January Moderncat Giveaway: Cradle Cat Bed from Neko Habitat

Sun, Jan 3, 2010

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Neko Habitat Giveaway

We have an awesome giveaway to kick off 2010! Neko Habitat is offering a beautiful acrylic Cradle cat bed for one lucky winner! This sleek modern bed is raised slightly off the floor with stainless steel legs and the shape of the bed is sure to attract kitty for a comfy afternoon nap.

To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. The drawing will take place on January 31. International winners are eligible to win if they would like to pay the extra shipping. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here.


Neko Habitat wants to hear from you! For an extra chance to win the monthly giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and tell us what products you’d like to see next from Neko Habitat. One extra entry per person.

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745 Responses to “January Moderncat Giveaway: Cradle Cat Bed from Neko Habitat”

  1. 1
    Sarah L

    I would be interested in seeing a bed/scratcher combo product.

  2. 2
    Ana Martí

    That´s a cool bed for cats! I´m sure mines would love it!!

  3. 3
    Wendy Butler

    My big catcis always looking for a spot to snuggle under something. This cradle would be great since it could slide und something so he’d feel bunkered in.

  4. 4

    Very cool, modern bed. My fur kids would fight over who gets to sleep on it!

  5. 5

    Would be a nice housewarming (and cat warming) present for my new home :)

  6. 6

    Looks good!

  7. 7

    I think they could make a really good hideaway for a cat, or maybe some kind of climber.

  8. 8

    would be interested in a mounted bed.

  9. 9

    These beds are gorgeous & luxurious. My cats would love them & the style would fit in my home perfectly. Might be nice to see a less expensive option offered by Neko Habitat in the future.

  10. 10

    Looks like a very stylish sleeping spot!

  11. 11
    Sharon K

    Great design, my guys could snuggle up on that!

  12. 12

    Our little Bengal has taken over all cat areas in the house and our older (and bigger) Tabby needs a place of his own.
    We love the acrylic base, easy to clean!

    Awesome bed. (No whammies!)

  13. 13

    Nice bed… having a short cat tower to allow cats to see out of windows would be nice

  14. 14

    my cat loves to rock on the rocking chiar, he would love this!

  15. 15

    nice bed! I would also love to see Neko Habitat create cat beds that have a retractable dome canopy, that only goes over half-to-three-quarters of the bed.

  16. 16

    Very nice, perhaps have a combo bed/house so the cat can feel more secluded and hidden away?

  17. 17
    Mimi the kitten

    I adore the Backgammon cushion, and would love to see it in a wider array of colors (lilac, perhaps?).

  18. 18

    I’d like to see them make an enclosed bed, and, oh! A litter box cabinet would be stellar. We have wooden ones, and the paint is cracking and the wood is hard to clean. I think they could really make a stylish litter cabinet.

  19. 19
    Nina Durniat

    I love the sleek, modern design!

  20. 20

    These are really gorgeous, high-quality beds. I love the available options, especially the curve. I would love to see a bed with a raised padded edge, as my cat likes to cuddle into such an edge.

  21. 21

    I’d love to see them make a cat tower.

  22. 22

    My cat would love that bed! I’d love to see a lower-priced line of beds from Neko Habitat, too.

  23. 23

    Looks nice and snuggly.

  24. 24

    I would like to see a cat condo. My cats would love this.

  25. 25

    a cradle bed raised even more off the floor would be great! this is very cute

  26. 26
    Linda Kocsis

    I was crazy about Neko Habitat’s amazing acrylic cat cradle beds when I first saw them on the Moderncat blog!

    I would love to see Neko Habitat create an acrylic tubular-shaped bed, or perhaps a cat tree with multi-colored acrylic components.

    Our rescued lovebird has some great acrylic toys, and our 3 former alley cats are pretty jealous! They would be so happy to have the privilege of resting their fuzzy heads on such a wonderful work of art / bed.

    Thanks to Moderncat and Neko Habitat for this drawing. :)

    Happy New Year!

  27. 27
    Irina Wolff

    My itty bitty kitty would LOVE this and it might give my arms a rest (since he seems to enjoy napping in my arms the most – he’s in my arms as I’m typing this now!)

  28. 28
    Keith Kocsis

    How about an acrylic litter box!
    Something with a snazzy lid or top
    on it.

  29. 29

    Since space is an issue in most houses or condos. I would love seeing a wall mounted bed shelf for my cat. Keeping floor space clean and clear and pets of drafty nook of living space.


  30. 30

    They’re always looking for something to scratch.

  31. 31

    I would like to see a tower or a hide-away bed…or a bed that could be mounted on the wall…

    I also think a stack of the cradles would be amazing

  32. 32

    I would be interested in any kinds of cat beds and cozies.

  33. 33

    what a great bed!!!!

  34. 34

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, Kate! This Neko Habitat cat bed is gorgeous and we’d love to see more of these in different colors and patterns!

  35. 35

    i looked at the website… i don’t know what else i could suggest for neko habitat to make! maybe more colors? the bed designs are super cute!

  36. 36

    I would love to see something that is like this design bu tiered for more than one cat – that would be wonderful!

  37. 37
    Rebecca Orr

    I would love to see some sort of bed and scratch post combo

  38. 38

    Stylish and comfy looking! I would love to see this company come up with a sleek cave-type bed design!

  39. 39

    Just took in a L.A. stray (Neo), http://twitpic.com/wk5s3 This seems to be the only bed that reflects the personality of our mod kitten. She has very refined taste and I’m sure she would love it!

    First time cat owner & first time reader <3 Moderncat.net

  40. 40

    I always like to see modern cat furniture that looks good in the home! I’d love to see something wall-mounted (kitty shelf!) or perhaps one of these beds with some storage underneath.

  41. 41

    I would like to see one that I could attach to the wall, may be with stairs that match! I like the idea of using all available space for your pet!

  42. 42

    I would like to see a heated bed. A clear & colored tubular tunnel maze.

  43. 43

    Maybe some brighter colors or patterns? Our kitties would love to snuggle on this bed!

  44. 44
    von Krankipantzen

    Love this sleek design. Would love to see what they could do with a scratching post.

  45. 45

    i would love to see them with different fabrics and shapes

  46. 46

    I would like to see a cat bed that is off the ground: maybe at the top of stair set, integrated into a scratching post, or even mounted on the wall.

  47. 47

    kitties would love a new cradle bed! it would be lovely to see them expand their line to a cat tree/bed combo.

  48. 48

    I would love more fabric designs and maybe something enclosed, these are so cute and look very soft!

  49. 49
    Rebekah A.

    I would like to see different bed shapes (my cat loves round/oval beds) and some earth tone fabrics.

  50. 50

    My kitties say “we never win anything…but would love this bed…way cool”.


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