Introducing Miss Moustache PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Sun, Jan 17, 2010

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I’m very excited to show you these cute, cute, cute handmade cat collars and harnesses from Toronto-based Miss Moustache. All Miss Moustache products are inspired by two crazy cats, Bali and Shanghai. The collars are made with breakaway safety buckles and the harnesses are comfortable and lightweight. And check out the charms on the collars! So fashionable!



All Miss Moustache products are handmade in Toronto, plus 10% of sales are donated to the Toronto Humane Society.



Miss Moustache is feeling extra generous! She is offering two prize packages! Each winner will receive his or her choice of any collar design in the MM shop along with a tin of Miss Moustache organic catnip plus some other little MM surprises. To enter to win, please visit the Miss Moustache website and take a look around, then come back here and leave a comment on this post letting Miss Moustache know what you think of her products and please be sure to tell her if there is anything special you’d like to see in her shop in the future.

One entry per person. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on January 23. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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460 Responses to “Introducing Miss Moustache PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 351
    Rose Ambuehl

    What a lovely website – I wish her much success.

  2. 352
    Gary Green

    I would love to win this prize.

  3. 353

    I really like how fashionable the collars are. I would like to see some more holiday themed collars and harnesses. We really get into the spirit of the holidays.

  4. 354

    Big Bad Baby Twinkle likes the Skull and Crossbones Collar — in black with white skulls. Sweet Cee Cee thinks the Coral Alligator collar is dainty and sweet – like her!

    BTW — back in the 80′s I had a cute little plump Fantail gurlie goldfish named Miss Moostache. Mom called her the Debutante Fishie because MM definitely had attittood. She lived to be 3, (most of my goldfish lived alot longer than that, but MM became crippled, for some unknown reason) and I was so sad when she died. Her piksha is on my web site.

  5. 355

    I love the yellow flower collar! It’s so unique. My Sophie would look very elegant in it (she’s Siamese).

  6. 356

    Attractive and informative site-I liked the bit about measuring the cat for proper fit.I have four cats- two walk on leads.

  7. 357
    Kirstin Morton

    The harnesses are absolutely adorable! Good to know that our kitties could look so cute while taking a morning stroll! :)

  8. 358

    I like your products, I would like to see sustainable, recycled, eco-friendly materials used for the collars, harnesses, and leashes.

  9. 359

    I really can’t decide which collar my cats would love. They think that they are all wonderful and that they would look fabulous in any one of them. I really like the cherry one. And all 17 of them would love the catnip.

  10. 360

    Great collars! And my two cats love catnip! They’d love to try yours!

  11. 361

    beautiful pastel colors

  12. 362

    Nice leash!

  13. 363

    How cute – the girls would look smashing in any of the MM products. Please can we win?

  14. 364

    I’ve checked my email today on my iPod Touch (similar to an iPhone, just without the phone) With it I am able to use an Internet browser and surf the web but it does not support Flash. Because the website could only be accessed via Flash I was unable to view it or shop from it. So I’m not able to comment on the content of the site, but maybe that feedback is useful in itself. You might consider providing access via regular HTML in addition to Flash via an additional link below the Flash area. Some regular computer users with older systems, not just mobile, may not be able to do Flash. I’ll be sure to take a look at the site when I am back on my laptop. Meanwhile, Lucky says he would just love to win a chance to stay up on the latest styles in collars >^..^<

  15. 365

    Very cute products! I like the charms.

  16. 366

    So adorable! I love that powder blue polka-dot collar!

  17. 367
    Maizy & Tigger's Mom

    It is so refreshing to see some really pretty designs! My cats would love one of these collars. I really liked the cool id tags too.

  18. 368
    Maizy & Tigger's Mom

    It is so refreshing to see some really pretty designs. My kitties would love a new collar!

  19. 369
    Valle Barry

    this would be purrfect for me to go outside in….i prefer harnesses so i will go with the purple polka dot….i hope my meowme gets it for me on payday >^..^< meow

  20. 370

    Wowzers! Quite a few nice looking collars for my dignified self that would go with my nice blue eyes! ^..^

  21. 371
  22. 372

    All of your products are great…. the patterns are so fun!

  23. 373

    love the designs and packaging

  24. 374
    Nancy Bennett

    Cute! Only wish there were some collars with safety elastic. I can’t keep breakaway collars on my youngest kitty.

  25. 375

    I love the black and white skull and crossbones collar-too cute!

  26. 376

    Cute site and lots of cute collars!

  27. 377

    Gorgeous colors and patterns! I think my little boy Jack would look very handsome in one!

  28. 378

    I am really impressed with how you’ve thought of almost every way to keep our kitties healthy and happy…..Thank You!!!!!!!

  29. 379

    Just love those designs on the cute, cute collars. Especially like the blue polka dots and cherries. Good luck with the site.

  30. 380

    These collars are so cute, and original! My cats would love to show them off.

  31. 381

    Oh so many pretty things to choose from! My boys would get spoiled fast!

  32. 382

    My babies would love these! I’m a foster mom for homeless cats. These would be awesome for my foster babies! How special they would feel~ I make all my foster babies feel loved and treat them as members of the family. These would be used by many many foster kitties… over and over. They would get exceptional use! I’m dedicated to my fosters and they get treated like little gifts from God that they are!
    =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

  33. 383
    Wendy J

    I just wanted to say that I love your products. Your designs are fabulous. Thank you for this giveaway my cat would be truly fashionable and thankful.

  34. 384

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the argyle collars. My two kitties would look so gorgeous in such lovely collars. They are the nicest cat collars I’ve ever seen!

  35. 385
    Gina WN

    Great website! I love the graphics. My favorite collar is The Sweet Tart, so very cute!

  36. 386

    I like how the products are hand made. The colors are fun and exciting, and the little charms are a nice touch as well.
    It would be nice if the items were made with fair-trade or organic materials, and I would really be interested in toys made from organic materials also. I like the i.d. tags and would be interested in getting one of those for my kitty, Bella Mae. Everything on the site is very ‘Fun’ctional, which is appealing to me.

  37. 387

    Love the blue poka dot & flower collar, great products for ms./mr. kitty!

  38. 388

    Miss Moustache, your products are so cute! I love the little fish bone charm on some of your collars. Also, I like how there aren’t any little bells on all of the collars; they tend to drive my cat crazy!
    I think it would be interesting to see your take on ID tags as well.

  39. 389
    Nancy & Curly

    What a great website! We love the variety of designs, and the clear instructions on how to find the right size.

  40. 390
    Amy Roberts

    Totally new and fresh. Great designs. Love them!

  41. 391
    Sarah L

    I love all the different collar options

  42. 392

    I like all the different color variations for the skull-themed collars!

  43. 393
    Laurie Murley

    its hared to just pick one anyone would love them all my favorite is the pink dot adjustable collar.

  44. 394

    The absolute nicest catbeds and condos I have ever seen! I can hardly choose!^..^

  45. 395
    Ramona's Mom

    I’m the cat-mom of a very girly cat, who would sell her left paw for that gorgeous pink with wild cherries collar. Fabulous!

  46. 396

    I absolutely love the collars with the fish bone charm!! The ID tags are neat, but I’d like more options for boy kitties.

  47. 397
    Theresa Sheldon

    First off, the website itself is a little hard to read due to the colors used. Nice background information though: explaining where that moustache means whiskers in French, etc. As for the collars on the Catwalk page or in the Etsy store, I would love to see the skulls in purple or electric blue with a black background. You mentioned cat toys in more than one spot but I couldn’t find any, maybe create a gallery page of past creations? The link to the blog was nice and the Circle the Cat game IS addicting! Caught the little buggar three times out of about 30 tries so 10% isn’t too bad I guess. Nice job.

  48. 398
    Robb Leamy

    Really unique cat collars and leashes. Our rescue group does a number of fund raisers throughout the year. I believe your quality and design would be big sellers. Will continue to check your web site. Thanks!

  49. 399

    I especially like that the harnesses are made for cats and come with matching leash. Can’t find that around here.

  50. 400
    Rachel Newman

    The collars are very colorful and mostly sophisticated but let me tell you – I bet the organic catnip is the cream of the crop :)

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