Huge Holiday Happiness from Hepper Home! FOUR GIVEAWAY PACKAGES!

Sun, Dec 13, 2009

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Hold on to your hats! We’ve got an extra-special holiday giveaway from Hepper Home! Four prize packages, each containing a Hepper Pod Bed PLUS a matching Hive Bed! Wow! There are going to be some happy kitties!

There will be one prize package in each of the signature Hepper color combos: Spring Bud Green, Herringbone, Earth & Sky, and Racetrack Graphite.

Hepper Wants to Hear From You!

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and tell Hepper what new products you want to see from them in 2010. They also want to know which colors you like the best and what new colors you’d like to see.

Four winners will be chosen in a random drawing on December 20. One entry per person. This giveaway includes shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. International readers may enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping costs.

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1,428 Responses to “Huge Holiday Happiness from Hepper Home! FOUR GIVEAWAY PACKAGES!”

  1. 901
    Katherine D.

    I like all of the colors, but I guess herringbone is my favorite. In terms of items Hepper might offer next year, I’d really love to see a Hepper-style condo for two cats, and a sleek but large (for those of us with big kitties) litterbox.

  2. 902
    Kim I

    I would love to see this item in red

  3. 903
    Jana Cassidy

    Love 1 & 2 color coordination.

    In this economy having lower prices or coupons every so often would be great or once in a while having a lottery on an item with a percentage of the proceeds go to a non-profit feline rescues of the winners choice.

  4. 904

    Wow! What a stylish way for my kitties to snuggle up for a nap.

  5. 905

    Adore your products and love the sophisticated colors! What about a splash of fushia, orange or teal? Also would love to see Hepper’s take on a classy incognito litter box option.
    My Cosmo would look like a true Space Cadet in one of your Pods! i hope he wins! xo

  6. 906

    turquoise is my new favorite color for decor

  7. 907

    My favorite colour is definitely the Herringbone and I would love to see new earthy colours because the current earthy colours Hepper has are great! I would love to see some modernized litter boxes in 2010 from Hepper, that would be so sweet.

  8. 908

    I’d like a pod in lime green

  9. 909

    My silver tabby would look great in any of those pods. How about an ergonomic scratching station, in the same mod design scheme.

  10. 910

    I’d like to see bright colors to go with my mexican style house

  11. 911

    I love these beds! Cool new product idea: cat window perches, a new modern twist on a classic idea. My cats and I love anything in green or grey.

  12. 912

    Love the herringbone and the earth/sky. Would like to see a fun polka dot

  13. 913
    Camila Porto

    Liked number 1 and 2 the most. But i think that it should be in colors like purple, green and brown, red, orange and white.
    Love the products, but it could also have litter boxes and other shapes of beds.
    It would be the perfect xmas gift for my cat! :D

  14. 914
    Mario & Ruby

    gimme gimme gimme
    I need a carrier on wheels so I can travel!

  15. 915
    Amy H

    Larger size pods is what I would like to see. Also, more earthtone colors. Like the browns and greens best.

  16. 916

    I’d like to see a multistory/double decker pod bed. I like the gray and bright orange.

  17. 917

    These pods are hands down the coolest cat beds ever!!!!

  18. 918

    I would love to win this. I would like to donate this to the no-kill, cage free, roam free shelter where I volunteer. Our kitties there would love this. It would look so pretty in our shelter. (Good Mews in Atlanta!)

    I would like to see some new cool beds.

    My favorite color here is the green. Would like to see some cool purples/green mixes.

  19. 919

    oh wow cardio would sure love this one from santa haha

  20. 920

    My cats would LOVE the Hive bed. But I would definitely love to see from them sort of a ‘box’ bed, a bed with walls. My cats love to curl up inside of things and I’ve found a few oval beds with walls and they can’t seem to get enough of them. And I’d love to see their products in more ‘girly’ colors like pinks and purples and vibrant colors. I like to use my cat accessories to add color to whatever room their in.

  21. 921

    My favorite is the green one. The color is so soothing yet it pops!

  22. 922

    I’d love to see ready-to-install, mix-and-match perch pieces with user-friendly directions. I’m just not crafty enough to make my own!

    My favorite color combo is definitely the graphite grey/orange, although the earth and sky would match my bedroom better. And maybe if my cats had their own bed, I would sleep through the night better (it’s difficult when a cat is draped over your face). I’d love to see even brighter, bolder combinations, like turquoise and orange, or purple and lime. It might be entertaining to make them in colors that “match” your cat, too, so that the fur they leave behind isn’t so unsightly when you don’t have time to clean it… :)

  23. 923

    I would keep like to keep seeing the unsual nice pet beds. They are pretty. You should try some unusual colors.

  24. 924

    Oh my! My Caity Sunshine and Frisky Business agree that this is the Best Giveaway EVER!!! Me Mew Me Mew!!

  25. 925

    2010 Hepper products are sure to great! Our Kitties enjoy stretching vertically. I would like to see a 30″ tall self standing modern stretch/scratch piece of kitty furniture. Something that fits right in a home. I’m sure they will do great! I like their Spring Bud Green and Earth & Sky Pod Bed colors. For 2010 maybe a “Pretty Princess” light pink for those pampered female kitties.

  26. 926
    Nancy Wolf

    Love the designs here. My senior kitty still likes to get up into napping places like the cool Pod Bed, but she needs a little assistance getting up and down because she has some arthritis. I’d love to see something that either has a ramp or steps for older kitties so they don’t have to jump up or down.

  27. 927
    Leslie D

    I would love to see a pod in teal or cream. I also think it would be kind of fun to do a double pod….one stacked on top of the other.

  28. 928
    Cheang Sao Man

    I love the green one. Suits my house decoration and fur color of my kittern. I am interested in modern style cat tree, with bright and joyful color. My Mimi will love it.

  29. 929

    I love this pod, but could you join two to make a tunnel? Or half again as big but semi-divided in two.
    Just thinking what Penny & Hurley like.

  30. 930

    I recently bought a hepper bed for one of my two kitties (Little Bit)and she LOVES it!. The problem is she does not like to share so please let my poor other kitty (Mo)be a winner!! We like almost all the the colors, but the green would look great with Mo’s eyes and beautiful black fur.

  31. 931

    Neat! I’d like to see what kind of modern cat trees they could come up with. That “Racetrack Graphite” color combo is definitely my favorite, cause I like bright colors paired with grey. They should try some things in red maybe… could be paired with like a cream color.

  32. 932

    I am a fan of all the colors but I think my favorite is the herringbone. That would be perfect for both male and female cats and I have one of each. I think they would both love having one of these beds to lounge around in/on and hide out in!

    I’d like to see a pink one for female cats! I love pink and brown together. Also pink and black.

    I’d like to see some different types of litter box cabinets. Ways to hide a litter box so that visitors can’t see them out in the open. Also something that is elevated to make it easier for people in wheelchairs to clean the litter box without having to bend down or get down on the floor. I have to keep my litter box on a kitchen chair so that I can clean it out. Thanks!

  33. 933

    I love them all! My boys would love any of these!

  34. 934

    I’d like to see products with hammocks, tunnel-like hiding places, and elegant colors like burgandy, evergreen, gold. I really like the brown/blue combo, too.

  35. 935

    I’d like to see more modern designs for kitty climbing and in the muted colors such as black, white and maybe a burnt brown

  36. 936

    I want to see eco-friendly products, made from recycled materials, avoiding plastics that contain chemicals like PVC, etc. I like the dark cherry wood and black colors.

  37. 937

    I’d like to see more options for vertical climbers with nearly floor to ceiling shelves. I like tend to like the neutral colored products, a nice deep mahogany brown would be a nice addition to the chocolatey brown you feature.

  38. 938

    In the new year I’d like to see hepper cater for cats in the cold of winter and the heat of summer, my cat struggles in the heat and there are very few things I can do to help her. Also a really stylish cat carrier would be cool. As for colours I like dark greens and reds, but my favourite of the current collection is the herringbone pattern grey and black.

  39. 939

    Love these, how about a stacker for more than one cat next year.

  40. 940

    Loving the pods especially the grey and orange one, would also like a black and white colour scheme. Perhaps next year we’ll see some ‘on the wall bed attachments’

  41. 941

    Please let it be me!

  42. 942

    I love the Herringbone color. I’d also love to see some lighter neutral tones or an animal print! The above the floor pod bed is great, are they stackable? I’d love one with trio pods (for my 3 kitties)!

  43. 943

    i love these hepper products and so would both my cats!

  44. 944
    Lee Sullivan

    The brown one would look great with our new furniture. LOVE these!

  45. 945
    Barbara Butler

    I have 6, indoor only cats that all all rescues. I am also a kitten foster mom; so, I have a lot of cats around, sleeping everywhere! They would LOVE a beautiful grey Hepper Home.

    I would think that a light beige or an almond color would also be popular, and go with all types of decor.

  46. 946

    WOW! What a fab giveaway. To our friends at Hepper — I would LOVE to see a hammock-type design, pretty please! I love spring bud green. Maybe some different patterns in the future? A different take on the herringbone? Color ideas: turquoise, hunter green…

  47. 947

    The Hepper products look awesome! Our kitty, Bosco, would like to suggest some new color combos: go sushi! Beautiful dark green, white, and a salmon or tuna color. For a new product – she loves to ‘hide’ when taking a nap and ends up under a blanket or cushion…how about creating a ‘nap sack’ – something a kitty can easily crawl into but not wide open so they can tuck themselves in for a quiet and peaceful nap. Thank you for encouraging our comments and feedback!

  48. 948
    Linda Kish

    They seem to have plenty to choose from. I can’t think of another great product to add.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  49. 949

    What a wonderful giveaway!!! I’ve definitely got my fingers crossed!!! = ) I would love to see Hepper Home make a stylish scratching post/pad. Something all modern kitties and parents can love! I love the earth and sky colors, and would love to see more earth toned colors.

  50. 950
    Amy MMP Hurley

    I would love to see brown and sable tones and maybe hammock-like play structures.

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