Introducing Natural Scratch Cork & Cedar Scratching Posts PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY

Sun, May 9, 2010

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Natural Scratch Cork and Cedar Scratchers

In keeping with our scratching theme, I’d like to share with you these elegantly simple and unique scratching posts that offer some different materials for scratching. Natural Scratch is a line of handcrafted scratching posts made of solid natural cork or solid white cedar wood. As we saw in the photos last week, lots of cats like to scratch on wood, so this may be the perfect solution.

Natural Scratch

Both the cork and the cedar scratchers have incredibly sturdy bases made of red cedar. The cedar post measures 32″ tall and the cork post comes in both 24″ and 32″. These posts have some really great details, designed to entice your cat to scratch, including the antenna toy made of stretchy string, and a “mouse hole” at the top. You can poke the antenna toy through the hole or hide treats or other toys so kitty will reach up to investigate and then dig her claws into the post.

Natural Scratch

The wood post is made with Wisconsin-grow Northern white cedar. This wood has a nice rough texture that cats love, plus it is very soft, so they can really sink their claws in. The company says that in all the years they’ve been making these posts, no one has ever reported a cat getting a sliver in a paw.

Natural Scratch

They sent us one of the cork posts to test, and as you can see, it is a big hit. It took a while for them to get used to the new material, but the toy at the top really helped attract them to the post. It gets a lot of use now, and although some crumbs flake off each time it gets clawed, you can barely see any wear. A little vacuuming cleans-up the cork bits. I think we will get many, many years of use out of this scratcher. And the cats especially love how tall it is, they can really get in a good stretch, as Ando and Theo are both demonstrating above.

Natural Scratch Horizontal Scratchers

Natural Scratch just came out with a line of horizontal scratchers, too, in both cork and cedar. They also have the string toy attached, as well as some holes that you can fill with catnip.

All Natural Scratch products come with a booklet with lots of helpful tips for training your cat to use the scratching post.


Natural Scratch is offering a 32-inch cork post for one lucky winner! To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts about the Natural Scratch products. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on May 16. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to the lower 48 states. Readers outside this region may enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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706 Responses to “Introducing Natural Scratch Cork & Cedar Scratching Posts PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 51
    GH Chinoy

    I never thought about cork as a scratcher – looks like an intriguing product. I particularly like the idea of the toy at the top.

  2. 52

    It looks like an interesting scratcher. Of course, the first thing I thought about was splinters, so I’m glad they addressed that issue! Would love to give one a try!

  3. 53

    Ok…LucyGrace really wants to win this one…

  4. 54
    Darrell Becker

    Our crew of 8 is ready to give this post a workout.

  5. 55

    Our foster kitties would learn good habits when they start off with one of these!

  6. 56

    I know my little cat would very much like to scratch this one. Hopefully more than my furniture!!!

  7. 57

    I love the cork idea!

  8. 58

    My guys need this!!

  9. 59

    I really like the idea of using a renewable resource like cork. And I know our cats would enjoy the height of these posts!

  10. 60
    Jen S

    i can’t decide which would be better….. we havent had a cork scratcher before so that might be a great one to try!! thanks for the opporunity!

  11. 61

    This is great. I bought a wooden cat scratcher many years ago, but the company is no longer is business. One tip-you can use a light sandpaper sheet every now and then to sand down the splinters after they have used it awhile.

  12. 62

    I like that it is natural and still looks stylish!

  13. 63

    Awesome, I wonder if they would stop using my bedpost if I had this….

  14. 64
    Debra Pringle

    I have 2 cats that allergic to carpet fibers, so the traditional scratching post with carpet is something they cannot have. This would be great for their newly designed playrooms and it would surely be better for them and keep them occupied as well.

  15. 65

    This is such a GREAT product!!!!! I think this is a wonderful natural product and its good looking!

  16. 66

    What great scratching posts. And nice and tall. We’re in the market for a new post and would love one of these !

  17. 67

    These look great. My cat and I would both love it!

  18. 68
  19. 69
    Suzanne Leavitt

    These scratch toys are neat. My cat would love them.

  20. 70

    How clever, a post made out of tree bark, just like they’d use outside! My guys would love that!

  21. 71

    I’m quite interested in these scratching posts. I’m looking to move to a bigger house and that means its time to find another scratching post. I really like the look of the wood post and it being made from Wisconsin wood is a nice little bonus.

  22. 72
    Edrie I

    Both the cork and the cedar seem like good ideas. My kitty loves to stretch so a nice tall post should be right up her alley. The cardboard scratchers I have for her now don’t seem to hold her interest (she has started shredding my yoga mat instead!). I’d love to find something she likes to scratch that isn’t something I want to use as well!

  23. 73

    Alasdair, Emlyn, Julian, and Oliver agree: the tall cork scratcher would be perfect for us!

  24. 74

    Hmmmm….looks really good….

  25. 75

    What a great idea using cork! And I love the “string”, my cats would be sure to love these scratching posts!

  26. 76

    Wow these are really nice looking scratching posts.

  27. 77

    My cat loves scratching wood; I never caught her doing it until recently.
    I would notice the frame around the patio storage door all mangled and
    wondered how it got that way. Well, Mickie, my calico was the little
    villain behind it. I saw her committing the crime one day and she was busted!!

  28. 78

    I would love to have one of these for my cats. We’ve tried the carpet-covered scratchers, and the cats like them, but they also tend to try to eat the loose threads. Not good.

  29. 79
    Annie Kalish

    Very interesting idea!

  30. 80
    Courtney W.

    My cats don’t have claws, but I would donate this post to a pet shelter so other kitties could enjoy it.

  31. 81

    I would like to try out this new idea…at least new to me. My cats also like vertical scratching…I think it is more natural to them and they can really get a good stretch which seems to be very satisfying to them.

  32. 82
    Pamela D

    I love that they are tall.

  33. 83

    One of my cats is really long, bet she would love that scratcher instead of my computer chair!

  34. 84
    Stacey Gordon

    how fun is this?? You find the most amazing stuff!

  35. 85

    My kitty is reading this post with me, and he is ready to try this out!

  36. 86
  37. 87

    Love the cork scratch post! Nothing but THE BEST for our pets and it’s natural and that makes it even better

  38. 88
    Sally Messing

    Looks like a really good idea for scratching, something that the kitties would like to use.

  39. 89

    These are neat! I like that your review addresses concerns about splinters and crumbly bits, too — thanks for thinking about those things!

  40. 90

    These are so much more attractive than those carpet-covered monstrosities!! I think my two kitties would love the cork one!

  41. 91

    These look absolutely terrific! I’m not sure how my cats would respond to the wood or cork, since they’re used to scratching on sisal, cardboard, and, yeah, our furniture. But I bet at least some of them would sink their claws in! :D

  42. 92

    Simple design, great idea of textures. I’ve never tried wood or cork for my cats. It would be interesting to see if they take to them. Definitely nice looking scratchers!

  43. 93

    Love it, my cats will too… would be great to win this for them!

  44. 94

    Curious about both of these scratchers. 1. will cats really be able to dig into the hard wood and 2. how long does the cork last compared to sisal and carpet? Would love to try one to see.

  45. 95
    Janis Fontana

    THIS sounds AMAZING! I have 6 cats, and a “foster” cat while my daughter is out of the country working…so I could put this scratcher to REALLY good use!

  46. 96

    this sounds novel and interesting – I’m honestly not sure how my cat would react or if she would like the wood – but the cork must be good (and it looks great too)

  47. 97
    Eric Seberg

    Kallie loves her rope scratch, think she would really like this.

  48. 98

    Funny Toy. My kitty love this scratcher.

  49. 99

    These products are beautiful; I love the looks of them. My four ‘kids’ would definitely love them for other reasons…lol

  50. 100

    my cat hates sisal. this is the perfect alternative!


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