Celebrating Earth Day with Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY!

Close To Nature Now Biodegradable Bag

The folks at The Organic Farm Store are celebrating Earth Day by announcing their brand new biodegradable packaging! Not only is their Close To Naturenow cat litter organic, now even the packaging is green.

This completely biodegradable natural litter is made from soybean meal and potato starch. It provides excellent odor control, low tracking, and superior clumping. Unlike clay litters — which are devastating to the environment and can cause horrible health problems in cats and kittens (read more here) — Close To Naturenow is a healthy, environmentally-friendly choice for cat litter.


From biodiesel-fueled mobile clinics to facilities built using green design, there are lots of animal shelters worldwide that are going green! The Organic Farm Store has put together a list of some eco-friendly animal shelters in the US and Canada. Check it out, then come back here and leave a comment on this post with info about what your animal shelter is doing to go green, or let us know what you plan to do this year in honor of Earth Day (maybe it’s time to pledge to stop using that clay litter!)

Two winners will be selected in a random drawing on Earth Day, April 22. Each winner will receive an 18 lb. bag of Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter in the new biodegradable bag. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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298 Responses to “Celebrating Earth Day with Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 251

    we recycle all at we can and changed all our light bulbs

  2. 252

    We recycle and only use ‘green” cleaners and products to clean our home as well as “green” health and beauty supplies.

  3. 253

    i plan on starting to utilize organic dog and cat food for my pets.

  4. 254

    I learned on the Organic Farm Store web site that not many shelters are going green and especially not in my little town ! In honor of Earth Day I will do more to help my local shelter head towards green .

  5. 255
    Youn Chung

    I plan on consuming less meat and be much more active in planting trees in my community and raising awareness.

  6. 256

    I will be more cognizent of packaging and spend my money on goods that do not waste resources on frivolous packaging. I will also ween my cats off of clay litter for good (better for their health, as well as the environment!)

  7. 257
    Sara Smith

    We recycle and try to conserve water and electricity.

  8. 258

    Most of our pets are rescues. We have 11 rescue cats and a rescue dog, one turtle (soon to be released as the weather warms) and several other small animals. We use bio-degradeable cleaners, energy efficient appliances and green light bulbs. We are always looking for new green affordable methods to lower our carbon foot print.

  9. 259
    Precious W.

    I plan to buy everyone I know reusable water bottles!

  10. 260

    HI, I have 10 cats and we are trying our best to transition to natural litter. On Earth Day I think we’ll donate our old blankets and towels to our local animal shelter so they recycle them into comfy liners for the cages and runs.

  11. 261

    We compost and plant a garden every year.

  12. 262
    Jennifer M

    We try and choose green in every aspect of our lives! We do use a green litter now, but I would love to try out a new kind especially since the bag is green too!

  13. 263

    hmm, sad to say I never thouoght of changing my litter – thanks for that! We stopped using paper plates and plastic silverware

  14. 264

    I’ve sworn off clay litters for the past 5 years, but I’m always in search of new alternatives. I have a mix of earth-friendly cleaners, and stuff that contains bleach, which I hope to transition away from.

  15. 265

    no clay litter here! for earth day this year, we’re going to re-double our recycling efforts and try to convince our management company to get compost bins.

  16. 266
    Jennifer R

    I never really considered switching litters but it is something I am going to think about now.

  17. 267
    kim Benton

    I’ll take my own bags to the grocery store, and use energy efficient light bulbs also we’re helping my Mom grow a Herb & Veggie Garden. Thanks so much for this offer.

  18. 268
    Vicki Andrew

    love the idea of green shelters. This year I started composting (on my apt patio), I recycle and we make out one sodas and have cut our water bottle usage by about 90%. Going green with the cats litter sounds great, wonder how my 5 wonder kitties will like it, they are beyond picky

  19. 269

    For Earth Day this year, we are starting a square foot garden. I have planted the tomato seeds, and we plan to add carrots and strawberries as well. I would love to give up clay litter, but unfortunately, with nine cats, we go through so much of it, that I can’t afford to buy something better.

  20. 270

    Going green with my 3 cats sounds like a great idea! I will certainly see how non-clay litter goes over! We recycle almost everything we can think of!
    HobartsMama {AT} aol.com

  21. 271

    i take my bags to the store instead of getting plastic
    buy local at the public market
    changed my light bulbs
    turned the furnace down
    reuse or give what i can instead of throwing things away

  22. 272

    we are recycling, and planting a garden this year.

  23. 273

    I started our first garden!

  24. 274
    Jennifer M

    We are composting all our vegetable scraps–except for the ones we feed the hermit crabs!

  25. 275
    Betty C

    We recycle, changed to CFL light bulbs and most importantly drive much less to save gas.

  26. 276

    I take recycle bags to the grocery but when I need additional at the store I use my plastic ones to recycle the cat waste as I clean out the pans each day. I do but local whenever possible and always make several stops on my eraand trips top save gas.

    I love that this bag is biodegradable too-a win-win! I am sure some of my 8 cats will use it.

  27. 277

    I grow my own veggies.

  28. 278
    Chandra Morse

    My son and I recycle, trying our hand at composting, and try to reuse items as much as possible.

  29. 279

    We bring reusable grocery bags everywhere we shop. They aren’t just for groceries ya know! We use all natural pine litter although we’d be interested in trying the soy based kind. We are planning on starting a vegetable garden this spring. We already grow some herbs. We recycle, reuse and reduce. We only throw away ONE 13 gallon trash bag a week in our garbage can. The rest is green waste and recyclables. We plan on getting a composter. I’m learning about composting and I know it will help our upcoming veggie garden. We try to keep electronics we aren’t using unplugged and if it’s cold in the house we wear sweatshirts and have throw blankets to keep warm instead of running the furnace. When it’s hot we open windows for cross breeze instead of running the AC and use a small fan. We keep lights off when not in use and use green and all natural cleaning products. I hand wash dishes instead of running the dish washer and save cooking water to water outside plants. I buy beauty products from lush.com like their solid shampoos and conditioners which don’t have ANY packaging to throw away like all other shampoos and conditioners. We support locally grown food when shopping and have solar powered landscaping lights. I also plan on purchasing eco laundry balls which will help me avoid buying laundry detergents packaged in plastics and also use up oil.

  30. 280

    I am a stay at home mom, so I am able to hang ALL of our clothes to dry, as well as we too have changed all light bulbs, and have already purchased organic cat litter!

  31. 281

    I’m already growing my own vegetables and trying to use less electricity and water.

  32. 282
    Marcy Strahan

    I am planting a heb garden!

  33. 283

    I recycle everything I can at this time.

  34. 284

    I’m finding sturdy tote bags to use while shopping, instead of the plastic ones!

  35. 285
    Lily Kwan

    I plan to go on a picnic in honor of Earth Day.

  36. 286

    We recycle, drive a fuel efficient hybrid and conserve gas, electricity and water and we are trying to use more “green” products.

  37. 287
    Kimmy N.

    Took the time to remember what changes have been made in our lives such as using reusable bags everywhere we shop, clean with non-toxic cleaners around the apt., using natural cat litter since I adopted my furbaby 2.5 years ago, using more energy efficient light bulbs, turn off and unplug electronics not in use, set up a recycling bin, repurposing items before they’re no longer of use, switched to as much naturally and environmentally safe products such as toothpaste and dish-washing soaps. Next on the list is to find out and visit the local farmers market. :) Happy Earth day to all~!

  38. 288
    dennis M

    We compost!

  39. 289

    Dunno if I am too late to enter, but here’s what I am doing for Earth day: planting trees!

    We had to have 7 eucalyptus trees taken out this spring as they were “hazard trees” and in danger of coming down…in the cleared spots, I am putting a Bay Laurel, a Mulberry, and a couple of Redwoods.

    The trees are here, the holes are being dug… :-)

  40. 290
    Steven Janiak

    we installed rain barrels last year, as well as doing every green thing we can think of! love the site!

  41. 291
    Clarisa Lau

    For Earth day, I finally bought a reusable bag. Okay, I’m a little late in the game, but still!

  42. 292

    So much of what we eat goes into compost that we hardly generate any garbage anymore. I always carry a tote. And I use a corn-based litter — but I’d love to try yours, as my dog is allergic to corn and I worry about the bits scattered on the carpet.

  43. 293

    I’m a recycling MACHINE!

  44. 294
    attacchi di panico

    The content of these resource is really awsome and self inspiring.

  45. 295

    I have tried several natural litters and have not found one that works in all the areas us cat owners need them too. I would like to try your product but no one carries your product in Northern California.

  46. 296

    We cut 5 min off each time we shower to save water. We compost, use green cleaners, recycle, and reuse. We have never used clay litters. We are old ‘greenies’.

  47. 297

    The Organic Farm Store appears to have closed. Very sad, as I was really happy with their litter. :(

  48. 298

    Thanks for the great advice, and the loads of information! Also if anyone needs biodegradable items, go to greenbenefits.com

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