Celebrating Earth Day with Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY!

Close To Nature Now Biodegradable Bag

The folks at The Organic Farm Store are celebrating Earth Day by announcing their brand new biodegradable packaging! Not only is their Close To Naturenow cat litter organic, now even the packaging is green.

This completely biodegradable natural litter is made from soybean meal and potato starch. It provides excellent odor control, low tracking, and superior clumping. Unlike clay litters — which are devastating to the environment and can cause horrible health problems in cats and kittens (read more here) — Close To Naturenow is a healthy, environmentally-friendly choice for cat litter.


From biodiesel-fueled mobile clinics to facilities built using green design, there are lots of animal shelters worldwide that are going green! The Organic Farm Store has put together a list of some eco-friendly animal shelters in the US and Canada. Check it out, then come back here and leave a comment on this post with info about what your animal shelter is doing to go green, or let us know what you plan to do this year in honor of Earth Day (maybe it’s time to pledge to stop using that clay litter!)

Two winners will be selected in a random drawing on Earth Day, April 22. Each winner will receive an 18 lb. bag of Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter in the new biodegradable bag. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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298 Responses to “Celebrating Earth Day with Close To Naturenow Organic Cat Litter EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 151

    I’m so glad they started this packaging!! I was a little bummed on the large plastic containers that they used before and I actually didn’t want to buy more because of it. This gives me even more initiative to try it again!

  2. 152

    I’ve been researching ny natural litters and have tried a few. I need odor control, clumping, low tracking. and prefer flushable.

  3. 153

    My cats have been using World’s Best for a few months, and they like it pretty well. It’s messy, though, and they track it outside of the box. I’d like to try Close to Naturenow as well.

  4. 154

    Another win for pets and green homes! Fantastic!

  5. 155

    This sounds like a great product
    Can’t wait to try it and be GREEN!!!!

  6. 156

    We switched from clay to “green”. Tried a few kinds and now use pine but will try this too. The shelter where I got my oldest cat is raising funds to build a larger modern building. They visited Winnipeg’s shelter so I was happy to see it on your list. Hopefully soon they will also be on your list.

  7. 157

    I already use non clay litter and adding a biodegradable bag is the icing on the cake! This year in honor of Earth Day I am going to try to teach my cat how to use the toilet so we don’t have to use cat litter and impact the environment even less.

  8. 158

    I would love to try a green litter!

  9. 159

    Looks like none of the shelters near me are on the list–but I adopted my little one through a rescue that places cats in volunteer fosters’ homes, so that’s a little more energy efficient than housing cats in a building that needs to be heated and cleaned. She’s been so great when I’ve had to switch litter on her–I hope she takes to this!

  10. 160
    10 cat Mom

    This is a wonderful idea, but I checked their website, and I would have to drive to another state to buy the large bucket size. I wish all litter came in biodegradable bags.

  11. 161

    i don’t use clay litter (never have, clay is for pots…), i plant trees, but my dad works at a paper plant… I ride the bus to work and walk home, – i guess i’m a shade of green…

  12. 162
    kate t

    i already am green, but this would be a great way to go EVEN more green!! i LOVe that the bag is biodegradable too!!

  13. 163

    Ima be huggin’ a tree for Earth Day! :-)

  14. 164

    I will be teaching kids about marine conservation on earth day!
    I think my cat would like to try some new litter :)

  15. 165

    i’ve tried world’s best cat litter but one of my cats started snacking on it! so i’m back to using natural pine pellets. but i would really like to use something with clumping power. this litter sounds like it could do the trick. and i love that it’s in biodegradable packaging.

  16. 166

    i don’t know if my shelter could afford to make drastic changes to go green… i feel like the greener litter is more expensive than others!

    but they spay and neuter all animals that leave the shelter, which is green b/c then less animals are being born, taking up less space, food, water, etc!

  17. 167
    Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

    Dad just made us a new scratcher out of recycled materials and mom is gonna stop using clay litter. She’s looking fur a good, green litter dat we will like and use.

  18. 168

    I have already stopped using household products that test on animals, am trying to get my animals of food that doesn’t use lab testing, and now for Earth Day, I’ll try an environmentally friendly litter!

  19. 169
    Courtney W.

    I’ve always used clay litter but have tried to switch to a natural litter. Unfortunately the natural litters I’ve tried did not neutralize the odor as well as expected. I’m still looking for a natural litter that doesn’t leave me with a stinky apartment. I hope this litter meets those expectations!

  20. 170

    It’s great to have “green” litter – every part of it!
    Thanks for helping the Earth!

  21. 171

    I wish they would carry this in my local pet store. I’ve tried a couple of natural alternatives, but they’re quite expensive.

  22. 172
    Catalina Soltero

    I volunteer at the HSSV Animal Community Center, and it’s exciting to see my shelter on the Green list! I had switched my one cat off of clay litter, but when I adopted my new senior kitty, he wouldn’t use the corn cob-based litter. I’d love to try something else that hopefully both cats will use.

  23. 173

    I’ve been using Swheat Scoop for my cats since I got them, thanks to my friend. They do track it out of the box a lot, though I get the feeling that you get that with any litter anyway. Would definitely like to try this litter seeing as it’s not clay-based and biodegradable as well. :]

  24. 174
    Maryann Royster

    It’s great to see that some shelters have gone green, but I could see from the list that the ones in my area aren’t doing that yet. There are some on long island NY that have closed their doors. Green is great but open is better.

  25. 175

    Sounds really good to me. Like to try this revulotionary litter.

  26. 176
    Xuxa S.

    We will never use clay litter again or drink bottled water!

  27. 177

    I’ve never heard of this litter before, and have struggled to find a biodegradable litter my cats can use, as they have allergies to wheat and corn. I would love to try it! I work in an animal shelter, and we recycle paper, bottles, and cans. We also use donated news paper, blankets and towels, and pass on what we can’t use to other shelters.

  28. 178

    Looking for an alternative to clay clumping litter. Have tried a few but still looking for one that works well.

  29. 179

    I love the idea of the “green” packaging! I wish more companies would take the initiative!

    This cat litter sounds interesting… I plan on trying it soon.

  30. 180
    Debbie W.

    I’ve heard about this, but have yet to try it.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. 181

    Unfortunately none of the local shelters are particularly green – but I avoid using chemical cleaners around my cats or toxic flea products (like Advantage) in honour of them & Earth Day.

  32. 182

    this litter looks great and i love the biodegradable packaging. i already use world’s best at the moment cause it’s greener than clay litters but i’d love to check out this litter as well!

    i’d also love to hear of any additional ways to be greener with regards to my kitties. i’m already in the process of converting all my light bulbs over to cfl’s and switching to low flow showerheads but i’m ready to do more for earth day!

  33. 183
    Cindy Zawalich

    Our local shelter has begun using organic cleaning products and receycling old towels and sheets rather than using paper products. We are always looking for new ways to go green AND save money! My kitties would love to try out this litter, which is new to me — I’ve never seen it before, but it sounds great!

  34. 184
    Cathy S.

    Free litter AND it’s good for the environment? Win-win!

  35. 185

    We could put it to good use ;)

  36. 186

    Biodegradable Bag… GENIUS!!!

  37. 187

    I already use a biodegradable litter, and my cat’s food is in a recyclable bag. I love the idea of a biodegradable bag–even better! My cat also comes from a shelter that houses cats in foster homes, so I think in honor of Earth Day, I’ll donate to them. I’ll go pick up trash on the beach here as well.

  38. 188
    peggy w

    Hope we win. We would love to try this litter.

  39. 189

    I haven’t tried this litter, have been using “World’s Best” for the last9 months, the kids like it ok, it does track some, and the oder control could be better. the expense is a lot higher than clay litters. But i don’t want to use them at all anymore so will be trying the new green ones.

  40. 190

    Glad to see Silicon Valley on the list of green shelters as that’s my home town. I haven’t used clay litter for years. My celebration of Earth Day is like every day to eat vegan which cuts down on water usage & cattle grazing in rainforests.

  41. 191

    i love earth friendly pet products! and i love how it’s safe for my kitties. :)

  42. 192

    It sounds new and different and worth trying.

  43. 193
    Sheila Gross

    I’d love to try it, but the nearest distributor is in North Carolina! I’m in New Jersey. Still, it’s a great concept.

    I’m currently using either Yesterday’s News (recycled newspapers) or Cedarific (sawdust) for about half my litter needs for 7 cats. I wouldn’t mind switching everything to biodegradable/recycled/recyclable.

  44. 194

    I am using natural pine litter.

  45. 195



  46. 196

    I switched to wheat litter over a year ago, but this litter, if it does track less, would be amazing!

    For earth day this year, I plan to spend as little energy as possible and spruce up our apartment patio with cat friendly plants!

  47. 197
    Linda Becar

    This litter sounds great. With 24 cats I have been looking for a beter litter and an earth friendly litter would be great. I already recycle as much as possible , use as little electricity and have a low flow shoer head installed.

  48. 198
    Janie M.

    It’s cool to see that the VA Beach SPCA is using bio fuel, I had no idea that you could donate your used vegetable oil (wish I lived a bit closer, I would definitely save it up for them)!

    This litter looks great, not only saves the landfill from clay but it also eliminates the plastic bags used to dispose of it since it’s flushable. Not mention that it’s way safer your cat and family!!!

    We recently purchased a tap water filter for our kitchen sink so we won’t have to buy any more disposable water bottles, plus our cat likes the water better now too (many cats hate the taste of chlorine that’s often in unfiltered tap water).

  49. 199

    Am using Worlds Best now for all 4 kitties boxes, but would love to
    try this. Like the biodegradable packaging. I have 4 cats, so price
    is a concern. Found that Worlds Best last longer than clay, but would
    love to try this.

  50. 200
    Donna L

    Great idea!

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