of these!
    Thank you,

  3. 903
    Tracy brewer

    my newest family member(a stray we took in) would love this to protect her from our yorkie.

  4. 904

    I absolutely adore this KatKabin!! That’s the coolest thing ever. My “Bonnie and Clyde” would love this and I’d feel better knowing they had a cool place to hang out in.

  5. 905
    Ricardo Reed

    My cats Milton and Maxi were abused cats that i rescued, when i first got them from “PAWS” they had hair that was matted, bone thin and so afraid of people…..its amazing how animals can forgive and forget….with lots of love, playful toys, healthy diets, and regular grooming….they look and act like different kitties, they are so loving and love others….friends who never thought they liked cats fall in love with them…..they are both so unique and i am happy to be part of there pride!

  6. 906
    jeniel stephens

    this is awesome!!! all of my kitties would LOVE IT!!! and hot pink is our FAV COLOR!!!

  7. 907
    K bolin

    I would love to win this product for my cats. I worry in the winter when it’s 28 degrees or colder outside I worry about my cats while I’m at work almost all day. When I get home I’m so glad to see them but the next day I have to leave and I start worrying again.

  8. 908
    Ellen Uffelmann

    Awesome design! I do TNR and manage several feral colonies. This would be purrfect for them and they’d be styling as well!

  9. 909
    Dawna Carabajal

    This would be great for the feral cat I have taken in.

  10. 910

    Nice! I have been looking for THIS! My cats like lite showers but not rain and this would be PURRFECT!!

  11. 911

    This would be great for one of the groups that are doing spay and neuter.

  12. 912

    I would love to have my kitty Toronto be able to play outside. The last time I let him on my patio he jumped onto the roof and taunted me as he walked back and forth meowing (I think he really liked seeing me horrified). The KatKabin would allow me to have peace knowing my kitty was safe as he was enjoying his outdoor time.

  13. 913

    I’ve been to their website. Cortana would love one for the winter.

  14. 914
    Dona Barlow

    I volunteer for a feral cat rescue organization in Regina,SK (Canada) where the winter temperature is routinely well below zero (celsius) Our group tries to provide shelter for the ferals but we’re always discovering new colonies and racing to beat the elements. Already this winter, we have had two kittens freeze to death and the temperature hasn’t begun to drop. (the coldest temp. last winter was -43C) The KatKabin would be such a bonus for our group in helping us save a few of the abandoned cats who populate the alleys of our city. Please visit our website at: Any assistance would be such a welcome gift. We are a registered Canadian charity.

    Thank you so much for reading this.

    Dona Barlow
    People for Animals
    2041 Athol St.
    Regina, SK S4T 3E6

  15. 915
    P. Cotton

    We could use two dozen of these for the feral cat colonies my rescue group, the Branford Compassion Club, maintains on the shoreline in Connecticut. Our winters are cold and wet, and we would love to keep our cats warm and dry!

  16. 916
    Libby Burns

    We have 2 male cats indoors and a female, who adopted us, outdoors. The males won’t let her inside. We have tried several ways to keep her warm in our cold winter months and the kat kabin looks to be the best possible solution to our dilemma.

  17. 917

    What a great idea – and perfect for the feral cat who allows us to feed him from a distance but won’t come near enough to get to know us properly!

  18. 918

    There are 3 abandoned cats that are living outside in the cold. and i have been feeding them after their owners moved and left them to starve outside. It would be great to have this to sleep in and for shelter from the cold.

  19. 919

    What a terrific idea! My cat has been snuggling with the neighbors dog in his house when it rains! ha ha. Cute picture believe me. Shocked the neighbor to see my cat snoring next to her dog! So great idea. Would love this!

  20. 920


  21. 921
    marilyn kollar

    I have a few stray kitties that would love this for the winter

  22. 922

    What a cool site : ) And this is a neat product!

  23. 923

    this bed is so cute and modern. my kitty would love it and it would match my room purrfectly!

  24. 924

    I run a small cat rescue and am involved with TNR in my town and local surrounding areas. This would be wonderful to have to provide some warmth to a feral cat this winter. It looks cool and is functional as a shelter. It’s perfect.

  25. 925
    Kim K.

    Cat Cabin for my cats!

  26. 926

    Ohhhh. My deployment kitty would love this. To keep my allergies at a low I shave him periodically; His hair grows back fast but in teh meantime he shivers a bit… :(

  27. 927
    Robyn Maslowski

    My rescue feral kitties would love this SOOOOO MUCH. It is an awesome design.

  28. 928

    Fabulous kitty home! My feral kitties would adore this; they may even prefer it to cuddling on me!

  29. 929
    Marty Thomas

    This Katkabin looks so warm and inviting–love the hot pink!! I’ve got several kitties that would LOVE to get in there!

  30. 930

    My cat Hera would love this. She’s such a Princess and her favorite color is pink.

  31. 931


  32. 932
    Pamela Arnone

    Who ever thought this up is the Coolest Cat is the world, I want to get in it myself

  33. 933

    I have 4 cats, 3 rescues! One is a petite little lady named Bella, she has to contend with the three macho males (all fixed, but retain that male behavior), that like to lick to boss her around a bit. She is all black, lanky and since I had to hand feed her from days old, not very big! Feisty, independent and curious….she could use the KatKabin and escape from the guys! Leave them out to do the dirty work and brave the weather I say!

    Plus, pink goes so well with black!

  34. 934

    Icare for some feral cats, one of whom ( a little black fluffy number with a smug o white on his/her tail) lives in a drain – not the best shelter, but he/she manages. She/he has lived there since they were a tiny abandoned kitten. Momma must have brought him to the food I leave in the drain by the bank, then disappeared :(

    I am going to trap him/her this month or next, but I need a nice shelter I can put out that the bank manager and patrons will not mind – this stylish yet functional cat specific
    shelter would fit nicely under one of the bank’s shrubs, providing my little feral kitty with shelter and warmth in our cold and wettest weather.

    Until, I can at last (please prayers everyone!) catch him/her and bring him/her home with me.

  35. 935

    Oh my God ! You should give it to comment 934.

  36. 936
    Alexis Pettie

    My cat Galahad would love this. I think my dog would to, it would mean he wouldn’t have to share his bed x

  37. 937

    This looks like a great place for our cats to sleep while outdoors. They are indoor cats but spend some time outside and play.
    Really wanting to win this great cat house!!

  38. 938
    kate daly

    SOO CUTE FOR MY FRIENDS i would love this for them.

  39. 939
    Kim Snyder

    I need an insulated house for a feral cat who sleeps on my outdoor porch. She won’t survive our winter cold without more shelter and I can’t adopt her, she is afraid and runs away.

  40. 940

    Looks great, would love to try it out on my feral outside cats at the house and hospital.

  41. 941

    I have 2 cats out of six that prefer to spend most of their time outside. That being said they are not particularly comfortable in the house around the other 4. I always worry about them in the winter and have spent many hours calling for them during snowstorms. I think this would be a great solution to feel more comfortable about them being outside.

  42. 942
    MeLinda Hughes

    We would love to have this for the rescue, but I’d really like to have it my old man–my Siamese Taliesin–who suffers from severe arthritis. He would love this nice, warm bed. He also likes to be away from the other cats, so it would be doubly special for him.

  43. 943
    Mary Ellen Frye

    Would love to have this for outside kitty rescue. Currently there are two strays we are feeding / attempting to rescue. Winter is coming and they are very cold in upstate NY. This would provide warmth and shelter for our stray kitties until we are able to successfully rescue them.

  44. 944

    My outdoor cat really needs this!

  45. 945

    kitten would love this! we cant afford anything for her to keep warm in the winter

  46. 946
    bon bon

    Id like one for myself along with my cat.

  47. 947
    bon bon

    This is way cool! I would like one but it appears there are people & kittys in more need of it thatn myself and cat. Were cozied up for winter. Good luck everyone!

  48. 948
    Tina Ferguson

    I would love to win this for may 5 year old cat Jinxie. She has been having litter box issues where she has stopped using it almost completely. We have tried everything including two litter boxes with different litter in each. She is an indoor cat who is afraid of the outdoors. We have considered putting her down but I find that too hard to do. I spoke to a vet who said to put her outside. We have been slowly weening her by putting her food only on the deck so she has to go outside to eat when she is hungry enough. My husband is building a gate at the top of the steps on the deck so she can have a safe place to run to. We have put her out for 2 full days now and she was gone all day and we let her in for the night. We have 2 other cats who are indoor/outdoor cats and from now on all three cats are going out after breakfast and not allowed back in until the night. It would be great to have this shelter on the deck for those cold and rainy days. Great looking shelter!

  49. 949

    This looks like a great cat den . I would like to use it in Canada as we have a harsh winter here and I have not seen them at all.

  50. 950
    Jamie Bratcher

    Wow! I love the color! My outdoor cats would surely love the comfort and design of this house.

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