Protect Your Pet While Helping Others with BlanketID BONUS GIVEAWAY


Introducing blanketID, another great way to help protect your cat in case they get lost, plus, with this system, you’ll be helping other animals in need at the same time! This Victoria, BC-based company is dedicated to helping pets. They have created a line of very stylish ID tags that each have a unique ID number. Pet owners register the ID online at and enter your contact information as well as a description and photos of your pet. If your pet is lost, simply report your pet as missing through the website and blanketID sends a broadcast email to local SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, other local blanketID members in the US and Canada. If someone finds your pet, they can log on and contact you immediately.


The tags are lightweight, waterproof, scratch resistant, and noiseless, because they have a crystal clear, durable, rubberized coating on both sides. They are also very small and come in a variety of awesome mod designs. All the blankedID tags are made in North America.


For every purchase of a blanketID tag and membership, a portion of the funds are donated to the Blanket Fund for Animals. The funds are all used to help animals in need. You can read about some of the animals that have been helped on the blankedID blog.

BlanketID tags sell for $24.99 CAD, which includes the first year’s membership. Additional yearly memberships can be purchased with discounted package pricing.



Ten lucky winners will each receive a blanketID tag and a 1-year membership! To enter, please visit the blanketID website and pick your favorite ID tag design. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite design is. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on May 3. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere. Note: International readers can register their pet on, however the broadcast email alerts are only available in the US and Canada.

* this giveaway is now closed*

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462 Responses to “Protect Your Pet While Helping Others with BlanketID BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 401

    I like the plaid green

  2. 402

    I like the trellis orange!

  3. 403

    a nice idea!!! ;)

  4. 404

    The rainbow neutral looks nice!

  5. 405
    michelle rue

    Wow cute! Much nicer and more colorful than the plan old black tags I currently have.
    My bengal girls Zoey and Lexi would be proud to wear them!

  6. 406
    michelle rue

    Oh forgot to tell which one I liked! LOL They are all so cool, but I like the orange pink rainbow one!

  7. 407

    Oooh, these tags are so pretty! I can’t decide which is my favorite! I like the Plaid Green and Trellis Orange.

  8. 408

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the orange trellis! It would look great with my gray kitty!

  9. 409

    I love the Orange Rainbow one!!

  10. 410

    I like them all, but my favorite is probably the peony green. This is a great idea.

  11. 411

    Since we have an all black short-hair, a dark gray long-hair with a very large mane, & a black & white short-hair, I feel the Rainbow Orange would show up the best against their fur. And that’s what the tags are for, to do everything possible to assure that they get back home safe & sound where they belong. Thanks for this terrific idea! Our cats cut their mouths on the regular metal tags on the market, they refuse to wear them.

  12. 412
    Debra Lee

    Has to be trellis orange. This would be great for my feral who lives in my garage. I have grown attached and can now pet her even.

  13. 413

    Peet said he would wear Rainbow Orange. But he thinks he’s too butch for anything floral or gingham. Boys.

  14. 414

    Great Idea. I love the Green Plaid

  15. 415

    I like the rainbow orange one, myself. It would match my orange tabby.

  16. 416
    Janie M.

    These are SO cool!!! I love that they are noiseless! My favorite is the Butterfly Green!

  17. 417

    I like the butterly Neutral. I like this because I feel funny about having a microchip under the skin of my cat.

  18. 418
    Edward Sonnenschein

    Rainbow orange is my favorite design. it would look simply marvelous on my red bengal’s collar. she would purr just a little louder as she strutted around the house showing off her new tag.

  19. 419
    sean Sonnenschein

    butterfly neutral is what Awesome would like to have hanging on his collar. he says if he ever gets out from the patio he wants nothing more than to catch one of the butterflies that are constantly buzzing around just out of reach. Awesome says “make my day”!

  20. 420
    jadedea jade

    Butterfly neutral is nice. it should match well with either of my black or white cats!!!

  21. 421

    The green with blue flowers!

  22. 422

    Cool idea and a pretty product! I like the ‘peony green’ one best. The green matches my cat’s eyes!

  23. 423

    Love the Rainbow Orange–easy to see from a distance…

  24. 424

    All are very pretty, but my fav is the Butterfly Green.

  25. 425

    The peony green is tops. Such a clever idea!

  26. 426

    Gingham Orange! So cute!

  27. 427

    The orange rainbow would look great on my black cats!

  28. 428

    the plaid! oh, the plaid!

  29. 429

    RAINBOW NEUTRAL!!! LOVE IT!!!! SO CLASSY. Awesome Idea. All my sorority sisters that have pets should get this, especially since we are in the city!

  30. 430
    Suzanne D

    Vanya and Valentine, my two Siberian/Maine Coons vote for the “peony green” which would look fabulous with their classic tabby silver and blue fur coats!

  31. 431

    i like rainbow orange. my kitty’s collar is pink, so the pink on that tag will match

  32. 432

    I NEED to have one . . . PLEASE. . . I love the flora varieties best. Rudie Elvis would look so dapper in one.
    Best tags ever. Love them.

  33. 433

    I just love the green plaid one as green is one of my favorite colors. And plaid is such a great way to wear pants and my cat will then match me. Cool tags

  34. 434
    Wendy Jill

    I like the butterfly green.

  35. 435

    Butterfly neutral!

  36. 436

    I love the green butterfly, and I love the fact that it’s virtually weightless and won’t tink against other tags. It is nice that you can have this on your cat along with their mircochip and ID tag. Some people may think that’s a bit much but if you love your cat, I’m sure you’d want them back. Even though microchipping is good, I feel like most people tend to be lazy and this serves as a reminder along with the ID tag.

  37. 437

    What wonderful tags! My favorite are both the Gingham Orange and the Rainbow Neutral. My kitties would be very stylish in these! :D

  38. 438

    Oh how I ADORE blanket id tags!
    I think they are the COOLEST pet tags EVER!
    And I just adore it that some of the proceeds go towards helping our furry creatures!
    I LOVE the green plaid tag…for Doogan…and Murphy…two of the coolest Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers around!
    But if I had a little girl dog…
    or kitty…
    the Trellis ORANGE is WOW…and I’d have to have it!
    Delighted you are supporting blanket id!
    And how appropriate…Modern Cat…featuring the most MODERN pet tag out there!
    GO BLANKET ID!!!!!
    ANd oh how I would LOVE to win one of these fabulous TAGS!!!!! xo

  39. 439

    so cute! I like the Peony Green! Totally adorable and Ms. Sophie will be happy wearing it!

  40. 440
    codee flores

    I love the Trellis Orange! Would be great for my orange cat CHEDDAR!

  41. 441

    I am most attracted to Rainbow Neutral.

  42. 442

    I like the rainbow neutral! The graphics on all of them are great though.

  43. 443
    Le Chat Noir

    Orange with pink and yellow rainbow stripes is candy to the eye. my orange meower would be looking good in it.

  44. 444

    I love the orange gingham for my cat Elmo. I think it is a great idea and the tags are beautiful

  45. 445

    i love the gingham neutral one!

  46. 446

    OMG definitely the dark butterfly one!!!

  47. 447

    This is a great idea…I like the Trellis Orange, thanks.

  48. 448

    I really think this is a great idea where making function look like fashion only improves it. That being said, I think my D’Artagnan would look good in the neutral butterfly.

  49. 449
    Kiaora Beagle

    I like the Green Plaid one. I think I would look wonderful wearing one of the tags. I am a Beagle…:)

  50. 450

    I like the fourth I.D. on the second row – very retro chic!


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