Introducing Miss Moustache PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Sun, Jan 17, 2010

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I’m very excited to show you these cute, cute, cute handmade cat collars and harnesses from Toronto-based Miss Moustache. All Miss Moustache products are inspired by two crazy cats, Bali and Shanghai. The collars are made with breakaway safety buckles and the harnesses are comfortable and lightweight. And check out the charms on the collars! So fashionable!



All Miss Moustache products are handmade in Toronto, plus 10% of sales are donated to the Toronto Humane Society.



Miss Moustache is feeling extra generous! She is offering two prize packages! Each winner will receive his or her choice of any collar design in the MM shop along with a tin of Miss Moustache organic catnip plus some other little MM surprises. To enter to win, please visit the Miss Moustache website and take a look around, then come back here and leave a comment on this post letting Miss Moustache know what you think of her products and please be sure to tell her if there is anything special you’d like to see in her shop in the future.

One entry per person. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on January 23. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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460 Responses to “Introducing Miss Moustache PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 301

    I am in love with the argyle collars and the “yellow flower” collar. I would love to see more of the little charms you can attach to where the name tags sit or something that’s more sophisticated like a string of pearls for the little girls. I also think it would be fun to see little shirts or sweaters for the cold kitties. :)

  2. 302

    I have a kitty that would look good in one of these collars. They would like bird shapes since they don’t get out to see them up close.

  3. 303

    The collars are really cute!! I’d like to see more designs in the harness styles.

  4. 304

    The collars are so pretty!

  5. 305

    I definitely love the harnesses but would like to see a larger variety in patterns! I also love the little charms as well. Are they made so they can hold a name and number? That would be a great addition.

  6. 306

    I really like the variety of prints and the charms, was wondering if they could come up with a really comfortable sweater for kitties. I have an Oriental geriatric kitty and she is always cold, I tried buying sweaters they sell at the pet store but they just don’t fit well around the chest and neck because of the lack of shoulders on cats.

  7. 307

    theyre all so cute but i especially love the white with black skulls one…that would look super cute on my Indy cat

  8. 308
    Chelsea Saulpaugh

    I really love your collars and leashes. I have three cats that I know would look great in them. The Blue Dots collar would look especially beautiful on my cat, Angel. I would love to see some more cat toys in your shop. My kitties would love it.

  9. 309
    Russell Sechrest

    Very nice collars, I have three cats and would need to get one for each.

  10. 310

    i love these handmade collars and think the prices are very fair. even on my student budget these days, i could buy one of your beautiful designs. i also LOVE that you sell on etsy. i have had my account for years now and have had such a good experience. i can effortlessly shop and checkout via paypal.

  11. 311

    My fave Miss Moustache collar is the innovative Yellow Flower design. I’d like to see more variations of this style, perhaps with little mice where the flower is, birdies or fish, famous cat characters’ faces such as Felix and Top Cat, maybe a pom pom, a bow for the girls, or even a metal disc for engraving Kitty’s name to personalise (catalise?) his or her collar.

  12. 312


  13. 313

    I love these collars! They are so cute and very well made. My kitty has two Miss Moustache collars. She has a pink pirate collar with a skull and bones charm for when she is being an especially naughty kitty! Sort of an early warning for all who cross her path.

  14. 314

    I think the cherry collars and the organic nip is the best!

  15. 315

    These are really cute, my cats would just love to have their pictures taken in some new collars, but I would really like more of a selection in the harness since we actually use them to take them out on our deck.

  16. 316

    The lime alligator would look lovely next to my kitty’s fur. Nice choice of colors that catch the eye. That’s important to me.

  17. 317

    These collars are very unique, I especially like the yellow flower style. Thanks for the opportunity

  18. 318

    so cute!! the cherries are really sweet.

  19. 319

    Love the different prints and designs…………
    my kitties would look fabulous in one

  20. 320
    Lisa Everman

    In general your web site is good. In terms of the site the light green and grey are difficeult to read. Because of this, on my screen, the product info page, the about page and home page are difficult to read.

    Cute collars. The only thing I would like to see is the option of having a bright ponk collar with the yellow flower you have on a green collar.

    Perhaps a name/info pet tag to match the yellow flower would make a nice addition. Also, other shape selections like the yellow flower (for example: a fish, a cat, a mouse).

  21. 321

    So cute. I really like the little skull and crossbones ones that are featured in the etsy shop. I also really enjoy the argyle designs. I would like to see a larger variety of charms.

  22. 322

    Nice site! Ran really slow for me, though. I like the harnesses.

  23. 323

    its great to see a stylish harness/leash and the colors and designs are great–keep up the good work!

  24. 324

    Okay, I got a little seasick on the sliding menu – I couldn’t get it to stop on the striped collar! But I’m better now. BIG thumbs up for her blog. It’s nice that she’s secure enough with her site that she doesn’t mind pointing you to other good products.

  25. 325
    Orvis' Mom

    I also like the flower and argyle designs. You might consider matching mats and/or beds.

  26. 326

    Cute, mod, retro, safety conscious, cute, fashionable… are there more words to describe these collars? ;)

  27. 327

    Wonderful looking collars! Cleo could use a cute collar and tag as she might try to sneak out! :)

  28. 328
    Jason Franklin

    my furbabies would love these

  29. 329

    The collars are adorable, but I’d like to see some that are cute but also masculine? Maybe ribbon in a more masculine plaid?

  30. 330
    Brenda Watts

    Fab…I have a big BSH who loves to go outdoors so he uses the harness..he is still growing and we have the largest one for him the handcrafted approach so you could have an opportunity to go larger, but still keep with the lightweight cat harness. Another big plus is that donations go to help cats when you purchase collar..huge plus;-)))

  31. 331
  32. 332
    Kimberly Felipe

    Ms Moustache, I love your products! Those collars are adorable. Love the little pink skull one. The polka dots are cool, too. Heck, they’re all great. My kitty’s a girl so the designs and colors are good — but I agree with commenter above that maybe more “manly” designs could be added?
    –Kimberly F.

  33. 333
    Liza Kramer

    love the cherry collar – sweet like my Eva! =^.^=

  34. 334

    I love them all. I love how nice they look

  35. 335

    We have a new little kitty and she would look so beautiful in a new collar all her own. They are lovely.We all love catnip too !

  36. 336
    Janie M.

    I’d like to see more harness collars!

  37. 337
    Oscar + Cricket

    Love the argyle collars — especially Jellybean! But the collar with the flower clasp is my favorite. So.SWEET.

  38. 338
    Cathy S.

    These are adorable!! The one with the daisy would look cute on my kitty Daisy. :-)

  39. 339

    these are very cute, i hope mo would like it if we win

  40. 340

    these are great! I love the little “Bone Fish” charm on one of the collars!!

  41. 341

    I love that there are designs that a stylish boy-cat can wear. All too often designs are very girl-centric or very plain. You have collars that range from sweet to stylish to punk-lite. Awesome.

  42. 342

    so cute! that cherry one is calling my Sable’s name!

  43. 343

    Those collars and harnesses look great! combined with the catnip my cats would love it!

  44. 344
    Anita Murano-Sweetman

    Love them! Our boys would be happy to have a harness!

  45. 345

    I love these collars with the charms SO much that I think I actually want to get 4 collars for my kitties!! I like how many different kinds of ribbons there are, and that I can get each cat a super cute, but distinctivly different collar that suits their individual personality. Often while doing cat adoptions and you have several cats and kittens in the same cage, the collar can make the kitty stand out to potential adopters – especially when you have a litter of all black kittens!!
    I know it’s all kitty accessories, but I’d love to be able to get a nice collar like these with the charms for my foster puppy. :)

  46. 346
    Olivia Cuevas

    Great designs and assortment of colors! My Scottish Fold would look quite smart sporting an argyle collar!

  47. 347

    These are so cool!!! I love EVERYTHING here!!! :) I hope to win something to spoof up my 3 barn cats =^ ^= meow

  48. 348

    So ver cute. I love the styles, and the prices are great! My cat Mystik was watching as I was looking at the items. When he saw the tin of catnip, he pawed at the screen! Wonder if he really knows what it is? lol

  49. 349

    I love the website. It’s so cute and trendy, with collars to match. I’d love to see a few more in purples. :)

  50. 350

    I’m no stranger to the Miss Moustache Etsy site. I love the great colors, patterns, and charms. My little guy is still getting used to wearing a collar, but he’s pretty comfortable in a harness…I just might have to order one soon!

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