BONUS GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win a Carrier from Sheraton Luxuries

Wed, Dec 9, 2009

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Sheraton Luxuries Pet Carrier

When I first saw this new carrier, I was intrigued, so the nice folks at Sheraton Luxuries were kind enough to send me one to test out. I’ve been using it for transport to the vet, and not only am I a fan, but my cats are, too.


The Sheraton Luxuries pet carrier is made of sturdy plastic with a large top that hinges open for easy loading. The sturdy lock snaps into place with a loud click so you know it’s secure. Two nice handles make it easy to carry and the side slats allow for plenty of light and air circulation while kitty is inside. The carrier measures 16″ x 11 5/8″ x 10 1/4″, the perfect size for small to medium cats. Simba, who weighs about 10 lbs., is shown here modeling the Sheraton Luxuries carrier.


The Sheraton Luxuries carrier is available in sky blue, lavender, spring green, and orange and sells for $27.99 US. Each carrier comes with a plush liner.


One lucky winner is going to receive an orange Sheraton Luxuries carrier. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on December 16, 2009. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US only.

** This giveaway is now closed. **

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821 Responses to “BONUS GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win a Carrier from Sheraton Luxuries”

  1. 651

    Want this product. So where can I buy it??????

  2. 652

    This carrier looks great. I like that it comes with a pad inside. I love the top entry and the slats for air circulation. Perfect for quick trips.

  3. 653

    This carrier is fab- colorful and a great design for cats. My Cerny wouldn’t mind going to the vet in this modern carrier!

  4. 654

    This carrier is pretty cool. The other color options are very tempting too….

  5. 655

    this carrier looks wonderful, it can be hard to find carriers that are so well ventilated!

  6. 656

    I could see my cats treating it more like a plaything than a punishment, which would be a nice change!

  7. 657

    I wonder if my 18 lbs cats would fit in here? My guys are not fat but tall and just big all around

  8. 658

    What a fab idea! My Cerny wouldn’t mind going to the vet in this modern carrier!

  9. 659

    this is great!

  10. 660

    My Phoebe has PTSD from being trapped as a kitten and it is a nightmare getting her in regular carriers. This is the answer! I’ve never seen one so spacious and airy! I would be thrilled to not have her be so stressed. Oh please, Goddess!

  11. 661

    My cat Kaspars would like to ride in this places. He’s a big boy who needs a big carrier. Swell design.

  12. 662

    This is a neat design, I could use it for my cats. You guys always find the coolest things!

  13. 663

    My Cerny would love this modern carrier!
    **Sorry if this is a duplicate. My computer did not show my other post as showing up/go through/process.

  14. 664

    great color. looks pretty sturdy too.

  15. 665

    A fantastic idea. The open slats would make my kitties happy to travel!!

  16. 666

    aww the orange carrier matches your kitty! I want one for mine!

  17. 667

    Too cute, reminds me of a picnic basket!

  18. 668

    very cool! i think my cat might actually LIKE this. no more trauma on vet visits.

  19. 669

    What a great idea! My cats love to jump into baskets and this looks like it would make the trip to the vet a lot less stressful for us all!

  20. 670

    I love this because I hate my collapsible one that just seems to always collapse.

  21. 671

    What a great carrier – much nicer than any I’ve had in the past. I need to get one now and am wondering where to find this one in Montreal.

  22. 672
    Nancy Black

    I would love any of your fantastic products for my kitties. I’m drooling over how many wonderful products you carry. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. 673
    Lora B

    Getting my cat into a regular carrier forget it… legs everywhere, meowing,etc. This would be a wonderful new experience for trips and would definitely be easier getting into a carrier. GREAT idea!

  24. 674
    Barbie emlet

    think the cat carrier is very cool I would love to have one like this

  25. 675
    Erika Brenner

    I love this. I want this. Orange is my favorite color.

  26. 676
    Kayla J.

    This is so cute! A lot more compact than a regular carrier, too.

  27. 677
    carol kennison

    would love to win this. I don’t have a carrier, I always borrow my daughters.

  28. 678

    Great carrier! Such an improvement over the typical, force the cat in sideways carriers! And love the colors!

  29. 679

    My big boy would like this a lot better than the little travel sac that he has.

  30. 680

    I think that would be great for my cats. They have chewed though their mesh-sided carrier! Nice that they can see out, but it’s not a destroy-able material.

  31. 681

    I’d really love to have this to tansport my boys in – one at a time, of course!Neither cares for the pet taxi carriers. We would all thank you so very much if we should get chosen!!!!!

  32. 682
    Vicki Andrew

    great looking carrier, my old carrier looks so functional and bland and i have a princess cat that really hates getting in it, she would love the blue one it sets off her beautiful blue eyes

  33. 683
    Vicki Andrew

    This is a great looking carrier, my old carrier looks so functional and bland and i have a princess cat that really hates getting in it, she would love to get the blue one, would it set off her beautiful blue eyes

  34. 684

    What a cool looking carrier.

  35. 685
    Barbara Andersen

    My SweetieGoodGirl would love this! A hammock in a box!!! *swoon*

  36. 686

    This carrier is nice. We’d love to win it.

  37. 687

    Hmm, this could even double as a picnic basket…

  38. 688
    Nina Durniat

    Form and function-I love it!

  39. 689

    We sure hope to win the drawing for this carrier!

  40. 690
    Cathy Thornburn

    This is a wonderful design. I love top loading carriers – so much easier to put cats in and get them out of at the vet’s. Very easy to take it as is, especially in hot weather, or to throw a towel or blanket over if you want to cover them in cold weather. My fingers are crossed to win one!

  41. 691

    My favorite color is orange, and I have a particular cat of mine in mind who would love this!

  42. 692

    I love the orange!

  43. 693

    That is really really nice! I think my kitties would love it!

  44. 694

    This is awsome! I have two cats, and it would be awsome to have something like this. They both hate being inside boxed in spaces, so this would be great!

  45. 695

    I love this pet carrier! What a great concept!!

  46. 696

    How cool is that? literally!

  47. 697

    How absolutely unique! Great colors, good ventilation, and easy to use.
    Covers all of the bases! I could use a dozen or so, just to take my ferals to the vet and back again.
    nice, nice, nice!!!

  48. 698

    I love this carrier! My cat would have a ball in it.

  49. 699

    It’s great that there aren’t metal pieces for kat-kat to hurt herself on. Not great that the sheraton luxuries website is the most awful website I have EVER seen. And they are asking almost as much for shipping as for the actual product……..I wonder what their actual store is like.

  50. 700
    10 cat Mom

    This carrier looks interesting.

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