January Moderncat Giveaway: Cradle Cat Bed from Neko Habitat

Sun, Jan 3, 2010

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Neko Habitat Giveaway

We have an awesome giveaway to kick off 2010! Neko Habitat is offering a beautiful acrylic Cradle cat bed for one lucky winner! This sleek modern bed is raised slightly off the floor with stainless steel legs and the shape of the bed is sure to attract kitty for a comfy afternoon nap.

To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. The drawing will take place on January 31. International winners are eligible to win if they would like to pay the extra shipping. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here.


Neko Habitat wants to hear from you! For an extra chance to win the monthly giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and tell us what products you’d like to see next from Neko Habitat. One extra entry per person.

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745 Responses to “January Moderncat Giveaway: Cradle Cat Bed from Neko Habitat”

  1. 551

    My cats would love this – but they’d love it even more if it came in a round version, so they could curl up or sprawl out over the edges.

  2. 552
    Lina Wilund

    I love to have these japanese beds. I hope that it soon will be in a market near me.

  3. 553

    I’d like to see the Wave as a giveaway! Wouldn’t it be great if the made some wall platforms out of that cool acrylic? How colorful it would be……thanks.

  4. 554

    Very chic – I like the simplicity of it….thanks for another great giveaway….

  5. 555

    My kitties say it looks like snuggle city!

  6. 556


    Your cat beds are great! I would like to see tall cat condos, but in the design of the Bulle de Nua.

  7. 557

    These are really cool but I would also like to see some with darker covers-I have black cats and also maybe the same design but higher up as my cats like to be above it all. I am sure they would love this so much!

  8. 558
    Caitlin B

    I would love to see a cushion with some kind of thermal aspect. My 18yr old likes to sleep by the fire and it would be nice if the bed would retain the body heat.

  9. 559
    Tracey Jones

    I wonder which of my new adopted boys will claim this first. What a wonderful snuggle spot. I hope I get to give this to my boys for valentines because they have brought a lot of love into our house!

  10. 560
    Jack Kayden

    a new bed would be so nice! Since we have multiple kitties, have you thought of making bunk bed designs?

  11. 561
    Brian B.

    I love it. These would also be great multi-platform, then the cats could stack instead of having to take turns.

  12. 562

    My babies would love this! They love when I cradle them in my arms and dance w/them. Yes……I know…..Crazy Cat Lady. LOL

  13. 563

    Love this bed, but would like to see it on a stand.

  14. 564

    Since my cats seem to love to curl up in curvy things (like sinks), they would probably love this one too. Even better would be one big enough for both of them to snuggle together, and/or with higher sides to rest their heads on.

  15. 565

    It would be great to see a wall shelf version of the cat bed. I like the contoured design! I would also suggest more choices of contemporary solid colors and various textile weave (e.g. shag cover?).

  16. 566

    Looks very comfy, love to see in more colors

  17. 567

    Currently my favorite bed is on a shelf above a computer desk. Unfortunately it’s a squishy square bed that tends to slide and bow so that I make a less than graceful tumble to the desk. Something sturdy like this would probably resolve this…as long as it still has adequate snuggliness.

    Although I like to sprawl, I do like to nuzzle into my beds and my dog brother loves having at least one raised side to put his weight against. Perhaps Neko Habitat could come out with a bed that has at least one padded but firm(!) section to lean or snuggle against.

  18. 568

    I would like to know if my Bengal would settle down now that he would have an awesome bed to relax on.

  19. 569

    Looks interesting, my kitties tend to like a hammock style sleeping arrangement, though some might like this sloping design. I would like to try it, and see if they would! I LOVE the color!

  20. 570

    Love these beds and cushions. Would love to see a few more fabrics (though the existing ones are wonderful). Also, would love to see other cat accessories to match the various bed designs: feeding sets, scratching posts, and as someone mentioned in a previous comment, wall platforms. I’ve seen some nicely constructed scratching posts (wood and carpet) that have a slot for cardboard scratchers that can be replaced. Great idea!

  21. 571

    Looks so Comfy!! I Love It!!!

  22. 572

    I’d love to see a Neko Chigura traditional cat bed for sale at Neko Habitat!

  23. 573

    I love the video for the Neko chigura! One of those would be a wonderful prize (assuming it could be found in this country). It would be particularly nice for people with feral cats (based on the pictures of the beds in the snow) but even those of us with indoor kitties would love one.

  24. 574

    Awesome beds! I love your site.

  25. 575

    I would love to see some more accessories for cats and more organic toys. I’d also like to see a type of pet pouch for taking cats on walks.

  26. 576

    They will both be on this simultaneously. Lovely.

  27. 577
  28. 578

    My kitty would love this wonderful bed. I’d also suggest to produce it in more colors.

  29. 579

    Great bed! Would love to see it in all white!

  30. 580

    I would like to also see more organic options. I wouldn’t mind seeing a modern country cat bed either – that would be cool. OoOOOo and how about a cat garden you could grow indoors, with all the things cats can chew on …like growing cat grass but instead you have a utopia of cat nip,cat edible flowers ect ect in one handy pre made just water type container

  31. 581

    Would love to see a new donut style bed frame and matching cushions! :)

  32. 582

    I LOVE that Neko Chigura! I have 6 furbabies, and I think every one of them would be fussing over who would get the honor of sleeping in that!
    I bet little Brutus and Misu would snuggle up together in that beautiful item. I live in NC, in the States, and I’ve never seen anything like that here.

  33. 583

    my boys would love this! Hope they win this time around!

  34. 584

    I love the beds, but I’d love to see them do a tower or shelf, something that gets my cats up high where they like to be.

  35. 585

    Super cute…my foster kitties would love to nap in one of those!

  36. 586

    What a cute bed! I would like to see something like the emery cat by Neko. It is a great market!

  37. 587
    Leslie D

    Love the cat cradle.

  38. 588

    ahhh, mr. dudley would love to hang out in that cool cradle bed, it looks just like my paper desk holder, in which he frequently curls up!!

  39. 589

    I think my Boo would love it, not sure about Shadow, considering that a year ago he was feral and slept under the tongue of our trailer, his hidey hole, he now prefers the big bed! But if Boo liked it, Shad would have to try it out too!!!! They share my boys do!!!

  40. 590
    Candice S.

    I love how in the video they show them incorporated into a cat tree. That would be cool to have them on perches so my kitties would be able to climb up into them from a cat tree and snuggle inside. They are really cute, my kitties would love to snuggle inside of this!

  41. 591

    Adorable!!! My cats would love snuggling up in this!!

  42. 592


  43. 593

    I need one of these! I love that that the acrylic base can be easily wiped clean and sanitized. Also, Neko Habitat doesn’t use urethane foam in their cushions, something that makes me feel very safe (my Oscar ocasionally decides to nibble on non-food items.)

    I would love to see them come up with some sort of kitty “wall shelf”, my kids frequently knock my valuables to the ground so they can display themselves in their place.

    And what about an acrylic dome shaped object, with a removable cushion. My kids love anything that feels like a cave!

  44. 594
    diana ochotorena

    I love it. Sleek and modern. Perfect for my snickers!

  45. 595

    I’m with everyone else – I’d like to see them offer the Neko Chigura for sale. :-)

  46. 596

    i would like to see more organic toys !

  47. 597

    Love the cat cradle bed. My crew would fight each other for the chance to claim it. I do wish the bed and cushion came in a larger variety of colors.

  48. 598

    would love to have one for my Boo Kitty. Maybe she would sleep in her own bed if she had one

  49. 599

    My kitties give tails up to this bed! :)

  50. 600

    Nice! More colors would even be better! My kitties would love this!


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