Introducing Natural Scratch Cork & Cedar Scratching Posts PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY

Sun, May 9, 2010

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Natural Scratch Cork and Cedar Scratchers

In keeping with our scratching theme, I’d like to share with you these elegantly simple and unique scratching posts that offer some different materials for scratching. Natural Scratch is a line of handcrafted scratching posts made of solid natural cork or solid white cedar wood. As we saw in the photos last week, lots of cats like to scratch on wood, so this may be the perfect solution.

Natural Scratch

Both the cork and the cedar scratchers have incredibly sturdy bases made of red cedar. The cedar post measures 32″ tall and the cork post comes in both 24″ and 32″. These posts have some really great details, designed to entice your cat to scratch, including the antenna toy made of stretchy string, and a “mouse hole” at the top. You can poke the antenna toy through the hole or hide treats or other toys so kitty will reach up to investigate and then dig her claws into the post.

Natural Scratch

The wood post is made with Wisconsin-grow Northern white cedar. This wood has a nice rough texture that cats love, plus it is very soft, so they can really sink their claws in. The company says that in all the years they’ve been making these posts, no one has ever reported a cat getting a sliver in a paw.

Natural Scratch

They sent us one of the cork posts to test, and as you can see, it is a big hit. It took a while for them to get used to the new material, but the toy at the top really helped attract them to the post. It gets a lot of use now, and although some crumbs flake off each time it gets clawed, you can barely see any wear. A little vacuuming cleans-up the cork bits. I think we will get many, many years of use out of this scratcher. And the cats especially love how tall it is, they can really get in a good stretch, as Ando and Theo are both demonstrating above.

Natural Scratch Horizontal Scratchers

Natural Scratch just came out with a line of horizontal scratchers, too, in both cork and cedar. They also have the string toy attached, as well as some holes that you can fill with catnip.

All Natural Scratch products come with a booklet with lots of helpful tips for training your cat to use the scratching post.


Natural Scratch is offering a 32-inch cork post for one lucky winner! To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts about the Natural Scratch products. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on May 16. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to the lower 48 states. Readers outside this region may enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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706 Responses to “Introducing Natural Scratch Cork & Cedar Scratching Posts PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 651

    wow. discrete and good looking! my kitties would love this!

  2. 652
    joyce mikulasko

    This looks like something I would really like to give my bella. I would love to give it a try

  3. 653

    This would be a great change from the edge of my couch that’s currently used as a scratching post!

  4. 654
    Teri (and the cats of Furrydance)

    I like these posts, the holes for treats and the dangly thingy on top…great idea! Love to win one!

  5. 655

    I love the height on these posts. Most posts available at retail are too short. O may have to try a cork post for my foster cats. They’re hard on their scratching posts.

  6. 656

    So many great scratchers this week!

    These two are very attractive, and I think the cork would especially keep my Charlie from routinely attacking the stairs. I would much rather be cleaning up cork that bits of my carpet.

    The dangly string is a great idea, too :)

  7. 657

    Looks interesting. 32 inch height would be great.

  8. 658

    Lovely! Does the cedar have that fresh distinctive cedar smell? I’d imagine scratching would release it into the air on a daily basis – nice!

    This also puts me in mind of alternatives to the sisal wrapped PVC pipe in converting my home to be a good place for my little Simon. A tall wood post meant for scratching built into the wall or the rise of a bookcase that he can climb to a high platform.


  9. 659
    tina groh

    Wow another sweepstakes a scratching post.We really need this,that way we would leave mommies furniture alone. Again meow!meow!

  10. 660

    The materials and height seem perfect. My cat has late;y taken to scratching a closet door, this seems like a good alternative

  11. 661

    NEED one of these ^_^

  12. 662

    With 4 cats, one cannot have too many scratching posts. This looks great!

  13. 663
    Lora B

    I find the thought of using cork a WONDERFUL idea!!! It’s a great alternative to the sisal and cardboard scratchers. It introduces a NEW & EXCITING texture into Coco’s world and the string toy on top… well, that’s the ICING on the CAKE!! TERRIFIC idea!!! =D

  14. 664

    WOW!!! CORK!!! What a great idea!!!

  15. 665

    This one even looks like it will stand up to my Siamese’s claws…

  16. 666
    Jen Gallant

    Love it! My cats need this one :)

  17. 667

    Lovely, and would be super useful.

  18. 668
    michelle roman

    Love this!

  19. 669

    love the natural look – much better than cardboard!

  20. 670

    These scratchers look awesome! My little darlings do a lot of scratching, and a new post may be just what the dr. ordered. I’d love to try one of these and see if we can redirect some of the inappropriate wall scratching!

  21. 671

    I’m still trying to find something that will work for my kitty.

  22. 672
    Stephanie Dixon

    This is an excellent idea! I have two cats that would absolutely love this! One especially who is quite bored around the house.

  23. 673

    My cat would be in heaven with either one of thess posts.

  24. 674

    I think the cork is ideal to scratch and it looks elegant.

  25. 675

    Just what my kitties would enjoy!!

  26. 676
    michelle rue

    Wow these are very cool!

  27. 677

    My cats have always loved to scratch on wood. Glad somebody finally came up with a plain wood scratching post instead of that ridiculous carpet!

  28. 678

    Harriet would love to have one of these – she’s always scratching up the door jamb in my apartment! Fingers crossed for a winner.

  29. 679
    deb santa fe

    those look really cool – my kitties do like to stretch when they scratch. Makes me wonder if I should worry about recarpeting my existing scratching posts – maybe I should just leave the wood bare for them.

  30. 680
    Gail Cinninger

    Now that is a marvelous idea! I have 5 cats dying to try this one out! They love their scratching posts. Never can have to many!

  31. 681
    Regina K

    They look great and seem more environmentally friendly than a carpet covered scratching post. Two thumbs up!

  32. 682

    Before my oldest was an inside only kitty, he was indoor/outdoor and LOVED scratching on tree trunks. I bet he (and his 2 adopted siblings!) would love these alternatives to their carpet scratching post.

  33. 683

    This are fantastic!

  34. 684
    Ann Council

    I need this for the 2 cats and I like the string hanging down.

  35. 685
    Brooke Jacobs

    These look awesome. My girls like scratching just about anything!

  36. 686
    angela cash

    I have 4 cats who would LOVE one of these!!

  37. 687

    Hope I’m not too late! I was literally just thinking about how there need to be wooden scratching posts, as I have a horrible/adorable little damager of door frames.

  38. 688

    We’ve been looking for a scratcher that my cat would care about for a long time. He doesn’t like catnip, and although he loves to eat boxes he never touches the cardboard scratchers we get him. But we do have a wooden ladder that he just absolutely loves to rip to shreds, so maybe this wooden scratcher would be perfect for him!

  39. 689

    too late to enter?? I hope not!! This is a great scratcher and my kitteh would love it.

  40. 690

    that scratcher looks like kitteh heaven

  41. 691
    Little Doll

    Luscious wood that won’t tip over when you cat uses the post — fantastic!

  42. 692

    This looks very enticing! I can see my cats wanting to play with this or stretch up and mark it.

  43. 693

    LOVE IT!!!

  44. 694

    My cat scratches up my couches and I recently read that it’s good to have alot of scratching posts around to prevent that, this would really help!

  45. 695

    This is awesome. Fatty is still a kitten so she doesn’t do as much damage as yet, but this would be pretty nice for her to scratch away at!

  46. 696

    love it

  47. 697

    I have 17 cats…strays and fosters and some of my own..they would love this scratching post…and the furniture it would save is worth it…lol. Great idea, I love it!

  48. 698

    I watch my outside ferals and they LOVE to use my trees, so this makes real sense to try out for my indoor cats. Love the idea (and the look).

  49. 699
    Donna Slice

    What a great idea! My two kitties would love to have this!

  50. 700

    I take care of several feral cats in the Atlanta community and I have seen them using tree’s for scratching,some however are living in urban areas and I would love to donate one to those beautiful guys!


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