Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of Clean+Green All Natural Cleaning Products! FIVE WINNERS!

Mon, Jun 21, 2010

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Earlier this year I told you about a great line of all natural odor elimination and cleaning products from Clean+Green. I’ve been using these products and am still quite impressed with their effectiveness, plus I love that they are all natural and safe for cats. The folks at Clean+Green were so pleased with all the nice comments on the last giveaway that they have upped the ante. This time FIVE lucky winners are each going to receive a 1-year supply of their favorite Clean+Green products! That’s a lot of odor elimination!

Each winner will get to choose four of the Clean+Green products. One of each product (4 cans) will be shipped quarterly to the winners. That’s a total of 16 cans for the year with a $160 retail value. If that doesn’t get the stink out, I’m not sure what will!

The Clean+Green product line includes concrete & grout, furniture refresher, wood & tile, carpet & upholstery, and litter box odor eliminators and spot removers. You can follow Clean+Green on Facebook and on Twitter.


To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling us which products you’d be most interested in trying. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on June 28. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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991 Responses to “Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of Clean+Green All Natural Cleaning Products! FIVE WINNERS!”

  1. 301

    The carpet cleaner would especially come in handy here!! :)

  2. 302

    I’d like to try the wood and tile and litter box.

  3. 303

    This sounds wonderful! I especially want to try the furniture refresher, the wood & Tile and the litterbox ones. :)

  4. 304

    That covers everything in my house!

  5. 305

    As the mom of two cats who shares her home with three other roommates, I want to be certain to keep our home fresh and clean. These would be amazing to try! I worry about other commercial cleaners negatively impacting Jack and Casey – love that these are safe! I’d want to try the litter box, carpet & Upholstery, wood & tile and the furniture refresher.

  6. 306
    Thomas I.

    Without a doubt: LITTER BOX!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 307
    Kristy Suszek

    This stuff would save our house for sure!

  8. 308
    Victoria C.

    I can’t decide between the carpet and the furniture refresher as the one I most want to try. Actually, all of the products sound great to me!

  9. 309

    Their carpet and upholstry cleaner is a lifesaver in a rental with foster cats who have hairball issues. It’s the greatest stuff. I would certainly use that supply!

  10. 310

    Cool stuff, I’m most interested in the litter box cleaner, furniture refresher and the carpet can.

  11. 311

    Definitely the litter box odor control!

  12. 312

    I would try them all, but especially the wood & tile product!

  13. 313

    Definitely the carpet and upholstery for us – we don’t use a litter box (our cat is toilet trained) and I don’t feel the need to use much more than gentle baby wipes on the tile and hardwood floors when messes happen but when messes happen on our fabric surfaces and the rugs (always the rugs! he loves puking on the rugs!) I have yet to find a green cleaner that I really like for cleaning those up so would love to try this!

  14. 314

    This sounds GREAT! With lots of carpeting and five cats, the carpet & upholstery formula and the furniture refresher would be my top two choices!

  15. 315

    I just hate spraying anything around the cats, but now I think I’ve found the answer in your products. Definitely want to give them a try.

  16. 316

    These products are awesome, and I could use all of them!!!!

  17. 317

    I only use natural products around my 2 cats, these would be great to win!

  18. 318
    Patricia L

    wow they look like a great thing since i haven’t seen much green products that are safe around my kitty. This is a great product to try out.

  19. 319

    I’ve used a lot of green products, but I’ve never heard of these. They sound wonderful! Would love to try the carpet and concrete cleaners for sure!

  20. 320
    Cindy A.

    Wow, this is fantastic! Thank you for offering such a useful and generous giveaway. I would love to try the furniture refresher, litter box, wood & tile and carpet & upholstery.

  21. 321
    carole wilson

    With 4 dogs and 14 cats….I need that!

  22. 322

    Just bought a new condo so this would be great for me and my two kitties!

  23. 323
    Rachel G

    What a great giveaway! Who couldn’t use these products…I would love to try the Litter Box Odor Eliminator and Cleaner! Also the Wood & Tile Cleaner, the Carpet Upholstery and the Furniture Refresher! Hope I win!

  24. 324

    I love using natural products for my pets!

  25. 325

    I would use the litter box cleaner and odor removant.

  26. 326

    Yay! Green cleaning products for the cat’s house, ’cause we ate just the wait-staff.

  27. 327
    CHo Meir

    I love this stuff, it really works!

  28. 328

    My boys live in the basement and I’d love to see if the concrete and grout would get the sunk in smell out…

  29. 329

    I would definitely want to try the carpet, furniture, and litter box ones, and the others would get used too!

  30. 330

    As a foster mom as well as having furkids of my own, this is so needed..would be so appreciated! Please????

  31. 331

    I would love to try the carpet/upholstery cleaner and the litter box cleaner. With 8 cats in my house, cleaning up vomit is a daily occurrence and lately there has been a bit of a litter box issue from one of them. So needless to say, those products would be very helpful in my house!!!

  32. 332

    I would love to try it, I haven’t seen it in local stores.

  33. 333

    looks great! fingers crossed.

  34. 334

    I hate to say it, but with a unfixed stray in the neighborhood and my three boys, I could use the Wood + Tile cleanser RIGHT NOW! Then I could go through all the others in turn.

  35. 335

    The litterbox spray seems like it would best fit my needs. The carpet and upholstery looks like it would come in handy as well.

  36. 336

    These products would be great since they are safe for pets. We have two cats and a dog so it would be really useful! The products I’m interested in are furniture refresher, carpet & upholstery, litter boxx odor eliminators and spot removers.

  37. 337

    Oh man! Would I ever love to try out the carpet and upholstery cleaner! Our carpet in the room with the litterbox needs help.

  38. 338

    me and the girls need these badly! <3

  39. 339
    Thon Watson

    That concrete and grout seems really appealing, as does the carpet and upholstery, for the period of time earlier this year when our cats decided that the carpet and concrete floor of the basement were more appealing than their litter boxes.

  40. 340

    I’d like to try the furniture, carpet, and litter box ones!

  41. 341

    Always looking for new safe products!

  42. 342

    The litter box refresher (of course), then the concrete and grout, furniture and carpet and upholstery!

  43. 343

    There isn’t anything there I wouldn’t like. With eight cats and a room always full of foster kittens, I can use all the help i can get.

  44. 344
    Ericka Todd

    With 7 cats I could really use some good cleaner. I’d like to try the litter box, carpet cleaner, and furniture cleaner.

  45. 345

    ohhh!!!!! I NEED this!

  46. 346

    With all the animals at my house, this would be fantastic. I would love to try products that won’t hurt the animals!! The concrete, carpet and litter box products would be perfect.

  47. 347

    This looks awsome!

  48. 348

    I’d love to try the furniture refresher, carpet & upholstery, and litter box. This would really come in handy with my cats & dogs! Thanks!

  49. 349


  50. 350

    Litter box odor control spray? Sounds amazing. I’d also love to try the wood cleaner on my floors. Do they promise to keep little kitty paw prints off? One of my cats has asthma so thank you for offering a chance to win a natural cleaner that will probably be gentler on his lungs!

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