December Moderncat Giveaway: Catemporary Cat Tower and Shelf from The Refined Feline

Wed, Dec 2, 2009



We’re ending 2009 with a phenomenal monthly giveaway from The Refined Feline! One lucky reader is going to receive a Catemporary Cat Corner climbing tower and shelf! This combo will have kitty climbing in style.

To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. If you’re already getting the updates but you’d like an EXTRA chance to win this month, please leave a comment on this post. The drawing will take place on December 31. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here.

Watch this video to learn more about the Catemporary Cat Corner and Shelf from The Refined Feline:

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1,296 Responses to “December Moderncat Giveaway: Catemporary Cat Tower and Shelf from The Refined Feline”

  1. 1251

    This is the most practical ad also beautifull climber I have ever seen.
    And cleaning seems to be verry easy.


  2. 1252
    Kathy Williams

    love this and so will my 6 cats

  3. 1253
    Joelle Azzopardi

    My cat would love the birds eye view

  4. 1254

    my chloe would love this, but she thinks her cousins smokey, pixie and phoebe would love it more and have more room for it so she would give it to them and share it when she visits.

  5. 1255

    Nice design! I was planning to make something simular – but deffently it wouldn’t be as cool as that.

    Climbing cats are cute :) I always love to see my cats jump: watch every muscle work of them to make sure they get what they want.
    See how there eyes measure and the brain calculate the distance, the right force needed on the rear legs – doing warmups and… in one smooth jump: They are where they want – iregardless of what’s there allready – there are allways space for a cat ;)

  6. 1256

    wow- very mod! I love it and so would my cats.

  7. 1257

    I would love this for my cats! If I don’t win this I am building my own. I love the look of this cat furniture.

  8. 1258

    This is simply awesome. I have a little apartment, so there is no room for a huge cat tree. I do have a free corner, however!

  9. 1259

    I LOVE these! They are so chic!!

  10. 1260

    This is an amazing climber for a contemporary home. So beautiful and practical.
    All would be pleased!

  11. 1261

    This would make my cat sooo happy since he doesn’t have anything to climb at home

  12. 1262
    Sean Sonnenschein

    Oh how great this would look in the house with the four cats perched on it. And how happy they would be. It would be interesting to see who would be king or queen of the mountain and hold the top perch and make it their place to overlook their residence. And how lovely this modern day cat tree would be instead of the same old designs that have been around for the past few years. Great to see that some imaginative minds are finally getting out their creativity and letting their juices flow for the designs of animal furniture to make it more aesthetic in today’s modern homes. We would love having one of these.

  13. 1263
    L.A. Forsythe

    I have always fed and vetted the feral/stray cats in my neighborhood, they are all ver special to me. None as special as Neilo, though. He was there the night I 1st went to look at what is now my house. I tried to find a home for him becuase he was really happier as an inside cat, but none lasted and I would see him again outside.
    I know he derserves a forever home. I have decided to take him in myself, depsite allergies and non-too-excited dogs. We are slowly learning to live together, but this cat tree would be a huge help for Neilo as he adjust to living with my dogs and foster dogs coming and going! L.A., the poochtini posse and Neilo!

  14. 1264

    Please, please, please pick me! Had to get rid of my cat tree before leaving Germany and can’t afford this luxury for my babies right now. They’d love it!

  15. 1265

    Love the sleek look of these, so much nicer than the tacky ones in stores. My four kitties would adore this!

  16. 1266

    This would be the best Christmas present ever for my 3 “babies”! We live in a studio apartment and have tiny space. We would love something wonderful and vertical like this!

  17. 1267
    Wendy L.

    This would fit in perfect with my apartment and my cat would adore it. Another stylish piece of furniture for us and our cats from the Refined Feline!

  18. 1268

    6 perches! almost enough for all 9 of my kitties! but i love that its so compact, it would fit perfectly in my house!

  19. 1269

    it’s like climbing the clouds!

  20. 1270
    Kristen kirk

    Wow it looks like a regular peice of furniture! I like that a lot.

  21. 1271
  22. 1272

    My girls would LOVE this and it would look beautiful in my house! A must have!!!

  23. 1273

    I’m making a cat room in my house and this would fit in perfectly

  24. 1274

    This would add perfectly to the cat room I’m creating for my three cats

  25. 1275

    I love this!! I want to sell it on my website and fill my whole house filled with these. I hope my cats are not too lazy to use them tho. I have a fat Orange kitteh whom may say go for it girls I’ll be on the bed.

  26. 1276
    Janie M.

    Awesome, I hope I win, they would match my decor perfectly!!!

  27. 1277
  28. 1278

    My cats will look so much better on such an attractive shelf!!!!

  29. 1279
    Lora B

    My cat presently tries to climb the window panes. So wonderful!! This would be such an attractive, fun, great looking piece to add to the decor to keep Coco Krispy amused and happy!

  30. 1280

    OMG, how great is this? My cats would go nuts over it.

  31. 1281

    I own a fabulous Catemporary Cat Tower and Shelf – If you’re not a lucky winner in this give-away, I definitely suggest considering a purchase. This is a well-made beautiful piece of furniture LOVED by my kitty. Worth mentioning that the cushion covers unzip and are machine washable. I know we will enjoy it for years to come – it’s cat furniture taken to the next level of quality and design.

  32. 1282

    I need one for my two cats, so they can climb !!

  33. 1283

    My cats would go crazy for this!

  34. 1284
    melissa w

    My 3 girls would be in heaven with these shelves, and the fact that they would look great in my living room is a nice bonus.

  35. 1285

    Wahou, so stylish! I know two cats who would love that, and their owner wouldn’t mind a climbing post that has some style (bye bye carpet)!

  36. 1286
    Michelle Wiseman

    This would be the perfect addition to our den/TV room where all six of our cats like to curl up and relax with us.

  37. 1287

    That’s such a cool design!

  38. 1288

    just love these mod new designs that companies are coming up with these days…SOO much better than carpet stapled to fiberboard! LOL

  39. 1289

    SO COOL!!!!! I would LOVE to have a whole room of these! Thanks for this chance!

  40. 1290
    Chelsea S.

    These are awesome! I would love to give this present to my kitties. I bet they would be thrilled. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. 1291

    My cats would love this I have 6 young cats and they are very playfull

  42. 1292

    I love these modern designs for fashionable cats.

  43. 1293
    Laura Newfarm

    I love the design, perhaps this would keep Kitty from knocking over all the books and vases :p

  44. 1294
    Soft Paws Cattery

    Wow, this is a really cool corner and shelf!!!

  45. 1295

    Wow, My MaryCat and Ziba cat can’t wait to play or sleep on these shelves, I have the perfect place!

  46. 1296

    I have to get me one of these! The cats will love hovering over me for a change!

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