Introducing Miss Moustache PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Sun, Jan 17, 2010

Collars & Tags, Giveaways


I’m very excited to show you these cute, cute, cute handmade cat collars and harnesses from Toronto-based Miss Moustache. All Miss Moustache products are inspired by two crazy cats, Bali and Shanghai. The collars are made with breakaway safety buckles and the harnesses are comfortable and lightweight. And check out the charms on the collars! So fashionable!



All Miss Moustache products are handmade in Toronto, plus 10% of sales are donated to the Toronto Humane Society.



Miss Moustache is feeling extra generous! She is offering two prize packages! Each winner will receive his or her choice of any collar design in the MM shop along with a tin of Miss Moustache organic catnip plus some other little MM surprises. To enter to win, please visit the Miss Moustache website and take a look around, then come back here and leave a comment on this post letting Miss Moustache know what you think of her products and please be sure to tell her if there is anything special you’d like to see in her shop in the future.

One entry per person. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on January 23. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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460 Responses to “Introducing Miss Moustache PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 401
    Deb Doss

    I love those cute cat collars and just signed up for your email updates. What a nice bunch of stuff!!!

  2. 402

    I think the website looks very professional and fun. I do think there should be a greater variety in the product line though. For example, more cat accessories and more 100% natural/eco-friendly products. Overall, I think I would revisit and refer this site to others, (especially my boss as she is also from Canada!).

    Best Wishes!

  3. 403
    Brooke Jacobs

    Love the collar selections! Great colors and patterns. I’ve been thinking more and more about a cat harness to walk my cat(s) and would want a matching harness and leash.
    The products are beautiful and look well constructed, which is equally important! Best of luck with this business. Not sure what my kitties would think about a harness… but I KNOW they love catnip!

  4. 404
    Betty D

    Would love the Polkadot adjustable harness for Daisy. So many great collar desighs including the seasonal gingerbread collar that caught my eye.

  5. 405

    they are so cute

  6. 406
    Johannah B

    I love the collars with the cherry’s on them, they are my favorite.

  7. 407

    GREAT ITEMS !!!!!!! Could use a few…

  8. 408

    My little girls would look so pretty wearing these collars.

  9. 409

    I love how the sizing is “kitten, cat, and lion” I know I have a lion! I’d love to see the harness and leash come in come cool colors like the collers do. But, my absolute favorites are the ID tags. Add some flowers, and I’m sold!

  10. 410
    Kitty Mommy

    I love the Retro one, and would love to see more with midcentury modern graphics like that one!

  11. 411

    I love the Miss Mistouche site and would have a hard time deciding, but I am up to the task should I win. I of course would have to purchase another 2, so no one would feel slighted.

  12. 412

    Love, love, love all the bright colors of the collars and I’ll be reading the Miss Moustache blog from now on!

  13. 413
    Jacki S.

    Wonderful designs! I would recommend adding collars especially for kittens. It can be hard to find short collars for the little ones.

    Thank you!

  14. 414

    As my grandmother would say, absolutely stunning!

  15. 415

    Love the collars and that its a Toronto based and handmade

  16. 416

    My precious little “Star” girls would look so darn cute in these collars!!

  17. 417

    Oh, my heavens, what great colors! You definitely need more harnesses, though–my cat loves to explore the balcony, but I worry about her falling and being able to tether her would reassure me.

  18. 418

    What adorable collars! It’s great that they’re break-away and come in various sizes. The bright colors and different patterns are great – there’s quite a big selection, but I want even more! They’re all just so cute :)

  19. 419
  20. 420

    i love the pirate collars! it would match my cat’s personality perfectly :)

  21. 421

    You have great taste in patterns, everything is so cool and cute!

  22. 422

    I love the cherry collars! They are all cute! I would also love to see more designs for male kitties. :)

  23. 423

    I never even considered walking my cats. These are all so cute. If I thought they would keep them on I would buy a few. I would love to be able to tether the girls so that we could move to a high rise.

  24. 424

    what a great variety to choose from! i love the blue picnic, the yellow flower and the retro collars.

  25. 425

    I just adopted two new kitties and although it’s winter now, I’m excited for them to get out and explore when spring comes. The adorable harnesses will be a great way for them to do so, and keep my peace of mind!

    And extra props for the 10% donation to the local humane shelter!!

  26. 426
    Jennifer P.

    I love the argyle collars – especially the brownie argyle and the butterscotch argyle. I’m also very tempted to get a harness to see if I can take my cats outside for some fresh air. I’m sure they’d love to explore!

  27. 427
    Liz Cranage

    I love Miss Moustache’s leashes and collars so many attractive designs. And its really cool that a portion goes to the Ontario SPCA. The catnip tins are a great idea because my cats always discover the catnip bags.
    I’ld like her to start carry some cat carriers or seatbelt harnass since one of my babies loves to go riding in the car.

  28. 428

    I absolutely adore the printed collars!

  29. 429
    Whitney Kim

    I have two cats and love the modernness of your cat furniture. Now I can have pretty things instead of the standard bulky furniture that takes up too much space. And your cat collars are adorable. I just read an article on catster about how every cat should be tagged and microchipped even if they are indoors and I definitely need to tag my two indoor cats.

  30. 430
    Amber S

    I adore Miss Moustache’s leashes. They are fantastic! Being able to custom order is also really cool; most pet stores don’t give you that option.

    As far as custom orders go, especially for the pet tags, I’d like to see a better variety of possibilities. I realize it would be impossible to mix and match everything, but a list with the possible colors, shapes, and patterns would be helpful when deciding on an item.

    I also think it would be neat if Miss Moustache offered collar charms, like little paw prints or music notes and whatnot.

  31. 431

    here stuff is so cute…love the logo btw…wish there were actual cat beds and toys on there!

  32. 432

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the logo! That is SO cute! You should totally sell stuff with that logo on it! Tote bags, toys, beds, everything!

  33. 433

    These are lovely — colors are delightful and oh – they tell of spring which we all need during this tough winter. Perhaps you could create a collar celebrating the cat goddess Bastet so our kitties could walk like an
    Egyptian :-) ))

  34. 434

    How cute are the collars with the flower and cherries!!

  35. 435
    diana g.

    super stylish collars … love these. i see perfect unique choices for all 3 of my cats.

  36. 436
    nicole pando

    i like the products but would like to see a harness built for more comfort and easy adjusment, so the straps will not twist as much.

  37. 437
    Dani D.

    I love the flower collar! purfect for my kitty.

  38. 438

    Love the collars! I see you have a section for pet tags… love to see those.

  39. 439

    I’m always glad to see more Canadian cats! Thanks for making these breakaway collars. People don’t always realise how easy it is for collars to get snagged on things when cats are out exploring.

  40. 440

    Oh so cute, I definetly want one for my kittycats!

  41. 441

    love the fish bone charm

  42. 442

    My kids are asking for a cool new harness!

  43. 443

    The collars are very nice. The designs are so cute! I would like to see more of the collars with the elastic safety area(if snagged the elastic stretches, so the cat can wiggle her/his head out and avoid choking). Oh yeah, I signed up for their newsletters too.

  44. 444

    I LOVE the collar with the flower on it!

  45. 445
    Muff and Fluff

    I love the site and all the cute collars…I am partial to the argyle ones and I think the charms just add so much….Charm!!! Lol

  46. 446

    Love the collars! The thing I like best is that they appear to NOT be made from cloth. Many homemade collars are cloth, and they do not last long, even on my cats who only wear them to go outside *supervised*.

  47. 447

    I like the designs and the matching charms. Will have to buy new collars for my cats!

  48. 448

    I love these collars. REally fun patterns.

  49. 449

    oh, really cute!! congrats to the winners!!

  50. 450
    Suzanne Leavitt

    I really like the products. They are cute.

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