Introducing Purr Post Eco-friendly Cat Furniture PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Thu, Apr 15, 2010

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Purr Post

With Earth Day less than a week away, this is the perfect time to introduce a brand new company that may be producing some of the greenest cat products on the market. Introducing Purr Post, Portland, Oregon-based manufacturer of eco-friendly cat furniture including posts, perches, scratchers and more. All of the Purr Post products are made using organic and natural materials that have been carefully researched. Solid bamboo, stainless aluminum, and natural sisal are combined to create beautiful products that both you and your cat will love. All products are made in the USA.

I’m really impressed with the amount of research that has clearly gone into every aspect of the Purr Post products, including the finishes and adhesives used. This company is obviously dedicated to being environmentally-friendly and cat-friendly. They pay attention to details, right down to the office paper they use!

Purr Post Scratcher

BONUS GIVEAWAY! Enter to Win A Purr Post Scratcher!

Purr Post is offering one of their bamboo and sisal scratchers for a special Earth Day giveaway! These scratchers are made of solid bamboo with water-based varnish and a natural sisal scratching surface. The scratchers are backed with non-skid natural cork to protect floors. The winner will get to choose either the darker caramel finish or the lighter natural finish.

To enter the giveaway, please visit the Purr Post website to read a little more about the company, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what you think. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on Earth Day, April 22. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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694 Responses to “Introducing Purr Post Eco-friendly Cat Furniture PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 601
    kat t

    very impressive & cool!! Id love to have these!

  2. 602
    Sarah L

    I think our kitty would love it. I like that it is an eco-friendly product.

  3. 603

    Very cool!

  4. 604

    Beautifully designed and beautiful-looking!

  5. 605
    Melissa A.

    I love that they have classic styles that cats have loved for decades but in a whole new set of materials! Great job, guys!

  6. 606

    I really appreciate all of the research that this company seems to have done. My cats & I would LOVE one!

  7. 607

    my kittys snooky and minky just got their own new home with mommy,they would love to have the eco friendly purr post in their new room,and mommy would be happy cause they wouldn’t scratch the rug!!!

  8. 608

    Very attractive design on both; perhaps in the future the perch could be made available with the carpet in a darker color, to disguise cat hair? (and to make it look less like the standard ugly-beige-carpet cat furniture at mass retailers)

    Also, since my cat doesn’t like the harder varieties of sisal (he loves cardboard and the more loosely woven sisal that my rug is made of, unfortunately), it would be great to have an option to have a cardboard (or loosely woven sisal) insert in the scratcher.

    Nice work on making attractive, sustainable cat products!

  9. 609

    Nice site. Love the scratcher.

  10. 610
    Holly Sisson

    Love that it uses sisal as that is what Alice is used to scratching on her current scratching post! Beautiful looking product too!

  11. 611

    Great company and great products! I would love one of these for my two cats. They really need a new scratching post. Bad! They’ve destroyed their kitty condo! ;P

  12. 612

    sisal is the bestest and my mostest favoritest scratcher!!! i would looooooooove to have one more!!!!! Zsa Zsa (I’m a beautiful black and white girl!

  13. 613

    I really like how these products use eco-friendly products but also keep in mind what cats like. Both designs would be super-attractive to my cats. Many products boast that they use recyclable materials etc, but the designs are not cat-friendly, so what’s the point?

  14. 614

    I love the attention to detail and the commitment to safety for cats. Thanks for letting us know about Purr Post.

  15. 615

    Looks like an amazing product! I love the fact the the scratch post is made of post consumer paper and natural wool carpet. I used to have a post made of natural wool but after five years I had to give it up! My cat, Moco, loved it maybe a little too much and totally wore it out. But that was after five years… about three years longer than any of my other cat trees lasted.

  16. 616

    it’s amazing how pricey these things are…i prefer the DIY approach on the site. maybe one day when i’m making money again as opposed to being a poor grad student, i can look at these things differently. i like the concept but not the price tag.

  17. 617
    Vicki Andrew

    love to have this, I am getting a new sofa and I really need to get something my kitties will want to scratch instead of it

  18. 618
    Sheri N.

    Nice to know that there is a company designing cat products and still keeping our environment safe.

  19. 619

    Wow! Great find! It’s so nice to learn about companies that care.

  20. 620

    It’s so nice to see people making eco-friendly cat scratchers that are nice for the kitties, the people and the planet!

  21. 621

    WOW! Wonderful quality, no chemicals, nicely designed, and affordable! What more could a kitty ask for . . .

  22. 622

    What fantastic products! It makes sense and it is amazing that it hasn’t been thought of before! What sleek designs also, amazing!

  23. 623

    You can never have enough scratching posts and especially one that looks so smart!

  24. 624

    I love these! I love when cat furniture it sleek…it fits in with my decor so well!

  25. 625
    Courtney W,

    Lovely designs, and I like the earth-friendly aspect.

  26. 626
    Robin Fiedler

    I love the sleek, modern look of these products. I also love that the company uses bamboo as we are trying to find as many products for our home as possible that use it. I think my kitties would appreciate this “green” product very much!

  27. 627

    My cats really want to be green and this would be perfect for them. Plus it would nicely match our bamboo flooring. No more ugly plastic scratchers!

  28. 628

    I love seeing more eco-friendly kitty products. This on is awesome.

  29. 629

    AaaaWwww their so cute and that is great that they are eco-friendly.

  30. 630

    Nice.I glad to know that protecting the environment is a priority for companies in the business of making creative products for pets.

  31. 631

    I like that it is made with mostly organic materials.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  32. 632

    So many great details about the product and great to see it’s made in the USA!

  33. 633

    Such cool products you have!!!!!!!!

  34. 634

    Great eco-friendly product!

  35. 635

    Perfect! My daughter’s kitties would love one of these!!

  36. 636


    I just found this website and love the cool products! We just adopted our second ferrel kitten two days ago and she would LOVE to have something like this to play with!


  37. 637

    I love this product! The fact that it’s eco-friendly is wonderful!

  38. 638

    Super cool! I’m impressed.

  39. 639

    I love that it’s made with bamboo and has replacements :D

  40. 640

    Very impressive! I love how practical it is on pretty much every level.

  41. 641

    Wonderful company. Would love to win, but will purchase something for kitty anyway.

  42. 642

    Both are very elegant, I know my cat and I would love them!

  43. 643

    Beautifully designed and functional! And I love the fact that they are so environmentally friendly and safe for my cats.

  44. 644

    I really like that Purr Post thinks of all components in regards to being eco-friendly. Their products are great for cats too! Great company. Kudos!

  45. 645

    Truly a treat for the eyes as well as the claws! The eco-conscious design is icing on the cake –

  46. 646
    Suzanne D

    Great way to celebrate Earth day! Appears to be a very high quality product along with being kind to the earth and all of it’s creatures!

  47. 647

    Mm, sisal. My Riker loves his sisal post.

  48. 648

    I especially appreciate that they make their products so you can buy a new insert and make it complete again. It’s such a waste to buy a whole new product!

  49. 649

    Love all the products and the concept behind it. My cat would love this!

  50. 650

    I’m glad more companies are developing eco-friendly products and thinking about the planet.


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