Introducing The “Amber Alert” for Pets ENTER TO WIN A LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION!

Fri, Feb 19, 2010

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Did you know that nearly eight million pets end up in animal shelters each year, and that 75 percent are euthanized? I can’t stand the thought of someone’s beloved pet cat going missing and the sheer panic her owners must feel. If this ever were to happen to you, there’s a new service that could greatly increase the chances of finding your lost pet. is a nationwide (US and Canada), 24/7 interactive network for recovering lost pets and reuniting them with their families. You simply purchase one of their stylish ID tags for your pet to wear, and subscribe to the service (first 6 months are free, $9.95 per year to renew, $1.99 activation fee). Each tag comes with a unique “pet social security number” that you register at ID If your pet goes missing, call the phone center or logon at and an instantaneous lost pet alert is automatically broadcast to shelters and rescue organizations within 50 miles of your pet’s last know location.’s network includes 15 thousand shelters and rescue organizations who will immediately be on the lookout for your pet.

When you initially register your ID tag, you can also upload photos of your pet and other information including veterinary records and owner contact info, which can be useful in an emergency. When your pet is found, operators at, who are on call 24/7, will immediately contact you on up to 6 different phone numbers.

The differences between using and a pet microchip include the following:

  • ID tag is clearly visible
  • Lower cost than microchips
  • Non-invasive, no implants
  • Automatic alert system to network of shelters and rescue organizations
  • Easy to update pet info online
  • No microchip reader needed


ENTER TO WIN A LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION! is offering a cat ID tag and a lifetime subscription to one lucky Moderncat reader! To enter please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on February 26. One entry per person. The service is only available in the US and Canada.

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331 Responses to “Introducing The “Amber Alert” for Pets ENTER TO WIN A LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION!”

  1. 201

    Great idea! I like that it’s non-invasive. I’d love for my cat to have this safety feature added to his collar.

  2. 202

    I love the idea behind this product. I just need to convince my furry beloved friend Sam that he needs to wear a collar. He’s such a rebel!

  3. 203
    Candice S.

    This is SO cool (and much needed!). I am always scared that my indoor kitties might get out. :[

  4. 204

    My pooch Sierra could use this!

  5. 205
    lisa l.

    These tags are so cute and would love to have.

  6. 206

    thats swell. i would get them for my two cats.

  7. 207

    Wow, what a terrific idea. I can’t imagine losing one of our two, I would definitely just freak out.

  8. 208
  9. 209

    Awesome idea, my only fear is if I lost my cat how easy she’d weasel out of her collar.

  10. 210

    Cute tags, and this is is a great idea for microchipped or non-chipped cats.

  11. 211

    My babies need new tags!!

  12. 212
    Lisa Maziarz

    Rescue a stray. Give them a loving furever home. Always keep ID on your animals, whether they stay indoors or out.

  13. 213

    Wow, this is a great idea. I don’t know what I would do if one of my boys got lost.

  14. 214

    Of 11 cats I only have 1 that insists that he be allowed to go outside. I would be devestated if he didn’t come home. This would be great for Newkie.

  15. 215

    Cute tags, too bad my kitties are already microchopped and tattooed

  16. 216

    Oh my goodness, this is such an awesome idea!

  17. 217
    Tanya R

    I’ve never bothered to get my pets microchipped because for one, out here the scanners are rarely used and when they are they are used incorrectly or they people using them don’t account for the chip moving, which they do with time.

    This seems like a great system. No system is fool proof though so I don’t see anything wrong with both tagging and microshipping just to cover all bases.

    I have a cat here that loves trying to sneak past the humans through the door lol so this would be great for him.

  18. 218
    nicki s

    I don’t know if I would give it to one of them or all. To pick…

  19. 219

    Looks like a very useful service!

  20. 220
    Arran Walker

    My kitties could seriously use these ID tags. Onyx is a sneaky boy who likes to run out the door and explore on his own, especially since he’s not allowed to do this. Tortilla loves her home and never strays far from it, but if something scared her, she might run off in the wrong direction and get lost. Their current form of ID could get damaged if they were caught outside in foul weather and would no longer be readable… plus their ID holders are not nearly as cute!

  21. 221
    peggy w

    What a wonderful idea. This is the best gift anyone could win.

  22. 222

    Neato idea!

  23. 223

    Great idea!

  24. 224

    wow this is cool. would love it.

  25. 225

    Great idea. Very reasonable price and they’re very stylish. Love it!

  26. 226
    cheryl j

    What a great idea! The tags are very cute.

  27. 227
    Melanie Williamson

    What an awsome service for pet owners!

  28. 228

    Great idea but I’d still microchip. What happens if they lose their collar?

  29. 229

    I would love to have this service, I just hope I never need it!

  30. 230

    Those are spiffy id tags. Gotta get the pink kittah!

  31. 231

    Although I never let my cat outside without a harness and leash (if I can help it) I would love to have one of these… I may let him run around the back yard a bit more! Thankfully he is afraid of cars so would probably stay out of the road, but the few times he has escaped my clutches, he has hid under the neighbor’s porch and attempted to make himself irretrievable. An ID tag like this one would give me a little more peace of mind, and him a little more freedom.

  32. 232

    This is an amazing idea.

  33. 233

    GREAT IDEA! Love it, Love it, Love it !!!!

  34. 234
    Cathy S.

    Love the pink kitty tag! This is a good idea. Do they give you a list of the shelters they will contact?

  35. 235
    Kitty Mommy

    Sounds like a great system! I have 5 indoor only kittens (all under one year) and I am always worried that one will slip out (in fact, that happened recently, but was noticed right away, thank goodness!).

  36. 236
    Lucky & Thomas

    We are both indoor cats, but every once in a while, we figure out a way to escape…this device could be our safe back home return ticket …!!!

  37. 237

    This is SUCH a sensible system. My cats are both indoor cats, but both have managed to wiggle their way outside once in a while when an unsuspecting guest walked through the door. Go,!

  38. 238
    Kimberley Jumper

    Very cool.

  39. 239

    Everyone needs tags!

  40. 240
    nicole pando

    This is great. all my cats are indoor however if they did get out this would help me find them.

  41. 241

    very cool tags would love to win one for my gunner who always trys to excape

  42. 242

    Great idea. My kitty got out once and it was the most horrible experience ever. She is very shy so she would have never of gone up to anyone. Thank goodness she came home the next morning at 5 am..right as I was looking outside the window, checking the trap and looking for her. I never want to go through that again!

  43. 243
    Jennifer Kimble

    This really is a must have!

  44. 244

    So worth the peace of mind! Especially if Tubby finds the storm drain escape route again…

  45. 245
    Wendy J

    This is wonderful! I have had 3 cats go missing in 4 years by slipping out the door and not finding their way home. We tried hard to find them but had no luck. I am sure they would be with me now if I had ID tag. We are very careful with the 3 cats and 2 dogs we have now but it would a great relief to recieve a gift like this for them. Thank you!

  46. 246
  47. 247

    great idea! my kitties are inside but if they ever jump fence this could be very useful and a little ease of mind

  48. 248

    I take Kinipela a lot of places with me. Always on a harness. But you NEVER know!!! So i want to be safe. She also has IBS so if lost she will get very very sick. Proper Id is very important to me so i’m glad to see this as a giveaway!

  49. 249

    I was never a big fan of the implants for my boys and though they are indoor cats, there is always the concern that they may walk out as we’re walking in. I love the idea of something that is attractive, useful, and in these times, cost effective. Love this idea.

  50. 250

    This seems like a great service. Our local shelter has the microchip but with two indoor cats it seems a little much. This is just a better ID tag.

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