Enter to Win a $50 Gift Card From AllModernPet.com! Two Winners!


To celebrate Memorial Day weekend we’ve got a great giveaway from AllModernPet.com! Two readers are each going to receive a $50 gift card to go shopping at this fabulous one-stop, online modern pet shopping headquarters! AllModernPet.com offers a huge variety of the coolest modern pet supplies from the top brands, including WetNoz, Holden Designs, Kittypod, Teafco, Designer Catbox, The Refined Feline, Square Cat Habitat, Kitty A Go-Go, Urban Pet Haus, Marmalade Pet Care, West Paw Design, Sleepypod, Cat Livin’ and lots more. These are all Moderncat favorites!


Not only does AllModernPet.com carry all the best moderncat gear — from beds, scratchers, and perches to feeding dishes, carriers, and designer litter boxes — but they frequently offer amazing deals like deep discounts and free shipping.




Two lucky winners are each going to receive a $50 gift card to AllModernPet.com! To enter, please visit AllModernPet.com and take a look around, then come back here and leave a comment on this post giving us an idea of what you’d spend your $50 gift card on. There are so many things to choose from! The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on June 4. One entry per person. The gift cards may be used toward the purchase price and shipping charges for any product at AllModernPet.com. Please note that AllModernPet.com only delivers to addresses in the US and Canada.

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951 Responses to “Enter to Win a $50 Gift Card From AllModernPet.com! Two Winners!”

  1. 901

    I love the cardboard lounger!!

  2. 902

    I would get the Puff Ball cat bed & a perch to top my Ultimate Scratching Post.

  3. 903

    I think mine would like the Peek a Prize toy and they LOVE perches!

  4. 904

    I would love to get the climber tree, the cheeky chaise scratcher, the lotus scratcher…too many choices! All I know is my two are beating their cat tree to shreds when they chase each other up and down it and do a tandem scratch.

  5. 905

    What a great opportunity!! :)

  6. 906

    I would purchase a perch, my cat never seems to get enough of being high up. I also would get the Tick Tock Teaser Smart Cat. That is too cute!

  7. 907

    I love the wooden Smartcat toys! I’ve definitely been eyeing the peek-aprize and tick tock teaser.

  8. 908
    maggie p

    my $50 would probably go to the purchase of a new scratcher/ scratcher perch combo. i’m moving to a new apartment soon, and hope to purchase the kitties some new furniture as well as myself!

  9. 909

    I would use the $50 gift card toward a blue Sleepy Pod! My kitty and I have been wishing for one of those forever!

  10. 910
    Christine K

    I would buy the ZenHaus Modern Litter Box Enclosure!

  11. 911

    I would probably put the $50 towards something for the kittens to scratch. The site has so many great things that it would be a hard choice.

  12. 912
    Amy Roberts

    There are so many wonderful things on your site! But I think I would have to purchase the cat lotus tower. It’s amazing!

  13. 913

    There are so many wonderful products for kitty that it would be really hard to pick what to get with the gift card! I think I wold have to ask Twiggy what she would like – he he.

  14. 914

    I would definitely get the peek a prize toy…it would give our girls a bit more entertainment and keep the boredom at bay!

  15. 915

    I think my little ones would really enjoy the climber tree. They could use a better perch so they can keep an eye on things :O)

  16. 916
    Michael Howard

    Very cool looking stuff for both cats and dogs. I will definitely have to buy something off of it for my 4 cats. So hope I win and I’d put the $50.00 towards the Designer Cat Litter Box with Leopard Print Cover!!!

  17. 917

    PUFF BALL!!! Or the the Atmosphere Pet Bed. I can totally picture my three cats passing out on either one of those :)

  18. 918

    I have had my eye on the Lotus cat tower for some time.

  19. 919
    Brooke Jacobs

    Prudence and Pearl like it all… but would probably choose a scratcher or a bed or a combo of both!

  20. 920

    I love the wall perch it would be great for my six cats I hope I win :)

  21. 921

    Everything is just way cool! Which would be nice in a hot summer…especially when there’s fur coats involved!

  22. 922

    I love the atmosphere kitty bed. I’d certainly get one of those!

  23. 923

    Definitely some type of cat tree. Our youngest cat is quite the climber and it is a problem!

  24. 924
    Olivia Cuevas

    My little cat would love some new furnishings for our new home!

  25. 925

    My cat would probably prefer a nice new scratching post, but I would really like a stylish new feeder that won’t tip over.

  26. 926
    kathy johnson

    Free Money! Seymore Kitty and me loves to shop. Would be great start for a nice climbing tree. Thanks

  27. 927
    Sarah L

    There are so many things our kitty would like, I think he would really like “Itch” Modern Cat Scratcher Square Cat Habitat

  28. 928

    wow cool stuff! i’d probably get my boys toys because they have many beds and places to sleep but need new stimuli to get more exercise!

  29. 929

    My kittie JoJo is moving soon to Kenya, she needs some new “things”…this would be fantastic!

  30. 930

    It’s probably too late, but we’d love a new bed!!!

  31. 931

    Our cats enjoy vertical space, so we’d definitely favor one of the marvelous sisal cat trees.

  32. 932

    Sasha needs a new bed to lounge in the window… she could get a really nice one with this!

  33. 933
    Denise Busher

    I’m loving the Korean Kitty designs!

  34. 934

    I would love this!

  35. 935

    innovative and attractive

  36. 936

    I sure could use a bed or two… or ten!

  37. 937

    WOW!! I hope we win this one!! It would rock & meow!

  38. 938

    My cats are drooling.

  39. 939

    The page took a while to load for me.

    Things I might use the gift card on would be: part of the price of a marmalade scratcher, Buttercup Pet Bed, or another of the cat pillows or beds. Such a great selection!

    It would be cool to be able to select a “cat store” or “dog store” (like on Drs. Foster Smith website) and not have the dog and cat products mixed together.

  40. 940

    would spend it towards a sleepypod, in order to be able to pick up my future cat from the rescue center :)

  41. 941
    Kat Baskin

    I would probably put this towards a kitty tree or some kitty shelves. I feel like my boys REALLY need more vertical space… or at least more spaces to go up high where I won’t yell at them… like the curtains.

  42. 942

    I would love to win a large cat enclosed litter box that looks like furniture. I have two cats. Also a beautiful carrier and bed for Gemma Girl. She has been our rescue cat and has 3 legs. she does not even know that. She gets bored with sleeping spots. If she had a super bed I know I can make her the princess of the home. I would love for our 2nd rescue bookie boo to have a great place to play and she loves to climb. She also thinks she has nails former owner had declawed nobody asked her. She thinks she has nails and uses the couch to sharpen her paws. So she may love a cat scratcher. Our Boos are the greates 2 rescue cats around. They are like our kids. This website has the best modern furniture and state of the art litter boxes etc. Would love to bless our babies. Thanks!!!

  43. 943

    The Refined Feline has great stuff! That would definitely be where I’d look.

  44. 944

    I would buy the Atmosphere Pet Bed I have 3 older cats and I know they would love it

  45. 945

    the argo pet carriers…LOVE THEM! =^..^=

  46. 946

    I love all your cat towers and scratchers but my favorite is the cat tower elevator. My 7 cats would have a ball with it.

  47. 947

    I need climbing shelves for my 5 kitties!

  48. 948

    Natural woven cat carrier!!

  49. 949
    Tamara Coburn

    I love the cat shelves especially the clouds.

  50. 950

    My cats would kill for this stuff.

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