Technical Difficulties: Images Not Showing in Email

Wed, Mar 17, 2010

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There seems to be an issue with the post images not showing in emails. A few people have reported this problem recently. Please leave a comment if you are having the same issue. I found that I have to click the link at the top of the email that says “Display images” then I have to refresh the page and the images show. I’m not sure what is going on, but if I can get some more feedback from readers I may be able to figure out what’s causing it. Sorry about the inconvenience! I hope to have your Moderncat emails back to normal soon. Thanks!

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87 Responses to “Technical Difficulties: Images Not Showing in Email”

  1. 51

    I consistently have images that don’t load. Very often, in the same email, some will and some won’t. This has been the case for some time. I use Outlook 2003, and I receive many HTML emails, but only yours seem to have this problem. Good Luck!

  2. 52

    I agree. I have to go to website to view images. Love you website and emails.

  3. 53
    Anita W.

    Today’s email is fine for me too. But past days have shown no images.

  4. 54

    i had this problem, my email is set to display images from moderncat and always had in the past, but the past few posts, i haven’t been getting them. it seems to be resolved now though. i use gmail (and internet explorer and firefox and it was happening in both browsers so i’m thinking it was either gmail’s problem or moderncat’s server and not the browser).

  5. 55
    Kerry Vistisen

    Today’s images showed up, but for the last week, I haven’t been able to see the images in my e-mail.

  6. 56
    Amie Barber & Abbey Road

    I have been having that problem now for the past week or so. They don’t show up in the emails but work fine when I click through to the site.

    I am using Google Chrome, and it’s never given me any trouble like this before.


  7. 57

    i use firefox/chrome and have a hotmail account. i’ve noticed this problem a couple of times, but now going back and looking at the emails, the pics are there!

  8. 58

    I’m having the same issues – not all the time, but more often than not…

  9. 59

    I have been having problems seeing my emails from Modern Cat and a few others. But, mostly with Modern Cat.

  10. 60

    I’ve also been having this problem for a couple of days. The pictures are showing up as if the image has a broken link.

  11. 61

    I don’t have the “display images” on top or “show images” on the right click.

  12. 62
    Darlene Arden, CABC

    I’m having the same problem — pictures are not downloading in e-mail. They used to download perfectly. Alas, no more.

  13. 63

    I am having problems with part of the email-bottom portion. Often half will show 1/2 will not. I have msn mail.

  14. 64

    Yup. Recent development the last week or so. I use Mail in Mac OS 10.5.8 but they don’t come up in Gmail/Safari either. Everything came up fine today though.

  15. 65

    I have this problem sporadically. Refreshing the page or closing the email and then opening it again worked to make the images show the few times that I’ve tried it.

    I’ve also had some emails with some images not showing up, while others are fine. If I recall correctly, it was the first few images that didn’t show while the others were fine. I think the broken images might have all been in one post.

  16. 66

    Images from Modern Cat consistently load well on my gmail address, when I open it on my computer (Mac). However, none of them come up when I look at the same mailbox on my Blackberry, even after clicking “load images”

  17. 67
    Tina L.

    Same problem; I thought you were trying to redirect traffic to your website and that’s why I didn’t bring it up originally in any posts. A while ago, the pictures were fine, and when they weren’t showing, all I had to do was click the “show pictures” link… but even that’s not working! Weird!

  18. 68

    I’ve been having this problem for about a week too, but I figured it was an AOL issue. Seems to be an on again, off again issue with them and email, but Modern Cat emails are the only ones affected right now. I’m using Firefox 3.6 (I don’t use the AOL software, so I’m reading with Firefox). Usually refreshing will make the images load but not always. The site is always fine.

  19. 69

    i’ve also been having this problem for about a week. i’m using hotmail on firefox, and usually it will tell me it’s intentionally not displaying images, but in this case it seems to think it is showing them, so there is no button to hit. what it is displaying appears to be the name of the picture, just not the picture. since other people are dealing with this too, it seems like a moderncat thing, and not an increased email security thing. i just click the link to read articles at the site.

  20. 70

    Same; I got images today but not for the last week. There’s no indication that it’s missing images, no broken link symbol. They’re just not there. I thought you weren’t putting any in.

  21. 71
    Nancy Nelson

    I seem to be like everyone else, it’s just been the last few emails. I found that if I right-click where the image should be and select “show picture”, it will!

  22. 72

    yes its happened to me a few times, its inconsistent so some days are fine.
    i am always checking it on mozilla firefox on aol

  23. 73

    I do not see pictures either. I’m using a Mac, if it was sent from a PC maybe it is compatibility issues. Some types of image files (like .bmp) are windows based and a different OS may not show them unless you open them in a special software (like Adobe). I use an AOL account but view it using Mac mail or my iphone. I can’t see the pictures on either one.

  24. 74

    The images aren’t loading in my email either. This only started happening recently.

  25. 75
    R-Laurraine Tutihasi

    I’m also having the problem. I recently changed from using Microsoft Entourage to Apple’s Mail program, but I don’t know if this is related. I just click the Internet link and look at the material on Safari.

  26. 76

    Thanks everyone for your comments! It remains a mystery, let’s see how it goes tomorrow.

  27. 77

    I have been having the same problem but the last e-mail (Incredimail) and the one before it came through fine.

  28. 78

    Hi, there. I don’t subscribe to the email, but I do subscribe to the RSS feed. I can see the images in Google Reader, but not in my mobile reader. It does not appear to be consistent, though. For instance, I could not see the image for this post, but the next post’s image (cat head bed) showed up fine.

    Good luck solving the puzzle!

  29. 79

    same. this just recently started to happen though.

  30. 80

    I’m having this problem :( Used to love & forward them! I use gmail and Firefox

  31. 81

    Similar to others, I used to get images consistently but for the last 2(?) weeks some emails showed no images; and sometimes 1 or 2 images in an email would load but others would not. I could see all images in today’s email (both bed and the test pattern).

    I use hotmail to get moderncat messages, and the last few weeks have been the 1st time I’ve experienced this problem. The fact that I can have images loading and also not loading in the same email shows it is not a global refusal of images by hotmail, but perhaps some problem specific to the type of image or the way that it was embedded?

  32. 82
    Brian Enigma

    I don’t subscribe to the email, but I do read the RSS feed in Google Reader and continue to have problems seeing images. Oddly enough, I find that if I right-click on the image, copy the image URL, then paste it into a new window, it shows up fine. This makes me wonder if maybe the site is doing some kind of referrer-blocking to prevent people from hot-linking directly to images. I’ve seen that before on other sites and it fits the symptoms. If that’s the case, it’s possible that web-based email clients and feed readers may be collateral damage — because for them to work correctly, they need to link to the images from off-site.

  33. 83
    sylvia Malia

    I have the same problem with no pictures appearing on my emails..I love incredimail but I want the the designs put back on & don’t know how to get it to work properly!!Please help me to make it run normal!!! ASAP

  34. 84
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  35. 85

    I have this problem as well. For me, it’s definitely a Firefox+Gmail combination, it’s not related to “get info” settings (images are set to display), and it’s not the “Display Images” link within gmail, since I have accepted images for many of the common emails I get that have stopped showing.

    I can look at Gmail in other browsers and see the images for emails that wouldn’t load without any trouble.


  36. 86
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  37. 87
    robert t.

    Same problem here ever since updated to Samsung Galaxy S3 phone running Android 4.0.
    Anyone have a solution yet? No response from Microsoft.

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