Huge Holiday Happiness from Hepper Home! FOUR GIVEAWAY PACKAGES!

Sun, Dec 13, 2009

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Hold on to your hats! We’ve got an extra-special holiday giveaway from Hepper Home! Four prize packages, each containing a Hepper Pod Bed PLUS a matching Hive Bed! Wow! There are going to be some happy kitties!

There will be one prize package in each of the signature Hepper color combos: Spring Bud Green, Herringbone, Earth & Sky, and Racetrack Graphite.

Hepper Wants to Hear From You!

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and tell Hepper what new products you want to see from them in 2010. They also want to know which colors you like the best and what new colors you’d like to see.

Four winners will be chosen in a random drawing on December 20. One entry per person. This giveaway includes shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. International readers may enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping costs.

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1,428 Responses to “Huge Holiday Happiness from Hepper Home! FOUR GIVEAWAY PACKAGES!”

  1. 1301

    My kitties and I love the herringbone – gray – one. But actually, we love them all!!!

  2. 1302

    The green is definitely my favorite! *love*

  3. 1303
    Brenda Watts

    love 1 and 4 colors…would like a bit of pink for the girlies..Love these products are well designed for cat use, something for more than 1 cat at a time would be wicked

  4. 1304
    Wendy J

    First of all I love your designs and colors. The only color I would reccomend would be a dark blue/ red combo would be cute. I also would like to see kitty perches. Thank you

  5. 1305

    Leaving another comment due to site difficulties.
    I like colorways 3&4, nature colors are good too.
    My kitties would luv.luv.luv this, thanks!

  6. 1306
  7. 1307

    I love #3 I admit i pick out colors that “match” my kittehs colors. So more colors would be great that would enhance natural cat colors. Like a deep green or a deep blue. Pink for Russian Blues etc. I agree with some others to put higher accents. Kittehs love to get as high as they can and watch from above.

  8. 1308

    Just “re-commenting” as advised :)

    My original comments were that I’d love to see a heated, low bed for my old small dog and Sphynx cat.

    Love the earth and sky colours. I would like to see light colours like seafoam, sky blue, and light mocha.

  9. 1309

    I would love to see a window seat that was big enough for two cats, as they both want to be in the same window at the same time!

    These beds are too cute!!

  10. 1310

    What a neat place for a kitty to roost! As far as I’m concerned, any color is fine as long as it’s red.

  11. 1311
    RoseAnn Wheeler

    With a Mid Century remodel of our home 3 years in the making, ModernCat has been a welcome addition to out decorating theme. As a hobby Burmese Breeder we had to incorporate a cat friendly environment.

    The Hepper Pod bed even got our decorator excited to see. My husband and I selected the Graphite and Orange combination for our Family Room. All of the colors work for everything from a neutral palate to our bold color selections.

    The resident Burmese cats have all voted and the Pod Bed is a definite hit. Being heat seekers the cats prefer the fleece side of the inner lining.

    It’s fabulous to have a cat bed that works with Eames and Noguchi.

  12. 1312

    i left a comment before but i’m leaving one again b/c of the technical difficulties newsletter – i love the colors they currently have, especially the brown and blue one and the gray one. As far as new stuff, I think making this into a two-teir affair with a bed or play zone under the pod and some kinda toy dangling from the bottom of it would be cool

  13. 1313

    I’d love to see these with cool patterns, like Merimekko. I’d also like to see multi-level pet beds or more of a cat tower. They love to climb and get up high to nap or look out the windows.
    I’m not that picky, though, and I’d take one (or more) of these just how they are. :)

  14. 1314

    Re-commenting: Wall mounted shelves that lead to lofty kitty perches are great space savers. Right now jewel tones are very popular. Though I’m sure anything Hepper will come up with will be amazing!

  15. 1315

    Oh no, I left a long comment before and now I see it must have been erased. This will have to be a much shorter one.

    I would like to see grey with a little pink, orange on the outside of some Hepper pod beds, maybe some blue on the outside as well. A little hint of red could be nice, too. I’d like to see lighter shades of blue as well as brown paired with, say, green. A blue and grey combination could be nice, too. Or what about pure white?

    As for products, it would be great to see some mod-looking climbing shelves, some scratching posts, and of course, an all-in-one cat tree (with a fabulous design, of course). And it would be nice to see these in muted colors like grey, green, blue, or black. Or stripes or polka dots.

  16. 1316
    Tammy Botzon

    I think something more traditional for those homes that the modern style would not fit.

  17. 1317
  18. 1318

    I understand there were technical difficulties with the site so I am posting my comments again.

    I like the current color options 1 & 2 best.

    My suggestion for a future product would be an accessible pod for kitties that would love this secure hide-away but would have trouble jumping into it.
    Making it lower should help.

    This suggestion is based on one of my cats. Her name is Sugar. I rescued her off the street. She is a bit of a scaredy cat with strangers and she was probably hit by a car at some time during her life before we met. That old injury (fracture) was never treated and Vet says it’s too late now. So Sugar has a limp, doesn’t jump well and we’ll have to watch out for the inevitable arthritis. But she enjoys a high quality of life right now. She loves eating, treats, soft things and loves to burrow under covers and find little hiding places. That is why I think this pod style bed would work well for her, except that she would have trouble getting into it.

    Take care,

  19. 1319

    I love the charcoal colour (#2) and I would love to see their version of a funky scratching post / wall hanging / item.

  20. 1320
    Cece Keeling

    I’m leaving another comment too after reading the email about tech problems…..I love the style of these beds and I know my cats will too. Soon I will have such a great collection of beds for my kitties to sleep on!!!

  21. 1321

    Leaving another comment as per tech. issues.

    My previous comment was that while I like Hepper’s subdued existing palette, I am a big fan of combining bright bold red with turquoise or granny smith apple green. Of the color choices given, the herringbone/sky is my favorite.

    And I think they should devise a hidden litter box in their signature style.

  22. 1322

    The Earth & Sky is pretty, I’d like to see some stylish cat trees!

  23. 1323
    Lisa Roth

    Love the #2 color combo–subtle but elegant. #4 is pretty cool too.

    As for the other products and design suggestions–most stuff not that cuddly and cozy. Maybe it’s just that my cats are seniors, but they like cozy. They very seldom curl up on something that doesn’t have sides. Even when they lie on the sofa they curl up with their backs touching the back cushions or the arm or both.

  24. 1324
    Kim D.

    I love the Earth and Sky combination of colors, but also would like to vote for something with Pink in the future! Thanks :)

  25. 1325

    My boys love ny snugglie place to sleep, an I think this would be PURRFECT! I would need a boy color because Pink & purple are my faorite colors and everything I BUY THEM IN GIRLY colors they don’t use or play with, They are though kitties!

  26. 1326
    Janie M.

    Oh I just love these beds, they look like flying saucers lol! I think it would be awesome if they could make a microwavable heated bed insert or plug in for this bed. Also would be cool if they could add some sort of scartching post type thing somewhere on the bed.

    I like the herringbone color best because it’s the most neutral & would go best with my decor. I would love if they added some more nuetral color combos & maybe add some pattern on the inside, I’m just not a fan of the brighter colors–it would stick out like a sore thumb in my living room!

  27. 1327

    Summarising my last comment in case it was deleted:
    I think there should be more feminine colour combinations like purple/blue and purple/grey.
    Maybe their could be some simple patterns including birds, butterflies and fish.
    My favourite Hepper Pod colour is the all grey folowed by the brown/blue.

  28. 1328

    I really want to win this one! I love the herringbone and sky combos.

  29. 1329

    #2 and # 3 are so sharpe!Would love to have a “duo”

  30. 1330
    Chelle M

    Re-posting as advised.
    I like the earth tones.
    We’d like to see a taller/ dual pod. Or, maybe an inverted top for another cat.
    I see that you make outside bird houses. How about sleek play areas or houses for indoor/ companion parrots. Not nest boxes though please.

  31. 1331

    some colors that are not so soft would be great, more jewel tones, something that goes with the decor of your house, scarlett red?? teal blue, and a different base with this item some more sturdy….
    the beds that go on the floor maybe have a slit in them to add a microwavable heating pad for the older kitties that can’t quite get up to the pod beds….

  32. 1332

    Love the Hepper products. So cool! I’d love to see them develop some affordable scratchers, ones that don’t take up a lot of space. Also keep those of us in mind with big kitties!!

    Colorwise, I love mid-century color combinations. Not the Eisnenhower colors (you already have pink/gray anyways) but true Eames or Neutra color schemes.

    Hepper is so fab! Their orange combo covered pod was why I followed links and ended up discovering Modern Cat in the first place.

  33. 1333

    i hope i win!

  34. 1334

    - just incase my other comment didnt work… i love these. the grey and orange are cool. some lavender and pink colours could also be great :)

  35. 1335

    these look very nice. I’d like to see them make things to cover litter boxes.

  36. 1336

    I would love to see one with a mod print for the pillow.

  37. 1337
    ED Reese

    Chiming in a second time, just in case. We like number two, and would love to see more saturated, jewel tone colors, this would make an exceptional “color statement” in a modern design, or a lovely counterpoint to a muted, “natural” design — perfect for a pop of color!

  38. 1338
    Rachel Trainer

    I would like to see a Hepper Pod that is window height (about 24-30″ tall). The Heppers are currently too short for my cats to see out the window easily.

  39. 1339

    I like the green and blue one!

  40. 1340

    Ditto on the re-post due to technical difficulties. I’d go for the spring bud green combo to match our eclectic interior, but I think a red version with a white stripe would be fun and bold, as would a red-with-pink-stripe combo.

  41. 1341

    I’d like a bunk version so that more kitties could enjoy it at the same time. Maybe add an open bed on the bottom.I really like the herringbone and earth and sky color choices but would like to see herringbone with a sky frame.

  42. 1342

    I like #2.

    My cat would like a cat wheel. :)
    Red looks great with my cat.

  43. 1343

    Love the design, would like to see one that can hang off a window sill and that is heated! My Comet Blue would love to hang out in this neat pod!

  44. 1344

    Awesome! These would be so easy to clean and I know my cats would love them.

  45. 1345

    the green is my favorite color combo. As for new designs, I’m thinking of a pod that attaches to the wall, so cats can sit inside, or perch on top. Also, it’d be nice to see the color turquoise or yellow somewhere.

  46. 1346

    More funky beds would be great, but pads with argyle patterns would top my list. Very classy and fun!

  47. 1347
    Babs (formerly Kush's Human)

    1) Kush Kush would look loverly on the green Hepper; his orange fur would look like flames!
    2) We’d be interested in two products:
    a) something like a your sling bed (so he can stretcn out, rather than curl up). but at a higher height and with a bit of weight at the bottom of the legs,
    b) we really would like a raised feeder that would allow us to use our own dishes. Kush doesn’t like to eat from deep bowls, which is what you usually get with a raised feeder (presumably b/c it can be sold to dog owners, too). He likes to eat from a plate, with his whiskers relaxed and out. You can’t use a plate with any of the feeders I’ve see out there.

  48. 1348

    love the gray one, but an orange pillow would be great for orange cats

  49. 1349

    I would like to see the Hepper pods in a variety of patterns !!!
    Paisley, polka dots, camouflage, stripes…
    Cool, huh ?

  50. 1350

    I would love to see a navy blue and Red one. It would match our living room which is all buffalo bills themed : )

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