Protect Your Pet While Helping Others with BlanketID BONUS GIVEAWAY


Introducing blanketID, another great way to help protect your cat in case they get lost, plus, with this system, you’ll be helping other animals in need at the same time! This Victoria, BC-based company is dedicated to helping pets. They have created a line of very stylish ID tags that each have a unique ID number. Pet owners register the ID online at and enter your contact information as well as a description and photos of your pet. If your pet is lost, simply report your pet as missing through the website and blanketID sends a broadcast email to local SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, other local blanketID members in the US and Canada. If someone finds your pet, they can log on and contact you immediately.


The tags are lightweight, waterproof, scratch resistant, and noiseless, because they have a crystal clear, durable, rubberized coating on both sides. They are also very small and come in a variety of awesome mod designs. All the blankedID tags are made in North America.


For every purchase of a blanketID tag and membership, a portion of the funds are donated to the Blanket Fund for Animals. The funds are all used to help animals in need. You can read about some of the animals that have been helped on the blankedID blog.

BlanketID tags sell for $24.99 CAD, which includes the first year’s membership. Additional yearly memberships can be purchased with discounted package pricing.



Ten lucky winners will each receive a blanketID tag and a 1-year membership! To enter, please visit the blanketID website and pick your favorite ID tag design. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite design is. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on May 3. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere. Note: International readers can register their pet on, however the broadcast email alerts are only available in the US and Canada.

* this giveaway is now closed*

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462 Responses to “Protect Your Pet While Helping Others with BlanketID BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 151

    Gingham neutral

  2. 152

    I love all the tag designs! I think my favorite is the Plaid Neutral. It always makes me happy to see companies donating a portion of sales back to animals :)

  3. 153

    I love the Trellis Orange..while I try to keep Tango inside, she occasionally slips out the door and is sometimes gone for hours. I live on a busy street and I’m always worried about her getting hit by a car or someone picking her up and keeping her since she’s such a lovable cat.

  4. 154
    Erin R

    My favorite style is Plaid Green. It’s hip and stands out against all fur colors.

  5. 155

    Great idea. My favorite design is Gingham Orange.

  6. 156

    Gingham orange would be so cute on my orange tabbie! Styling and profiling!

  7. 157

    This is awesome! And so much more affordable than micro-chipping. Should I be so lucky to be chosen, I would want the Neutral Plaid.

    What a great find! You’re doing awesome stuff!

  8. 158

    This is a great idea! While my kitties are indoors…they sometimes sneak out! I really didn’t have luck with microchipping. The first ones..I found out that ANYONE can go in and CHANGE the info so that the lost kitty on the system LOOKS like the person who FOUND the kitty now becomes the NEW OWNER! I thought that kind of a nasty thing to do! Then I found out that our local animal control center (Pinellas County) in Florida….they told me when my chipped kitty went missing….”We don’t check for chips for the safety of our employees and it takes too much you’ll have to come HERE and look at all the cats to see if its yours”…I mean..its heartbreaking enough to have to go there…because you want to bring EVERY animal home! There’s something wrong with that program at Pinellas Animal control! AND THEY’RE THE ONES WHO CHIPPED MY CAT THAT WAS LOST! And when I asked them if they had him on record…they said nope…we sent it to the vendor…that’s when I found out that ANYONE can just go onto the computer and change your animals owner! My girlfriend in ATL had a cute cat follow her home…she took her to the vet..and HE had a chip imbeded in him…and the VET COULDN’T FIND ANY INFORMATION!!!! This looks promising..I hope they have safe guards for these problems!

  9. 159

    I’m sorry! My favorite color is the GREEN plaid!

  10. 160

    Trellis Orange is my favorite! Love the idea!

  11. 161


  12. 162

    i like the trellis orange.

  13. 163

    The Trellis Orange would be GREAT for my 6 year old Sammy Girl, Who loves the outdoors, I had a regular tag but her collar broke off and now its gone :( So winning this would be great!

  14. 164

    I would go with the plaid green!

  15. 165

    My cats who will wear collars are all boys so they voted for the Gingham Neutral as the coolest!

  16. 166

    i really like the green plaid! It will match my kitty BOBA’s greenish eyes.

  17. 167
    Jessica Hudson

    I love the Peony Green! Thanks!

  18. 168

    Gingham Orange for me. Matches my orange and white tabby.

  19. 169
    Sophie S.

    Oooh, I love the Butterfly ones! I like the Butterfly Neutral best, but I think Butterfly Green would look better on my tuxedo kitty.

  20. 170
    Sophie S.

    Oooh, I love the Butterfly ones! I like the Butterfly Neutral best, but I think Butterfly Green would look better on my tuxedo kitty.

    I keep getting a “duplicate comment” error – what’s that about?

  21. 171

    This is a fantastic idea! Plus those tags are gorgeous. I love the Butterfly Neutral one – it would look fantastic on Molly, my Siberian!

  22. 172

    Butterfly neutral is my favorite!

  23. 173

    looooove all the designs…but, i’m a major butterfly fan…so, for my sake n’ my kitty…i’m going with: Butterfly Green…it’ll absolutely POP against his BLACK fur! i’ll post FUN pics w/ him in it…if we win! :)

  24. 174
    Lisa Taron (The Pet Book Lady)

    The Neutral Plaid is sporty yet refined!

  25. 175

    This is a fantastic idea. My favorite is the Trellis Orange and Butterfly Green. Those colors would look stunning on my new Black Smoke Persian kitties. Since they are young and frisky and do not quite understand boundaries, it would offer peace of mind to know they have identification.

  26. 176
    Lisa S.

    What a neat idea! I love the butterfly green. This would be perfect for my pups as well. Yes, we are one of those households : – )

  27. 177

    these are all so cute! i need to get 10 cats now!!

    if i have to choose one… plaid green.

  28. 178

    Butterfly green!

  29. 179
    Sara Valentino

    Just love the red with flowers! And great idea!

  30. 180

    Rainbow orange – nice selection of choices, but would like to see more designs that are mid-century-modern style and more subtle.

  31. 181

    My favorite design is the green plaid. The more ways to find a lost kitty, the better.

  32. 182

    Plaid Green, matches my cat bed, the kitchen walls, the deck furniture, the throw pillows in the livingroom. Nothing like being coordinated.

  33. 183

    The Butterfly Green would look quite handsome on my red and white boy, Fishie :-) These are a great idea.

  34. 184

    I like gingham neutral and plaid neutral. The tags I get can’t clash with the girls!

  35. 185

    i love butterfly green.

  36. 186

    Love them! Its nice to see something new and that looks great instead of the plain metal tags.
    Keep up the great information coming I love your site!

  37. 187

    My all black Buddy Budd– the Wanderer, would look fabulous in Trellis Orange.

  38. 188

    So hard to pick, but blues and purples are my favorite so Gingham Neutral.

    Love the fact that this group helps needy pets!

  39. 189
    kate t

    ooh, so many to choose from! I LOVE the butterfly neutral!! Soo cute & chic! ooh i hope we win!!

  40. 190
    Gotchi - The Cat

    My mum loves the Rainbow Orange, but I think the Plaid Green might go better with my orange fur…

    Purrs from Gotchi

  41. 191

    Butterfly Neutral. Tough choice, but Butterfly Neutral stands out after pondering for 5 minutes.
    I like the fact that the collar is lightweight, waterproof, scratch resistant, and noiseless, in addition to being durable.

  42. 192

    Gingham Neutral would look very nice on Tika’s black collar with little green geco’s. She has thumbs, but had not (yet) figured out the front door.

  43. 193

    I really love the Gingham Orange! It would look great on my black kitty.

  44. 194

    LOVE the blue butterfly!

  45. 195
    Dr. Anne

    Plaid green and Gingham Orange are my favorites–but they are all very stylish.

  46. 196

    Trellis Orange all the way!! All mine would look great with that happy color!

  47. 197

    they’re all awesome, but trellis orange is the cutest! :)

  48. 198
    Laura BD

    Oh, the orange plaid caught my eye immediately!

  49. 199

    Plaid Green -= if I have to choose……but really I like them all!!! I can buy 4 (3 cats and one crazy dog!!!!)

  50. 200
    Shadie Kaye's Mom

    I love the brown with the butterfly on it! >^..^<


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