Celebrating Earth Day with Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY!

Close To Nature Now Biodegradable Bag

The folks at The Organic Farm Store are celebrating Earth Day by announcing their brand new biodegradable packaging! Not only is their Close To Naturenow cat litter organic, now even the packaging is green.

This completely biodegradable natural litter is made from soybean meal and potato starch. It provides excellent odor control, low tracking, and superior clumping. Unlike clay litters — which are devastating to the environment and can cause horrible health problems in cats and kittens (read more here) — Close To Naturenow is a healthy, environmentally-friendly choice for cat litter.


From biodiesel-fueled mobile clinics to facilities built using green design, there are lots of animal shelters worldwide that are going green! The Organic Farm Store has put together a list of some eco-friendly animal shelters in the US and Canada. Check it out, then come back here and leave a comment on this post with info about what your animal shelter is doing to go green, or let us know what you plan to do this year in honor of Earth Day (maybe it’s time to pledge to stop using that clay litter!)

Two winners will be selected in a random drawing on Earth Day, April 22. Each winner will receive an 18 lb. bag of Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter in the new biodegradable bag. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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298 Responses to “Celebrating Earth Day with Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 51

    My oldest cat refuses to do his business in anything other than Tidy Cat — which is clay. For Earth Day, I’ll work with him more in the hopes of getting him to use the World’s Best cat litter (that my other 2 have no problems with) by slowing adding more of the corn litter and less of the clay in his litter box.

  2. 52

    i would stop using clay litter if there were products that control smell as well as not be in pellet form. i tried the paper litter and my cat, mo, hated it and peed on my bed so i will go green as long as my cat would use the ‘green’ litter.

  3. 53
    Christine O'Connell

    I would like to try it. I’ve been looking for an eco-litter.

  4. 54

    I try to live every day doing what I can to be kinder to the Earth by driving a hybrid, recycling & composting & most importantly by eating a veg diet. I think it’s time I add “using eco-friendly litter” to the list so I’d love to try this! Thanks for always highlighting products that help us and our kitties live greener/healthier lives!

  5. 55

    We’d love to try this. Gave up on clay litters a couple of years ago and would be thrilled to find an organic litter that comes in biodegradable packaging, too. What a terrific idea! Paws up.

  6. 56

    Looks like good stuff.

  7. 57

    My shelter is not on the list. I try to go green daily, I would consider changing my cat litter if the price was within our budget.

  8. 58

    I’m Green and Kitty is Green….love doing all we can together !

  9. 59

    thanks for doing this ….both for me and my furry babies healthy future

  10. 60

    Was glad to see the Dallas adoption center on your list. The City of Irving opened their new shelter in March. They may have incorporated green programs as well.
    I personally would love to try your litter for my 2 kittehs.

  11. 61
    Mark Bizic

    I like the fact that this litter is 100% Organic & Natural.

  12. 62
    Lisa Roth

    Great way to celebrate earth day! I was in Central Park for the very first Earth Day, lo these many years ago.


  13. 63

    I have been using wheat litter for a few years now. I was afraid that it wouldn’t control odor, but it actually does better than the clay and I feel better about my kitties using it.

  14. 64
    Babs (formerly Kush's human)

    We’ve generally used clay litter. The only “green” litter we tried got mixed reviews from both Kush and me, but we haven’t really made the effort to try all the options out there. Earth Month is a good time to try, so I pledge that this month I will buy a bag of earth-friendly litter. Hopefully I’ll win a bag of Naturenow, too!

  15. 65

    I would love to try this litter. I’m a total greenie. I drive people crazy recycling and washing out zip-lock bags to re-use. I already use wheat cat litter, but it doesn’t clump as well as I’d like. Maybe potato starch is the way to go? I’d love to find out.

  16. 66

    We can’t do the pebble/pressed type litter, much as I would prefer it. One of our cats simply refuses. I’d love to try this one out.
    While I am proud Dallas is on the list of green shelters, I am disappointed Austin isn’t. I pledge to find out if the new shelter being planned here in Austin will be green and advocate for it.

  17. 67

    I Love the fact that the packaging is biodegradable!

  18. 68

    I would like to try it – I have reverted to using clay litter since it clumps and controls odor better.

  19. 69

    for my health and my kitty’s health. I have tried to find the best non clay alternative out there. the arm & hammer corn stuff was giving her eye irritation so I need to keep looking. We’d love to try this. I couldn’t do the subscription to the light airy stuff anymore so I have to find something I can get locally that is also scoopable.

  20. 70
    Jadedea Jade

    ive always tried to go green. ive dumped bottle water and get filter water, so now im not adding to the billions and billions of empty water bottles at the dump. i try and buy more organic foods, foods that are only in season never out. im also using corn based or biodegradble cat litter as well. when i can save some money up i plan on getting a compost tumbler and taking all of my food thats gone bad or whatever and turn it into fertilizer. then ill use that to fertilize a garden and grow some of my own veggies and some catnip. and maybe, just maybe, if i win the lottery, im building one of the greenest houses possible! everything will be recycled and beneficial to land.

  21. 71

    I would LOVE to try this!!! :)

  22. 72
    Mia Ellie

    Great! I hope other cat litter companies will be inspired to make a change to be greener. I’d love to try this cat litter!

  23. 73

    I can only use a clumping letter in my cat boarding kennel so I am glad to see this product clumps. Will give it a try.

    The Home for Friendless Animals near me recycles aluminum cans.

  24. 74

    I would love to stop using clay litter – I do pottery as a hobby, and they are always warning us about the dangers of clay dust, so I hate to think what it’s doing to my cats since they breathe in the dust every time they stir up the litter! I just wish the natural litters were as price friendly as the clay litters, and I’ve read conflicting reviews whether they work well with all the important areas for a litter (clumping, odour control, dust-free and non-tracking), not to mention whether my cats would use it or not. Being able to try it for free would be awesome.

  25. 75

    I would like to try this. My cats use 4 different litter types, and each has his/her favorite. For “green”, they have Feline Pine and Yesterdays News. All the packaging for what I use is recyclable

  26. 76
    Nancy S.

    I do not use clay litter.

  27. 77

    I am always looking at ways to “green” my lifestyle. I would love to try this Close to Nature litter and I think the biodegradable packaging is great! -Love a company that practices what it preaches!

  28. 78

    My 5 kitties adapted with no problem to the corn cob and wheat litters, so I’m sure they would have no problem with trying this new litter either.
    I think they know it’s better for them and the environment!

  29. 79

    Way to go!!

  30. 80
    Azar ATTURA

    EXCELLENT!! My cats give this an 8 paws UP salute. Now they are sitting near the litter box, crossing their legs……..please hurry…hurry!!!

  31. 81

    I will start worm composting in my tiny apartment this year.

  32. 82

    This sounds great! We’ve been using Swheet Scoop, but I’d love to try this litter. I’m working on using all earth friendly products, and giving my cats healthier choices in their food and toys/beds.

    I love that The Organic Farm Store put together a list of eco-friendly animal shelters. I hope many more get added all the time :)

  33. 83
    Tanya R

    Lovely that even the packaging is green.
    We don’t have any animal shelters in my area (probably why there are so many roaming strays) though there are talks going on now about someone starting one up. Hopefully if they get it going they will make an effort to go green like so many on the list.

  34. 84
    Missive Maven

    On earth day, we’re going to plant a tree!

    We already use feline Pine litter, which is pretty green packaging, I think – but I’m all for using healthy, safe, “green” litter like this.

  35. 85
    Stephanie LaPlante

    eco-friensly litter sounds great

  36. 86
    Missy K

    We already use a type of biodegradable cat litter made from green tea.We love it !
    And I have started to use green laundry detergents,recycled toilet and towel paper.
    I’m *trying* to switch to all green household cleaners,but sometimes I just need bleach or ammonia.
    I try to use as little as possible ,for all the obvious reasons.Household and kitty alike.


  37. 87

    Always willing to find a new and better litter.

  38. 88

    In honor of Earth Day I’m resolving to find another way to be green (in addition to the steps I already take) and to spread the message that it can be easy, inexpensive, and even fun to do so and it feels great to be a positive influence on the world around me. I’ve been switching to organic products with fewer harmful chemicals for cleaning house, toiletries, etc. Now I’ll try to find more affordable and attractive options for when I need new clothing – organic and recycled fabrics.

  39. 89

    To celebrate Earth Day this year I’m going to start taking bags (and gloves) with me on my walks so I can pick up litter, one bag for trash and another for recyclables. Good exercise will be combined with beautifying my community.

  40. 90

    ive tried some of the other natural litters and they control odor but dont last long…ill gladly give this one a try and see how it works with my cats

  41. 91

    I’ve tried a couple other biodegradable/corn based litters and while I liked it, one of my cats did not. I would LOVE to switch to a non-clay litter again, so maybe this will be one for me to try! Thanks.

  42. 92
    Karo Design

    In our house, we have already stopped using clay litter. After reading about the health problems it could cause to my cats…we decided to switch to more eco friendly options. And we are trying out every eco option out there. We tried wood residue which worked great except for the fact that it’s very light and my cats were putting it everywhere. No we are trying the crystal litter. Does anyone know if this is a good green option? Maybe we’ll try NatureNow next?

  43. 93

    I have 7 cats. I don’t like clay litter – bad for health and environment. I use the pine pellet type or pine shredded (clumping). My cats and I like it. Occasionally we use a wheat kind. I would love to try this one!

  44. 94
    Eva H

    Would like to try.

  45. 95

    I’m sure i’ve probably posted this here before, because I’m a fantatic about a particular brand of litter–Feline Fresh. It’s environmentally friendly (pine) and they have a clumping formula, so it’s soft, not pellets. It is absolutely the best litter I’ve ever used, of any kind, green or not. It beats ALL other litters for odor control, and it clumps better than all the enviro-friendly brands. And all my cats like it. Best of all, my dogs won’t try to eat it, because it’s not made with grains. (Yes, my dog will eat, and then get sick from, wheat or corn-based litter).

  46. 96

    I’m planting two trees on our property and one at my dad’s.

  47. 97
    Linda Kish

    I would love to be able to switch my cats off clay litter.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  48. 98

    I have been trying different “natural” litters, because one of my cats developed Asthma. None have been very satisfactory. This one does not seem to be available in stores in my area, (East Coast).

  49. 99
    dave i.

    i’m deff done with clay litter….paper, pine, etc. will do, but no more clay! can’t stand that big puff of dust that happens every time i pour it in the litterbox—you know everyone’s lungs are just getting imbued with that stuff.

  50. 100

    I would love to stop using clay litter and since I’ll be moving soon I can get a compost pile!

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