Streamlined Plastic Pet Carriers from Iris

Mon, Apr 12, 2010


Iris Pet Carriers

Here are a couple of interesting pet carriers from Iris. The first one is a side-loading carrier, probably good for smaller cats since it measures just 18.3 x 9.4 x 12.8 inches. Available in this nice green and also in a soft pink. Normally $29.99 US, but now only $26.00 on Amazon.

The second one is a picnic basket type carrier with a top-loading door and two handles. This one has a storage compartment on the top, plus a smaller access door. Also for smaller cats, but slightly larger than the first one, measuring 19.2 x 13 x 12.2 inches. Reviews on Amazon are quite good, just one comment about the handles being somewhat awkward. Regularly $34.99 US, now $28.99 on Amazon. Available in green or a nice neutral tan.

Both seem to have good ventilation and look like they’d be easy to clean. Has anyone tried one of these carriers?

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23 Responses to “Streamlined Plastic Pet Carriers from Iris”

  1. 1
    J Rose

    Some of my cats are so huge, I always worry about plastic handles. But carrying my smaller guys in a picnic hamper sounds good…

  2. 2

    I like the “basket” approach that they have. No I have never seen them. Sorta reminds me of the Dorothy and Toto thing – how she had that basket on the front of her bike for him to ride in. Man, there’s an idea – a basket to put on the front of your bike for your kitty to ride in!

  3. 3

    I’ve seen these online before, but never in a store.
    I do like the picnic basket one but prefer the other style more – too bad it’s so small.

  4. 4
    Roxanne Lucchesi

    I have never used this brand of carrier. But, funnily enough, for years I have used an actual picnic basket to transport my kitties to the vet. It seems to upset them less than the traditional-type cat carrier. And a picnic basket-type carrier is certainly easier when loading–and unloading–a cat. I like the look of this cat carrier. However, I have recently invested in collapsible canvas-type cat carriers as I live in a small apartment and they fold up for flat storage.

  5. 5
    Pam N

    So many wonderful things for all kitties and the pendants for their humans are adorable.

  6. 6
    Pam Nicholson

    So many wonderful tings for all kitties and the pendants for their humans are adorable!

  7. 7
    Laura and cats

    So cute! And they have a friendlier look to them vs. regular carriers.

  8. 8

    They look cute and great to clean, but too small, my cats are huge, is there a weight limit?

  9. 9

    I have the Iris pet carrier that is shaped like a picnic basket in tan. It is the best carrier ever-easy in easy out. If you have a cat that struggles you can scoop them up and put them in before they even know what’s going on. The slotted opening is where the cat can poke their head out-or jump out. And the covered opening is where you can put the treats. It’s pretty big inside, even for a chubby kitty. The price can’t be beat and it even comes with a little pad inside. If you are worried about size I would say that the dimensions rival some of the traditional small front loaders out there. I don’t find carrying it to be such a hassle.

  10. 10

    These look nice however i do not see seat belt hooks on them, the ones i have have a little hook you put the seat belt under. safety first.

  11. 11

    These have a very nice look! Most of my family are too large and/or heavy for them. But for smaller cats and kittens, they’d be fantastic!

  12. 12

    Very cool. I need another one!

  13. 13

    Look cool but they don’t seem like they would be very easy to carry….needs shoulder straps!

  14. 14

    Jenny, on the bike thing…you say yes but kitty says NO! Toto liked it but Toto was a dog!

    I remember a couple years ago seeing a website with the most unique cat carriers. One was a picnic basket style made of the same material. I’ve looked for that site since but cannot find it.

  15. 15

    It looks like a mail box!

  16. 16

    I like the way these look but I too wonder if one of my bigger cats could fit inside. But I would love to have one!

  17. 17

    They do look more funky than the old cat carrier I have – my cat is quite small so it may well be time for an upgrade

  18. 18

    I have an old Pet Zone picnic basket style carrier, similar to this one, but more sturdy. I need to replace it, and am looking at these since I can no longer find the Pet Zone one. I love the top loading, much easier with struggling cats. Also much easier to carry with the picnic basket style handles.

  19. 19

    too funny Angela!
    But your commment gave me an idea for a custom mailbox incorporating a custom shape & tromps l’oiel and the theme from a great bronze piece my husband got me for my birthday many years ago that would make a spacious mailbox and unique for any cat lover who would enjoy something more than the ordinary mail receptacle. It’s a cat in a bird cage and the bird is perched on the outside top of the cage, the tail could come thru the cage and be the handle that u open the mail box with, for the lever and flag to indicate outgoing mail the “flag” could be a monarch butterfly so when it was up it would look as tho a butterfly were perched on the side of the cage. I don’t know if my description makes it possible to visualize or not. But I think I will go sketch it out & figure a couple of ways it could be constucted (I’m thinking short of carving out a huge chunk of wood, possibly bender board or possibly using some sort of large aluminum drainage pipe as the main structure that could be cut, snipped & shaped then painted on)LOL who would have thought shopping for cat carriers would turn into such a project !

    For me most of my cats are heftier & those carriers that u can wheel around like luggage look like a REAL shoulder/hand saver! But they might be able to offer a wheeled attachable cart, as an accessory, for either of these for those of us with plus size felines.

  20. 20

    I own the basket type carrier shown here and love it for my 11 pound cat for shor trips, but it is a tad small for my slightly larger cat, and doesn’t allow for much moving round. The handles are very sturdy, and it is well constructed. I wish it came in a larger size.

  21. 21

    I have the picnic-basket-style carrier in green. I also have the PetZone one mentioned above. Both work well, though the PetZone one can hold a larger cat. I need a third carrier and have been having a difficult time finding the picnic basket type. This one is more comfortable to carry than the PetZone. My current cats are between 6 and 8lbs., so the carrier has plenty of room. I only use carriers to take my cats to the vet, so even this picnic basket carrier was fine for my old 14lb. guy. If I were traveling with my cats, I’d probably prefer a crate style. But these are wonderful for trips to the vet, etc.

  22. 22

    I don’t have either of these carriers, but I’ve had some actual plastic picnic baskets that looked similar–rectangular, top opening with plenty of ventilation (slots like the one shown but more)–that I’ve used for cat carriers. They were quite sturdy and easy to clean. A little pillow fit nicely in the bottom, too. The only reason I’d stop using one was when they took too hard a knock and the bottom cracked.

  23. 23

    I have the picnic basket style carrier and like it a lot. My biggest cat is 15 pounds but it works for him. It just sags a little at the edges where the lid meets the carrier. He doesn’t like to leave the carrier once he gets to the vet, so it’s WAY easier to get him in and out of this carrier, versus a side loader.

    I initially worried that this carrier might not be strong enough for him, but it has held up just fine through many vet visits. I highly recommend it. (And I didn’t have any problems with the handles.)

    If you have a HUGE cat who weighs more than 18 pounds, say, then this carrier might be a little too flimsy for such a beast. ;-)

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