Celebrating Earth Day with Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY!

Close To Nature Now Biodegradable Bag

The folks at The Organic Farm Store are celebrating Earth Day by announcing their brand new biodegradable packaging! Not only is their Close To Naturenow cat litter organic, now even the packaging is green.

This completely biodegradable natural litter is made from soybean meal and potato starch. It provides excellent odor control, low tracking, and superior clumping. Unlike clay litters — which are devastating to the environment and can cause horrible health problems in cats and kittens (read more here) — Close To Naturenow is a healthy, environmentally-friendly choice for cat litter.


From biodiesel-fueled mobile clinics to facilities built using green design, there are lots of animal shelters worldwide that are going green! The Organic Farm Store has put together a list of some eco-friendly animal shelters in the US and Canada. Check it out, then come back here and leave a comment on this post with info about what your animal shelter is doing to go green, or let us know what you plan to do this year in honor of Earth Day (maybe it’s time to pledge to stop using that clay litter!)

Two winners will be selected in a random drawing on Earth Day, April 22. Each winner will receive an 18 lb. bag of Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter in the new biodegradable bag. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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298 Responses to “Celebrating Earth Day with Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 101
    Carol G

    I have 2 cats (of my 3) who are not particularly good about using any of the litters. I have used a couple of non-clay litters, but that didn’t seem to help. Am perfectly willing to try NatureNow for Earth Day to see if that would work!

  2. 102

    Unfortunately, my shelter is not on the list. Maybe I should send them this link to inspire them to start! Talking of going green, I’ve been using World’s Best litter, I use all natural cleaning supplies, all my food waste is sent to compost, etc. Going forward I will be replacing all of my power strips to smart strips and trying to rid my diet(as well as the kitties’) of inorganic foods altogether. Good work to all of us who are taking the steps to a better world!

  3. 103

    Biddie and Bebe are now using pine, but this is even “greener”! I turned my complete backyard into an organic garden and will be doing seed planting on Earth Day. When I weed I bring some in for the cats to chew and sniff.

  4. 104
    Kathi King

    I’ve been trying a corn based litter which I like much better than the clay, but I’m not sure about the cats. So I would very much like to try other natural litters, clay is so HEAVY and I’m getting older. We have a house with geo-thermal heat/air, solar hot water and electricity, it’s time to go green with cat litter! I have 5 cats so I really need litter!

  5. 105
    carole wilson

    I’d like the idea. I already try the pine litter ans it is great! I don’t know this one but the only problem , it’s generally expensive.

  6. 106

    That is way awesome. I used sweat scoop now. Always interested in other eco friendly cat litters.

  7. 107

    we’re looking for a non-clay green litter to switch to right ow actually, so being able to try this one out would be great. We already reuse and recycle and buy local and organic whenever we can.

  8. 108
    Jennifer Simpson

    Our shelter is always thinking of ways to be more earth-friendly and knows that even the “small” changes add up to be savings for the environment. We switched to flourescent lightbulbs, recycle everything we can, change our furnace air filters regulariy, and use bio-degradable wood pellets for our cat litter. Our landscaping uses very little water (if any). These are just a few things our shelter is doing to be more earth-friendly!

  9. 109

    Just what my cats need. The earth needs it too!

  10. 110
    Thon Watson

    We already use a non-clay wheat litter, but I love the idea of biodegradable packaging. We’ve recently started growing our own herbs and cat grass, and this year we’re planning to start composting, and collecting rainwater.

  11. 111

    We are already green in my house with so many other cat products, but litter was one where I could not find a suitable alternative to clay that had good odor control, low tracking, and good clumping (they usually have one or two of the three). I think that my four felines would like to try this out and go fully green for earth day!

  12. 112

    We would love to try Naturenow organic cat litter. We are trying to get away from clay. The sooner the better.

  13. 113

    in honor of earth day i made the switch from tidy cats to world’s best, but i’ve been disappointed in how dusty it is–my black cat’s feet are yellow when he steps out! i’d be very interested in winning Naturenow, and also finding out where it’s sold in the madison, wi area in case i don’t.

  14. 114
    Sam, Lolli & Bolli

    we are using wheat litter and would love to try soy litter…
    anything sustainable is welcome!!!

  15. 115

    My family has always lived “green” and been proponents of the “3 r’s”. This litter looks interesting, but all of the so-called “healthy” litters need to reduce their price drastically if they wish to compete. In a multicat family who are not zillionaires, cost IS important.

  16. 116

    I have moved to almost entirely green and would love this as a help. Awaesome!

  17. 117
  18. 118
    Shadie Kaye's Mom

    Sadly, there are no such facilities in my direct area. I see there is one in Dallas, which is about 100 north of me. This is good and with exposure it should continue to spread.
    Although I am not a “certified” shelter I do take in many stray cats each year. Living in the country sadly makes and as well as others a target for dump offs. I believe at the moment I am feeding 26 cats of various ages. I really wish there were more facilities that really provided financial aid to those in need for spaying/neutering. I can feed them but am over whelmed with that expense. I even had a Vet tell me recently that the humane thing to do would be to surrender all my cats to the local facility that would put them to death in a heart beat! That is an attitude that I will never understand, especially from a Vet. Talk about your dr. korvorkian! As long as I eat, my furkids will eat. Mind you, I don’t go looking for kittehs, I only take in those that come to my door. >^..^<
    For all our health I never use any chemicals around the kittehs. All cleaning is done with plain soap, hot water and vinegar, very rarely a lil Clorox if I feel it's warrented and I don't use any pesticides or herbicides in the yard. I have been using the 'Yesterday's News' and Pine Fresh for litter. I've never used Naturenow Organic Cat Litter, will have to ck it out but, would really love to win some!

  19. 119

    in honor of earth day, i plan to try to re-start my worm composting again, and plant a few more plants! :)

  20. 120

    My shelter recycles newspapers for kitty litter boxes.

  21. 121

    We gave up clay litter and plastic liners months ago. Healthier world, healthier cats, healthier cats, healthier me. I buy most of my clothes at charity resale shops, which is where I take my nice castoffs. My cats’ favorite toys are crumpled paper wads and catnip in cotton pouches– no plastic or fur toys for us!
    Praise these shelters for the wonderful things they do.

  22. 122

    This is great, I am looking for new ways to go green in 2010. Improving the quality and environment of where my cats live is a great way to continue this.

  23. 123

    what a great idea! we actually use a litter called “swheat scoop” which is not clay and it works great. The smell isn’t as strong and it keeps the box much cleaner (without that horrid clay dust) however I sure would love to try this litter to see how it works.

    We buy as much as organic goods as we can, and recycle whatever we have.

  24. 124
    Sharon K

    I’d love to find a good none clay litter, sick of the dust. This one sounds like it might work with my 2 cats.

  25. 125
    Deborah Bryant

    I have been using World’s Best Cat Litter made of corn kernels instead of the clay litter for my 3 cats!

  26. 126

    we can be green together

  27. 127

    I recycle at home, and I volunteer at the Earth Day event at work to help spread the word.

    I would love to try an Earth-friendly litter that doesn’t stink, doesn’t bother my asthma or migraines with dust and smell, AND that my kitties will like, AND that will be safe for them, and that clumps really well. With 7 kitties, there’s a lot of traffic, and it can be difficult to find litters that fit all of my criteria.

    So, I would really like the opportunity to try this litter without having to pay. I’ve been disappointed by so many litters, I’m reluctant to pay that much just to try a new litter.

  28. 128

    I would love to try a new and environmentally friendly litter.

  29. 129

    Our Forest Preserve has a big Earth Day celebration which we always attend. The kids have fun while learning about all sorts of green options. Great giveaway, thanks.

  30. 130

    I volunteer at my local city shelter and will have to encourage them to go green and start using this litter, thanks for the heads up Moderncat!

  31. 131

    I stopped using clay litter a while ago, but I have been trying to change our food over to something more green and sustainable. tough to do, though!

  32. 132

    I volunteer at the Goathouse Cat Refuge in Pittsboro, NC (www.goathouserefuge.org). At the Goathouse, we currently use horse feed, which is less expensive than regular kitty litter, and all of the dirty litter is used as compost in the gardens. All cat food cans are recycled, too. It is a beautiful place, with 3 acres of fenced-in land for the kitties to roam!

  33. 133

    I have used Sweat Scoop for over a year now so I think I’m doing well. Oscar still drags it around the house in her paws but I feel better about using a natural kitty litter rather than the nasty ones. They should become more readily available as the Sweat Scoop is now. Available in Vons, Gelsons and Whole Foods in California. I would love to try a new natural kitty litter. Thanks for the offer.

  34. 134

    My Kitties love the smell of the natural litter we use and soooo do I. Would love to have a years supply.

  35. 135

    I’ve definitely been feeling guilty about using clay litter and have been trying to research which eco-friendly litter will be right for me. For Earth Day, I plan on making a special effort to help educate my less environmentally conscious friends on little things they can do to be more green!

  36. 136

    This would be great, and would love to try it. I need clumping litter, and good odor control, having two kitties in my NYC apartment. If and when I can be “green” I like to be – lets hope I win.

  37. 137

    Exactly what I need for my cats and our wonderful planet!

  38. 138

    Green litter- great idea!

  39. 139

    The Irving Animal shelter, run by the City of Irving, TX, where I volunteer, just opened its doors on March 27th to a state-of-the art new facility built with environmentally friendly design and construction materials.


  40. 140

    Twiggy and I have been using World’s Best Cat Litter for almost three years now. We really like it and have tried a few other “green” litters, but they do not clump or smell as well as WBCL. I have actually never seen Close to Nature before. Twigg and I both have allergies and are very sensitive to many different materials. It would be good to know if there is another choice in litter for us to use. Our family recycles pretty much everything when possible. We have Three humans and one kitty in our house. We’ve gone from three big garbage bags of waste per week to a half a bag!!! We watch power and water use, buy local when possible, and make kitty toys out of repurposed items.

  41. 141

    Excellent! I use WBCL, having tried all the other naturals with varying effect with my 3 male cats. I quit all clays and got almost everyone I know with cats to get off clay too when one of my cats developed asthma (didn’t help my asthma either) from clay litter. Highly dangerous. I’m involved with Pasadena Humane Society in Pasadena, CA, and we have a good operation that serves 7 cities. We have kennel misters and grape arbors to help cool the dogs in the heat of summer, and radiant concrete pads with swing down doors for cold and rainy days. We’re trying to go as green as possible, and the hardest thing to change is people’s minds. Set in their ways. They say they want to go green, as long as you don’t take away anything they’re used to using…

  42. 142

    For Earth Day this year, I will work extra-hard at remembering to bring my re-usable bags when I go shopping!

  43. 143

    always in the need to try new ones. hopefully to make kitty happy!

  44. 144

    The Humane Society of Silicon Valley has an amazing new state-of-the-art GREEN facility with a lot of community outreach and education programs. http://www.hssv.org/about.html They’re doing a great job! Happy Earth Day (April 22)!

  45. 145
    Susan G

    Daisy has a very sensitive nose and her owner is going green in all ways. This would be perfect for us!

  46. 146
  47. 147

    I would like to give this a try. We use World’s Best, but it does get quite dusty. I’ve tried Swheat in the past – it gets rather nasty, rather quickly. And my cats don’t like the pine. On the Organic Farm Store’s “find a store with our products” page – it couldn’t find one near me. Winning might be our only chance to try it out!

  48. 148

    I’m not sure what I’m doing for earth day this year yet. The last two years my frieds and I have picked up trash in different areas, so we’ll probably do some thing similar again this year.

  49. 149

    I and my cats would like to try this. Need clumping, non-perfumey litter.

  50. 150
    Mario & Ruby

    We have finally changed over to the pine and the WBCL mixed. We were not happy at first, spoiled rotten cats that we are, but when you gotta go, you gotta go!

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