Introducing the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center for Cats of All Sizes! PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY

Sat, May 15, 2010

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Scratch'N Slumber Comfort Center

Introducing a brand new product from a brand new company, check out the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center from Brawny Cat. This Washington state-based company knows what it takes to keep cats of all sizes lounging in comfort. They’ve packed all sorts of features into the Scratch’n Slumber, I guarantee it will be a hit.

First of all, the Brawny Cat doesn’t discriminate against full figured felines. The Scratch’n Slumber was created for a very special girl named Big Baby. Here she is modeling for us:

Big Baby

As you can see, Big Baby needs a little extra room to stretch out, so the folks at Brawny Cat created “The Big Baby” Scratch’n Slumber measuring 26.5″ wide and 23.5″ deep. This size is great for “full figured” cats as well as large breed cats. In addition to “The Big Baby”, they created four more sizes (shown below) so you can pick just the right size for your cat.


The Scratch’n Slumber isn’t just a bed, it’s a complete comfort center. The sturdy cedar frame holds a high quality cardboard “padlet” that cats absolutely love to rub, scratch, and nap on. The raised, curved sides provide extra support for kitty’s back and head and a great surface for scratching. Plus. kitty can peek out over the sides to attack unsuspecting siblings.

The cardboard used is very high quality and stands up to quite a bit of scratching, plus you can turn the padlet over when one side is worn and get twice the life out of it. A catch basin in the bottom of the frame holds loose cardboard and catnip. Read more about the features and benefits of the Scratch’n Slumber on the Brawny Cat website.

They sent us one to test and as you can see below, everyone loves. Every time I turn around, someone else is on the Scratch’n Slumber. I’ve moved it all over the house — on the catio, in the living room, in the office — and they always find it. I’ve even seen a little “king of the hill” action happening when it’s time to decide whose turn it is.

Scratch'N Slumber Comfort Center

Just for reference, this is the B’Tweener model. Left to right: Theo weighs about 17 lbs.; Simba weighs 9 lbs.; and Flora weighs 6 lbs. (she’s tiny). That’s Ando in the top photo and he weighs about 15 lbs.

The Scratch’n Slumber cedar platforms are all handcrafted in Washington state using Western red cedar. Each one is hand-sanded and constructed without glues or stains, just natural cedar.

The Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Centers sell for $169 to $189 US, depending on the size. Replacement padlets are available for $59 to $79.


Brawny Cat is offering a Scratch’n Slumber to one lucky winner! The winner will get to choose any size Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center. To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your feedback about the Scratch’n Slumber. We’d especially like to hear what you think about the size offerings and which size you would choose if you are the winner. Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated, too. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on May 23. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. Overseas readers are welcome to enter if you are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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1,144 Responses to “Introducing the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Center for Cats of All Sizes! PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 1051

    my booboo and yogi would love this and i could have my sofa back lol

  2. 1052

    What an awesome bed. I have two kitties and they are sure getting big. They are brother and sister and they love laying together. This would be great for them especially the boy kitty since he is getting kind of the the big side. =P

  3. 1053
    Melissa Comstock

    my cats would love this!

  4. 1054
    Carla N.

    I’m in the process of adopting two little kitten brothers who would have a ball playing on this bed! I love it because it’s a sturdy, decorative piece of furniture. Thank you for creating such style conscious cat products!

  5. 1055

    My fur kids would love this :) I’d probably need the big size to keep them from fighting over it so they can both lay on it!

  6. 1056

    our kitties would love this!

  7. 1057

    This is the best! My 3 would love this and I have added to the top of my “must haves” for when I can afford to splurge. Thanks for the chance to win one. I think the Big Baby, Jr. would be the best choice for my crew.

  8. 1058

    A great idea, two-in-one place to sleep and scratch.

  9. 1059

    I am thinking the Big Baby would be best for me. I want to get a smaller size but that’s not really thew point is it? Between my three kitties, one of which is an 18 lb Maine Coone, I’m thinking only the Big Baby would suffice. Thanks!

  10. 1060

    What an awesome idea – so neat looking! The multiple size offerings are a great option. The B’Tweener would probably fit my guys the best.

  11. 1061

    I think my lil babies need a Big Baby so they can share, or at least try to! hahaha

  12. 1062
    Nancy S.

    I know my cat would love this. Your cats all look so comfy on it. I think I’d like the Big Baby, Jr.

  13. 1063

    This looks awesome! I am torn between the B’Tweener and Big Baby. My Maine Coon cat Craig is pretty big but I think I’m leaning more toward the B’Tweener.

  14. 1064

    Awesome natural wood and a beautiful design. I like that the large sizes could fit multiple cats. Our two felines currently snuggle together in their beds every once in a while. One is a bit petite – but the other is a 17lb Maine Coon.

  15. 1065

    I love this !!!! MoJo would love it too. He has completely demolished his scratching post I made him. He is a big boy and he could definately use something like this.

  16. 1066

    Love the cedar and that there are no stains or glues on this…..lucky slumber kitties!!

  17. 1067
    Karen Sue

    What a cool concept! I’d choose the Big Baby so my 4 indoor cats could all snuggle & snooze on it at once in one big kitty pile! No way would my husband let me buy this so PLEASE let me be the lucky winner :)

  18. 1068

    This looks like the perfect kitty retreat!

  19. 1069

    My kitty goomer loves to lay on the cord wood and scacth the bark in the winter, He would love this bed all year long.

  20. 1070

    My 4 LARGE boys would love this! They are crazy over cardboard scratchers. Even though the cardboard is durable, I’m just concerned about it wearing quickly. My favorite feature is the catch basin for loose cardboard and catnip!

  21. 1071
    maggie p

    these are so great! while one of my kitties is the typical 9 and a half pounder many of us know, my other cat is a whopping fifteen and a half pounds! he also happens to be the more gentle of the two, which always amused me :) i would probably select the B’Tweener, both so that my kitties would have plenty of room to lounge and so that it could fit nicely next to my couch in the living room! great product, though… i’m glad to see something both my cats can enjoy, not just the smaller of the two!

  22. 1072

    My 3 furballs would have a blast lounging and scratching at the Big Baby sized sleeper. What an awesome idea of utility, design, and comfort. I love that it’s also recyclable and the cedar panels would keep it smelling fresh too.

  23. 1073
    10 cat Mom

    That looks like a bed my cats would love.

  24. 1074

    oh my, this is fabulous! Coco would absolutely adore it…she’s a sucker for ‘head rests’ when she’s napping. Love that its a wooden product too – plastic just doesn’t really do it for me and my home!

    I wonder if they’re available in the UK…hope so…you guys get all the best cat products!!

  25. 1075

    As someone with a huge kitty, I think this is a great concept!

  26. 1076
    Billi Jo

    What a cool multipurpose item & it looks cool too. Atiya would love the Big Baby put right in the sunroom so she can lounge on her sofa & soak up the sun.

  27. 1077

    Big Baby (the cat) is so adorable. Of course I would get the Big Baby because (some) of my cats like to cuddle…

  28. 1078

    Oh my! I know three cats who would really enjoy that bed! I bet I could fit three on the Big Baby Jr! I am always finding my three flopped on chairs and the back of the couch.

  29. 1079

    I am always looking for something unique. This definitely fits the bill. Because of the shape and material of the padlet, my cats Sox and Tricky would absolutely love this!The Big Baby is the best choice for them,since they love sleeping together.

  30. 1080

    This looks wonderful! I adopted a 1-year old cat from a shelter 2 weeks ago, and she doesn’t yet have a bed or a scratching post. I think this would definitely have Tibby’s approval :) . She is rather tiny, so the Start Em Up looks best, or the Big Baby Jr. Also, it makes me happy that this is made in Washington; I’m a proud Seattle-ite :) !!

  31. 1081

    Tiger, Kobe and Swoosh give 3 paws up! The largest one is a good size for cats 17+ lbs, plus 2 of my kitties always like to cuddle up and sleep together, so the bed needs to be big enough to accommodate both!

  32. 1082
    Mark Kemp

    Nice. I think the B’Tweener would work well for our cats, and fit in less space.

  33. 1083

    Boy, they look so comfortable on those! I don’t really know which I’d choose, although I doubt I’ll have to worry about it. I’d probably let the assistant manager of the apartments I live in choose, especially since it’d be for her cats.

  34. 1084

    Even amid all the scratching posts/beds I have, I am positive this would be the new favorite. I would definitely go for the big baby…somehow mine stretch out to be the size of little lions. Although, maybe if I got one for on top of the dresser my one trouble-maker would stop pushing everything else off the top at 3 in the morning:)

  35. 1085

    so fun to see a company keep our big-boned, extra-fluffy furbabies in mind when designing. i think the b’tweener size looks just perfect, though i would be tempted to do for the big baby size, as i suspect there would be some kitty spooning action going on between jeeveyboog and the mooster. ;) thanks for always finding these amazing products!

  36. 1086

    Not only would my cats love this… I’d probably be interested if I fit in it.

  37. 1087


    My kittehs would love this. I just know they’d love to fight over the Big Baby!

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  38. 1088

    I really like the idea of this, a place to sleep and scratch what more could a cat want? I like the cedar that they use but as a thought I think that if it came in different colors perhaps it would be more appealing because then you can have your furniture match yours cats lol I really like the size of the B’Tweener it would definitely fit the different sizes of my cats.

  39. 1089
    Jennifer L Lillis

    I have three precious cats, Littlebit who’s 14, Punkin who’s 5 and Disney who’s 2 yrs old. This would be perfect for all three of them. I took in Disney after my daughter’s best friend passed away two years ago this Mother’s Day that just passed. My husband and I are Disability and our daughter has had it rough since a near fatal car accident 7 years ago and our cats are our comfort and joy in our house. The big baby would be sucha blessing and joy in our house for all three of them!!! The 14 year old could benefit as well as the Prince of the family “Disney”. If I could afford to get it for them I would but all of our income goes to just surviving with such serious health issues but we try and give the best to our “Babies” as they are there for us 24/7 with unconditional love!! We wouldn’t trade them for the world and I would do without for them. Thank you for considering our three babies for the “Bonus Giveaway”

  40. 1090

    The best thing about these is the ‘pillow’. Elizabeth is always looking for some way to prop up her head!

  41. 1091

    Cocopuff, aka The Countess Chocula, has decided that the “B’Tweener” would make the perfect throne for her. She is a bit round, but more important than that, the size would suit her importance. Jellybean, who shares her kingdom, is smaller and would be delighted with the “Scratch’n Go”. Both are so excited about these beds, but alas, the treasury has limited funds (and since increasing taxes is just so unpopular) they are really hoping to WIN one!!

  42. 1092

    These beds look terrific. Our cat Bauer would love one of these beds. In fact, I would love it, too, as he’s taken to using my closed laptop as a place to rest. I love him, but I don’t know how much more weight my computer can take!

  43. 1093

    Wow! These look great! My cats love having cardboard to scratch and the size choices means there is something for everyone from my 5lb DLH to my 18lb Ragdoll.

  44. 1094

    Our guys love cardboard and we love the look of the wood. Great!

  45. 1095

    Little Girl would love it!

  46. 1096

    Luigi says, life doesn’t get any better –sleeping and scratching! It’s the cat’s meow!!

  47. 1097
    Krystal Smith

    My kitties would love this.. Oscar is 15 pounds and Steven is 13 pounds.. I would probably want the big baby or the big baby Jr. because then maybe they would both get on there and sleep :)

  48. 1098
    Rita-Anne provenzano

    Exceptional design and terrific concept. I have numerous kitties, ranging in age from 13+ down to 8 weeks, all with various abilities as well.
    I could see everyone of my babies on these beds,, especially my CH kitties.

  49. 1099

    Oh my cats would loveee that! I have a large cat who’s a big fan of cartboard scratching pads but we only have little ones here in Israel. If I won, I would chose the 2nd biggest (big baby jr) for my… um, big boned cats. I could never afford those high price modern furnitures AND the costly shipping rates…

  50. 1100
    Kathy K

    Wow – this is a popular giveaway – hmmm, I’d have to go for the Big Baby since my two average-sized cats would be fighting over napping rights – that bed would hold them both comfortably.

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