Kick Litter For Earth Day!

Kick Litter

If you want to be really green this Earth Day, you could try toilet training your cat and kicking the litter habit altogether! I still have yet to try this, but I’ve read so many testimonials saying that it’s the best thing ever, I have to see if it works.

One of the best resources out there for helping you teach your cats how to use the toilet is Kick Litter, the entertaining little guidebook from Moxie and Cooper who both kicked litter themselves. The book comes with a free poster outlining the easy-to-follow “nine step intervention program” for toilet training your cat.

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Note: Toilet training cats can be controversial because some research has shown that there may be a link between a parasite sometimes found in cat feces and harm being caused to sea otters on the West coast of the US. However, further research shows that if you are able to verify that your cat does not have the parasite, that flushing cat feces is not a problem. For more info, please read this post.

Kick Litter Certificate

Enter to Win! Nine Winners!

We have enough copies of Kick Litter for nine lucky winners, one for each of the nine-steps! These books will not only be signed by the author, Perre DiCarlo, but they will be accompanied by a very special certificate of completion designed just for Moderncat readers! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on April 29. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere.

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528 Responses to “Kick Litter For Earth Day!”

  1. 151

    I have a question for those who have toilet trained their cats. What do you do about flushing? Like, do you warn guests that they may come across a pre-pooped toilet or do you just train the cat to use a non-public toilet or…?

  2. 152

    I rescue & foster cats, can’t wait to get started. The time & money this will save will enable me to care for, feed & neuter more abandoned cats.

  3. 153

    Oh man, with 4 cats I would give anything to stop spending about $100 a month on corn litter! And reclaim the space in my house their litter boxes take up. What a dream… I want one of these books!

  4. 154

    I would love to kick the litter out of my life forever!!!

  5. 155
    Tracy Brewer

    I would really love to win this book. My cats are always on the toilet. But they don’t use it. LOL

  6. 156

    This sounds interesting. We’d love to kick the litter habit!

  7. 157

    This is fantastic! My husband has been wanting to toilet train our two cats for years now…what a great jumpstart this would be.

  8. 158

    Haha this is hilarious!

  9. 159

    I would love for my cat, Jane to get toilet trained!

  10. 160
    Sarah Mae

    I’ve wanted to do this for years! I love my cats to death but there’s nothing I hate more than them tracking litter all over the house. This would be godsend!

  11. 161

    Way 2 Kool — if it works!

  12. 162

    With 7 kitties, I would LOVE to be able to toilet train them and not have the hefty litter bill! They’re young, too, so hopefully it’s doable.

  13. 163
    christine m.

    I’d love to kick the litter habit!

  14. 164

    I am really intrigued by the thought of not scooping litter every day. Sign me up!

  15. 165

    The gray and white kitty pictured looks just like my Jezebel!

  16. 166

    One of my cats “kicks” half the litter out of the box. He needs help!

  17. 167

    Would love to teach my cats to do this. But concerned that they will problems later when they are older.

  18. 168

    Very cool! I’d love to train my kitty to do this!

  19. 169

    The poster looks attractive. Hope it works with our kitty. :-)

  20. 170

    With 5 kitties going potty at whataever time they need to…it’s become a full time job scooping and cleaning up! If I could even get one kitty potty trained it would be awesome!!!! and I know the one that would probably take to it fist…ACE!

  21. 171

    Just in time….as I’m about to change out two boxes. :) )

  22. 172


    I’d love to have this! I’ve partially trained Nugget to do this – but since I am adopting a new one as well – a guide would be helpful. :)


  23. 173

    Can you really teach an old cat new “tricks”??!!

  24. 174
    Jeremy Michael

    This is a great idea but I don’t know. I think that I would start laughing and not be able to stop if I ever saw my cat sitting on the toilet. And what if we both had to go at the same time? Hee hee.

  25. 175

    Yes! My husband and i have been talking about trying to do this for ages! Thanks!

  26. 176

    I was just thinking this morning how i can get my 3 cats to use the toilet.
    One of them actually stands up as it is and rest his feet on the edge of the litter box as I really think he doesn’t like to get his feet dirty. I’m all for trying it out.

  27. 177

    I think this is a great idea! However, if you live on the coast, chances are your kitty litter will wind up in the ocean! Toxoplasmosis is found in cat feces and harms sea otters:

  28. 178
  29. 179

    A toilet trained kitty would be amazing!

  30. 180

    I would love to come home and see little kitty poops in the toilet….so cute! But can you teach an old cat new tricks?

  31. 181

    This could save me a bundle AND be so green too! I have 6 indoor cats and estimeate my monthly litter expense to be around $60 a month. That’s over $700 a year and over 1o grand over the course of a cats life x 6. I need this!!!!

  32. 182

    I really want to make this work in my household this year. I’ve been saying I am going to toilet train the cats for almost three years!

  33. 183

    How ironic! I was just looking into the CitiKitty system, and think I’ll give it a shot! Even if all four of my furry kids don’t do it, eliminating a few of the litter boxes would still be a huge advantage!

  34. 184
    Mark Bizic

    I would like to to try.

  35. 185

    Our friends would be so impressed!

  36. 186

    This would be awesome

  37. 187

    I would love to give this a shot!

  38. 188

    I’m seriously thinking about doing this. It would be nice since both my cats make a mess whenever they use the litter box.

  39. 189

    I’ve been curious about trying this on our kitty for a while now. This sounds like the perfect resource!

  40. 190

    This would be great.

  41. 191
    Camila Porto

    Thats so great!

  42. 192

    I would love love love my kitten to be able to use the toilet, first she has to learn to not drink from it. This kit looks fantastic!

  43. 193

    This would be amazing!

  44. 194

    I have sworn that my next cat will learn to use the toilet so that I can eliminate the litter box. I have really bad allergies – crazy, insane and really ironic, I’m not allergic to the cats, but I keep having more and more trouble finding a cat litter I can tolerate.

  45. 195

    This is awesome! My husband would be thrilled…well, me too! ;)

  46. 196

    This has my utility room toilet’s name written all over it. How awesome would it be not to have a litterbox!

  47. 197
    Alexandrea M

    I really have considered this, have had concerns with if I can do both (when we have company I really don’t want the cats using the toilet!

  48. 198

    If my cat could do this, I would love it!

  49. 199

    Oh please, oh please, oh please! If ever I wanted to win a Moderncat giveaway, it’s now!

  50. 200

    I have one kitty who uses the toilet, but he hasn’t learned to flush yet! LOL Have more 6 kitties who need to learn, but aren’t interested yet.

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