Kick Litter For Earth Day!

Kick Litter

If you want to be really green this Earth Day, you could try toilet training your cat and kicking the litter habit altogether! I still have yet to try this, but I’ve read so many testimonials saying that it’s the best thing ever, I have to see if it works.

One of the best resources out there for helping you teach your cats how to use the toilet is Kick Litter, the entertaining little guidebook from Moxie and Cooper who both kicked litter themselves. The book comes with a free poster outlining the easy-to-follow “nine step intervention program” for toilet training your cat.

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Note: Toilet training cats can be controversial because some research has shown that there may be a link between a parasite sometimes found in cat feces and harm being caused to sea otters on the West coast of the US. However, further research shows that if you are able to verify that your cat does not have the parasite, that flushing cat feces is not a problem. For more info, please read this post.

Kick Litter Certificate

Enter to Win! Nine Winners!

We have enough copies of Kick Litter for nine lucky winners, one for each of the nine-steps! These books will not only be signed by the author, Perre DiCarlo, but they will be accompanied by a very special certificate of completion designed just for Moderncat readers! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on April 29. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere.

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528 Responses to “Kick Litter For Earth Day!”

  1. 51

    If my cat can get over the fact that the toilet is full of *shock and awe* water !!! then this would be a wonderful thing to do! Less mess for me to deal with, and less fill for the land.

  2. 52

    I’d love for my cat to try this! She acts like a princess anyway, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility…

  3. 53

    I’d love to teach my cat to use the toilet. He’s a bengal so I think he’d be a really good student.

    Is it mandatory to have two bathrooms?

  4. 54
    Janneal Gifford

    Training our cats to use the toilet would not only be uber-cool, it would also get the boxes out of our main living spaces, save money, and (potentially) help the planet, too. A win-win-win just can’t be wrong.

  5. 55

    I have one cat who HATES the litter box-she steps in, does her business and steps quickly out. She then walks to the bath mat and does the “I’m burying it” scratching….which never helps with the dirty box smell!! I would love to train her to use the toilet!!

  6. 56

    I’d definitely like to train my cats to kick the litter habit…

  7. 57

    this will give my boyfriend and kitty something to do while i’m at work!!

  8. 58

    This is wonderful – I’m in the process of trying to toilet train my cats, but another new guide would be sooo helpful! Enter me in the drawing please :)

  9. 59
    steph m.

    Have always wanted to train my cat to do this…He can share my husband’s bathroom toilet! :)

  10. 60

    I’ve been interested in this since Kenji came to live with us. However, my husband would bear the brunt of the “educational process”, I’m afraid, since he’s home all day. However, the book might swing his vote. :)

  11. 61

    I was just looking at Litter Kwitter the other day, would love to try this method first! I have 9 litter pans!!!!

  12. 62

    Litter is kind of gross, for the earth, my cats’ lungs, and because it sticks to poo. I would like to kick it. (Yes, I can!)

  13. 63
    Catherine Fleming

    I would really love to kick litter out of my life!!

  14. 64

    Wow! I would love to toilet train my cats! Can they be taught to flush??

  15. 65
    Brian S


  16. 66

    I would live it if I could get my cat to do this! No more litter box would be nice!

  17. 67

    It would be fantastic if I could teach just some of my 7 cats to use the toilet bowl instead of the box.Less cleaning for me. Any tips on how to teach them to push the handle down when they are done? If a 7 learned I would have to be around ALL DAY to flush. Hahaha. De

  18. 68
    Nicole W

    I have always wanted to try this!

  19. 69

    I have had cats that trained themselves to use the toilet, and many just refuse. The first one didn’t like the litter box. It was before commercial litter. My Dad mixed sand and dirt. There was no odor control. So, Smokey started using the toilet all by himself. Never did learn to flush it though I’ve had cats that will.

  20. 70

    I need this! I am about to have a 4 cat household, which I LOVE, but would love if we could get some training going for them :)

  21. 71

    Think it would be a daunting prospect for my Gus, but I can still dream!
    Would love to learn more!

  22. 72

    I would love to see our 5 cats switch to the toilet. They already have their own bathroom.

    If we win I guess I have to look into motion sensing flushing on that toilet.

  23. 73

    amazing, fingers crossed to finally win something on this site!

  24. 74

    I would love to try this!

  25. 75

    super awesome!

    I would love to try this out.

  26. 76

    My boyfriend just got a kitty and was interested in trying to “potty” train her. This book sounds great.

  27. 77

    This would be amazing; I’d love to eliminate all of our litter boxes and the odor associated with it!

  28. 78

    WOW! What a great idea. My female Sphynx, Princess Isadora, is fasinated by the toilet and loves to watch it flush. She spends a lot of time just sitting in the bathroom. I think she would be a great candidate. Thanks.

  29. 79

    It would be so amazing to not have to scoop after 4 cats!

  30. 80

    It would be so nice to kick the litter – the one downfall of owning a cat! Clio is pretty smart so I think she would do great!

  31. 81

    I am actually going to train my kitties starting this weekend! I am using the City Kitty kit. I will let you know how it goes. Max and Eliza are INTRIGUED by the toilet so I am hoping it will be easy!!

  32. 82

    I’m willing to give it a try… we’ll have to see if the cat is.

  33. 83

    I’m interested! This would be fantastic if it worked!

  34. 84

    I’m hoping for a chance at this! I’ve always wanted to toilet-train my handsome kitty Xem, because of the mess that he tracks through the house with little pieces of litter. Less mess, no more having to put litter in the trash to go out to the dump, and one very happy owner who doesn’t have to scoop litter every day! Here’s hoping Xem’ll be able to Kick Litter!

  35. 85
    Linda Kish

    I hate cleaning all of our litter boxes. This would be great if I could train my cats.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  36. 86
    Alexandra Zeevy

    Ohhh, that sounds like a challenge! I’m in!

  37. 87
    Leah Adams

    I love this!!! My cat already loves the loo, shes fallen in quite a few times, and loves to watch it flush, I need to teach her to use it!

  38. 88

    WOW! What a great idea. My female Sphynx, Princess Isadora, is fascinated by the toilet and loves to watch it flush. She spends a lot of time just sitting in the bathroom. I think she would be a great candidate. Thanks.

  39. 89
    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

    oh, oh, oh…Disco would love to win! He pees in the bathroom sinks sometimes and I know he would learn to use the toilet! And that certificate would look so nice right above the commode!

  40. 90

    Moving into a house with more than one toilet so the possiblities are there but is this just instructions and I have to buy the litter plate thing that goes into the toilet somewhere else?

  41. 91

    I have been wanton to do this with my cats for ages! Do you think it’ll work od I only have one toilet? Hmmm….. once my roommate moves out I want to try!

  42. 92
    Stacey Gordon

    With 5 cats, we go through a lot of litter. (Thankfully we have a litter-robot!)

    And yet…I wonder what it would be like……

  43. 93

    Litter is the bane of our lives. Kicking Litter would be excellent! Would love to try this, and it’s perfect for living economically and environmentally.

  44. 94

    I despise cleaning the litterbox! Count me in!

  45. 95

    Alasdair, Emlyn, Julian, and Oliver want to give it a try. I’ve promised them that if they use the toilet I’ll put the money I save into climbing apparatus for them!

  46. 96

    I’ve been planning to do this, I have even purchased the city kitty set to help us along! Can’t wait to be rid of the litter box and the mess! Would love the book to help me further along :)

  47. 97
    Kate Setzer Kamphausen

    My Sweetness (he’s head kitty at our house) thinks he might like to try this. He’s been so interested in the toilet for so long!

  48. 98

    Yay! Please…

  49. 99

    I have been wanting to ‘kick litter’ for a while now, and this book would be just the thing to help me!

  50. 100

    Don’t forget that flushing kitty poop in CA may be contributing to sea otter illness.,9171,1538645,00.html

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