Huge Holiday Happiness from Hepper Home! FOUR GIVEAWAY PACKAGES!

Sun, Dec 13, 2009

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Hold on to your hats! We’ve got an extra-special holiday giveaway from Hepper Home! Four prize packages, each containing a Hepper Pod Bed PLUS a matching Hive Bed! Wow! There are going to be some happy kitties!

There will be one prize package in each of the signature Hepper color combos: Spring Bud Green, Herringbone, Earth & Sky, and Racetrack Graphite.

Hepper Wants to Hear From You!

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and tell Hepper what new products you want to see from them in 2010. They also want to know which colors you like the best and what new colors you’d like to see.

Four winners will be chosen in a random drawing on December 20. One entry per person. This giveaway includes shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. International readers may enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping costs.

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1,428 Responses to “Huge Holiday Happiness from Hepper Home! FOUR GIVEAWAY PACKAGES!”

  1. 1201
    penny white

    i don’t know if my comment got lost or not. i love the brown and blue one. XX
    i think a kitty friendly/proof tv cabinet would be awesome with perches everywhere except directly in fromt of the picture.

  2. 1202

    Who would not love a Hepper Home

  3. 1203

    This is just the thing for Cosmo! He would look like a real Space Cadet inside.
    AS for colors i love the combos already but how about a fushia or bright orange pod. Great design.The beds look comfy enough for me!

  4. 1204

    My kitties would LOVE to snuggle in # 2 (the grey/black one). In 2010, we would love to see more of a variety of neutral colors (tans/browns) to go with our (& I would assume most) decors. Some of the current color choices of some of your items might clash in our home. On the other hand, we would also LOVE to see more of a variety of animal prints & more cat furniture, scratchers, & loungers (high quality & modern of course!)

  5. 1205

    I would love to see one in burgandy and a warm yellow to match my decor… My cats would love something like this to hideaway in…

  6. 1206

    I’d love to see this come in all black and in all white with a mid-century modern geometric pattern inside… that would be awesome. My fave right now is the herringbone!

  7. 1207

    This is a really cool product. The kitties would love to get to be so stylish!

  8. 1208

    I love the Racetrack Graphite and Orange combination!

  9. 1209

    O.K. second time around! I left a response earlier and it must have gotten lost! And I REALLY WANT ONE OF THESE! I like the earth and sky and the herringbone colors I would like to see a red one with a chinese brocade lining or a sheriling (fake of course) in maybe a light brown to keep the kitties warm! As for products….A bed that is higher up, would always be nice. Or a window perch/bed.

  10. 1210

    need this for my cats

  11. 1211
    Nate (Iggy and Petey)

    Very modern feel, I like it. This would be the new hangout of the three cats in the house, Im sure they would never leave.

    Looks cozy :P

  12. 1212

    More color combinations or designs would be great!

  13. 1213
    Patricia Roseman

    My kitties would love for you to use spa colors like sand and robin’s egg blue. I love all of your ideas and think that modern and ergonomically correct food bowls might be in order. Thanks and Happy Holidays to Hepper!

  14. 1214

    I’m not sure if my comment went poof, but I’d like to see purples and reds in the next lines. Lovely stuff.

  15. 1215

    Love number 3. My cats would love this little hideaway.

  16. 1216

    These are beautiful, great design to show off in your home.

  17. 1217

    The graphite and orange is my favorite. Chic but affordable litter boxes would be nice to see from Hepper

  18. 1218
    Gotchi - The Cat

    Oh, I want to win one of those, pick me, pick me…

    My favourite color is the Spring Bud Green and I also like the Racetrack Graphite but you can send me any color and I’ll be a happy cat. I would also love an orange or red pod.

    I would love if hepper designed a very cool and stylish covered litter tray, that was easy for me to use and for my mummy to clean.

    Feline kisses from Gotchi

  19. 1219

    Would love something ‘perchable’ as my cats are suckers for anything I can place in front of a window. Color-wise, I’d love to see more dark colors – a dark blue, a chocolate brown, a wine. :)

  20. 1220
    Lisa Barrett

    The sleep pod would perfectly fit into our interior! I love gray tones and our living room is green, chocolate and cream. The cats and I would LOVE one.

  21. 1221
    Rebecca Poling

    The pod bed is my favorite and I love the grey – it matches my cat!!

  22. 1222

    my kittens need this

  23. 1223

    So sleek and chic, I’d love to win one…

  24. 1224
    Diana Gregory

    My guys would love one of these!

  25. 1225
    Candace Blank

    My cats would love the pod beds, and boy would they look great with all my new updated furniture! The green or the graphite would look good in the living room and the Earth & Sky would look good in the den. I would like to see more color options, especially all black or all white or cream. Future products: love your beds, but if a product could be designed with some height to it, to give a multiple-cat household some vertical solutions, that would be great!

  26. 1226

    I remember commenting on this, but don’t know if my post is still here… I love the brown and blue one!

  27. 1227
    Michelle Lewis

    I love #1 and #4, and I know my cats would love them all. Happy Holidays!

  28. 1228

    A pod for a Devon Rex? So cool – would like to see one in purple and cream.

  29. 1229

    SUch a cool design! my girls would love this1

  30. 1230

    These are sooo fantastic!! I love the chocolate and blue. Would love to see these in a buttery yellow. Very nice!

  31. 1231

    I love the Herringbone and spring bud green. I would love to see a cat tree and some different colors, maybe a darker grass/leaf green or teal.

  32. 1232

    so freaking cool

  33. 1233

    I have coveted one of these beds for a while. I think they look space age and smart, and both my cats and I would like something off the floor.

  34. 1234
  35. 1235

    The set would be great so my two cats won’t fight over a single bed. Actually, who am I kidding!

    I’d rank the colors as follows: Racetrack Graphite, Herringbone, Earth&Sky, and spring Bud Green. They are, however, all beautiful.

  36. 1236

    Love them all but graphite is nice. Some hyperloft snuggle ball beds in new colors would be great.

  37. 1237

    I would love to get one. Then the kitties would be comfy and in style.

  38. 1238

    What a cool design. My kitty would love a loft suite. I would love to see a green/purple or blue/purple design. And perhaps an “egg” chair like the ones from the 60′s.

  39. 1239

    I love these products and think they are a good start for 2010. Would love to see more color combinations and perhaps more shapes.

  40. 1240

    The Hepper Pods are so cool. I’d love new colors of purple & blue, or a woodsy theme.

  41. 1241

    I like all the Pod colors except the all-gray one. Maybe an olive-and-orange set instead of gray-and-orange? (Hunting-gear colors, I guess.) Or brown-and-green, instead of green-and-white? Brown-and-red?

    As for new products, what I really need is an *affordable*, attractive cat tree that’s suitable for a cramped apartment. I don’t want to spend $300 on something the cats are going to tear apart, but I don’t want it to be too much of an eyesore while they chew it to death, either.


  42. 1242

    These beds are just so cool! Would really love to have one! I think the herringbone and spring bud green are my fav! I would like to see a unique design for a cat tower and food/water bowls. Thanks for the chance!

  43. 1243

    what a beautiful set! I’d love to see it in a dark brown with a deep purple accent color. Something to cover a litter box would be wonderful.

  44. 1244

    This is way cool. My cats would be the most happenin’ cats in town if they won one of those groovy little hippy pads.

  45. 1245

    I’d (uh, kitty would) love a Hepper home to cuddle up in. Oh the pod just looks so cozy and perfect for a chilly night or even an awesome space adventure. The hive seems perfect for lounging by the window, napping and sunbathing. The herringbone and the spring green are favs, but it would be lovely to have an amazing rich fushia, royal blue, or patterned offering. The bird houses are so cool, I’d love to see a Hepper Home cat perch or tower. Maybe even people-sized pods. ^_^

  46. 1246

    merry merry

  47. 1247

    The pods are great! but if you could just add a little space… the boys like to sleep together and they are not petite kitties.

  48. 1248

    These are such a great design. What fabulous feline wouldn’t be happy in one of these?

  49. 1249

    just in case my previous comment got lost…my boys would love the grey & orange once. we would also like to see cat litter box solutions, food dishes, and cat trees.

  50. 1250

    Pooper would like #1 or #2. He especially likes the herringbone pattern. He loves to be elevated on top of boxes and inside boxes, so maybe Hepper can make a bed based on this; perhaps out of bamboo for sustainability-inclined kitties. I’d like to see brown and beige/cream.

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