Kick Litter For Earth Day!

Kick Litter

If you want to be really green this Earth Day, you could try toilet training your cat and kicking the litter habit altogether! I still have yet to try this, but I’ve read so many testimonials saying that it’s the best thing ever, I have to see if it works.

One of the best resources out there for helping you teach your cats how to use the toilet is Kick Litter, the entertaining little guidebook from Moxie and Cooper who both kicked litter themselves. The book comes with a free poster outlining the easy-to-follow “nine step intervention program” for toilet training your cat.

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Note: Toilet training cats can be controversial because some research has shown that there may be a link between a parasite sometimes found in cat feces and harm being caused to sea otters on the West coast of the US. However, further research shows that if you are able to verify that your cat does not have the parasite, that flushing cat feces is not a problem. For more info, please read this post.

Kick Litter Certificate

Enter to Win! Nine Winners!

We have enough copies of Kick Litter for nine lucky winners, one for each of the nine-steps! These books will not only be signed by the author, Perre DiCarlo, but they will be accompanied by a very special certificate of completion designed just for Moderncat readers! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on April 29. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere.

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528 Responses to “Kick Litter For Earth Day!”

  1. 101

    I have three cats and two bathrooms, I am all about this.

  2. 102

    pick me!!! i love the earth and my kitty!!

  3. 103

    My older cat would go for this, she loves to flush to toilet. I would like to try this.

  4. 104

    I’m all for toilet training!

  5. 105

    I’d love to get rid of the litter, especially the litter that is tracked through the house! HELP!

  6. 106

    I would love to kick the litter! Please pick me!

  7. 107
    Connie Margolin

    I have been thinking how nice it would be to get rid of the litter box, but haven’t known how to get started on the toilet. A lesson plan would be fabulous! Thanks!

  8. 108

    With a new “adoptee” I would definitely love to try this (He has the stinkiest BM’s I’ve ever smelled). lol

  9. 109

    I would love to get my kitties off litter and onto the toilet! 2 of them are already fascinated with the toilet!

  10. 110

    that looks awesome!

  11. 111

    i’ve been so curious about this! have not been able to find the perfect litter for our finicky felines!

  12. 112

    My kitty is smart enough – i really think he could do this! cool!!!!

  13. 113

    I’d LOVE for my 3 cats to kick the litter habit!!

  14. 114

    I’ve heard of this for many years, but never tried to train any of the very smart cats that have owned me. Now I’m ready! This is really awesome.

  15. 115
    Mary Kay

    I have seven cats. I have a million litter boxes. I hate kitty litter. Even if I could get my 4 youngest boys to use the toilet, my work here is done!! >^..^<

  16. 116
    carole wilson

    Hum…with 14 cats, 1 bathroom, will we have to stay in line?

  17. 117

    Our four cats would certainly benefit from this! I think kicking litter is the WAY TO GO!!

  18. 118

    That would be SO cool!

  19. 119

    This would be PERFECT for my sweet Sammy!

  20. 120

    Boy would I love to do this! We have 4 cats and 3 litter boxes and I swear some days while we’re at work they invite all the neighborhood cats in to use the boxes! Surely 4 cats couldn’t create so much “pucky”!!!

  21. 121

    My 9 year old female cat Oscar would not be into this but I would love it. Small apartment + kitty litter box = sometimes stinky apartment. Why does Oscar wait until I get home to lay down a big smelly one???

  22. 122
    Andre Guette

    I would just love to try this. I HATE LITTER!!

  23. 123

    I would love to kick litter! We’ve been having issues with finding an environmentally & cat friendly litter that doesn’t cause allergic reactions in one of my cats! I love how this book looks :)

  24. 124

    wouldn’t it be nice!!! : )

  25. 125

    I’m skeptical but would love to try!

  26. 126

    I’ll give it a try

  27. 127

    I’ve been wanting to try training my 2 cats and this may be the best tool to get started. Thanks for the heads up!

  28. 128

    My roommate’s been wanting to train her kitty – this would be so cool!

  29. 129

    No litter would be AWESOME!!!! I’m sure training my 13 week old Bengals now would be easier than waiting until they are old and set in their ways! :)

  30. 130

    i would really like it if my kitties could kick litter in the metaphorical sense. They already kick it eveyrwhere in the literal sense. :-)

  31. 131
    Cheryl J

    No litter- that would be awesome!

  32. 132

    I have 9 cats! I could really have fun and save a load of money if I could train the cats

  33. 133

    What a cute book! Perfect bathroom literature. I love the cool modern-retro vibe the illustrations have. I think its time to give this toilet training thing a try and (air) kiss the litter goodbye.

  34. 134
    Loki's mom

    I have three cats and four litter boxes. Would love to give this a try!

  35. 135

    This is great! I had a cat who toilet-trained herself, but so far my other cats haven’t been as enthusiastic – I think this would help!!

  36. 136

    I would love to read this. I have 6 cats and a potential seventh arriving shortly. I would save a ton of money as well as being greener!

  37. 137

    No litter would be awesome!!!

  38. 138

    This would be so awsome! Going to have to look into this book!

  39. 139
    jadedea jade

    Wow this is awesome!

  40. 140

    I would love to win one of the books – please count me in the drawing! This looks like a project worth trying! :-)

  41. 141

    It would be fantastic to have my cats potty trained and lose the daily scooping routine.

  42. 142
    Laura Ward

    If any thing could persuade me to try to do this it would be a creative kit like this. Never would have thought of it for an “Earth Day” activity, good job!

  43. 143
    lisa l.

    I really want to see if this works. Litter boxes are gross.

  44. 144
    Jessica N

    Was thinking about teaching my cat to do this. Winning would be the excellent opportunity to start!

  45. 145
    Karo Design

    I really want to try this but I think I’ll wait to have a second bathroom in the house. With one bathroom, it could get crowned with the 2 cats using it too!

  46. 146

    I rescue & foster cats, can’t wait to get started. The time & money this will save will enable me to care fore, feed & neuter more abandoned cats.

  47. 147

    I would love to be litter-free!

  48. 148

    This would be perfect for my kittie, who travels with me on business. Imagine, not having to lug around a litter box, litter, dust pan and brush!

  49. 149

    I would love to train my cats to use the toilet. If only they could learn to flush as well . . .

  50. 150

    Please sign me up to win!

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