Introducing The “Amber Alert” for Pets ENTER TO WIN A LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION!

Fri, Feb 19, 2010

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Did you know that nearly eight million pets end up in animal shelters each year, and that 75 percent are euthanized? I can’t stand the thought of someone’s beloved pet cat going missing and the sheer panic her owners must feel. If this ever were to happen to you, there’s a new service that could greatly increase the chances of finding your lost pet. is a nationwide (US and Canada), 24/7 interactive network for recovering lost pets and reuniting them with their families. You simply purchase one of their stylish ID tags for your pet to wear, and subscribe to the service (first 6 months are free, $9.95 per year to renew, $1.99 activation fee). Each tag comes with a unique “pet social security number” that you register at ID If your pet goes missing, call the phone center or logon at and an instantaneous lost pet alert is automatically broadcast to shelters and rescue organizations within 50 miles of your pet’s last know location.’s network includes 15 thousand shelters and rescue organizations who will immediately be on the lookout for your pet.

When you initially register your ID tag, you can also upload photos of your pet and other information including veterinary records and owner contact info, which can be useful in an emergency. When your pet is found, operators at, who are on call 24/7, will immediately contact you on up to 6 different phone numbers.

The differences between using and a pet microchip include the following:

  • ID tag is clearly visible
  • Lower cost than microchips
  • Non-invasive, no implants
  • Automatic alert system to network of shelters and rescue organizations
  • Easy to update pet info online
  • No microchip reader needed


ENTER TO WIN A LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION! is offering a cat ID tag and a lifetime subscription to one lucky Moderncat reader! To enter please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on February 26. One entry per person. The service is only available in the US and Canada.

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331 Responses to “Introducing The “Amber Alert” for Pets ENTER TO WIN A LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION!”

  1. 251

    This is a great idea and stylish too!

  2. 252
    Heather Anderson

    This would be such a comfort for when I let my cat outside. She has been lost twice before, but just around the apartment complex. I am now moving to a house and don’t plan on letting her out too often. But she is quick and can sometimes slip out.

  3. 253

    Great idea for those of us living with sneaky escape artists!

  4. 254

    What a lovely idea, no implant.

  5. 255

    My cats are indoor and I always worry that they may get curious about the outdoors, they are microchipped but you can never be to safe, what a great way to double up!

  6. 256

    we have one indoor kitty who always attempts to run out every door that opens, he is chipped but this would make me feel safer that’s for sure!

  7. 257

    I’ve never liked the idea of microchipping pets. This sounds like a wonderful alternative.

  8. 258

    And cute to boot!

  9. 259

    we could so use this for our tamed feral kitty! he goes outdoors but has had all necessary vet care, we would be heartbbroken if anything were to happen to him…

  10. 260
    Courtney W.

    Fantastic idea! I love that the tags aren’t expensive but are still incredibly useful and also fashionable. Even if I don’t win, I’ll still buy the tags for my two cats.

  11. 261

    What a great idea – this would be yet another way to have your cat located should they accidently become “lost”. Since not every “good samaritan” would automatically take your cat to a place that might be able to scan for microchips (afraid that the shelter might euthanize the pet), you would increase your chance of getting your missing cat returned to you.

  12. 262

    i always have the fear that my little ones will sneak outside and get lost…at least with this device, one of them will be safely found if they get lost.

  13. 263

    Oh yay… So much nicer than an implant.

  14. 264
    Azar ATTURA

    “Meowmie! Meowmie! Can I have a lovely PINK ID tag?”
    Hugs and Purrs –
    Your Kitteh

  15. 265

    My cats are all indoor but, I do worry sometimes about one of them getting out. This is an affordable idea.

  16. 266
  17. 267

    This is pretty awesome. One of my cats likes to escape into the hallway, and always wants to explore outside.

  18. 268

    I’m always terrified that one of my indoor only cats will slip out when I’m not looking, and I would never be able to find them. This would be a great alternative to microchipping.

  19. 269

    A great idea to help efforts tracking down a lost member of the family

  20. 270

    This would be great for my kitties! They are indoor cats, but they wear collars with regular tags because I’m nervous they’ll get outside.

  21. 271

    Would love love love this if any of my babies were to ever get out. And great designs.

  22. 272
    marcella Norberto

    This would be a great thing to place on my felines! You never know these little guys can sneak out very easily!! This would put my mind at ease…..

  23. 273

    Would be great to have the extra peace of mind!

  24. 274

    this sounds great! My kitty went missing once with no tags, it was pretty traumatic for all of us. luckily she returned…. but she is still without tags. this would be great!

  25. 275

    This is amazing! I would love for my cat to win this. :( I get worrid when he leaves the house that something may happen to him

  26. 276

    My cats are microchipped, but you can never be too safe. This is a fantastic idea!!!! I love that the vets/shelters in the vicinity are notified as well. An ounce of prevention …

  27. 277

    This would be so fantastic for my new household members! I live in a fairly busy apartment and it would be good to know that even if they get out, they have a good chance of coming back home.

  28. 278

    How awesome! I haven’t wanted to get micro chipping on my super skinny cats. I would love this as a back up in case they ever got out of the house. :)

  29. 279
    Brian B.

    I’d hate for my kitty to get lost with no way home.

  30. 280

    I think this would be a great back-up to the microchips our cats already have. Great idea – great product!

  31. 281

    This is a great idea. I definitely need one for my kitty and doggie.

  32. 282

    A nice idea, but wouldn’t work very well for cats that like to get out of their collars – at least with a microchip, I know there’s no way my collar-resistant cat can weasel it off! But still, very nice.

  33. 283

    I would love to have this for my indoor cat. I haven’t “chipped” him because the chips aren’t universal. I think it’s wonderful that someone is available by phone 24/7 and that multiple contact numbers can be associated with the ID. Great product/company! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  34. 284
    Michelle H

    I think everyone should have one of these on their pets it could save their pets lives.

  35. 285

    What cute ID tags… and so useful, too! Thank you for bringing this service to our attention.

  36. 286

    I was always hesitant to get the microchip implanted in Ali and this looks like a great alternative.

  37. 287

    Love this idea. All he is sporting at the moment is a bell. I need a back up!

  38. 288

    What a grand idea! I love what they’re doing. Brilliant!!

  39. 289
    Janie M.

    This is such a great idea!!!

  40. 290

    What a fantastic idea, thanks for letting us all know about this great option.

  41. 291

    I am interested. Cute designs.

  42. 292
    Pamela D

    We saw one of these alerts come into our shelter this week.

  43. 293

    We could use that.

  44. 294

    What a great idea! One of the microchips failed on one of my pets, and had to be inserted, so now he has two microchips!

  45. 295
    Nancy Nelson

    This would be wonderful. Both my girls like to go outside (strictly supervised), but the youngster likes to sneak out and it would kill me to lose her.

  46. 296
    Jennifer M

    I like the idea of an alternative to the microchip.

  47. 297

    i love it!

  48. 298
    S Martin

    I think my two would be proud to wear these !

  49. 299
  50. 300

    these look cute

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