Huge Holiday Happiness from Hepper Home! FOUR GIVEAWAY PACKAGES!

Sun, Dec 13, 2009

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Hold on to your hats! We’ve got an extra-special holiday giveaway from Hepper Home! Four prize packages, each containing a Hepper Pod Bed PLUS a matching Hive Bed! Wow! There are going to be some happy kitties!

There will be one prize package in each of the signature Hepper color combos: Spring Bud Green, Herringbone, Earth & Sky, and Racetrack Graphite.

Hepper Wants to Hear From You!

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and tell Hepper what new products you want to see from them in 2010. They also want to know which colors you like the best and what new colors you’d like to see.

Four winners will be chosen in a random drawing on December 20. One entry per person. This giveaway includes shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. International readers may enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping costs.

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1,428 Responses to “Huge Holiday Happiness from Hepper Home! FOUR GIVEAWAY PACKAGES!”

  1. 401

    I’d love to see a Hepper version of a modern cat tree – something apartment friendly (doesn’t require drilling into walls).

  2. 402

    I love all of the current color combos. I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing some bolder ones like red and purple, too. Maybe try some new designs sort of like the pod (an enclosure of some kind) because cats love to feel invisible. I love everything hepper! :)

  3. 403

    A sleek cat house/bed that also acts as an easy-to-use cat carrier would be awesome, so the kitties can feel more comfortable and at home when heading out on a car ride, etc. not too many good looking cat carriers out there! and not many cats who like being in their carriers either, so if there could be a comfy bed as a carrier then there’d be a lot more happy kitties on the road!

    i like the herringbone color, very classic and nice texture. a black/orange or black/red combination would be very cool, or a brown/green combination! some different textures would be nice too.

  4. 404

    I would like to see something that accommodates multiple cats. Mine don’t necessarily get along so it would be great for them to have modern hiding spots.

  5. 405

    I would love to see some products in red! The only color scheme right now that would look okay in my condo is the herringbone.

  6. 406

    These products are so awesome…love the pods! Would be tickled pink to see a pod litter box! And speaking of pink….more please!

  7. 407

    I would love a Hepper Pod in a dark chocolate with ivory colored trim. Black with Ivory would be great too.
    It would be great if you offered a cat tree that built off the hepper pod concept. Thanks!

  8. 408

    I love the heppers! A red and gray combination (subtle, soft NOT bright) would be great. Any true mid-century or modern color combinations would be fantastic.

    You know what would be great? Cool climbing stairs that would fit snugly against a wall without a lot of screws and pounding.

    Thanks for supporting Modern Cat, too!

  9. 409

    Oooo… I just LOVE the pods!

    I really like the gray and green colors and would love to see some sort of combination of the green with blue and the gray with white. And maybe a white pod with a colorful interior (like the blue or green).

  10. 410
    Bab's (formerly Kush's human)

    Kushkush would look lovely on the spring bud green!
    To be honest, our biggest concern has to do with his *excessive* shedding. It’s mostly from his cream-colored “undercarriage”, with some of his marmalade orange top thrown in, so the end result is kinda light peach to creamsicle. I always look for (and am willing to spend more $$ on) merch that
    1) won’t “show” his shed so much (i.e. it’ll blend in), and
    2) fabrics that are washable and are tagged with statements saying that fur releases easily! (THey’re out there!)
    Also, while he enjoys a good curl-up, his preferred lounging posture is more elongated. Sometimes he likes to hang his head over the side, sometimes he likes a little pillow/elevation. (Am I describing a chaise lounge?) Anyway, we’d find a long chaise covered in fur-releasing peach-colored fabric quite compelling!

  11. 411

    I’d love to see a low, open pod – something low enough for a small dog to get into or an older cat that doesn’t jump much. If you could make a heated version, I would be first in line. My old dog and hairless cat both love the warmth of heated beds in the cold Canadian winters :)

    I’d also love to see a square-shaped bed/pod.

    As for colours, my favourite of the options is the Earth and Sky. I would love to see a lighter colour combination, such as a light blue and sea-foam green, or cream and tan. I like calming, quiet colour combinations :) Patterns such as hounds tooth or tweed would also be nice.

    Thank you to Hepper for offering such a great draw!

  12. 412

    Love the grays as well as the brown/blue combos – some additional neutral colors would be great too! Would also like to see a scratching post/pod combo. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. 413

    Love the green and grey!! How about deep blues & reds for 2010?

    As far as new products go, I agree with the past posters…modern, attractive cat furniture. Maybe some made out of wood?

  14. 414

    I love the pod bed, but I have two bigger cats and they have a hard time fitting in them. A bigger size would be much appreciated!

  15. 415

    I would love to see a pod that is square and stackable with a see-thru top and bright colored bottom — something that can be used at adoptions to draw people in and get more exposure for the cats. I think the pod would have to be square to allow for a litter box. The pods would also have to have a door or grill front to keep the cats inside.

    For home, or for home pods after people have adopted, I would like to see stackable or connectable pods. I have a multi-cat home and using vertical space would be a great space saver.

    For colors, I like bright, bold colors. Your green pod is my favorite of the colors you have. Thanks!

  16. 416

    Wow. I’d love to have one of these beds. They are so cool.

    I would suggest that Hepper consider creating an outdoor kitty home. In my neighborhood, we have a lot of stray cats. Neighbors collectively feed these little sweeties and have had them spayed and neutered.

    However, I would love to be able to get a few insulated homes to help protect that cats during the winter.

    Almost all of us have cats in our homes and can’t take in any more. But we would take steps to do more to help our outdoor friends. Please, Hepper, give us a hand!

  17. 417

    I’m crazy about these pod beds; they’re so attractive! I would definitely put it out in the living room, instead of hiding the cat beds in my bedroom.
    My favorite color is the spring bud green. I would also love to see a dark red with a black base and a really fun multi-color stripe pattern.
    I would suggest that Hepper expand the line to include matching food/water bowls and perhaps a matching cat tree/scratching post.

    Great products!

  18. 418

    I’d like to see more bright colors!

  19. 419

    A cat tower would be great – also would love a redesigned pod giving them a little scratching/stretching spot on their way up to that very cool bed.
    And how about a 2-story pod, or an attractive way to hide the litter box that is modern and cool? Not all of us have room in the bathroom, and something attractive is essential – especially to those of us who are apartment/co-op/condo dwellers.
    I love the browns, especially, but how about some jewel tones – a deep crimson, royal blue or emerald green?
    Hope that we win. Its been a tough year, and my kitties deserve a treat!

  20. 420

    I love the pods – I want one for my cat Nugget. But I always hesitate to buy it because my apartment is so small. I’d like to be able to mount one on or near the window. Or integrate the pod with a climbing station such that his pod is high up and he’s got a bit of adventure to get up there.

    My favorites are the green one and the herringbone. I’d love to have the Herringbone with orange accents. For new colors – I’m into rich linen browns these days with splashes of Indian silken red and orange.

    Thanks, and happy holidays!

  21. 421

    I would love to see a pet bed wtih different levels so that more than one cat can use it without fighting for the space. Everybody can be happy! I really like the earth/sky colors. They are modern yet classic. I would like to natural and classic colors like cream and pale yellow. These colors will most likely matchthe color scheme in many homes.

  22. 422

    I would really love to have this pod! :)

    As I live in Hungary, I am happy to pay the extra shipping cost!

  23. 423

    hmmm – our bedroom is all in grays with oj curtains – wouldn’t the RacetrackGraphite set look great in there!
    Also, would love to see a mod design window shelf for kitty – sorry I can’t use the ugly sheepskin ones that are sold out there!

  24. 424

    I also would like to see a pod bed that’s a little lower, as my cat seems to be convinced that she can’t jump very high (she can, but she won’t). As for colours, I love the muted grey, brown, and blue, but maybe something more cheery? I’m thinking a brighter lining with the muted colour for the plastic.

  25. 425
    Wendy Butler

    I would like to see an attractive and stylish scratching post that
    is sturdy enough for a large cat.

  26. 426

    I love the pod bed, I think my favorite color would be the Herringbone, but the other colors are not far behind. As for new products in the future, how about food bowls. I hope I win this one :D

  27. 427

    These Pod Beds are great for the whole family. I love the modern design and my kitties would love to hide in them. In 2010, I would love to see some modern takes on a cat tree or toys. Every product out their is design to be cute or look like it is for a toddler. My cats love to play with these products and could care less what they look like. But I do care!!!

  28. 428

    I’d be interested in non-fur gathering washable fabrics in neutral patterns-ie like the herringbone.

  29. 429
    Liz & Cassie :))

    WOW! Zaaaoooeyyy!Thank you for including Canadians!

  30. 430


    I absolutely love this bed. The design is very modern but would fit in any decor. The grey one is an all around type that goes anywhere. Also an all black one with a white pad or light color would be nice. This design is easy to transportgoes and easy maintenence. I have 4 cats and they surely would have to take turns sleeping in this one or the two that cuddle would be a great photo opportunity. If I do win one of these, hopefully the grey, I would take pictures and send them in to you..thanks, Barb

  31. 431

    I love these. I have a 60′s style egg chair that they would go perfectly with. I would love to see some stylish cat climbers. The current market is very limited and many of the cat climbers out there aren’t attractive.

  32. 432
    Lisa Davis

    I would like to see a shiny red

  33. 433

    Love the pods! I would like to see more attractive litter box-hiding options! I am a big fan of the earth tone colors.

  34. 434

    I also love the current color choices. Sometimes too many options give me a headache since I have to choose between so many different options.

    As several others have mentioned, I would also like to see a Hepper scratching post. I feel as if they are the most un-stylish items in the kitty market. I def. need a upgrade to mine so I would def. look forward to Hepper coming out with one! :)

  35. 435

    Trying to win this for my sister!

  36. 436
    Laura Oliva

    I love the Spring Bud Green(my first choice) and Earth and Sky(my second choice). I think most would look for colors that would blend into their decors………..possibly more neutrals, or small prints on the Hive Beds. Thank you for considering me and my Cat Scout!

  37. 437

    i would love to see an attractive scratching post …. greys, oranges & greens are lovely.

  38. 438

    I’m partial to dark blues and purples- my cats are both black and they shed like crazy so I try to keep their beds dark colored. How about a mix of pod and hammock?

  39. 439

    I love the green – very mellow. I’d love to see the something with multiple perches, as my cats have issues with sharing!

  40. 440
    rachael a.

    i would love the option of a large hepper pod bed for either multiple cats or a large cat who likes some room! a mama with kittens sized bed.
    thanks for the chance to win such great items :)

  41. 441

    I would like to see some cat hammocks in red please!

  42. 442

    I would love to see a corrugate scratching posts that is small in size, stylish and won’t break the bank.

  43. 443
    Rachel G.

    We would love to see a cheetah or leopard print, maybe even tiger stripes. Also some bold primary colors like red and blue.
    As for new products, anything a cat can climb on. We are always looking for new, attractive, stable climbers.
    By the way, we have a Hepper bed without the top, and the metal stand broke within a few months. We’re still using it because one of our cats loves to sleep in it, but the metal has a break in it right by one of the legs. Might want to do some quality control on that since I can’t believe ours is the only one with that flaw. Nothing happened to cause the break, so it is definitely a flaw in the fabrication process or in the metal itself.

  44. 444

    I would like something to put or attach for window seats/beds

  45. 445

    Wow what a wonderful prize to win! I can’t think of any new products needed as the ones that already exist are so great. In colors I like blue or gray. New colors? Maybe pink for the girls. :)

  46. 446

    color combo #4 is my favorite color scheme! Something with turquoise would be amazing! I would also love to see a floor pod!

  47. 447

    These are way cool. They remind me of the dome house we used to go into on the way to the beach in the summer in Lewes, DE.
    What cat wouldn’t love one? Up off the ground and a great hideaway.
    My cats would love them. Thanks for the offer of winning one.

  48. 448
    Paul Bennett

    so cool, if the Jetson’s had a cat, this is where she would live!

  49. 449
    Kimberly Felipe

    Oh-so-fabulous!! I love the product as is. Maybe create a pod that perches on top of a cat-tree-climber? Kitty can snooze way high up in the sky that way! :) Thanks. Love the colors. Maybe a nice brown one to match my tortie, Hazel. Thank you! –Kimberly F.

  50. 450
    Judith Agogliati

    I’d love to see a new design in cat trees. My favorite color is the earth and sky.
    How about cherry and pink or vanilla and chocolate?

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