Introducing The Cat’s Trapeze, For Kitties Who Climb PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY

Cat's Trapeze

If you’ve got very active cats who need to take their energy out on something other than your curtains, then this may be the product for you. It’s The Cat’s Trapeze from The Netherlands and I’ve never seen anything like it. They sent us one to test out and as you can see, Ando thinks it’s pretty comfy, although he’s a little too lazy to use it as it is really intended, but I can certainly imagine how this could provide a good distraction for some active kittens.

The Cat’s Trapeze was designed specifically to provide a place for cats to climb, which they do naturally. And wouldn’t you rather have them climb this instead of your curtains? The Cat’s Trapeze is made from durable, natural cotton/linen and comes in three sizes: single pillow, double pillow, and triple pillow, plus there’s a little hammock that can be attached to the bottom for an extra lounge spot. You can suspend The Cat’s Trapeze from the ceiling, or if your cats prefer a little more stability, place it against a wall or in a corner. Check out this video of some cats giving the trapeze a good workout.

There are more videos here.

You can use a variety of different hooks to suspend The Cat’s Trapeze from the wall, ceiling, or even from a door.


One of my first thoughts is that this may encourage cats to climb curtains, but if you already have curtain climbers, then this might be just the thing to deter them. Giving kitty her own special place to climb and play should take care of those natural instincts.

Cat's Trapeze


If you have one of those super-active kitties, then you won’t want to miss this giveaway! One lucky winner is going to receive a three-pillow Cat’s Trapeze. To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on June 11. One entry per person. This giveaway includes shipping anywhere, so international readers are welcome to enter!

Here are some more pix of my lazy Ando.

Cat's Trapeze

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1,603 Responses to “Introducing The Cat’s Trapeze, For Kitties Who Climb PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 151
    Sandra Langner

    I am always looking for unusual toys, trees, etc for my cats. This looks awesome and I know my 4 cats would just love it.

  2. 152

    I have never seen anything like this before – how original and brilliant! I have one cat who is a big climber!

  3. 153
    Britni B.

    There aren’t many toys that keep my big boy Orion entertained that aren’t broken within a few days, and this looks like one he would love, that would last! Plus it would help with his fascination with the ceiling and save my back and shoulders from when he climbs me.

  4. 154

    Those cats in the video were totally adorable :) I can definitely see my own cats playing with/on and enjoying something like this too!

  5. 155
    Kristy B.

    I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful this would be for my little, very active kittens! They love to climb and do need new things to engage their attention. This would be perfect.

  6. 156

    This is by far the coolest thing you have ever given away!!!!!!

  7. 157

    Wow — that is SHARP! My young cat Jonah, who seems to have unlimited energy, would be beyond thrilled to see that in our house!!

  8. 158
    Skatie Kat

    OMG! I have 3 adult male kittehs who would go nuts for this!! And it might help keep them off of the back of my vintage couch :p

  9. 159

    WOW! This is the most comfortable tree in the world ~ my little black panther Kiwi could live out her most jungley fantasies, and then have a nap. Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  10. 160

    Mac needs this – something to climb? His favorite activity! When he was smaller he would jump onto the hanging plants! this would definitely work for him!

  11. 161

    Okay, for real. This is one of the coolest cat towers I’ve ever seen. Must have.

  12. 162

    I think my cat would love this, he is always on top of the doors and cabinets and fridge!

  13. 163

    What a marvelous idea! And so good-looking, too. I have three cats who would love this, especially the youngest (a Norwegian Forest Cat, and boy would he love the exercise running up and down this trapeze).

  14. 164
    Susie G

    OMG, I am ecstatic about this one. It was made for my 9 month old kitten who never lets me have a moment’s peace (but I love it). Daisy is drooling over this.

  15. 165

    So fun! I love that you can hang it pretty much anywhere.

  16. 166
    Michelle Jadaa

    I have 3 wonderful furballs….perfect!

  17. 167

    My kitty would love to be an acrobat on this!

  18. 168

    That is so cool! I have several curtain climbers but I think my ferals would love it! If I don’t win one I may have to figure out how to make one!! LOL!

  19. 169

    This is amazing. Since my cat is 1/2 acrobat, she’d love it!

  20. 170

    Oooooh, pillow fun!

  21. 171
    Sharon Bivins

    Sorry. The website didn’t load fully the first time so I didn’t know that there were videos. They are a riot. This may be the greatest cat toy ever for active cats.

  22. 172

    Awesome! My cats would love one of these.

  23. 173

    Oh wow my kitties would flip over this! My dog too come to think of it! What a cute idea!

  24. 174
    Kit Yin

    This will be brilliant for my 3 maine coons who have severely damaged my curtains trying to reach moths on the ceiling!

  25. 175

    Love it!!! Our little psycho would be in heaven! The other two just don’t know what to do with her & all that energy. :o )

  26. 176

    Oooh this would be so cool for the adoption center where I volunteer! The cat room has big windows that face the street, so I’m sure the sight of playful, climbing, swinging kitties would catch people’s eyes… and hopefully some of those passers-by would come in and adopt!

    I’d give one to my cats, but they all wear claw covers so they can’t climb.

  27. 177

    a-dork-able. all the kitties look so happy!

  28. 178

    This looks like so much fun! I already know which kitty of mine would be at the top level :)

  29. 179

    Hello~ Our mom thinks this is really cool, and is sure we’d like it. Please give us one. Love… Maurice, Cosmo, Sam, Violet, and Sunday

  30. 180

    that is pretty cool. I know my cat would love that.

  31. 181

    My cats would love this thing!

  32. 182

    That really looks like great fun. I could picture my cats filling all the pillows and the rest waiting for a pillow to open up !

  33. 183

    My cat would love this amazing Cat’s Trapeze!!!

  34. 184
    Jennifer Jones

    My kitty, Gracie, would LOVE to climb this, and then fall asleep. Thanks!

  35. 185

    If you know anything about abyssinians, you’d know this is a MUST HAVE for my baby girl, Maggie. :)

  36. 186

    omg, this is perfect…my curtains need a break!!!!! :-)

  37. 187

    My kitty would love this. He’s a devon, so he’s a big climber.

  38. 188

    Climbers! That’s what I have. Yes, this is amazing and would love to have it. Pick us!!!

  39. 189
    Yasmin Trok

    Hi all,
    My friend has got this for her Russian Blue babies and they use it a lot. Would love to have one for my babies. I wish they would also make one out of all season cloth to use outdoors. I sure would buy one of those for my kitties.

  40. 190

    Oh my, my little one would love this, she loves to climb!!!

  41. 191

    This looks like such a cool product! My active kitty would love this, and I think my lazy kitty would probably like it to :)

  42. 192

    OMG, this is amazing. I have one cat that absolutely loves to climb; she would love this!

  43. 193

    That video is so funny!!!!

  44. 194

    Wow! This is brilliant! Exactly what I need to keep Posey from climbing the blinds. I’m sure Typsi would enjoy a new spot for naps too.

  45. 195

    Too cool for words! Love it!

  46. 196

    I’m a little afraid of what my cats will do with this, but I’m sure they’d love it!

  47. 197

    What an innovative cat bed and climbing tree rolled into one! This item would definitely be the hot topic around the “water bowl.”

  48. 198

    That is an excellent idea.

  49. 199

    My modern cat Orla has spare energy to burn- she’d love to claw her way up and down this bad boy. When she’s feeling lazy she can snuggle at the top with a view!

  50. 200

    Oh, I can just imagine how crazy my two kitties would get with this thing!

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