January Moderncat Giveaway: Cradle Cat Bed from Neko Habitat

Sun, Jan 3, 2010

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Neko Habitat Giveaway

We have an awesome giveaway to kick off 2010! Neko Habitat is offering a beautiful acrylic Cradle cat bed for one lucky winner! This sleek modern bed is raised slightly off the floor with stainless steel legs and the shape of the bed is sure to attract kitty for a comfy afternoon nap.

To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. The drawing will take place on January 31. International winners are eligible to win if they would like to pay the extra shipping. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here.


Neko Habitat wants to hear from you! For an extra chance to win the monthly giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and tell us what products you’d like to see next from Neko Habitat. One extra entry per person.

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745 Responses to “January Moderncat Giveaway: Cradle Cat Bed from Neko Habitat”

  1. 601

    I would really like to see the other colors of cushions available. I have 12 cats and I know they would be arguing over who gets the bed.

  2. 602

    I think my cats would like this bed. I’d like to see maybe a built in pillow because my one kitty likes resting her head on one.

  3. 603
    Melanie & Gia's pround Mom

    modern, beautiful and sylish like my cats! I would like to see more affordable items.

  4. 604
    Lisa Vance

    I’d love to see more elevated beds and maybe a set of wall units that the kitties can climb on. I have vaulted ceilings and a ledge around the top of the room and some wall units to get up to it would make my kitty very happy.

  5. 605

    looks very comf for my kitty, and easy to clean for me

  6. 606

    Love the furniture,
    Would love to see a piece of ladder furniture like the traditional ladder firniture for clothes

  7. 607
    Cindy Zawalich

    I have a little black cat cat who will climb into any space, box or bag that she fits in — she would adore this sleek beauty of a bed!

  8. 608

    Tha Cracdle cat bed would go perfectly in my home office!
    Thanks for the chance to win it!

  9. 609

    I’d like to see other cushions. My favourite color is orange!

  10. 610

    This is a lovely bed!!! I would love to see Neko Habitat make a cat cave – their designs are so neat – I know it would be awesome!

  11. 611

    cool cat bed

  12. 612
    Ashley Neumann

    Want it!!

  13. 613

    I’d love to see “over-the-door” cat perches that blends in with the room.

  14. 614

    These beds look amazing, Neko Habitat should experiment more with the acrylic, I imagine there are lots of stuff you could produce in acrylic to match the beds. Like litterboxes, food bowls and climbing furniture etc.

  15. 615

    This looks like a fun bed to put in my daughter’s colorful room!

  16. 616

    I would love to see more cat beds with different shapes and more off the floor. For some reason my cats always loose their toys under their beds and then holler until I retrieve them. So beds off the floor solve that problem. lol

  17. 617
    Janie M.

    My cat would love if it was heated :-) !!! Great sleek & modern design!!!

  18. 618
    Mary Kay

    These beds are beautiful!!! I agree with some of the other posters about beds that are elevated. I think beds that are slightly more elevated would make me and my cats happy >^..^<

  19. 619

    I love how different it is and it looks so soft!!

  20. 620

    I’d maybe like to see an enclosed bed like the Japanese rice straw one currently featured on MC.

  21. 621
    nicole pando

    looks interesting. I wonder how durable it is.

  22. 622

    I would like to see some beds a little higher off the ground so that the doggy can’t disturb the kitties of the house.

  23. 623

    Yes, a little higher off the floor would be nice.

  24. 624

    I would love more affordable options as well as I’m a cat lover on a budget!

  25. 625

    Love the acrylic, so mod :) Neko could move on to the obvious choices such at climbing structures, food bowls, toys, etc. I’d like to see an enclosed struture, not super tall, but with a bed and a perch above it :)

  26. 626

    Love it and my babies would too!

  27. 627

    never enough options in cat beds

  28. 628

    This looks really cool, especially since it is raised off the ground. Maybe a 1/2 version of the japanese habitat would be cool too, without the top. They could just curl up in it, like a bowl…

  29. 629

    So cute. My cats would love this!

  30. 630

    This bed is awesome & perfect for my cat! I would love to see other products like litter boxes, food dishes etc. I think the colors of the beds are so cool and it would be great to be able to match my cats other items!

  31. 631

    Products to fit large cats would be lovely. So may cat products are designed for small breeds and my boys are anything but small. Something that would allow them to hang out together would also be nice. A double decker bed perhaps?

  32. 632

    These beds are very cool! I’d love to see something with more height – cats love to be above us. Maybe something that would hang on the wall, like shelfing.

  33. 633
    Emily Nicol

    I would love to see a cat bed design that would mimic natural elements, like follow the curves or a tree with the leaf pads as beds. It would make a great design and elevate the beds off of the floor.

  34. 634
    Carol G

    I would like to see some additional products to help prevent cat scratching furniture. My cats go after virtually anything EXCEPT the cat scratcher that I have for them, and it can be pretty destructive.

  35. 635
    Suzanne D

    Very lovely cat beds! Would like to see additional products for cats including trees, perches developed and produced using the very stylish, tasteful lines of the cat beds.

  36. 636

    I’d love to see a bed with more closure (my cats really like getting in things) and also some modern-nature shapes. I know everyone is doing modern-nature, but it really is a grand idea!

  37. 637

    I just love these styles for cat beds! How about mutiple beds for us who have more than one, that are vertical! Also any new things for window perches!

  38. 638

    Ledges/shelves would be great. I also agree with the comment about incorporating a pillow with the bed. One of my cats loves to rest against pillows an other objects. How about a miniature table?!?! Probably pointless since my cats are always on tables throughout the house, not to mention my desk. But it would be kind of cute. it could also serve as a structure to place in front of a window like a perch, depending on height and/or how low the window is. Just a thought…

  39. 639

    I would love to see a double bed – my two cats love to sleep together and maybe even some ideas for cat shelves or climbing trees.

  40. 640

    Forgot to tell what do I like to see next from Neko… Sorry…

    I would like to see some kind of a bed, which can be put on a wall. Whit this kind of design it would look so light.

  41. 641

    I love your products. We are moving to a new condo that has floor to ceiling windows in 2 rooms with open water view and they advertise how we can watch the dolphins play every day. Yippee. My staff is so excited for us kitties. She woke up this morning thinking of some kind of bed so we can be lazy at our window sometimes. And here it is. This would be perfect.
    Your friend,

  42. 642

    This is so elegant. I’d love to have it but the only way I could get it is to win one. There’s no way I’d pay $250.00 for maybe $5 of materials.

  43. 643

    I like the looks of this bed, simple with sleek lines.

  44. 644
    Kelly Gartin

    My 3 cats would fight over this bed! Love it!

  45. 645

    Hi! I would love to see perches and more Japanese style cat houses!
    Following you on twitter, subscribed via email (represemble at gmail dot com) and this bed looks divine! :) My rescues would love it! :)

  46. 646

    I am always in the market for the perfect cat tree. A stylish double bed is also an excellent idea.

  47. 647

    I think Riker would love one of these. His favorite thing is leaning up on soft pillows, blankets, whatever, so one with even a deeper curve to it would be great.

  48. 648

    this bed is awesome! would love to see their japanesse inspired one too!!!

  49. 649
    Lana Kipling

    Great bed designs and colors. Would love to win one. Thanks.

  50. 650

    Munchi would LOVE this bed!


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