Introducing Natural Scratch Cork & Cedar Scratching Posts PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY

Sun, May 9, 2010

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Natural Scratch Cork and Cedar Scratchers

In keeping with our scratching theme, I’d like to share with you these elegantly simple and unique scratching posts that offer some different materials for scratching. Natural Scratch is a line of handcrafted scratching posts made of solid natural cork or solid white cedar wood. As we saw in the photos last week, lots of cats like to scratch on wood, so this may be the perfect solution.

Natural Scratch

Both the cork and the cedar scratchers have incredibly sturdy bases made of red cedar. The cedar post measures 32″ tall and the cork post comes in both 24″ and 32″. These posts have some really great details, designed to entice your cat to scratch, including the antenna toy made of stretchy string, and a “mouse hole” at the top. You can poke the antenna toy through the hole or hide treats or other toys so kitty will reach up to investigate and then dig her claws into the post.

Natural Scratch

The wood post is made with Wisconsin-grow Northern white cedar. This wood has a nice rough texture that cats love, plus it is very soft, so they can really sink their claws in. The company says that in all the years they’ve been making these posts, no one has ever reported a cat getting a sliver in a paw.

Natural Scratch

They sent us one of the cork posts to test, and as you can see, it is a big hit. It took a while for them to get used to the new material, but the toy at the top really helped attract them to the post. It gets a lot of use now, and although some crumbs flake off each time it gets clawed, you can barely see any wear. A little vacuuming cleans-up the cork bits. I think we will get many, many years of use out of this scratcher. And the cats especially love how tall it is, they can really get in a good stretch, as Ando and Theo are both demonstrating above.

Natural Scratch Horizontal Scratchers

Natural Scratch just came out with a line of horizontal scratchers, too, in both cork and cedar. They also have the string toy attached, as well as some holes that you can fill with catnip.

All Natural Scratch products come with a booklet with lots of helpful tips for training your cat to use the scratching post.


Natural Scratch is offering a 32-inch cork post for one lucky winner! To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts about the Natural Scratch products. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on May 16. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to the lower 48 states. Readers outside this region may enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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706 Responses to “Introducing Natural Scratch Cork & Cedar Scratching Posts PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 551

    Pretty cool. My cat would tear into it.

  2. 552

    Natural Scratch has made some wonderful scrathing posts! My guys would love to try the cork post.

  3. 553

    My Smokey boy would love this. He is such an active kitten.

  4. 554

    My babies can’t get enough of things to scratch on, and this is perfect! Lovely design.

  5. 555
    Kerry Winger

    Would love to win for my scratch happy boys!

  6. 556
    Roxanne Lucchesi

    My kitties and I have all of our fingers and toes crossed — all 120 of them! My latest kitty daughter, who is long and lithe and feisty, can’t find enough things to scratch. I think she, in particular, would like one of these nice scratching posts.

  7. 557

    Wow! Never thought I’d describe a scratching post as stylish, but this certainly is! My cats would go crazy with the nice height and being able to stretch on a taller ‘scratcher’!

  8. 558

    These look awesome. We need a tall scratcher in our home. My kitties would love this!!

  9. 559

    Could cork be the answer to what my kitties want to scratch? My carpet might last longer if cork is the answer. I would love to win this and find out.

  10. 560

    My two Tonks kittens would love a good stretch with one of these!

  11. 561

    I have 2 kitties and another scratching post would do wonders!

  12. 562

    Never thought of cork as a good scratching material. Would love to try it out.

  13. 563
    peggy w

    We would love to try these. We only have cardboard and sissel scratchers.

  14. 564

    Great idea!! My kitties would love it!

  15. 565

    Please enter me in this give away. My babies need a new post. Their old one is carpet and they have used it so much the carpet is disintegrating all over the house!

  16. 566

    Oh Jasper and Kona would go crazy for one of these – and a no-splinter wood scratcher? Just too cool.

  17. 567

    My little girl cats would love this. I think its fantastic looking too.

  18. 568

    My kittens woudl love these posts and they would look great in my loft!

  19. 569
    tipu the tabby

    i give this new scratching post 10 claws up. when i am not in the backyard, i miss my tree stumps when meowmie keeps me inside! this scratching post looks more fun than the couch legs!

  20. 570

    This would be really great – my cat has recently been scratching my brand new couch, I’d like to put a scratching post on each side of the couch for him to have an alternative so we could use one!

  21. 571

    These are cool; kitties would like them.

  22. 572

    different look and style then your run of the mill scratching post. like.

  23. 573

    Hmmm…I’m not sure if my kitty would like to scratch on wood. Maybe worth trying though.

  24. 574

    Yes, please! My cat scratches too much on random things like doors and the walls.

  25. 575

    Oh yes! Keep those scratching ideas coming!

  26. 576

    Toby, Babe, Topsy, and Cupcake would love one of these!!! (And so would all the furniture in my house!)

  27. 577

    Finally! I’ve been complaining for years about how using carpet does not make sense. The cedar and cork are wonderful ideas!

    My “CatKids” would love these! At 32″ it’s even big enough for my 20lb pure white furball Powder. When he stratches he can reach the top of my kitchen counters!

  28. 578

    What an incredible scratching post! My seven sweeties would love to sink their claws into one.

  29. 579
    Colin Beadle

    Yama and Kumo would love one of those !

  30. 580
    Kimberly Felipe

    Neat!! Would love to win that for my scratch-monster, a.k.a. Hazel Cat. She LOVES scratching on wooden posts outside, too. Thanks :)

  31. 581

    My pixie-bob would appreciate this, I’m sure. He’s tall, and has a hard time getting a good stretch on regular scratchers. That probably explains why he likes the dining room chairs.

  32. 582
    Renee DAmic

    The height of these scratchers is great. I like the idea of natural materials for scratching. I have the ultimate cat scratcher and as the cat scratches the material frays a little bit.

  33. 583

    These look like great fun, my kitties would love!

  34. 584

    I have been looking for an alternative to tradional scratching posts for my 5 babies. It would be amazing to have one of these!

  35. 585
    dina bonazzoli

    my sam likes to reach up and scratch the door jambs, much to my dismay.
    i covered his favorite parts with some of that cat-tape, but the wooden scratcher would definitely encourage better behavior while allowing him to scratch the way he loves.

  36. 586

    Great materials and height! Too many cat scratch posts are simply not tall enough. Since my cats have an affinity for chewing on and eating the loose carpet strands that most posts produce, I would love for them to have a cork post instead.

  37. 587

    cork. what a brilliant idea. thinking how i can build one with my wine corks….. but winning one would be easier !

  38. 588

    my kitty would love this! and maybe it could protect the couch the loves destroying so much.

  39. 589

    maybe they’ll stop trying to scratch my futon!

  40. 590

    Love the string toy and the mouse hole, and all the thought that went into the design of the scratch posts. They are unique and functional.

    I’ve yet to find a scratcher that appeals to my cat so I hope I win one for him.

  41. 591

    I love the details – mouse holes and stretchy string – and would really like to get my cat interested in cork instead of the sofa :)

  42. 592

    my cats would love this!

  43. 593

    These look like lots of fun for kitties!

  44. 594
  45. 595

    Would love this for my kitten Chloe!

  46. 596

    These look wonderful! With 4 cats, I always have need of new scratch surfaces!

  47. 597

    This is probably the nicest looking post I’ve seen! Not trashy or flashy looking – just natural and probably even looks better with age (pretty much amazing for a scratching post :) . Definitely going to check these out online!

  48. 598

    Zephyr and Comet Blue would have a grand time scratching both the cork and cedar posts. I bet the cedar lets off a sent which would refresh the air with each scratch! Great ideas – also helping the cork industry now that wine bottles have started using plastic.

  49. 599

    Kitty Jiji says: “I want one of these, please!”

  50. 600

    Mitzi and Minka would love this!


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