Enter to Win a $50 Gift Card From AllModernPet.com! Two Winners!


To celebrate Memorial Day weekend we’ve got a great giveaway from AllModernPet.com! Two readers are each going to receive a $50 gift card to go shopping at this fabulous one-stop, online modern pet shopping headquarters! AllModernPet.com offers a huge variety of the coolest modern pet supplies from the top brands, including WetNoz, Holden Designs, Kittypod, Teafco, Designer Catbox, The Refined Feline, Square Cat Habitat, Kitty A Go-Go, Urban Pet Haus, Marmalade Pet Care, West Paw Design, Sleepypod, Cat Livin’ and lots more. These are all Moderncat favorites!


Not only does AllModernPet.com carry all the best moderncat gear — from beds, scratchers, and perches to feeding dishes, carriers, and designer litter boxes — but they frequently offer amazing deals like deep discounts and free shipping.




Two lucky winners are each going to receive a $50 gift card to AllModernPet.com! To enter, please visit AllModernPet.com and take a look around, then come back here and leave a comment on this post giving us an idea of what you’d spend your $50 gift card on. There are so many things to choose from! The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on June 4. One entry per person. The gift cards may be used toward the purchase price and shipping charges for any product at AllModernPet.com. Please note that AllModernPet.com only delivers to addresses in the US and Canada.

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951 Responses to “Enter to Win a $50 Gift Card From AllModernPet.com! Two Winners!”

  1. 301

    I would love to be able to put my winning towards a wheeled carrier. My big cat is 19 lbs — and not fat. Oh maybe a pound or two, but even at 17 lbs he is very heavy for me to carry around. This would make going to the vet with him and my little (10 lb) cat so much easier.

  2. 302
    Debra Lee

    Definitely the Sleepypod Cat Bag. With four cats, this would make trips to the vet much easier and warme in the winter. Thanks for the great giveawat!

  3. 303

    I’d probably use it towards the Wave wall-mounted modern cat perch. It’s so lovely, and my cats would love using it. :)

  4. 304

    These cats have cooler furniture than people do!

  5. 305

    I would love to have the money go towards their litter box enclosure in Espresso Designer catbox. I am getting a new kitten and have limited places for a second litter box and this would be purrrfect to conceal a litter box in the livingroom.

  6. 306

    Wow! So hard to choose :) I think I would have to put it towards the washroom litter cabinet. I have been wanting one for a while!

  7. 307

    Whooeeee! Sparky Doodle and Crazy Chester vote for modern cat scratch posts or a stylin’ new bed. Maybe one of each. Either way, it would allow me to ‘recycle’ the many boxes lying about the house serving both purposes.

  8. 308

    We REALLY need to upgrade our cat furniture, so it’s the Lotus Cat Tower for our gang of three!

  9. 309
    Rossnina Ruggieri

    Finally, a design as cool and sophisticated as our cats! If my cats have this, they will be the envy of all towncats.

  10. 310
    Ashley K

    If I had the extra cash, I’d go for the sleepypod. I’m pretty sure I’m digging the sport sack pet carrier in green for $50, though.

  11. 311

    I would love to win that and get my geriatric kitty a new bed. :)

  12. 312
    Callie Girl

    Oh please I’d wuve to win dis stuff, see we gots no modern tings at all.

    Callie Girl – I’s a real guud cliamer.

  13. 313

    modern kitty scratchers

  14. 314

    awesome giveaway – hope tallulah & i win one!!!

  15. 315

    Modern cats. i have modern cats. they are papmpered spoiled and treated like a two legged child. the only difference is they never come home pregant dont ask to borrow the car and never ask for money. My kids deserve to win. i love my kids aqnd spoil them as rotten as i can, but new toys are a luxury which comes as often as i can. but i love to see them play with a new toy and they would love a chance to have new playthings. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick the Kitten Club Gang to win.

  16. 316

    I would have to put it toward a new cat bed or scratcher for my little ones….or maybe even some new toys. They love to catch/chase anything that moves.

  17. 317
    Susan E.

    I need an updated cool kitty condo for my girls!!

  18. 318
    Laurie W

    So much great stuff to choose from! I think a designer litter box would be great since we don’t have anywhere to hide the regular litter box. Maybe a wall shelf too, Schmow and Enzo are always looking for a high perch. :)

  19. 319
    Sheila Gross

    I’ve been wanting to buy one of those very large cardboard bed/scratchers. I’d probably go for the extra-large size of something, since my largest cats weigh over 20 lb and my smallest are still over 10 lb.

  20. 320

    indie kitty is always on the road with me, often traveling round trip 6 hour drives some days, she’s a patient little bugger but i know she would absolutely love the sleepypod that allmodernpet.com carries, and i’d feel incredibly safe having her buckled up and comfortable on our long journeys

  21. 321

    I think I would go for the Tick-tock teaser and the Peek-a-Prize toy — Both by Smart Cat. I have a cat that loves to play with toys.

  22. 322
    Jessica D.

    I think I would get the peek a prize toy box. I could see my boys really loving that.

  23. 323

    We just had 7 kittens this morning. So the Catemporary Cat Corner would provide lots of extra seating for the new gang!

  24. 324

    I’ve had my eye on a lotus cat tower or the contemporary cat corner for my finnegan. Though knowing me I’d end up with both and then some. Everything they carry is fantastic.

  25. 325

    I’d get my cats a Kitty Pod or maybe a junior Lotus (since they love their full-sized on SO much)

    thanks for the contest! Love the blog!

  26. 326
    Jodi Gersh

    I am positive that Lily kitten and Puffy cat want a cat sofa to sleep on. I can’t believe how cute those are!

  27. 327
    leigh anne

    I love allmodernpet.com! I’d love to bestow the Couchette Modern Cat Scratcher Kittypod on my two beloved feline delinquents. Taz & Roo are brother and sister, two years old but really just humongous maine coon kittens who love to play with, wrestle and poke at each other – usually one from above and one from below so this piece is ideal! It’s gorgeous, eco-friendly – so important – and its clever design would fit with my minimalist decor (doesn’t scream cat-tree). It would also add to the other items I have acquired from allmodernpet.com in the past – I LOVE THIS SITE!!

  28. 328

    There are so many amazingly beautiful cat trees, scratchers & feeders!!!! I think my Lulu would LOVE the Little Lotus or the Holden Designs Pet Bed & Double Pet Feeder – both in Walnut. The smooth surface of the Pet Bed would be perfect for her to keep cool on in the Florida Summer heat!

  29. 329

    I would love to put the gift card toward the purchase of the designer
    cat litter box with the metallic cover.

  30. 330
    Tiffany Walsh

    my babies need a new tree, shelves or sitting post! They miss climbing.

  31. 331

    I would go for the corduroy puff ball beds or litter box.

  32. 332

    It’s time for a new cat bed! :)

  33. 333

    Thanks for the chance to win! :)
    I think my Daphne and Dorie would love to use the prize to purchase a Sleepy Pod bed/carrier. We have had our on one for a long time!

  34. 334
    Nancy Diaz

    We live in a small studio apartment so The Refined Feline – Catemporary Cat Corner would be my pick! My 2 Cats would definitely love it and be furry comfy on it…purrrrrrrrr

  35. 335

    Wow! There are so many things to choose from! If I were to win I use the gift card toward some new “summer fun” for Prudence. I’d definitely would get the Peek a Prize Toy Box. I also would get the Cat Jungle SmartCat. My Prudence loves to play and would love to have some new toys to play with!

  36. 336
    konstantin mroncz

    Hi, I would chose two (and make up the difference) of the Neko Habitat Cushions for Modern Pet Beds, and donate them to the local cat rescue (Ark of San Juan- no connection to me at present), as I have been involved with rescues in the past, and know that basic cat and dog furniture is always in short supply.

  37. 337
    Becki M

    I would love to pamper my kitties some new things.

  38. 338

    ooooh wouldn’t this be fabulous!! my girls would love some of the perches and climby things :)

  39. 339

    I would love that sweet enclosed kitty litter box. We definitely need something to make that less conspicuous. Thanks for the chance!

  40. 340
    Becki M

    I would love to pamper my kitties with some new things.

  41. 341

    so much to choose from! great giveaway!!!

  42. 342

    those are some cool modern cat supplies i could use!
    it’s be hard to pick which i want most!

  43. 343
    von Krankipantzen

    Great giveaway! I’d likely spend the prize on a few of their super cute porcelain food bowls since the furkids could really use some new ones. But in a fit of fancy I might just splurge on that gorgeous walnut cat bed/lounger.

  44. 344
    Jennifer B.

    I would probably use it to buy a bed for my cats. The “MPB003-S – Atmosphere Pet Bed Merry Products” is very nice looking.

  45. 345

    I have about given up hope of winning but it is still fun to try. I think I’d go for the steps for my 18 year old grrl. I have been trying to save for a Lotus Tower.

  46. 346
    Alice Kieft

    Wowee! Terrific site..unusual and useful cat friendly items…hope I win!


  47. 347
    Katie Bell

    Ah!! This is amazing!!! I just adopted a cat. He was born a stray on my college campus. I watched him grow up (he is about 1 1/2 years now), and when I graduated, I took him home with me! He is the sweetest thing ever!!Biased, I’m sure. ;) I would get him one of the Connie Standard tote in green, and maybe a cat bed too!

  48. 348

    I would use the $50 to go towards the purchase of the Marmalade Sweet Lounge Cardboard Scratcher. It looks sturdy enough to last as my cat Oscar, would rip into it the moment it comes into my apartment. It appeals to me as well as it actually looks good.

  49. 349

    awesome! i would put the $50 toward the crouchette cat scratcher. it is way too cool.

  50. 350

    I love the products and what a great offer! I would love to jumb start shopping for kitties with a $50 gift card.

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