Introducing the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center for Cats of All Sizes! PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY

Sat, May 15, 2010

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Scratch'N Slumber Comfort Center

Introducing a brand new product from a brand new company, check out the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center from Brawny Cat. This Washington state-based company knows what it takes to keep cats of all sizes lounging in comfort. They’ve packed all sorts of features into the Scratch’n Slumber, I guarantee it will be a hit.

First of all, the Brawny Cat doesn’t discriminate against full figured felines. The Scratch’n Slumber was created for a very special girl named Big Baby. Here she is modeling for us:

Big Baby

As you can see, Big Baby needs a little extra room to stretch out, so the folks at Brawny Cat created “The Big Baby” Scratch’n Slumber measuring 26.5″ wide and 23.5″ deep. This size is great for “full figured” cats as well as large breed cats. In addition to “The Big Baby”, they created four more sizes (shown below) so you can pick just the right size for your cat.


The Scratch’n Slumber isn’t just a bed, it’s a complete comfort center. The sturdy cedar frame holds a high quality cardboard “padlet” that cats absolutely love to rub, scratch, and nap on. The raised, curved sides provide extra support for kitty’s back and head and a great surface for scratching. Plus. kitty can peek out over the sides to attack unsuspecting siblings.

The cardboard used is very high quality and stands up to quite a bit of scratching, plus you can turn the padlet over when one side is worn and get twice the life out of it. A catch basin in the bottom of the frame holds loose cardboard and catnip. Read more about the features and benefits of the Scratch’n Slumber on the Brawny Cat website.

They sent us one to test and as you can see below, everyone loves. Every time I turn around, someone else is on the Scratch’n Slumber. I’ve moved it all over the house — on the catio, in the living room, in the office — and they always find it. I’ve even seen a little “king of the hill” action happening when it’s time to decide whose turn it is.

Scratch'N Slumber Comfort Center

Just for reference, this is the B’Tweener model. Left to right: Theo weighs about 17 lbs.; Simba weighs 9 lbs.; and Flora weighs 6 lbs. (she’s tiny). That’s Ando in the top photo and he weighs about 15 lbs.

The Scratch’n Slumber cedar platforms are all handcrafted in Washington state using Western red cedar. Each one is hand-sanded and constructed without glues or stains, just natural cedar.

The Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Centers sell for $169 to $189 US, depending on the size. Replacement padlets are available for $59 to $79.


Brawny Cat is offering a Scratch’n Slumber to one lucky winner! The winner will get to choose any size Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center. To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your feedback about the Scratch’n Slumber. We’d especially like to hear what you think about the size offerings and which size you would choose if you are the winner. Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated, too. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on May 23. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. Overseas readers are welcome to enter if you are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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1,144 Responses to “Introducing the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center for Cats of All Sizes! PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 1101

    Miloh and Roxy would LOVE THIS BED! They are sleeping on MINE as I type this!! They are best friends and I know they would share =] I hope they win!!!!

  2. 1102

    I like the big baby jr, love this!

  3. 1103

    Wow! What a great post and review!

    I know that my three cats would absolutely love this, so much that I’d probably have to get a second and a third one! All three cats, Bob (Grey DHC), Moe (Russian Blue x polydactyl) and Luneth (classic black) have completely different personaliites but I know know know they would all flip for this! I would definitely opt for the big baby junior.

  4. 1104

    the big baby might just be right for my KING KOGA
    tehehehehehe xD

  5. 1105
    Tina W

    My cats would love this – and one is a big, big boy so he’d appreciate the extra room.

  6. 1106

    Love the Big Baby size – for my “well fed” baby – love that euphemism too!

  7. 1107

    This looks like a brilliant idea. Ember would love it.

  8. 1108
    Erin Lea

    These are so great! It looks so well put together and it’s something I’d love to be laying out in the house (some other scratchers aren’t the most eye friendly). The question is though, what size? Moco is a big kitty, but he’s currently squished into the cat tree cubby that’s so small that his head is forced to stick out so he obviously likes to squish! I think he may like the B’ Tweener the most… it’s big enough to fit him but he can still stretch out and fall off an end if he wants!

  9. 1109

    My cat kneads and paws everything, especially my bed! So having a bed especially for her would be wonderful. The Big Baby size would be ideal for my plump kitty!

  10. 1110

    I have to say, that looks very cool! My cat loves his cardboard scratching post. Also the newel posts of the stairs, grrr. I got a great sisal post for him and he turns up his nose at it. I love the concept of the irresistible cardboard housed in something quite attractive and sturdy. It’s like a multipurpose cat couch! My cat’s a pretty good size, but only somewhat chubby, so I think I’d go for the Big Baby Jr. Or maybe the Big Baby to play it safe.

  11. 1111
    Zack Tucker

    My cat’s getting in the later years. Her newest thing is scratching my sofa’s up and sleeping directly wear my head is supposed to be on my computer chair. Though I’ve never gotten her to use a cat bed before I think she would appreciate the place to scratch. The idea of different sizes is great for those on a budget and only have a young cat, though I had hoped to see a bigger price difference.

  12. 1112

    I’d probably want the Scratch n’ G or B’Tweener size for my kitties. I’d want something big enough to hold at least 2 of my inseparable cuddle cats, but small enough to fit in my new little home!

    I love that the Scratch n’ Go is a good size to fit on a dresser or desk (how perfect for clearing up space) and I had a seriously giggle over “well-fed cats”.

  13. 1113

    My kitty Lovebug currently has a cardboard scratcher that is about 6in across and she loves laying on it, unfortunately she is a full-figured lady and it is too narrow for her! As she is an only kitty, I think the B’Tweener would be just about perfect. It is so awesome to see a company that doesn’t discriminate against cats based on size, you have something for everyone, not every kitty is meant to be 6lbs after all.

  14. 1114

    Those are some happy-looking cats! Love the “King of the Hill” reference–hope it wasn’t the episode where Bobby was crying on the alley couch. “But the couch is a *happy* place…”

    My cats would be competing for the B’Tweener.

  15. 1115
    tung ton

    like the big baby, good selection of sizes, and (hey, what’s my cat doing in the ad?!)

  16. 1116
    alaskan crackers

    After a long day of doing battle with river otters, mink and coming home with some trophy voles crackers would love to sleep on such a finely crafted bed such as the scratch and slumber. The craftmanship looks excellent and would appear to last a lifetime, thanks for coming up with a quality product.

  17. 1117

    This lounger looks fabulous, my cats would love to snuggle up together on it.

  18. 1118
    Leslie B.S.

    These are amazing and I think my girls would love them. I think the 26.5″ styles are probably best – more room for the cats to stretch out.

  19. 1119
    Valerie Pegg

    My four kitties would love the Big Baby. Our 14 year old cat, Ajax would lounge on it and our 9 month old kitty, Nancy would beat the crap out of it! Chili (6yrs) and Comet (11yrs) would probably do both.

  20. 1120

    That is awesome – I have just the place for it in the dining room.

  21. 1121
    Rebecca Orr

    I love the look of these! The Big Baby one is perfect for my two cats. Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail

  22. 1122
    kathy johnson

    very natural looking, my boy would need the biggest one, he is one big kitty

  23. 1123

    My cat would love the Big Baby.

  24. 1124

    Perfect!! Sasha & Chloe would love to share one of these!!

  25. 1125

    This looks like it is almost big enough for my monster of a cat. :-) He is over 20 lbs. now.

  26. 1126

    Just lovely – a place to sharpen those claws AND lounge!

  27. 1127

    This looks absolutely comfy for our 3 cats, especially our Tom-cat – he loves all the cosy places (like our bed and pillows!)

  28. 1128

    My very long and fluffy Abbadagio, would be thrilled as he would finally be able to stretch out completely on the Big Baby!

  29. 1129

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 1130
    Lori C

    Looks so comfy! My cats will love it! Do they make one in MY size?

  31. 1131

    my cat,little girl would love this! HOPE I WIN

  32. 1132
    Jess W

    I think the biggest size would be nice for my family’s fat old cat that has been well fed and it now getting a bit too old to be jumping up onto comfy furniture.

  33. 1133
    Willa Shaffer

    I asked Emmy which one she’d like, and she purred “The B’Tweener’s plenty roomy for me!” She will happily post pictures on her Facebook page of her royal self enjoying one of those very special loungers!

  34. 1134

    My cat would LOVE this!!!

  35. 1135
    Teri Z

    Definitely the The Big Baby for my 20 lb spoiled kitty.

  36. 1136
    Michael Howard

    These have got to be THE coolest things for a cat that I’ve ever seen.
    I have 4 cats, so would have to go for the 23.5 Big Baby model for sure.

  37. 1137

    This thing is very cool, my cat would fit on the big baby jr.

  38. 1138

    Love it!! :) Fatty would love the big baby jr for sure! :)

  39. 1139
    Rochelle Noblett

    My two cats (one big, one petite) love to sleep together, so I’d have to say the Big Baby would be right for them!

    I do the public relations for The Cat House on the Kings, California’s largest no-kill, no-cage sanctuary on the Kings River. This truly is “Cat Heaven” and I encourage all to visit this link to see what we are about:
    With purchase of any of the models, Brawny Cat has graciously promised to donate a padlet to the shelter of your choice. Please consider The Cat House on the Kings (700 cats will go through a lot of padlets).

  40. 1140

    I would really like the fact that there is not carpet shreds and cardboard pieces from this product. I would choose a large because we have so many cats.

    PS I’ve been a fan of The Cat House on the Kings for several years. Since I first saw the video on YouTube. Looks like a great place for kitties. My friend and I emailed everyone we knew to vote for them during the All-Shelter Challenge. Will try harder next year!

  41. 1141

    I have “multiple” cats, so the Big Baby Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center would be the best by far for me and my fur kids.

    I would love to win one of these, and good luck to all that entered too.


  42. 1142

    I know the perfect beast for this scratch and slumber bench his name is pounce. Pounce no longer pounces, His favorite activity is to lie on a recliner.Because of his large size ~24lbs I think the larger model would be best thankyou. He is a BIG BABY!

  43. 1143

    i love valentine day great post

  44. 1144
    joyce mikulasko

    my bella would love this !

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