Introducing The Cat’s Trapeze, For Kitties Who Climb PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY

Cat's Trapeze

If you’ve got very active cats who need to take their energy out on something other than your curtains, then this may be the product for you. It’s The Cat’s Trapeze from The Netherlands and I’ve never seen anything like it. They sent us one to test out and as you can see, Ando thinks it’s pretty comfy, although he’s a little too lazy to use it as it is really intended, but I can certainly imagine how this could provide a good distraction for some active kittens.

The Cat’s Trapeze was designed specifically to provide a place for cats to climb, which they do naturally. And wouldn’t you rather have them climb this instead of your curtains? The Cat’s Trapeze is made from durable, natural cotton/linen and comes in three sizes: single pillow, double pillow, and triple pillow, plus there’s a little hammock that can be attached to the bottom for an extra lounge spot. You can suspend The Cat’s Trapeze from the ceiling, or if your cats prefer a little more stability, place it against a wall or in a corner. Check out this video of some cats giving the trapeze a good workout.

There are more videos here.

You can use a variety of different hooks to suspend The Cat’s Trapeze from the wall, ceiling, or even from a door.


One of my first thoughts is that this may encourage cats to climb curtains, but if you already have curtain climbers, then this might be just the thing to deter them. Giving kitty her own special place to climb and play should take care of those natural instincts.

Cat's Trapeze


If you have one of those super-active kitties, then you won’t want to miss this giveaway! One lucky winner is going to receive a three-pillow Cat’s Trapeze. To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on June 11. One entry per person. This giveaway includes shipping anywhere, so international readers are welcome to enter!

Here are some more pix of my lazy Ando.

Cat's Trapeze

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1,603 Responses to “Introducing The Cat’s Trapeze, For Kitties Who Climb PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 1551

    Awwwww… My Silly Boy (orange tabby) would LOVE it!!!

  2. 1552

    This is such a innovative idea. My three cats would adore it.

  3. 1553
    Karen Curtis

    What a cool way to hang out!! My cats would love this!!

  4. 1554

    I can just see my little Domino sitting on the top cushion trying to hit Kiki as he sits below her.

  5. 1555

    What a cool idea. Kittypuss would love to hang out in this all day long.

  6. 1556

    My cool cat Dardo was named after a character portrayed by Burt Lancaster in the movie “The Flame and the Arrow” in which he does all of his own stunts! My Dardo is quite the acrobat himself. The name fits him. Burt also starred in the movie “Trapeze”, so this very fitting for us.

  7. 1557
    Danielle T

    My 4 felines are indeed high fliers and would have a blast with this incredibly designed cliber/cat bed trapeze! Love it!!

  8. 1558
    Helen Brumfield

    This is SO cool, my 6 fur kids would love it!

  9. 1559

    Hi! I’m a 23-year-old male Siamese named Bubba. While I can’t describe myself as very active, I’m a darn good sleeper. I know a comfortable bed when I see one, and the bottom cushion on the Trapeze looks pretty comfy. I might still be able to climb into that one with a little boost from my human mom. I won’t be able to climb to the top, but I know my two annoying cat brothers, both young, will be playing on it like monkeys in the wild. I hope I win!

  10. 1560

    I looooooveee these. My two angels would be so happy!

  11. 1561

    oooh, I think I like the trapeze, but if I won it, I’d give it to my local no kill shelter with 68 resident cats. That would be fun to watch!

  12. 1562

    Thisis the coolest, most stylist kitty asset ever! My cats, Sassy & Kit, would have a national holiday with this!!

  13. 1563

    Ok. Seriously. This actually works with my style. Gone are the days of outdated carpet glued to pieces of wood, I love it! It would just be a fight for the top between my two cats. Bravo!

  14. 1564

    My cats use one of our nice recliner chairs as their scratching post and bed! This would be a GREAT replacement!!

  15. 1565

    Oh my goodness, these are perfect for my sleep-loving cats!!

  16. 1566

    Awww. Such a great idea!

  17. 1567

    I have 5 cats who live in a 2 bedroom apartment, they would absolutely LOVE this !! And I would too !!!!

  18. 1568
    Annie Coulombe

    im a cat breeder and saw this cat trapeze on an other breeder’s website,i have been searching for days now for this cat trapeze, i found it so i decided to enter the contest because my cats , and kittens would love this,and i absolutely love the look of it.

  19. 1569

    i wonder how 7 cats would behave on this….I want to find out……..

  20. 1570
    Lisa Goetz

    This is such a great idea! I have a new kitten who loves to climb & this would be perfect for her…

  21. 1571

    Wow, what a cute & cool thing to have for my kitties! This would be perfect for our home!

  22. 1572
    Dee Feltman

    What a wonderful idea! I have a couple of kitties that would LOVE one!!

  23. 1573
    Wardrobe Storage Solutions

    Wow! I love it!
    Is it stable enough??
    Great thing to have in my bedroom for my cat…I’m glad I found this :)

  24. 1574
    Pat F

    This is such a great thing for cats. I know mine would love it. In fact, I adore everything I see on Modern Cat, and want it all!

  25. 1575

    My 8 fur babies would somehow all manage to squeeze themselves on one! I think the dogs would enjoy observing!

  26. 1576
    Peggy Tate

    All our kitties would LOVE the trapeze. They are all climbers and love high spots.

  27. 1577

    E’ fantastico! penso che i miei gatti si divertirebbero un sacco ad arrampicarsi, anche il più pigro.

  28. 1578

    This is such a great idea! This would be a great way to provide Lola (my crazy 1 year old cat) with a fun toy that will help expend some of her pent up energy!

  29. 1579

    What a fantastic thing. I am about purchase my 3rd cat (Malley) and he will love it. I just wish it was around before so my other 2 cats could have enjoyed it.

  30. 1580
    LuAnn Marie

    That would be the most awesome thing for our 4 precious boys. Whomever created this is amazing! Great job!! I need to know how to do this….

  31. 1581
    Maria Grazia

    In Italia non è ancora appena lo trovo lo comprerò di certo…
    Ma se lo vinco…!!!!

  32. 1582
    Molly's Mum

    Perfect gift for Molly, my fat but pretty Siamese X who loves just to chillax! Thanks in advance!

  33. 1583

    Is this for cats? But I want it for me, can? Promise I will share it with my beloved little pussycat.

  34. 1584
    Constance Miller

    OMG – I want one of these SO badly for my 3 girls!!!! Does anyone know how much they will cost?

  35. 1585

    L’ho trovato anche in Italia! (finalmente qualcosa di fantastico arriva anche qui da noi)… l’ho comprato on-line sul sito
    E al numero verde sono stati molto gentili a darmi tutte le info!

  36. 1586

    i want to win the trapeez!!

  37. 1587
    Malinda Dempsey

    I have some awesome cats that I have rescued that would absolutely love one of these. One of my rescue cats came from 10 feet up in an arbor outside of a dentist office and he kinda thinks he is a bird.

  38. 1588
    Donna Bell

    I foster kittens/cats and this would be great to keep them from climbing my curtains and it would be one more “toy” for them to discover as they grow

  39. 1589

    This cat trapeze is basically for my highly intelligent and therefore the biggest trouble maker of my 4 cats! I live in a quiet neighborhood that is pretty safe with cars. I had 3 cats for years all females, they will go out in the yard for 15 minutes or so and come right in the house. They love their deck and fenced in yard, sometimes jump the fence but just to the front yard and come when called. Cameron however, the latest male addition, young neutered, and highly intelligent, has made a nuisance of himself with neighbors. Some love him and bring him treats when he sits and looks at them through their windows. However, he would pester one neighbor when she would try to entertain on her deck, he would beg for treats! We tried electric fence for him! He knows where to jump it in the yard! We are still training him for that, in the mean time, he is not allowed out, will bully the females, attack our legs, jumps all over everything in the house, he asks for me to turn on the water faucet, tries to open the back door himself to go outside. If this cat had opposable thumbs we would be in a lot of trouble! Cam is so smart that he needs a challenge to keep him busy, I am hoping this helps!

  40. 1590
    Kathleen Pine

    I’d love for our four to have one (or two) of these in our house! Much better play toy than the cat tree they have. Great concept.

  41. 1591

    I must have this for my 2 rescue cats Maci & Laci. They had a hard like before being rescued in March. They play w/ everything/ anything. They are so fun!

  42. 1592


  43. 1593

    I don’t know if you’ve held your bonus giveaway, but in case you haven’t or intend to have another…here’s my kitties entry.

    Your Cat Trapeze is ingenious. What cat wouldn’t love it? My babies are loveable, lazy and lots of fun. They both love two things, to be near me and, to be up off the floor – the higher the better. I’ve already found the perfect place for the cat trapeze – in the corner of my office above my desk. Perfect – near me and up.
    What will you come up with next???

  44. 1594
    Robyn White


  45. 1595
    Donna Maahs

    Mudgi and Peachi would love one of these. Mudg is my Tonk and Peach is my rescue little girl a tiger. Very active and would really enjoy a kitty trapeze!!!

  46. 1596
    Kara Troutman

    This is great! My cats would love this. They are always looking for new things to climb.

  47. 1597

    My comment?! I WANT ONE!!!

  48. 1598
    Lucas T.

    My cat will love have this in our balcony. He loves to watch the traffic. :3

  49. 1599

    trop beau trop bien trop super pour tous les petits chats BRAVO c’est très interressant comme contexte bravo bonne soirée à bientot

  50. 1600
    Maria Cardoso

    My cat – a Gata CChristie – would love this trapeze! She is really active and playful and loves climbing. This would be a parfect asset for her!

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