Goodbye to My Sweet Sophie

Sat, Mar 20, 2010

Loss & Memorial


Today I had to say goodbye to my sweet kitty Sophie. Sophie was an older cat, probably around 20, I’m not sure. She had only been with me for five years, coming to me after her owner passed away. She was such a tough cookie, fighting kidney failure, feline diabetes, and arthritis. She just kept going and going, and I know she would still be going if her little body hadn’t given out.

This is the first cat that I’ve lost as an adult and I’m just heartbroken. Even though I knew she’d be the first to go, you’re never really prepared to loose one. As you probably can tell, my cats mean the world to me and I cherish every moment I have with them. These little creatures are there every day as part of your life. You build a daily routine with them and when one leaves, there’s a hole.

I know this is what everyone says when someone you love passes away, but this experience is just a reminder to appreciate the time you have with your feline companions. These special little souls are each so unique — they are full of personality and can touch our lives in deep and meaningful ways. Everyone, please go give your kitties a kiss and tell them how much you love them.


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300 Responses to “Goodbye to My Sweet Sophie”

  1. 151

    Just to reiterate what many others have said, I hope the love you gave and received will bring some comfort to your saddened heart.

  2. 152

    so sorry for your loss i know is hard and only an other cat owner can understand you.
    Try to share your love with the good causes or any other stuff that fullfill you.

  3. 153

    So sorry for the loss of your sweet kittie, Sophie. You were very kind to give her a great home after her owner passed away. I’m giving my two kitties extra petting and kisses today. May you have many fond memories of Sophie.

  4. 154

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I have lost two kitties in recent years to disease so I very much remember the pain. It will get better, although don’t be surprised if tears come from time to time when you think of her even years later. Know you gave her a lovely 5 years and that that is worth so very, very much.

    A.T. & the fur balls

  5. 155
    Catherine Chandler

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I would be absolutely devastated if I lost one of mine. My heart goes out to you and yours.

  6. 156

    I’m so sorry, I know how much you must miss her,she was a beautiful girl. My Tasman was 23, my best friend & confidant, I lost him in ’06,& still miss him terribly, but there are times I still feel his presence, I think he checks on me from time to time.
    Sophie will always be in your heart.

  7. 157

    Aw – it is so terribly rough and sad. An empty feeling that truly only time will heal. I just gave my new cat a most delicious hug and kiss. She brings joy to my life and I am grateful for her. Thank you for reminding me, in your time of loss, to take time to remind my kitty gal that she means the world to me.

  8. 158

    may the many wonderful memories of sophie bring you peace. that hole will soon be filled…

  9. 159
    Lisa Roth

    So sorry to hear about losing Sophie. She looks like a hell of a gal.

    I learned all about giving sub-Q fluids from a wonderful web site that is dedicated to a kitty named Sophia . Hearing about your Sofie brought me right back to that.

    In my life I’ve had to part with six of my amazing furry friends. It never gets easier (although I’m more efficient and the technology has improved). Sharing your grief and all the messages of support you’ll get will probably help.

    Even though I only know you through your blog, I’m confident Sophie had the best cat mom and kitty life that any cat could hope for. I’ll bet her years with you were the best of her life.

  10. 160

    Warmest condolences–it’s clear she’ll be missed. She was very, very lucky to have found a life with you.

  11. 161

    So sorry for your loss. I understand how you feel having lost 2 of my oldest babies last year. I also have another older cat that has chronic kidney problems. She’s being a real trouper through out the sub Q and pills and her special diet. Remember the good times and thank you for the reminder to all of us to give a big hug and kiss while we have them here to cuddle.

  12. 162
    Fani Malamatou

    I’m so sorry

  13. 163
    Irina Wolff

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my first cat as an adult as well, and it broke my heart as much as losing a family member would. They become so much a part of our lives, and they truly are our constant companions. You and Sophie were lucky to have each other.

    Sending you hugs and nuzzles,

    Irina & Jing JIng

  14. 164

    So sorry about your loss. I’ll give my kittens some extra love tonight.

  15. 165

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have lost 2 kitties myself, Cerridwen at 18 years (lymphoma) and Gwydion at 13 years (diabetes). It is never easy, and I share your grief.



  16. 166

    I’m sorry for your loss. I’m off to give each of my three kisses.

  17. 167
    Karen R

    I am so sorry for your loss. Sophie was a beautiful cat and I’m sure she had 5 loving, wonderful last years of her life with you.

  18. 168
  19. 169

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine your pain.

  20. 170

    My heart goes out to you, Kate. Indeed the first one you lose as an adult is the hardest, though they are all hard.
    When I was in college I adopted brother and sister kitties; Boris died suddenly in 2004 at age 20, and Natasha equally suddenly in 2005 at age 21. In 2004 I adopted Tiffy, a sweet old girl someone had asked my vet to put down because she could no longer keep her. On a tour on the boarding area of the clinic, she looked into my eyes and it was love at first sight, I believe I saved her from life as the resident clinic cat — a fate she would have hated as she was a quiet, gentle soul. I thought she was only 12 but later got her full records; when she passed a year ago she was actually 23 years old. Her last year was the drill of sub-Q fluids, medications and vet visits that unfortunately accompany renal failure.
    Now I’m blessed with 3 wonderful fur-babies who wandered into our life from a neighbor who wasn’t neutering cats and subsequently had a small cat farm. Though they’re all still relatively young and healthy I do make sure I treasure them every day. You never know what tomorrow brings.
    You are wonderful for giving Sophie a second chance at love. Please try to dwell on the good times (not the illness), be good to yourself, and let your other kitties help you heal.
    Blessed Be

  21. 171
    Ingrid King

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Kate. Sophie was so fortunate that she got to spend the last few years of her life with you. It’s so devastating when we lose these wonderful felines and they leave such a big hole in our hearts and our lives. You’re in my thoughts, and I wish for you that in time, memories of your time with Sophie will replace the pain of missing her.

  22. 172

    RIP Sweet Sophie =^..^=

  23. 173

    Sophie was a beauty! She will remain with in your thoughts, so take
    heart. It’s hard at first, but each day gets better. One of my cats died it knocked me for a loop! He was my youngest and the most mischievous and I miss the hell out of him. I still cry when he doesn’t jump in the bed
    to wake me up for his breakfast or see his little orange face peeking
    around a corner. Every cat is special and can’t be replaced. Sophie is
    watching over now, just like my Matrix is me. Chin up!

  24. 174

    I am so sorry to hear about Sophie’s passing. Thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts of your beautiful kitty.

  25. 175
    pam decker

    every cat is special thanks for giving sophie another chance to live out her life.

  26. 176
    Courtney W.

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. It brought tears to my eyes. I’m sure Sophie had a happy life with the loving care you gave her.

  27. 177
    Dog Milk

    Oh Kate, I’m so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you. It is hard.

  28. 178

    Sophie was such a trooper! She obviously lived a full life and was well loved. Well done on providing her such wonderful loving care up to her last days.

    I write this with one kitty on my lap and another in the chair beside me… our lives are made brighter by these creatures as we also brighten theirs.

  29. 179

    I am so sorry to hear about Sophie and thank you for sharing your story with us. Your story made me re-realize how much joy feline companions brings to our everyday lives and we have to cherish every moment with them. Your Sophie will in peace now and she is thanking you for all the good times you guys shared.

  30. 180

    I’m so sorry for your loss. And thank you for reminding us to give a little extra love to our cats.

  31. 181

    So sorry. I know, it’s hard. I lost my cat Meow Me couple years back, and she was 21. She’s only been with us couple years too (we adopted her). She’s as sweet as your cat.

    THey’ll be missed, dearly.

  32. 182

    Condolences from our houseful of people, cats, and dogs. So sorry for your loss…it’s always hard to lose a pet, no matter how long you had them or how prepared you are to lose them. Today, all the pets (and people) will get extra hugs and kisses in Sophie’s memory…

  33. 183
    Rachel G.

    Thanks so much for reminding us how precious each day with our feline companions is, and how precious each cat’s life is as well. We rescue cats in our neighborhood, and just today caught a little feral guy whose leg is injured. Every cat we TNR or find a good home brightens the human lives s/he touches. We are thinking of you, Sophie, and the rest of your feline family at this sad time.

  34. 184

    Having lost many cats to old age, I know the ‘look’ that’s evident in Sophie’s gaze. She’s telling you she loves you and that she doesn’t want you to doubt yourself. Cats show such amazing wisdom as they age and they always end up caring about you more than themselves. The look she gives in the photos is the look of total love.

  35. 185

    I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family…

  36. 186
    10 cat Mom

    My heart goes out to you for loosing your Sophie. We have lost several, and it does not get any easier. At least they are no longer in pain or discomfort. I had to get more kitties after we lost Peek a Boo, and that has helped. We still miss him though, and we probably always will. We still miss our Tiger who lived to be 21 years old, and she had to leave us in 2002. You will always have your memories of her with you. Do let yourself cry when you need to. Mourning is a necessary part of loosing a beloved kitty, and you will have to do it either now or later. I feel it is better to do the mourning now and not put it off. Gradually you will began to recover from the mourning period, and Sophie will still be a loving happy memory. Best wishes.

  37. 187

    I am so sorry for your loss! Thank goodness you were able to take her in after her owner died and give her a great life! It can be so hard for cats in that situation to find a new home. You did a good thing, and it’s clear that you loved her… and I am sure she knew it.

    I am thinking of Sophie today!

  38. 188
    Joshua Walker

    My thoughts are with you Kate, it’s such a horrible time to go through.
    I will be sure to let my kitten know how much he is loved when I get home tonight.

  39. 189

    I’m so sorry for your loss. At least she had a loving, safe, comfortable home the last years of her life.

  40. 190

    What a beautiful kitty! I’m so sorry for your loss.

  41. 191

    So sorry for your loss. Sophie was a lovely kitty and lucky to have you.

  42. 192

    My heart goes out to you at this time of grieving for your beloved Sophie. Max & Amaru came to live with me 2-1/2 yrs. ago, when they were desperate 3-4 week orphans. Now, they are big, rambunctious brothers with completely different personalities, but are both love junkies,… who I cannot imagine being without. I also cannot imagine the “hole” that would be all too present, if I were to lose either one of them. Bless there little hearts for bringing such joy into our lives!

    Sophie’s little heart was blessed by having found you.

  43. 193

    So, so sorry. It’s so hard to loose them, they are such fine friends and companions. We lost our Remington two years ago now, and I still miss him terribly. Our thoughts and hopes for happy memories to you.

  44. 194

    What a beautiful little girl. I’m sure she was even prettier in person than those pictures can show – photographs never do black cats justice! I know it never really helps to think that at least your cat lived a good long life, but I’m glad she was with someone who cares about cats as much as you clearly do, especially after losing her original owner. I’m sure you made her “old lady” years very wonderful for her, and I hope your grieving process allows you to move from sad tears at her loss to happy memories of your time together.

  45. 195

    I’m so sorry, losing them is really hard to deal with.

  46. 196

    Oh, I’m so sorry. Yes, the pain we feel when they pass is absolutely worth all the joy they bring the whole time we get to have them (or they us). But the pain still sucks and that’s just that. And although I know you wouldn’t change all the joy for anything, I’m still so sorry you’re feeling the loss right now, Kate. Bleeehhhccccch. Sending lots of love. Karen

  47. 197
    Daniela Caride

    Kate, I’m so sorry for your loss. Maybe you would like to read this touching article written by Sid Korpi, on pet grieving –

    I have lost many pets during my life, and it always hurts so much. But one day you will smile, remembering fondly all the moments you spent with Sophie.

    My heart is with you.

  48. 198

    My deepest sympathy at your loss. It is quite surprising how much you can love your pets, everyday I love my kitty more and more and the thought of losing her is terrible. The comforting thing is that they love you back just as much, their home and heart is with you. Cuddle your kittys (they have lost someone too) and know that you grieve because you have a soft and loving heart, don’t ever let that die.

  49. 199
    Colin Beadle

    I’m so sorry. Sophie was lucky to be with someone that cared so much about her.


  50. 200

    Oh Kate! I’m so very sad and sorry for the heartbreaking loss of little Sophie. Please accept my deepest sympathies–I know it must be terribly hard to not have her in your life anymore. Bless you for taking her into your home when she needed a new one, and for giving her such good care and true love. She was a darling, beautiful kitty.

    Two of my three cats are getting older, and I so desperately want them to live forever. I don’t want to lose them. It’s incredible how strong the bond is between us humans and our cats. Truly, it is a wonder and a gift.

    I do like to believe that Sophie will always watch over you and be “with” you. Take care, and know that we are keeping you in our thoughts and hearts during this difficult time.


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