April Moderncat Giveaway: Odor Grabber Litter Box FIVE WINNERS!

Thu, Apr 1, 2010

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Odor Grabber Litter Box

This month we’re giving away a product that a lot of readers have asked about. It’s a high-tech litter box called the Odor Grabber. This unique covered litter box has a built-in air purifier made by Bionaire, a company that specializes in air purifiers for a variety of products. I was so excited when I first saw this invention at a pet product expo a couple of years ago, so we’ve been testing one out to see if it’s really as good as it sounds, and so far it is!

Odor Grabber Litter Box

The Odor Grabber plugs in to a wall outlet and runs very quietly. I won’t lie, it’s not silent, it makes a soft noise, like white noise. According to the manufacturer, it uses a very low level of energy. The filter purifies the air inside the litter box, preventing odors outside the box as well. There is a filter that needs to be replaced periodically and an indicator on the top of the box telling you when it’s time to change the filter.

I know a lot of people have issues with using covered litter boxes, so I want to let you know that the Odor Grabber has a roll-top lid (the clear plastic part on the front) which can be raised to make it more open. This will reduce the effectiveness of the air purifier somewhat, but it gives larger kitties a little more room. The box is really quite large (17.5″ W x 26.5″ L x 19″ H) and I think the contoured shape is very sleek.

My favorite thing (I always get excited about this!) is the holster on the back of the box where you store the matching scoop. The holster is even ventilated onto the box so any odors on the scoop are also removed.

Here are some photos of the Odor Grabber in use at Peter’s house. That’s Carmen checking it out. It took them about a week to get used to it, but everyone is using it now without a problem. The manual suggests that you leave it unplugged at first until the cats start using the new box, then plug it in and turn on the filter. The Odor Grabber can be used with any type of cat litter.

Odor Grabber Litter Box

Carmen with the Odor Grabber Litter Box


Winners must pay shipping this time
This month will be a little different. Usually I have the giveaway sponsor send the prizes directly to the winners, however, Bionaire shipped all the litter boxes to me so I will have to send them to the winners. Shipping costs will probably be $25 to $35 per unit. I’ll pick the winners at the end of the month and send an email to get their addresses. Then I’ll let each winner know how much the shipping will be and will send a PayPal invoice. If you are a winner and decide that you do not want to pay the shipping, I’ll go ahead and pick another winner. I hope that works for everyone!

To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. If you’re already getting the updates but you’d like an EXTRA chance to win this month, please leave a comment on this post. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here. Five winners will be chosen in a random drawing on April 30. Due to the shipping snafu, this giveaway is open to addresses in the US only.

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1,044 Responses to “April Moderncat Giveaway: Odor Grabber Litter Box FIVE WINNERS!”

  1. 951

    This would be great for the small apartment I share with my husband and two cats!

  2. 952

    Would love to try this at my house. Thanks very much!

  3. 953
    pipa loves batik

    wow, this looks amazing! I know the girls would love to have a second chance to win

  4. 954

    This is gorgeous! I want one for my gorgeous Barney the Bengal :)

  5. 955

    Who knew they could make such a great litter box?!

  6. 956

    Boy that sure would help out with my 3 kitties. Looks cool too.

  7. 957

    Would love to win this litter box, so would my kitties. We have been trying different kinds and have not found we like. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. 958

    Tommy Gargoyle stinks up the joint. This thing looks so dandy.

  9. 959

    I need one of these bad! I have a bengal cat and the deo=cor of the house is very retro. Please select me as a winner!..

  10. 960

    Looks cool! This seems great for our tiny apartment that Whisky cat tries to own at least once a day with his stank.

  11. 961

    Wow! What a purrfect design!
    Our cats would absolutely love this.
    I’m a great fan of your site – there are so many good ideas to make our lives and that of our divas better and easier!
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  12. 962

    I’m interested in any product that promises to reduce odor since 2 out of 3 of my cats feel no need to cover their “work”

  13. 963
    Tiffany Pettey

    we need this cause cat poop smells bad

  14. 964

    this would be great for my new place! thanks for the opportunity!

  15. 965
    Sally Williams

    OMG PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 966

    My kitty Max could really use this, especially if it really grabs odor!

  17. 967

    I use Wheat litter for the environment and for my cats health. Unfortunitly its not the best at covering up the ammonia. This would be great.

  18. 968
    Debra Pringle

    This is exactly what I need for my newly designed areas that are specifically for my cats to have the freedom and enjoyment of their own space in my house.

  19. 969

    I would love to try the Odor Grabber, thank you!

  20. 970

    This is perfect for my kitten who doesn’t bury his business (even though he lives with his furmom who has demonstratd the fine art of waste disposal on countless occasions…)!

  21. 971
    amy beth wegenaar

    this sounds absolutely amazing– i would LOVE one of these!! maybe 969 is a lucky number :) :) :)

  22. 972

    Nice design – I’d love to try this! My new fur boy has stinky poo!

  23. 973
    Suzanne Chevalier

    This is awsome. I would love to be selected to win this…

  24. 974

    I know two little kitties that would love this as would I.

  25. 975

    Man oh man- this would be a godsend to this urban and cat-filled apartment. Hope we win, boy we could use one of these!

  26. 976

    This litterbox looks like a spaceship – my kitty would love it.

  27. 977

    Love the space age look of this litterbox. So different from the usual!

  28. 978

    very cool! great for multiple cats.

  29. 979

    I’d love to try to this litter box! It’s stylish and actually covered. I foster cats and I’ve tried so so many automatic litter boxes, none which had an actually hard cover. I understand that a lot of cats are nervous about entering a covered area to “do their business” but my cat, nor any of my fosters, feel this hesitation… luckily! Especially considering covers do wonders for all the ‘stinkies’!! :)

  30. 980
  31. 981

    OOOOOH! I love this. My cats would love it. My husband would love it. My house would love it.

  32. 982

    This will let my cats feel like they are in their own space pod.

  33. 983

    Very space-aged and groovy! Might even allow us not to confine the catbox to the basement.

  34. 984

    Very modern looking! I have been looking for a perfect self-cleaning litter box for my small apartment, so this may fit the bill.

  35. 985

    What could be more essential to a 12-cat household than an odor-grabbing litter box!

  36. 986

    I can’t imagine sleeping in the same room as a kitty box! What a marvel of wonder this contraption is. Thank you so much for sharing :D

  37. 987

    Looks awesome! Air purificaiton would be great!! :)

  38. 988

    This is amazing! I love that you find things that are practical and beautifully designed.

  39. 989

    AMASING !!! I wan it I wan it ……. Pleaaaaaaase…

    I don’t live in US but i will pay all shiping costs !!! I don’t see nothing like this in Europe. I’m big idolatress of moderncats- here are sooo many amazing things.Very often i send link of moderncats to my friends with comment: “Wooow ! Look! this thing are super!”

    Congratulations you have very nice website and i can see that you are crazy about cats- like me !!!!!

  40. 990

    I can’t believe it took this long for someone to come up with this… Why didn’t I? :)

  41. 991

    This would really come in handy… my family members cant stand the smell anymore :(

  42. 992

    What a great litter box! It would be perfect for our office.

  43. 993

    What a great offer for promotional value–design and idea—coodoze as you could sleep through the white noise. Wonderful that someone has an innovative answer to odordecor issues accomplished with style. First time on this site and I really enjoyed whats available for me and my two little buds. A catnation me–ow!

  44. 994

    Wow, my Kittie sure could use that!! Considering he got a nickname “stinky” after his 1st litter box usage :)

  45. 995
    Laura Ward

    Not quite sure if this litter box looks more like a vacuume cleaner or a space ship, but either way…would love to try it. Thank you for generously offering it as a “give away”.

  46. 996

    My human sometimes neglects my covered box (shame, I know). She feels really guilty and then it starts to smell up the bedroom I stay in during the day and makes all of her nice things stink like poo. She looks at me like I’m supposed to do something, but really…isn’t that what humans are for? Please help my human make my home smell and look nicer. This would be purrfect for me! Then we wouldn’t have to give each other that “peew” look anymore and be happy! [Not to mention my food and water will taste better since they're right by the stink box...no choice there!] Hope to see your fur-bulous box in my house soon! Luv, Tabby

  47. 997

    looks great. i have 3 stinky cats

  48. 998

    I would love to try out this litter box and so would my four cats!!

  49. 999

    my very cute, but very smelly, kitty and i think that this would be a life saver in our very tiny 150 sqft studio, especially since the only place the litter box can be placed is in the bathroom which is directly next to the bed. might be nice not to have the wafting odor to wake up to.

  50. 1000

    I subscribed by e-mail

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