Introducing the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center for Cats of All Sizes! PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY

Sat, May 15, 2010

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Scratch'N Slumber Comfort Center

Introducing a brand new product from a brand new company, check out the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center from Brawny Cat. This Washington state-based company knows what it takes to keep cats of all sizes lounging in comfort. They’ve packed all sorts of features into the Scratch’n Slumber, I guarantee it will be a hit.

First of all, the Brawny Cat doesn’t discriminate against full figured felines. The Scratch’n Slumber was created for a very special girl named Big Baby. Here she is modeling for us:

Big Baby

As you can see, Big Baby needs a little extra room to stretch out, so the folks at Brawny Cat created “The Big Baby” Scratch’n Slumber measuring 26.5″ wide and 23.5″ deep. This size is great for “full figured” cats as well as large breed cats. In addition to “The Big Baby”, they created four more sizes (shown below) so you can pick just the right size for your cat.


The Scratch’n Slumber isn’t just a bed, it’s a complete comfort center. The sturdy cedar frame holds a high quality cardboard “padlet” that cats absolutely love to rub, scratch, and nap on. The raised, curved sides provide extra support for kitty’s back and head and a great surface for scratching. Plus. kitty can peek out over the sides to attack unsuspecting siblings.

The cardboard used is very high quality and stands up to quite a bit of scratching, plus you can turn the padlet over when one side is worn and get twice the life out of it. A catch basin in the bottom of the frame holds loose cardboard and catnip. Read more about the features and benefits of the Scratch’n Slumber on the Brawny Cat website.

They sent us one to test and as you can see below, everyone loves. Every time I turn around, someone else is on the Scratch’n Slumber. I’ve moved it all over the house — on the catio, in the living room, in the office — and they always find it. I’ve even seen a little “king of the hill” action happening when it’s time to decide whose turn it is.

Scratch'N Slumber Comfort Center

Just for reference, this is the B’Tweener model. Left to right: Theo weighs about 17 lbs.; Simba weighs 9 lbs.; and Flora weighs 6 lbs. (she’s tiny). That’s Ando in the top photo and he weighs about 15 lbs.

The Scratch’n Slumber cedar platforms are all handcrafted in Washington state using Western red cedar. Each one is hand-sanded and constructed without glues or stains, just natural cedar.

The Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Centers sell for $169 to $189 US, depending on the size. Replacement padlets are available for $59 to $79.


Brawny Cat is offering a Scratch’n Slumber to one lucky winner! The winner will get to choose any size Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center. To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your feedback about the Scratch’n Slumber. We’d especially like to hear what you think about the size offerings and which size you would choose if you are the winner. Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated, too. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on May 23. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. Overseas readers are welcome to enter if you are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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1,144 Responses to “Introducing the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center for Cats of All Sizes! PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 1001

    I think the Big Baby Jr. would be perfect for my big baby. He loooves to sleep with his head elevated, and this would do much better than my arm!

  2. 1002

    Love the look of this bed. Haven’t found a scratcher my 2 like and they like my chair to much for sleeping.

  3. 1003

    The narrow Scratch’n Go size is such a great idea for windowsills and other high up places kitties like to perch. The cedar also looks great.
    The Big Baby Jr. would be perfect for my quickly growing kitten :)

  4. 1004

    i want this for my kitty! i love that it looks like a couch, with the kitties lounging about. my napoleon would love it and the b’tweener would probably fit him best. anything made with natural products is a plus.

  5. 1005

    Finally something my 22 pound “big guy” can fit on without spilling over

  6. 1006
    elise legault


    these guys look so comfy- the head support is a great idea on a catbed.

  7. 1007

    My girls love to sleep with a little “pillow” under their heads. They would go crazy for this.

  8. 1008

    Great idea… A size for everyone. I have a petite baby to a godzilla size Ragdoll, and everything in between. It would be great to have a lounger to fit everyone!

  9. 1009

    The Big Baby Jr. will be suitable for my kitty. If they can make one for the perch by the window, I would love to get it. :-)

  10. 1010

    Those are great! I have two cats – one tiny, one large. I like that my big girl could have a place to sprawl out on other than MY chair! ..And I’m sure my little guy would enjoy sitting on one, too.

  11. 1011
    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

    Tamir (the tubby tabby) would really be able to snuggle into that bed. We think it would be comfy and stylish!! Tamir fits the description “well fed cat” purrfectly. In fact, Mom always calls him her Big Baby!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. 1012

    big cats need love too!

  13. 1013

    Minou would love to be able to relax beside me when I work on that comfy looking B’Tweener or Big Baby Jr. She’s a smaller cat but LOVES to spread out…

  14. 1014
    Chari Hill

    This is a great idea!! My cats would love this!

  15. 1015

    Very mag! My 3 little 6-7 pound cats would enjoy Scratch’n Go or Start’M Up!

  16. 1016

    This is a great innovative product. Where do these people get thier ideas? Great ones at that

  17. 1017

    our new kitty will love this!

  18. 1018

    Big Baby Jr is the best size – it’s more square, which i feel suits for playing and napping. The rectangle size seems like it might be hard to find a place on the floor, likely only against a wall. the more square size could be placed in a corner

  19. 1019

    That first pic with the black cat, is exactly how my cat sleeps lol. Letting everything dangle out of the bed, he’ll love this!

  20. 1020
    Alan K.

    You can’t go wrong with the big baby. Although it takes up a lot of space, is expensive, and sits around all day, you will learn to love it. Well enough talk about my cat Daisy, “The Big Baby” Scratch’n Slumber is a great versatile furniture for multiple cats. They can use it for play time, a good scratch or a lazy afternoon cat nap!

    “The Big Baby” Scratch’n Slumber would be perfect for my cats!

  21. 1021
    Little Doll

    PERFECT! Now a large kitty can sprawl out on a coomfy surface instead of draping themselves over a small one.

  22. 1022

    This would be wonderful for my HUGE baby! And for his little brother to join him as they love to cuddle together while they sleep. I love the aesthetic design, minimal, playful, functional, all in all, a perfect design.

  23. 1023

    What a terrific idea! This looks like one of the most comfortable cat beds I’ve seen! I have five kitties, ranging in size from 6 lbs to 12 lbs, and I know they’d adore this.

    I’m loving the rustic yet sophisticated look of the red cedar… just gorgeous. We live in a rustic home nestled in the woods of a small homestead farm. This would fit right in at our house!

  24. 1024

    I love this product and so will my kitties. They love to nap together and this looks so comfy.

  25. 1025
    lillian abel

    My big baby would love to lounge on this and I love cedar What a perfect solution for scratching and lounging… hmmmmm

  26. 1026

    Oh, this is the greatest. The tweener size would work for me. My cat would love to stretch out on this beatiful bed.

  27. 1027
    lillian abel

    My big baby would love to lounge on the “the Big Baby” and I love cedar What a perfect solution for scratching and lounging… hmmmmm

  28. 1028

    This looks amazing!!! I’m sure it would be a great kitty pleaser! The Scratch’n Go looks perfect for my two kitties to cuddle on!!!

  29. 1029

    I love it!!!! It’s so cute and it looks great. I would get the Big Baby Jr. I wonder if the cats would end up scratching the wood…

  30. 1030

    These are too awesome! A much more stylish alternative to the cardboard loungers my cat adores. She’s always either on her lounger or on top of her kitty condo… if the fish tank light isn’t on, that is, cause gosh it’s warm up there! :)

    I would probably only need the Start’M Up size for my kitty… I don’t know about how much she weighs but she’s pretty petite and it would be the perfect size to go on the shelves under my desk where she loves to lay anyway.

    Good luck everyone!

  31. 1031

    How great is this? Our Siamese siblings will have a blast and do need a big space to sleep together!

  32. 1032

    covers both of my cats favorite things to do

  33. 1033
    Jeneen Johnston

    My Poldy Cat would LOVE one of these…I’m thinking the B’Tweener size…he’s a aolid cat 14 lb cat (maine coon or wedgie mix) and LOVES to scratch and sleep on cardboard.

  34. 1034

    They all look great, but I think the Scratch’n Go would be a perfect size!

  35. 1035

    Would need the biggest size for sure for my big baby!

  36. 1036
    Candice S.

    These look really amazing!! My kitties would really love any one of these sizes! They look really well made too.
    The Big Baby Jr. looks like it would make any cat incredibly happy.

  37. 1037

    Ooooh! Awesome! My cats would LOVE the B Tweener or the Big Baby Junior!

  38. 1038

    It’s great to see all these new and innovative scratcher designs. So many cats are declawed unnecessarily, and perhaps having more attractive options will help. My three, who all use their posts, would love this!

  39. 1039
    Dr. Anne

    I’m not sure we should be encouraging “well-fed” cats, but it’s nice to have choices. The B’Tweener would be more than adequate for my brood.

  40. 1040
    Dawn S

    This is a great idea, my cat Louie would love this!!!

  41. 1041
    Kerry Winger

    I love the big baby and my “big baby” would love it as well. A place to stretch out and scratching spot as well. Fabulous!

  42. 1042

    This would be my cats’ idea of winning the lottery. Perhaps they will have better luck than I have had.

  43. 1043
    Betty Matousek

    Mr. Katz would love the Big One, and the headrest would thrill Lulabelle! Altercations for occupancy would be fun to watch!

  44. 1044

    Equality for larger felines!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! I know a few cats who could use the larger size one!

  45. 1045

    these are great! no matter how many beds i get they always want to sleep on the scratcher. I’d probably do big baby jr. for our growing boy.

  46. 1046

    This is a lovely combination. The newest addition to our family loves sleeping in between your legs curled up much like these cats so it would be a lovely substitute! Looks like a paintable surface perfect for customization and I love the wide variety of sizes! The B-Tweener looks like a suitable size for a smaller kitty leaving plenty of room to stretch out and flop over any way she pleases.

  47. 1047

    Love it! And I’m sure my girls would too!

  48. 1048
  49. 1049

    The size offerings are fantastic! I have a big boy that needs extra support on things.

  50. 1050

    These are so cool & i love the smell of cedar. thank you!

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