Enter to Win a $50 Gift Card From AllModernPet.com! Two Winners!


To celebrate Memorial Day weekend we’ve got a great giveaway from AllModernPet.com! Two readers are each going to receive a $50 gift card to go shopping at this fabulous one-stop, online modern pet shopping headquarters! AllModernPet.com offers a huge variety of the coolest modern pet supplies from the top brands, including WetNoz, Holden Designs, Kittypod, Teafco, Designer Catbox, The Refined Feline, Square Cat Habitat, Kitty A Go-Go, Urban Pet Haus, Marmalade Pet Care, West Paw Design, Sleepypod, Cat Livin’ and lots more. These are all Moderncat favorites!


Not only does AllModernPet.com carry all the best moderncat gear — from beds, scratchers, and perches to feeding dishes, carriers, and designer litter boxes — but they frequently offer amazing deals like deep discounts and free shipping.




Two lucky winners are each going to receive a $50 gift card to AllModernPet.com! To enter, please visit AllModernPet.com and take a look around, then come back here and leave a comment on this post giving us an idea of what you’d spend your $50 gift card on. There are so many things to choose from! The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on June 4. One entry per person. The gift cards may be used toward the purchase price and shipping charges for any product at AllModernPet.com. Please note that AllModernPet.com only delivers to addresses in the US and Canada.

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951 Responses to “Enter to Win a $50 Gift Card From AllModernPet.com! Two Winners!”

  1. 851
    Melody Sutphin

    I would buy some of the toys=plenty of neat ones to choose from :)

  2. 852

    I love the cat carriers and car seats! And the bedding. My already-spoiled cat would love something from AllModernPet.com!

  3. 853

    Anything they can scratch the heck out of…like the Cheeky Chaise.

  4. 854

    Probably one or two ultimate post perch SmartCats. The assistant manager of the apartments I live in now has 10 because the one female she had had a litter of six. I know she’d be interested in something for all of them to scratch.

  5. 855
    Bonnie S

    I think I would buy the Microfiber Square Pet Bed in Caramel – Carolina Pet Company.

  6. 856

    I would love to get one of the wall flower scratchers with wall mounts!

  7. 857

    I’d probably get my cat another scratching item. Or maybe a designer litter box!

  8. 858

    What great things – my cats would sure like anything I got them.

  9. 859

    My little guy was just telling me that he needed some new stuff!



  10. 860

    Cool, kitty needs a scratcher and I also like the beds!

  11. 861

    I think either the Cat Clouds or the Cat Shelf – love ‘em both!

  12. 862

    I would get one of your great looking scratcher!

  13. 863
    Cindy Griggs

    I would choose a “Button” pet bed. My blue eyed Sammy has been sleeping on a suitcase that was laying on the floor, waiting to be put up. A “Button” bed would look much nicer than a purple suitcase. And I do believe Sammy would appreciate it too!

  14. 864

    My cat Kei Kei loves to climb. I would love to get her something new to climb on, instead of the refrig.

  15. 865
    Kate Setzer Kamphausen

    Definitely foodware! What cute dishes!

  16. 866
    Nicole W

    I love the puff ball beds and unique litter boxes!

  17. 867

    scratcher or food dish!

  18. 868
    Kirstin M

    The beds and the scratchers are awesome! Our kitties would love a new present!

  19. 869
    Patricia Janik

    When I receive my money blessing, I will be doing some serious shopping for my kitties and My Sister’s cats!!! All total we have 9 cats. They certainly deserve to have their kitty apartments updated with new furniture!! They have already gave me their “list” of products!!! P.S. It’s a long list!!!!

  20. 870

    i’d definitely put it towards a designer cat bed!

  21. 871
    Diana P.

    I would definitely use the gift card toward the Designer Catbox in White. So fancy!!

  22. 872

    Myself (and my cats)would love the cat climber.

  23. 873

    My cats would love a pod bed from Heppner or cat carrier from sleepypod!

  24. 874

    I know my kitties would love to lay on the !
    Rec-NFL – Rectangle Napper For Life Dog Bed Dogzzzz
    plus our family room is all sports themed so it would match perfectly!

  25. 875

    What a great site! They have so many items to choose from :) I would use the gift card to purchase the Marsupack Small Animal Pet Carrier. My cat really wants to go outside and I’d feel much safer with her in there :)

  26. 876

    I would definately spend the gift card on 0133-Loden – Chenille Corduroy Puff Ball in Loden Carolina Pet Company.
    My boys – Smokey and Simba – love to snuggle close together and play-fight. They would love this!

  27. 877

    My little Julio needs some new toys :)

  28. 878

    Wow i love the The Lotus Cat Stand but its kind of pricey…i’d probably go with a nice scratcher or maybe one of those beds.

  29. 879
    Lora B

    So many amazing things… it’s tough to choose! It’s a toss-up between… the Craftsman Series wooden cat perch or the Plush Chenille Square Bed in Loden.

  30. 880

    I would love to get our kitty some wall-mounted waves or door-mounted tree.

  31. 881
    dave i.

    sweeet! always lookin’ for new kitty things

  32. 882
    dave i.

    i think my cats just asked me for a cat jungle….yup, pretty sure they did!

  33. 883

    What a great opportunity! They have so many great items to choose from, but I would probably use the gift card toward a litter box enclosure or a scratcher of some kind.

  34. 884

    Kitty and I are moving in with a greyhound, and some special things for his own personal space/escape are just what we need!

  35. 885

    With five cats, I could choose almost anything…They and I are hoping….

  36. 886

    I hope it is not too late for me to enter my name.

  37. 887

    With four cats to have to haul to the vet and my carriers getting a bit worn I’d probably buy a new cat carrier.

  38. 888
  39. 889

    Awesome, I’ve been waiting for a store like this!

  40. 890

    I would definitely get one of the puffball beds for the cats. I have always wanted one of those!

  41. 891

    SOMETHING TO CLIMB ON!!! all so cute

  42. 892

    What a FANTASTIC GIFT!!! I would definately have a hard time picking something out they have such wonderful things for cats! I know my cats would love me if I won. LOL

  43. 893

    My Divacat, Spot, would like a perch. But of course he prefers to call it a pedestal. This is a great opportunity to get something I may not be able to afford otherwise,

  44. 894

    i would get a sleepypod pet carrier! i like driving around with my cats, but their current carriers don’t allow them to see as much. this is probably also safer then letting them roam around my car while i drive!

  45. 895

    I definitely could use a new kitty bed. :D

  46. 896

    With 4 cats – so many choices

  47. 897

    What a great idea! My cats could definitely use some new food/water bowls, beds and the like. They would be sooo happy to win!!

  48. 898
    Jennifer P.

    Wow! What a great selection! I’m torn between the Puff Ball Kitty Beds or stocking up on the cat toys! Definitely a great site!

  49. 899

    my boys would get a lot of use out of the lotus cat stand/scratcher from the refined feline!

  50. 900

    My cats love to scratch in the door frames so we’ve taken to nailing carpet next to there to encourage them to scratch something other than our molding. The “Itch” square scratchers would be a much fancier alternative. And the Little Lotus would make a lovely place to relax and big enough for my 16 pound kitties.

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