January Moderncat Giveaway: Cradle Cat Bed from Neko Habitat

Sun, Jan 3, 2010

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Neko Habitat Giveaway

We have an awesome giveaway to kick off 2010! Neko Habitat is offering a beautiful acrylic Cradle cat bed for one lucky winner! This sleek modern bed is raised slightly off the floor with stainless steel legs and the shape of the bed is sure to attract kitty for a comfy afternoon nap.

To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. The drawing will take place on January 31. International winners are eligible to win if they would like to pay the extra shipping. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here.


Neko Habitat wants to hear from you! For an extra chance to win the monthly giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and tell us what products you’d like to see next from Neko Habitat. One extra entry per person.

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745 Responses to “January Moderncat Giveaway: Cradle Cat Bed from Neko Habitat”

  1. 651

    i would like to see the japanese bed

  2. 652
    Kitty Mommy

    Would love to see ones with more of a retro look. I have a mid century modern home.

  3. 653

    My lil kitty would love it! I think it would be cool if they introduced taller bed designs too.

  4. 654

    would go well in our home

  5. 655

    Something with a beachy look… bamboo?

  6. 656
    Heather Collins

    I would love to see something with a more organic or natural feel.

  7. 657

    Something taller, off the floor, would be nice. Wish I could snuggle on it with my cats! =)

  8. 658
    Lizzi K

    I would like to see a raised bed, with a clear base so it looks like it is floating!

  9. 659

    I would really like to se the Neko Chigura being made available here!

  10. 660
    Miss Kitka

    I am always looking for more sleek ways to “cat proof” my furniture. I tend to throw rugs, bath mats, or cheap faux fur throws on couches and chairs, but I would like more stylish options that won’t show claw damage and can be washed.

  11. 661

    I would love to see more Cat Shelves. I have six cats and they would love climb on them

  12. 662

    please :*)
    my foster kittens would love this :*)

  13. 663

    My Orion would love this :*)

  14. 664

    Beautiful design on this acrylic cat bed!

  15. 665

    It looks big enough for even my very long and handsome Abbadagio to comfortably cuddle up in

  16. 666

    I like the curvy, comfy designs of the beds! I think a design off the floor would be nice. My cats love the height of their cat tree. Maybe a structure with a couple of levels. Also, the rice straw bungalows are absolutely beautiful, but I think my cats would destroy it

  17. 667
    Julie Hamann

    My three will be fighting over who gets to sleep in it first. I may have to buy extras if I win this one.

  18. 668

    This bed is just too cute! I love the modern style!

  19. 669

    Unfortionatly this bed may be too big for my large 7 month old cat, he is enormous! He hardly fits the litter box anymore

  20. 670
    Liz & Cassie

    Would love to see the Neko Chigura for sale in Canada.

  21. 671
    carole wilson

    It’nice and different. I like it!

  22. 672

    I love this bed, very sleek and stylish and plenty of room for more than one cat!

  23. 673

    I love the look of the beds, and it would certainly fit perfectly in my front window where my cat sleeps in the morning. I think my cat would also love an option that sat a bit higher off the ground for her afternoon nap.

  24. 674

    Interesting! Does in come people-sized? ;)

  25. 675

    The beds are very nice, I would love to see a wall or window mount. If the attachment was somehow universal for the beds you make then I would have the option of posting a bed in any spot around my house and my cats would love the bed that much more.

  26. 676

    This would look a lot nicer in my window than the old box my cat uses, which is too small for him now :) Maybe something raised for a new product would be cool.

  27. 677
    Michele P.

    my older 3 cats might like the ones closer to the ground, but my fourth kitty who is almost 2 would love a bed like this higher up, where he could perch near a window.

  28. 678

    Love the bed!

  29. 679

    Nice! Right now my cat is obsessed with sleeping on the suitcase that I neglected to put up as soon as I got home from a long trip. This would be a perfect replacement.

  30. 680
    Jill G

    I would like to see more modern cat furniture. Love this Japanese bed ,,,^..^,,,

  31. 681

    Something great about this bed is that it dosent look like it would tip over very easily.

  32. 682

    I would like to see something with a more retro design.

  33. 683

    Something more ergonomic to the cat would be great! My one cat tends to curl up into a ball when he sleeps. The other one kinda spreads out a bit. Maybe a style to fit both?

  34. 684

    All of my kitties would love to sleep in one of these beds. I could just see all 17 of them trying to push the other one out of it. They do that now anyways. One more bed would sure come in handy for them. I love all of the designs your company has.

  35. 685

    While I enjoy Neko Habitat’s current designs, I’ve noticed that all of their beds are rectangular. I’d really like to see them explore other shapes for their beds – branch out a bit and show us what you’ve got!

  36. 686

    Cool designs! would like to see the japanese bed.

  37. 687

    more variety and more eco-friendly. the japanese bed is very cool

  38. 688

    I would love to see beds for multiple cats or what about a perch?

  39. 689

    I would like to see a bed/lounger particularly suitable for larger, ‘plus-size’ cats (15 lbs and up), as well as senior kitties who might need special cushioning.

  40. 690
    susan leech

    Cat toys are always something of interest to check out. susan L.

  41. 691
    Heidi Abrahamson

    Oh MY! I showed this to Puccini and he’s like this the best, so far! Comfy, slick and modern!!

  42. 692
    Shirley Balderston

    Neat Item!

  43. 693
    Joy D Rayle

    Perhaps this idea could be expanded upon to be included in the steps concept. The off the floor, up the wall idea is great and the fact kitty would be out of the way is awesome, LOL, for them and me!!!! I have five cats and there is one laying upon every surface. Love your products! Thanks for sharing and for your monthly give aways.

  44. 694
    Vicki Andrew

    I’d like to see something with a retro look, also like to see a bunkbed setup

  45. 695

    I would like to see your design idea for a stand alone litter box

  46. 696

    I would love to win this cat bed!

  47. 697

    this bed is wonderful:) my cat loves to climb in hanging plants… maybe a hanging bed is in order?

  48. 698

    I would like to see a neat looking perch

  49. 699

    I love this bed! I would also like to see a low stool (with a cushion so it would also be comfortable for sleeping cat) or stairs, preferably mid century modern, for my aging cat so she can climb on the bed again.

  50. 700

    Something with a little more of a base would be great…but nice looking product!


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