Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of Clean+Green All Natural Cleaning Products! FIVE WINNERS!

Mon, Jun 21, 2010

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Earlier this year I told you about a great line of all natural odor elimination and cleaning products from Clean+Green. I’ve been using these products and am still quite impressed with their effectiveness, plus I love that they are all natural and safe for cats. The folks at Clean+Green were so pleased with all the nice comments on the last giveaway that they have upped the ante. This time FIVE lucky winners are each going to receive a 1-year supply of their favorite Clean+Green products! That’s a lot of odor elimination!

Each winner will get to choose four of the Clean+Green products. One of each product (4 cans) will be shipped quarterly to the winners. That’s a total of 16 cans for the year with a $160 retail value. If that doesn’t get the stink out, I’m not sure what will!

The Clean+Green product line includes concrete & grout, furniture refresher, wood & tile, carpet & upholstery, and litter box odor eliminators and spot removers. You can follow Clean+Green on Facebook and on Twitter.


To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling us which products you’d be most interested in trying. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on June 28. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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991 Responses to “Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of Clean+Green All Natural Cleaning Products! FIVE WINNERS!”

  1. 201

    Cool! I just downloaded a mail in rebate.

  2. 202
    Skatie Kat

    I would use the furniture refresher. My kitties love my vintage sofas and chairs!

  3. 203

    They all seem great – I’d especially like to try the carpet one!

  4. 204

    I would love to have the furniture and carpet cleaner. As was mentioned above, I also have plenty of “Oh, looks like I ate too much without chewing again” messes to clean up.

  5. 205
    Leigh Ann

    Such a hard decision! They all sound so helpful. With 3 territorial cats (that have made sure to let me know how they all feel!) the carpet & upholstery would be the one I would use first…then the wood and tile for everything that borders the carpet! But then again, I can think of a use for all of them! Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

  6. 206

    With 3 cats in a city apartment, I’d love to try any of these. Litter box and furniture refresher would be most especially appreciated.

  7. 207

    I’d love to win these great green products! I’ve actually used the furniture refresher with great success. I’d love to try the carpet/upholstry for cats as my furry children tend to leave their marks all over the carpet.

  8. 208

    I am most interested in trying the Litter box, Carpet & upholstery and concrete. I have 2 cats and a dog so everything is my home needs to be refreshed now & then. The fact that they are green products ensures me that I am not putting a toxic chemical in to thier environment

  9. 209
    Landon D

    These sound great! I’d be interested in trying carpet & upholstery and the litter box products.

  10. 210
    Sara A.

    These Clean+Green products sound awesome! I’m so afraid of using harsh chemicals around my kitty that I have to ban her from rooms when I’m cleaning. I really think the carpet cleaner would be a hit in my household and also the concrete & grout cleaner would be something I’d love to try. The last grout cleaner I used actually ate through my grout! So something natural that really cleaned would be a winner with me!

  11. 211

    I would love to win some green products for my cats!

  12. 212

    I’m not that into the packaging that they have, but I would like to try the products for free.

  13. 213

    I love their products!

  14. 214

    I would love a “greener” way to clean up after my furry kids.

  15. 215

    I like the litter box one. But they all sound great!

  16. 216

    Great giveaway! I would love to try the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner for any future hairball issues & the Litterbox Odor Eliminator sounds great too! The Furniture Refresher sounds refreshing too! Souns like great products & most importantly- they are SAFE for our babies!

  17. 217

    I already use these products and LOVE them. I’d be really interested in trying the concrete, as it’s the only one I haven’t used yet. I ADORE the carpet & upholstery cleaner and the litter box one as well.

  18. 218
    Anita W.

    I would love to try out the litter box one. We also just bought a home with plenty of wood floors and would want to test out the wood & tile version too. What great products these sound like! Hooray for green cleaning.

  19. 219

    Would love to try any of these wonderful products! I have been making my own cleaners and I would love to be able to buy safe alternatives for the home.

  20. 220

    I would love to try these products. My cats sure can make a mess! I’d also love to stop worrying about the toxicity of the ones I already use. Thanks!

  21. 221
    Kirstin M

    These are wonderful! The Furniture Refresher and the Carpet & Upholstery sound fabulous!

  22. 222

    these products look fantastic and eco/cat-friendly. big bonus! would love to try the litter and carpet cleaners.

  23. 223

    The Furniture Refresher is very appealing.

  24. 224

    I love using eco-friendly products, and I have so many pets it’s hard to keep things clean (and safe for them). I’d love to try the wood & tile cleaner, carpet & upholstery cleaner, litter box odor eliminator, and spot remover.

  25. 225

    I don’t even know where to start — Wood & Tile, Carpet & Upholstery, Litterbox… All five sound amazing. With three cats and a rabbit, there isn’t a single one of those products I wouldn’t be able to find a more-than-frequent use for! I’ve got my fingers crossed! :D

  26. 226

    Clean+Green that is what I NEED! Thanks! We need more green in our life.

  27. 227

    I would love to try anything that can help with litter odor! Especially since there are 4 cats in our household.

  28. 228

    I’m glad there are alternative options to caustic cleaners.

  29. 229

    That wood stuff looks handy for the damage my cats have done to our floor.

  30. 230

    I definitely could use all of these. I love that they are natural and get the stink out. I would particularly like to use the wood & tile, furniture refresher, carpet & upholstery, and litter box (but I would use the concrete and grout too)

  31. 231

    All the products would be useful in my house. I would be particularly interested in trying the carpet and upholstery cleaner, because those are the hardest to get the kitties “evidence” out of!

  32. 232

    A year’s supply of cleaners would be great to win, my kitty girls are wonderful, but one does barf a lot!

  33. 233

    I’m in desperate need of the litter box one!

  34. 234

    I would love to try all of the products. In particularly the furniture refresher, wood & tile, carpet & upholstery, and litter box.

  35. 235
    Liza Frank

    We are slowly getting our house green. This would be great! Especially the litter box one:-)

  36. 236

    I could definitely use the products for wood floors and for carpet & upholstery. I foster kittens from the local shelter, and sometimes there’s a learning curve with the litterbox. ;)

  37. 237

    Love it’s all natural! Love to try the carpet cleaner and litter box order eliminator~

  38. 238

    I would love to win these! I’ve been trying to use all natural, but many of the products just aren’t effective.

  39. 239
    Kathy Bergeron

    I would love the furniture refresher and the one for the litter box as well. With nine happy housecats, it would be a LOT of help!

  40. 240
    Patricia Janik

    I would put my kitties to work cleaning!!!!

  41. 241

    This is exactly what i need! I just moved and my old roommate had a cat that peed on everything. I was scared to use strong cleaners on it in case it would be harmful to my cat, Jasper. I was going to have to get one of my rugs and a few couch cushions dry cleaned, but it would be so expensive. I could definitely use the furniture, carpet, and litter products.

  42. 242

    WoW! I need to look into those products… If they are safe for our cats would they be safe for a pregnant woman and her cats? I hope so. ;)

  43. 243
    Lori C

    Would love to try these! I’m very interested in green cleaning products, and ones designed specifically for my cats? Well, that’s just too good to be true! I’m especially interested to see how the carpet one works, as that is the biggest issue with the cats in my house.

  44. 244
    Mary Kay

    I think that I would really like to try the Furniture Refresher and Litter Box odor eliminator. These products look fantastic!

  45. 245

    Hi! These products look great and could really use the carpet and the furniture refresher ones. With four kitties, a couple of which like to grace us with the presence of a hairball oh so often, I would love to have these green and safe products to use.

  46. 246

    The litter box and carpet ones sound wonderful. I’ve been thinking about tearing up my carpet because of my cats’ fondness for pet stains.

  47. 247
    Serena Perry

    I’ve been using natural cleaning products for some time now, so this prize would really suit my family and of cause our pets.

  48. 248

    I’m most interested in the Carpet version at the moment, since that’s the flooring that I’ve currently got. But I LOVE that there’s also a dedicated wood & tile version as I hope to someday upgrade to wood floors! I’m also intrigued by the Litter Box deodorizer.

  49. 249
    Onyx and Tortilla

    We kitties would need the furniture refresher, the litter box cleaner, the wood and tile cleaner, and the carpet & upholstery cleaner… basically everything except the concrete cleaner… though even that could come in handy at some point! MOL!

  50. 250

    I think I’d choose the wood & tile, litterbox, carpet & upholstery and furniture refresher. Thanks for the oppourtunity!

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