BONUS GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win a Carrier from Sheraton Luxuries

Wed, Dec 9, 2009

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Sheraton Luxuries Pet Carrier

When I first saw this new carrier, I was intrigued, so the nice folks at Sheraton Luxuries were kind enough to send me one to test out. I’ve been using it for transport to the vet, and not only am I a fan, but my cats are, too.


The Sheraton Luxuries pet carrier is made of sturdy plastic with a large top that hinges open for easy loading. The sturdy lock snaps into place with a loud click so you know it’s secure. Two nice handles make it easy to carry and the side slats allow for plenty of light and air circulation while kitty is inside. The carrier measures 16″ x 11 5/8″ x 10 1/4″, the perfect size for small to medium cats. Simba, who weighs about 10 lbs., is shown here modeling the Sheraton Luxuries carrier.


The Sheraton Luxuries carrier is available in sky blue, lavender, spring green, and orange and sells for $27.99 US. Each carrier comes with a plush liner.


One lucky winner is going to receive an orange Sheraton Luxuries carrier. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on December 16, 2009. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US only.

** This giveaway is now closed. **

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821 Responses to “BONUS GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win a Carrier from Sheraton Luxuries”

  1. 751

    I need a second carrier. This would have to be for my little princess DSH though. I dont know if my big boofo ragdoll would fit in there.

  2. 752

    Love this cat carrier….We need a new one as the zipper on our old one has died….gonna have to check it out!

  3. 753

    This looks interesting! I’d love to try it out.

  4. 754

    This would be great for my Blue Abyssinian that we rescued who is terrified of his carrier. The open view lets them see you at all times!

  5. 755

    We have three cats and two need carriers. I really like the color on this too. Plus, Toulouse, Polomalu, and Paquin enjoy stylin’ when they go out.

  6. 756

    Love the concept. Would love to have one.

  7. 757
    Tina slave to four

    WOW!! A top loader that snaps shut… no more cat escapes because the latch didn’t hold.

  8. 758
    Kristen C

    I am in desperate need of a second carrier. I am very intrigued by this design. I’d love to try it!

  9. 759
    Victoria R.

    how cute! looks like my cat would actually go for this. he hates carriers and has figured out ways to break out of most. love the design :)

  10. 760

    My guy would love this. It’s so open I think it would help him not get carsick when we go to the vet.

  11. 761

    Love the top-loading access — what a brilliant idea!

  12. 762
    Sean Sonnenschein

    Ahh, the perfect carrying case – one that looks somewhat similar to the laundry basket that they love so much. I imagine getting them into this carrying case would be much easier than the ones that make them run when they see them. Perhaps this would make it easier to take them out for a trip a little more often instead of it being such a chore and something that the cats dislike so much. It would be a pleasure to not hear them crying when they are in the carrying case and this one might just be the one to solve that problem.

  13. 763

    This carrier is ADORABLE!! Very stylish. Your tabby Simba looks exactly like my Romeo.

  14. 764
    Kris B.

    2 out of 3 ain’t bad. My poor tabby Cooper at almost 20 is too big a boy for this, but Ang and Coal would fit nicely on our infrequent car rides to the V-E-T.

  15. 765
    Karen H.

    Wow this may be just what I’m looking for…I’ve been through several carriers and most are ugly and hard to clean.

  16. 766

    Definitely a fan of the top-loading cat carrier. Nice & open so the cat doesn’t get too hot.

  17. 767

    Awesome! I think my kitties would really love this! And, it would be much easier to get them in and out of than the front-loaders that I have.

  18. 768

    Will this stop the yowls? I hope so!

  19. 769

    That looks much easier to load than a traditional carrier. Wonder if they could be made out of recycled plastic?

  20. 770

    I would love to win this! All the carriers I have are huge bulky things! Thanks for this chance!

  21. 771

    So cute!!! I love the color too! If I win, I will donate it to my local no-kill shelter for their fundraiser!

  22. 772

    finally. retro and modern, something that both my cat and me won’t dread to do. love the huge top entry.

  23. 773
    Chari Hill

    This is awesome! It would be great for my cat, Nala, who is terrified when I put her in her carrier!

  24. 774
    Jacki S.

    I really like that you can open it from the top.

  25. 775
    nicole pando

    that is very interesting

  26. 776

    Looks like an interesting design. It would be great if it works–my cats hate being put in carriers.

  27. 777
    Kristen kirk

    I would love one of these. It seems less stuffy than other carriers.

  28. 778
    Ann Bottorff

    WOW this is an Awesome kitty carrier. I would love to own three of these (one for each cat).

  29. 779

    oooh. id take my cats to the beach in that =)

  30. 780
    Michele Hogan

    This is perfect size for Pretty Ms. Trixie Jacobsen.

  31. 781
    Tierra McLellan

    My kitten would love this because he could see everything.

  32. 782
    Natalie Brown

    This is soo colorful! I love it. Also mimicks a basket that my cat loves to play in at home. Great design!

  33. 783
    Annette Sundström

    I am waiting for my new kitten in summer and I need a carrier to her. This orange carrier would be just perfect.

  34. 784
    Kim Holtsclaw

    Love the sturdy look and it is also Tennessee Orange, our Pepper would love it to ride with me on my scooter, I had surgery and anxious waiting to walk again but the carrier would be perfect for me. Thanks for stocking a great product as this.

  35. 785

    this is great!

  36. 786

    So convenient and a great color! Looks like a kitty in a picnic basket… :)

  37. 787
    Cher E

    I wish I had one a week ago, when I had to rush my very sick parrot to the hospital. I used a rubbermaid container with a pool towel over the top. My parrot survived and is doing much better.

  38. 788

    I love the idea. It looks good and maybe tiggu will like a carrier now.

  39. 789

    Reminds me the basket Dorothy carried Toto. Love it.

  40. 790

    I could use this.

  41. 791
    Susan Breck

    My cat carrier is from the 50′s, it’s very retro. But I could really use a new one!

  42. 792

    cat would love this

  43. 793

    Oh, I’m sure my kitty would approve that attractive basket for his transportation!

  44. 794
    Gail Lynch

    This carrier looks easier to use than my current one.

  45. 795
    yvonne white

    my cat loves to play in the laundry basket,she would love this.

  46. 796

    Color matches the cat…I need a tricolor one!

  47. 797
    Susan O.

    Thank you SO much for offering the giveaway! I have 2 kitties that both need to visit the vet frequently and they’ve outgrown the sole carrier I have. This would be a blessing!

  48. 798
    Rosalie Stillman

    Looks easy to use and love the colors.

  49. 799
    Rita M. Kringle

    I think Miss Kitty and Jack would love this new carrier. Besides, the old ones are so heavy.

  50. 800

    My kittys would love this! Unless they are going to the vet of course!

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