Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of Clean+Green All Natural Cleaning Products! FIVE WINNERS!

Mon, Jun 21, 2010

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Earlier this year I told you about a great line of all natural odor elimination and cleaning products from Clean+Green. I’ve been using these products and am still quite impressed with their effectiveness, plus I love that they are all natural and safe for cats. The folks at Clean+Green were so pleased with all the nice comments on the last giveaway that they have upped the ante. This time FIVE lucky winners are each going to receive a 1-year supply of their favorite Clean+Green products! That’s a lot of odor elimination!

Each winner will get to choose four of the Clean+Green products. One of each product (4 cans) will be shipped quarterly to the winners. That’s a total of 16 cans for the year with a $160 retail value. If that doesn’t get the stink out, I’m not sure what will!

The Clean+Green product line includes concrete & grout, furniture refresher, wood & tile, carpet & upholstery, and litter box odor eliminators and spot removers. You can follow Clean+Green on Facebook and on Twitter.


To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling us which products you’d be most interested in trying. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on June 28. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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991 Responses to “Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of Clean+Green All Natural Cleaning Products! FIVE WINNERS!”

  1. 351
    Snowflake07 (Audra)

    I’d love to try the Wood & Tile cleaner for dogs & cats, the Litter Box Cleaner and the Cage for Birds cleaner. I love products that care about the health of my family and my pets!

  2. 352

    wish we all could be a winner, good luck to every one

  3. 353
    Connie K.

    I’d like to try the carpet cleaner.

  4. 354

    I would be thrilled to try the furniture refresher, the upholstery/carpet cleaner, and the wood cleaner. We could definitely use this with our messy kitty!

  5. 355

    Sounds like good stuff. I’d love to win it!

  6. 356

    These look like a fantastic idea. With 26 dogs and 3 cats we need these.

  7. 357

    Wow! Sounds like some great stuff. I could certainly use the carpet, furniture refresher, and litter box products! My kitties would be so appreciative.

  8. 358

    I’ve got cats and a bunny, so these would come in handy. How ’bout that? A good reason to clean. ;)

  9. 359

    I have heard nothing but great things about these products! I’d be very interested in the Carpet & Upholstery cleaner and then the fabric refresher. With three cats and a stinky hubby the need is great. Not to mention the carpet in the foster kitten room, baby kittens can sure make a mess!

  10. 360

    Just what every cat owner needs!

  11. 361

    I would love the litterbox one!

  12. 362

    The Litterbox odor eliminator and Carpet/Upholstery would be my top 2 most needed products.

  13. 363

    I need them all-my multi cat household is in dire need

  14. 364
    Susie G

    Another fun giveaway! I would be thrilled to have the carpet cleaner, as well as the litter box product. Daisy is in and out of the litter box constantly and I haven’t figured out how to stay on top of it.

  15. 365

    These products sound excellent and I would really lovet o give them a try. It would be wonderful to walk into the house and not be able to tell taht kitties live there!

  16. 366

    I could certainly use the carpet, furniture and litter box products. And my kitties would be so appreciative too!!

  17. 367

    could definitely use litter box, wood and tile, and furniture refresher.

  18. 368

    Hmm, my first inclination was to chose between the Wood & Tile, and the Concrete& Grout, but one of the cats just puked all over my living room chairs, so I think I’d be most interested in trying the Carpet & Upholstery cleaner!

  19. 369
    Lisa S.

    How perfect! These would work out very well in my household.

  20. 370
    Benita null Glickman

    I could really use the carpet and upholstery cleaner.


  21. 371

    I’d be most interested in the litter, furniture refresher, and carpet & upholstery products! Awesome that there’s a company developing cat-safe cleaning products :D

  22. 372

    Looks like an awesome product….Just what I need for my three kitties :)

  23. 373

    This is a necessity at my house full of rescues!

  24. 374
    Lisa Barrett

    Terrific product line! I could use the Concrete & Grout for Dogs aerosol; we dog sat my brother’s Basset Hound that has incontinence problems… Actually, my brother could utilize the whole line! Thankfully, my cats are well-behaved (thus far).

  25. 375

    Nice, might make me *want* to clean the house.

  26. 376
    joyce mikulasko

    I would like to try the furniture refresher

  27. 377

    These are great!

  28. 378

    I’d love to try the concrete & grout, as we’ve only been able to get the white grout in our new place back to white using bleach. Which, of course, is bad for the kitties who like to hang out in there.

  29. 379

    I would say the litter box one cause three cats now really stink up the litter box. ewwww

  30. 380

    I have dogs, cats and birds. I am always looking for something better and safer. This could be it !

  31. 381
    Gary Miller

    I am always looking for new ways to clean up after the kitties.

  32. 382

    Some times our cats don’t give a courtesy flush! Or even try to mask the smell with a spray!

  33. 383

    I’m most interested in the carpet cleaner and the wood/tile. I’m always paranoid about my kitties stepping on wet floors and licking their soapy paws!

  34. 384

    what a fabulous prize!! I would especially love the furniture refresher, wood & tile, carpet & upholstery, and litter box odor eliminator for my kitties!!

  35. 385

    Love my two girls even though they are destroying my new house. This would really come in handy!

  36. 386
    Rebecca May

    would like to try the carpet and upholstery product! meow

  37. 387

    What a fantastic offer! The wood & tile, litter box, and carpet & upholstery sprays would all fit the bill for our green, biological cleanup needs.

  38. 388

    I have five indoor kitties. One is very tempermental about his cat box and will pee on the wall looking straight at me when he thinks it’s not quite fresh enough for his use. I’ve tried EVERYTHING! I can’t decide which one of these prodicts I wouldn’t want to get but I know I NEED the carpet and concrete ones.

  39. 389

    Having 7 indoor cats, it is a constant to keep my house from smelling bad. I would LOVE to try the litter box product by Clean+Green!

  40. 390

    wood & tile; carpet & upholstery; litter box

  41. 391

    Maybe it would inspire me to WANT to clean. YAY!

  42. 392

    With 4 indoor cats – would love to try!!

  43. 393

    Nice and safe for my precious Otto.

  44. 394

    Sounds wonderful, I would love to have the chance to try these products out.

  45. 395
    Michele T.

    How wonderful to find products safe to use around cats. I am so neurotic about cleaning products around my girls, to point I drive my hubby nuts and am afraid to use anything! These would be great to have!

  46. 396

    I’d love to try the litterbox or the wood + tile.

  47. 397

    the wood/tile as well as the litter box cleaner sound like they would be great additions to our household.

  48. 398

    we mean clean!

  49. 399

    I’d really like to try the concrete and grout Clean and Green. My one cat likes to perch on the edge of the litter box. Once in awhile she doesn’t quite get it all in the box and it gets on the basement floor. It’s really hard to eradicate cat pee smell from concrete. So if this stuff works, it’ll be a miracle!

  50. 400

    WOW!Would love them all but especially the litter box!

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