Protect Your Pet While Helping Others with BlanketID BONUS GIVEAWAY


Introducing blanketID, another great way to help protect your cat in case they get lost, plus, with this system, you’ll be helping other animals in need at the same time! This Victoria, BC-based company is dedicated to helping pets. They have created a line of very stylish ID tags that each have a unique ID number. Pet owners register the ID online at and enter your contact information as well as a description and photos of your pet. If your pet is lost, simply report your pet as missing through the website and blanketID sends a broadcast email to local SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, other local blanketID members in the US and Canada. If someone finds your pet, they can log on and contact you immediately.


The tags are lightweight, waterproof, scratch resistant, and noiseless, because they have a crystal clear, durable, rubberized coating on both sides. They are also very small and come in a variety of awesome mod designs. All the blankedID tags are made in North America.


For every purchase of a blanketID tag and membership, a portion of the funds are donated to the Blanket Fund for Animals. The funds are all used to help animals in need. You can read about some of the animals that have been helped on the blankedID blog.

BlanketID tags sell for $24.99 CAD, which includes the first year’s membership. Additional yearly memberships can be purchased with discounted package pricing.



Ten lucky winners will each receive a blanketID tag and a 1-year membership! To enter, please visit the blanketID website and pick your favorite ID tag design. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite design is. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on May 3. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere. Note: International readers can register their pet on, however the broadcast email alerts are only available in the US and Canada.

* this giveaway is now closed*

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462 Responses to “Protect Your Pet While Helping Others with BlanketID BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 51

    I love the Rainbow Orange Blanket Tag

    My cats have the collars that open if they get caught on anything

  2. 52

    I just love the trellis orange tag. It would look great on my black and white girl!

  3. 53
    Debra B

    Love the Rainbow Orange Tag.

  4. 54

    Rainbow Neutral is really nice.

  5. 55

    These are great! I think all of the designs are really cool, but if I had to pick one, I’d go with the Gingham Neutral. It would work for my boy kitty or my girl kitty, and it matches both of their collars already.

  6. 56

    Love this idea! My fav would be Gingham Orange!

  7. 57
    Sarah, Justin & NYA

    Great Idea… LOVE IT !!!!!!!!! Nya has a tag but not all places have the ability to scan her and retrieve the tag info. This is GREAT…….

    Our Fav. was the Butterfly Neutral!

  8. 58

    I like them all, but especially the first two on the bottom. The first would look great on my blue American Shorthair and the second on my black Maine Coone!

  9. 59
    Chari Hill

    I like the trellis orange for my girl kitty and the gingham neutral for my boy kitty!!

  10. 60
    Amy Bailey

    These are a great idea. I would feel much more secure knowing my boys were protected. We have had some escape mishaps before. My favorite design is the Trellis orange. Nice and bright and will get lost kitty noticed. Thanks for this giveaway!

  11. 61

    Re: Logan comment 6
    There are “safety” collars for cats. They have a buckle that will release when the collar is strained. So if the cat is caught on something, the buckle/fastener will release and let the cat go. We have these and the release mechanisms don’t usually require much force. You can find this type of collar at most pet supplies stores or websites. I think a collar is a good idea because it immediately indicates to a stranger that this cat belongs to someone. We keep a tag with our name, phone number, and the words “I am chipped” on each collar. A person may not want to take a stray or lost cat to a vet or the shelter to be scanned, but most will call a phone number on a tag.

  12. 62

    Good Idea! I like the brown with the purple rose!

  13. 63

    I think the Peony Green is my favorite.

  14. 64

    Great idea! Gingham orange is my favourite!

  15. 65
    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

    Mewow! I’d love to win! I amchipped but also have a tag on too, double protection…but to have medical records too…Super! I like the last one in the photo, chocolate with the blue butterfly!

  16. 66

    I love the green plaid design!!

  17. 67
    Missy K

    What an awesome idea !

    But the butterflies and trellis orange are cute too .


  18. 68

    These are a great idea! I like the “trellis orange” tag becuase it is bright and easy for people to see.

  19. 69

    I adopted Cleo this past September from a rescue group. Since she was an outdoor cat, she has this desire to get outside when possible. Once during the winter she did manage to get out but I followed her tracks and found her a couple of backyards over. She currently has a breakaway collar with a standard engraveable tag, but this blanketId tag is great! Don’t have to worry about getting a new tag engraved because your phone # or address is changed. I like that idea.

    Cleo is a calico and her collar is orangey-red. I’d choose the trellis orange tag for her. :)

  20. 70
    Robin Courchaine

    These ID tags are so cute and the idea so good, I would consider them for my 2 cats, which don’t currently wear collars and the cats and dogs of my family. All together that would be 5 dogs and 6 cats.

  21. 71

    Oh! I like these alot. the designs are beautiful.

  22. 72

    I love the Plaid Green color!!

    I lost my cat, Bear, once (luckily we found her!), but remember the worry all too well. Having one of these stylish ID tags on her would make me feel a little bit better should it ever happen again, despite my best efforts to keep her safe and spoiled!

    Thank you!

  23. 73

    I have to say, I love both of the butterfly tags. Depending on the color, depends which cat we would put it on! We have 5 cats, and are very proud to be cat people.

    Like logan’s post (comment #6) I used to not believe in putting collars on cats. Until I had 1 indoor/outdoor cat (not by choice) who convinced one of our other cats to also become one, making the number 2 out of 3. Now, as a precaution, all of the pets are taken care of – especially when they get curious about the new dog door that was put in.

    These tags are fantastic, and stylish. Plus, they do not look cheap! High-quality is a must when you have a cat going in and out. Thanks!

  24. 74
    Kristina Suszek


  25. 75

    I like the–Gingham Neutral

  26. 76

    The butterfly one is SO cute.

  27. 77

    Wow! These are the best tags I’ve seen yet! I love that they are silent. For my cats the Plaid Green for Tank and Orange Trelis for Jr.

  28. 78
    susan leech

    I like the butterfly neutral tag and it would look nice on Grayboy as he is gray. He hopes my name is picked so he can wear his tag with pride. susan Leech

  29. 79

    Rainbow Orange would add a great bright spot to my all black sweet boy Batman…

    Although honestly.. I think cats have no business being outside and the chances of any of my cats being lost is pretty minimal but a few months ago one of my boys panicked as an electrician came in and he ran out… it was a long long night before we got him back in the house – I like the idea of extra ID besides the microchip when something like that happens.

  30. 80

    So neat! My favorite design is Trellis Orange. My cats are microchipped but this would be a great way for someone to contact me directly instead of getting them scanned.

  31. 81

    Butterfly Neutral is my favorite although I love them all!

  32. 82

    The Gingham Orange is our very favorite!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  33. 83

    The brown butterfly would look great hanging from my bengal Cat rescue.

  34. 84

    my favorite design is definitely the plaid neutral. I think it wold look amazing on my kitty!
    and you should definitely put a collar on your cat, Logan. There are breakaway collars made specifically for cats, so if they get caught on something the collar comes off. My inside/outside cat wears one, and has never had a problem with it. It came off once when she was outside, but I found it next to a tree that she climbs all the time. Otherwise it works great!

  35. 85

    I love the plaid neutral for my little boy, Bert. He likes to dash out and explore, which makes me nuts so this is something that would make me feel better just in case he wasn’t able to be caught right away. I have two little girls that would look adorable in the butterfly, peony or trellis but I don’t have to worry about them running off because they like being close to home.

  36. 86
    Angelica Ortega

    This seems like a great idea. I would love to win one :)

  37. 87

    I like the Trellis Orange!!

  38. 88

    All the designs look nice but if I had to choose, it would be Butterfly Neutral.

  39. 89
    Fiona Richards

    I love these tags – the pretty, modern designs and the whole concept is fantastic. I noticed they have a nice blog too!. I like the brown butterfly best.

  40. 90

    I really like the tags with green and brown butterflies. If I had to choose one, I like the brown/blue butterfly.

    I agree with Logan about the microchip — both my cats have “international microchips” (for US and Canada), but I discovered later many vet clinics and animal control centers in the US do not have scanners particular to this microchip. This blanketID tag is an ideal back-up to the microchip.

  41. 91

    Love the “Plaid Green” :)

  42. 92
    Lisa Roth

    I have to say, I like the mod red with yellow flowers. Also that would look best with my boy’s coloring.

    thanks for the great work.

  43. 93

    Those are really cute, but I live in the boonies — no WAY Bubba is gonna go get on the internet to look up a number. I rely on the old-fashioned phone numbers on the tag method (along with the word REWARD, LOL). And my critters are all microchipped. I wish these tags had phone numbers on them instead!!

  44. 94

    Gingham Orange would look great on either of my black and white cats!

  45. 95

    They were all cute but the trellis orange will look best against my kitty’s smokey black fur

  46. 96

    Plaid Green would be perfect for my adventurous cat.

  47. 97

    Rainbow Orange and Plaid Green are my favorites… I have two kitties, so one is more Nala-esque and one is more Brady-esque. :)

  48. 98

    Well, at least this time you’re non-critically (in the think-about-it sense, not the negative sense) reviewing a collar tag company that actually makes attractive tags.

    Still, when I can have my cat microchipped for a one-time fee + change of address fees (less losable, less money over the years), and/or put a collar tag with my own phone number on it for a few bucks (just as losable, but infinitely cheaper), why would I be interested in a collar tag that can be easily lost AND I have to re-pay for every year?

    These tags add nothing to available options but a little style — and style is worth something, especially on ModernCat, but that’s not how they are being pitched. And style isn’t worth a yearly subscription fee.

  49. 99

    Gingham Orange would look lovely next to my cat’s fur.

  50. 100

    OH!!!!! I LOVE these tags!!! The Gingham Orange is my fave. I have 15 cats (all indoors) so it would be a little steep for me to outfit all 15 of them, although I would LOVE to. So….if I can win one, then I can get started on getting all my babies outfitted in style! Thank you, ModernCat! XO


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